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Alec Lightwood in that damn Balcony Scene™

Coincidence? I Think NOT

It’s such a coincidence that Roman was able to retain his US championship by a talking the referee into not disqualifying him


How Dean was able to talk the referee into not disqualifying The Miz then he won the IC Title

I can’t believe this!! WWE is PUSHING ambreigns while they’re apart!
Screw the whole Push Roman and Push Dean

Let’s push AMBREIGNS!!!!!


how about pieces of furniture designed for people to be tickled in? not like the bondage chairs/chinese chair things, i mean like just funky, modern-ish sofas and weird cushion things that make it easy/comfortable for someone to be tickled in?

like you could have a sort of a bow-shaped cushion thing that stands pointing upwards and curves over to support your back, and it has a little dent underneath for you to kind of tuck your legs into, so you can have someone kneel and lie back on there and they’re aaaaall stretched out taut for you to get their ribs and sides and tummy without them interfering too much. but nobody can tell its for that, it just looks like some sort of weird beanbag cushion thing 😉

or maybe some sort of sofa thing where one end curves up quite high with two little dips for your ankles to rest in (you see what I’m getting at here?) kind of like a chaise-lounge, but the whole thing slopes upwards to support your legs. or you could lean back against it and just sit really comfortably like nobody knows it’s some secret tickle torture device… 👼🏽

normal-looking furniture items that are just really useful for tickling other people in. would be. fucking. amazing.

Although I’m absolutely against Trump’s choices, I’m also really annoyed at the way the western media is describing Taiwan ever since that phone call.

I initially wrote a long rant but I’m tired. All I’m going to say is… stop talking about us as if our history starts from 1949. Republic of China is only a tiny part of Taiwan’s history. 

International politics is about using others to your own benefit, and you can say that the only reason why the island hasn’t been taken over by People’s Republic of China is because it still has its tactical values to the west. But that’s the government’s job. I don’t think it’s right as common people to treat others as tokens, or nuisance.

And it baffles me that some supporters of the Chinese Communist Party would proudly threaten others with violence. That’s not how you get people to respect you.

I do believe that there is only one China (PRC), but also that Taiwanese people have the right to decide their own future. These don’t contradict.

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