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31 and Stiles Stilinski :-*

Stiles Stilinski - “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”

While the credits of your favorite movie on Netflix were playing you had your eyes closed and laid on the couch. Maybe you shouldn’t have watched the movie to the very end. Maybe you should have gone to bed halfway, like you had promised yourself you would. Now you knew that it was already way past midnight even though it was a normal school day tomorrow.


Your eyes flashed open when Stiles rushed into the room, his voice filled with panic, his veins visibly beating in his neck.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” He was out of breath and he almost tripped over his own feet while he kneeled down next to you.

“Stiles?” You frowned your eyebrows. “How the hell did you even get in here?” You shook your head and pushed yourself up. Your body felt a little sore because the couch was clearly less comfortable than your bed would have been.

“I got myself a key made…” He lifted his keyring with countless keys up and you took a deep breath while you sat up completely. “I wanted to be able to rush in when something would happen or when someone would attack you.”

“Like right now?” You widened your eyes and your lips curled up into a slight smile. “I was just watching Netflix and failing to keep my eyes open. Nobody was here to kill me and nothing happened.”

“I got a weird text message from you!” Stiles took his phone from the pocket of his jeans and showed you the message that had been sent a couple of minutes ago. “I thought someone had come here to take you or hurt you or kill you or even worse!” He was still screaming and you pressed a finger to your lips.

“My parents are still sleeping, Stiles…” You shook your head. “And that message was clearly sent by my wonderful, smart and amazing behind.” You stood up from the couch and held up your phone. “I don’t think it had the intention to kill me or even worse, whatever that might be.” You couldn’t help grinning though and took a deep breath. “Why didn’t you just call me to check what the message meant?”

“Yeah, I could have done that, should have done that maybe.” Stiles licked his lips before he started grinning too. “But when I think that something is wrong with you, I all of a sudden turn into a complete idiot.”

You smiled and you wrapped your arms around his neck so your nose could touch his. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.” You kissed his lips. “It’s still a little creepy though that you got yourself a key to my house.” You cocked your head and Stiles started to blush while his arms slid around your waist.

“It’s not going to make it better when I say that I have a key to the houses of all my friends too, is it?” He licked his lips and you smiled once more before you tapped his nose.

“No, not really.”

“Yeah, I already thought so…”

Belated St. Paddy’s Day Imagine

In which you get too drunk with Niall in Manhattan and Harry takes care of you.. 

“Wakey, Wakey, please don’t be nakey,” your eyes open to the rough Irish drawl. Niall is standing in the open door to your bedroom with a bottle of whiskey in his hand and a mug, undoubtedly full of the instant regret in liquid form.

“Fuck off,” you wave your arm at him and turn over, pushing your body further into Harry’s, who is conveniently still fast asleep.

“Nuh uh,” Niall continues, taking a long sip from his mug. “Today is my day and you lot promised to spend it doing whatever I wanted.”

You groan again and push your knee into Harry’s back. “Harry, deal with the blonde please.”

He grabs your knee, his large hands circling your entire knee, and swings around to face you. He drags your leg over him and pulls your body flush against him, nuzzling his nose into your neck. You melt into him, waking up with him made it impossible to get out of bed most days.

“I’m givin’ ye 10 minutes and then I’m coming back with shots,” Niall calls over his shoulder as he walks out of the room.

“He’s being serious isn’t he?” you ask, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. The idea of drinking whiskey first thing in the morning makes your stomach swirl.

Harry nods into your neck. “St. Patrick’s day is ‘his day,’” he laughed, mocking Niall’s Irish accent. “You don’t have to take the shot, I know you don’t like whiskey.”

“She’s taking it,” Niall was back in the doorway. “No getting out of this, (Y/N), I’ve been saving this bottle for a month now.”

“It’s like you hate me or something,” you sigh as you push yourself up and your legs swing across the side of the bed, disentangling yourself from Harry’s lanky limbs. “What time is it anyway?” you stretch your arms wide above your head.

“9 a.m.,” Niall grins widely and hands you a shot glass nearly filled to the brim with the golden liquor. Harry sits up and scoots next to you taking his own shot from Niall.

“You really do hate me,” you grimace, the smell of the liquor hitting your nose.

Niall gasps. “If I hated ye, I wouldn’t be givin’ ye this quality of whiskey,” he looks genuinely offended.

“Where’s your shot glass then?”

“The Irish don’t need shots,” he laughs, taking a swig from the bottle to make his point.

“We should just get this over with,” Harry nudges your bare knee with his. “It will at least give us a few minutes without the little leprechaun.”

You roll your eyes but clink your glass with Harry’s and raise your glass to Niall as he holds the ¾ full bottle up. The liquor burns down your throat and you shiver involuntarily in the seconds after swallowing. Harry squeezes your knee, having knocked the shot back with little more than a tip of his head.

“Happy?” you ask, holding the glass out for Niall to take.

“Very, now get dressed we’re heading to the pub in 30,” he grabs the glasses and skips from the room.

“I’m not going to survive today, I should just stay in bed,” you groan, climbing under the massive patterned quilt, creating a cave around yourself.

“No you don’t,” Harry laughs, grabbing a hold of the quilt and tugging it off, leaving you exposed to the cold air. “C’mon, it’ll be fun, this is the drunkest you’ll probably ever see Niall.”

“I highly doubt that,” you roll your eyes.

“Come on, if you get up now I promise that later I’ll do that thing with my tongue that makes you squeal,” he quirks his eyebrows up and smirks as you blush.

You cover your face with a pillow to hide your blush. “Fine,” you try to hide the excitement in your voice but you know Harry can hear it from his growing smirk. You throw the pillow at his face, hitting him square on the nose and giggle as you finally stand up and walk over to the drawers and began rummaging for your green knit sweater.

32 minutes later and you’re both dressed, Harry in his skinny black jeans and an oversized knit green sweater, a big black parka open over it, and you in skinny high waisted light wash jeans, a cropped green sweater and a long puffy olive coat.

Niall stands in the kitchen holding the bottle of whiskey which is now less than half full, tapping his toe and humming aloud to a song in his head.

“You’re late,” he hands you a shot glass again, spilling a bit of the golden liquor on the wooden living room floor. “A shot for every minute you were late,” he explains at your questioning look.

“Aww Niall, you know I can’t drink as much as you and Harry, do you want me passed out in the gutter by noon?” you whine.

“Fine, Harry can take yours,” he hands Harry a shot and you smirk at him, his eyes alight as he tips the shot back down his throat. He takes the other glass from your hand promptly tipping the liquor down his throat without so much as a change in expression, then winks at you.

“That’s m’boy!” Niall pats Harry on the back rather roughly. “Now onto the pub, Josh has already been there for an hour!” he skips out the door with little more than a glance back at you and Harry.

“You owe me for that,” Harry finally grimaces at the taste of the liquor, grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the front door of the flat. You lock the door and follow with a smile.

By noon you are starting to stumble a bit in your step and Harry has fastened himself to your side to assure you make it to the Parade.

Niall and Josh skip ahead of you singing old Irish songs at a ridiculous volume and tune.

“Do they know where they’re going?” you mumble into Harry’s ear.

“Not one bit,” he laughs. “They just happen to be right, we just need to head towards the park,” we were going to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan.

You looked down at your wrist and the four tally marks then glanced at Harry’s hand in yours which had six tallies. Harry had suggested you tally your drinks for fun, but you knew it was really so he could make sure you didn’t hit your limit of nine drinks. Niall had only rolled his eyes when he saw the tallies, because “counting drinks is for the weak!”

Harry was encased in a heavy black parka, a black baseball cap and sunglasses, it’s the only way he can get around New York City without constantly being stopped. Niall was choosing to be far less subtle, his blonde hair exposed and an Irish flag tied around his neck.

You manage to find a spot along the barricade blocking off the sidewalk from fifth avenue as the bands and men in uniform parade past. Niall finds an older man in a large Irish flag scarf and chats with him animatedly while passing his almost empty bottle of whiskey to him.

“You’re fading,” Harry murmurs, wrapping his arms around you and pulling your back against his chest. You just nod, your eyes drooping a bit. “Drink some of this,” he pulls a can held in a paper bag from one of his deep pockets and places it in your hands.

You take a sip and sputter back the liquid, pushing forward from Harry and out of his arms. “Beer? Really Harry?”

He just shrugs with a smirk. You bring the beer back to your mouth with a resigned sigh, this would be a long day, might as well be drunk. You know from experience that being the sober one with a completely pissed Niall and Josh was the opposite of fun.

“Fuck it,” you mutter, tipping the can and chugging the rest of the beer. You wipe your hand across your mouth with a laugh.

“That’s my girl,” Harry pulls you back into his chest, wrapping his arms tight around your stomach and kisses your cheek. You feel his hand grab yours as he takes a marker from his pocket and swipes another tally on your wrist.

“Woooooo,” Niall yells as he looked back at the two of you. “On to the pub then?”

You don’t know how but six hours later you find yourself dancing on a table at a random Irish pub in the East Village that Niall dragged everyone to. Harry stands next to the table, casually swinging his hips back and forth, but his eyes don’t stray from you and his arms are mirroring your moves, ready to catch you if you lose your footing.

“Whiskey for everyone!” Niall shouts to a loud wave of cheers from the bar. He steps onto a stool next to the table to hand you a large rocks glass filled to the top.

You down it all in one go and hold the glass up with a cheer. Harry rolls his eyes with a smile and pulls the sharpie from his back pocket, you limply hold your hand out for him, resigning. How many drinks is that now? You try to count the tallies but your hand is a little blurry.

You jump down from table and sway a bit on your feet, holding your arms straight up as if just completing a gymnastics routine. Harry claps and hollers, cheering for you before reaching out and pulling your body into his.

“Home?” Harry asks, nuzzling his nose into your hair. You only nod, exhaustion taking over, you lean heavily on Harry.

Harry motions to Niall, pointing at you and then the door. Niall only nods before joining a group of green clad lads in an Irish tune.

You fall asleep in the cab back to the apartment. When you wake up you’re dressed in your cozy wool onesie and are wrapped up in the quilt with Harry’s arms around you.

He feels you stir. “Good day, yeah?” his deep drawl clouded with sleep.

“Very,” you turn into his arms, facing him and rubbing your nose against his before lightly touching your lips to his. “Thanks for taking care of me.”

“Always,” he replies, hugging you closer.

“What about that tongue thing then?” You ask hopefully, hiding your face in his shoulder.

Harry laughs and grabs your hand, studying the tally marks. “Maybe tomorrow when you haven’t spent had 16 drinks.”

You groan. “I’m going to regret every single one of those tomorrow.”

“I’ll take care of you,” he turns you around, letting you be the little spoon. You squeal as you feel a sharp smack on your bum. “Now let me get some sleep.”

You roll your eyes with a huff, but hide your smile as you snuggle in closer before shutting your eyes.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

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Prompt: hey so I really liked the previous fix of tony’s daughter being the reader and being picked on. Any chance you could write another thing similar to that but it’s that she’s new to his school and has always had trouble making friends and after the whole thing with the accords, she feels more isolated and Peter becomes her buddy?

Word Count: 922

A./N: I’m so so sorry this is so late! I’m probably going to go looking for members because I have too much going on at school to keep these coming out in a timely manner. I apologize again! I love you :) 

You adjusted your backpack on your shoulders, taking a deep breath before you pushed your way past the bodies in the crowded hallway. Needless to say, you were nervous as hell. Kids in high school weren’t always the nicest, and despite being a Stark, making friends wasn’t at all your forte. You were too introverted for your own good, and your method of making friends consisted of you waiting for an extrovert to take you under their wing. Starting at a new school a month in wasn’t helping your case either. You clutched your schedule in one hand, desperately hoping you would find your classroom before the bell rang. You were so frazzled, you didn’t; realize that someone was trying to talk to you. You looked up and were greeted by a boy, he was taller than you, with messy brown hair and a shy smile.

You didn’t say anything, so he spoke first. “Are you new? You look kind of lost.”

“Uh, yeah. I’m looking for AP bio with Woolfsen.”

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comfort blurbs; squaad x reader

• all comfort imagines will be found under the tag #rbchilldown :)

✎ in which the reader is dragged into a party and reggie wants to get it on, which requires a little help from the group

*warning!! has some fighting in it,, reggie being a digusting lil crap,, & alcohol.‘if you don’t like that - do not read this. if you need anything, talk to me :)


A red solo cup filled with some sort of alcohol was pushed into your hands. Sweaty bodies were pressed againt you as music blared throughout the house.

You did not like the party scene, and you never did - but one thing’s for sure, being friends with Cheryl Blossom meant attending many parties. You went with Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, and Betty. You knew that Archie was there too, considering he would always be invited.

Previously, you had walked through the doors arms linked with Ronnie and Betty with Kevin and Jug trailing behind. Now you’ve lost them, probably due the crowd trying to do a perfect wave. You stood there until a force almost tripped you over.

The cup fell to the floor, staining the carpet. You looked up to see Reggie, smirking at you. Great.

“Well hello there,” He whistled, “Y/N - finally decided to look good huh.” A fake smile made it’s way to your face.

“Thanks Reggie.” Then you were about to walk away, until the boy grabbed you by the elbow.

“Instead of leaving, how about we go to the rooms? I don’t think Cheryl would mind, especially if a friend of hers haven’t lost their v-card yet.” You were disgusted, sure you haven’t lost your virginity yet, but how rude could he get.

“Are you kidding me?” Reggie must’ve taken it in the wrong context, as he held you by the waist as his smirk grew.

“I’m not, babe.” You tried to break free from his tight grip on your waist, and you struggled. Reggie’s smug demeanor changed to an angry one, considering that you were trying to get away. His hand moved from your waist to your wrist. Reggie held it tightly, and it was bound to leave a bruise.

You could almost see the gray beanie cap from Jughead, and a blonde making it’s way towards your spot.

“Reggie. Let. Me. Go.” You said through gritted teeth.

“I don’t think so.” He only pulled you closer to him.

“Y/N? Oh my gosh!” Kevin exclaimed, sparking the attention of Ronnie, Betty, Archie, and Jughead who were talking together. Cheryl, who knew everything that was going on in the party, spun around to see that Reggie was holding you tightly. Luckily, they weren’t drunk - like the rest

“Reggie, what do you think you’re doing?” Cheryl spat, hands on her hips. She sauntered over.

“What’s the little queen bee got to do with this?” Reggie spoke, protecting himself.

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re hurting her best friend?” Jughead shot back.

“Oh, so the emo speaks. Tell me, how are you going to save your friend? ‘Cause it seems she likes me.” You shook your head, to avoid any sudden confusion.

“Reggie, let go of her.” Betty said warningly.

“Or what?” Reggie spat. Veronica sneered in response, answering for Betty.

That was the final straw, Archie tackled him, which freed you from him. Soon, both of them were on the ground - which gave them an audience. Then the fight was over, Archie gained a black eye after.

All of you (except Cheryl) got out of the house and made your way to Pop’s, which was your only comfort.

The night ended with group encouragement from Pops and lots of milkshakes

✎ yeesh the ending sucks,, the whole thing sucks - but good news, a betty comfort blurb will come soon :)

The Easy Way (Part 11) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: part 10 explanation (shittiest summary ever)

a/n: THIS IS NOT THE LAST PART!! i’ll be continuing this some more, still :-) i worked extra hard on this chapter, but i’m really tired so i didn’t proofread… sorry if there are any mistakes grammatically or plot-wise

message or ask me to be tagged in part 12 or make a request! i reply to everything i get, so send in whatever ya want :-)

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You woke up slowly, to the sound of murmuring. You pushed your body up on your arms and winced when your head echoed. 

“Lay down, sweetie,” Maggie said. She held the back of your head and slowly helped you onto your back. “Go back to sleep.” So you did. 

You woke up again to a door closing. 

“How’s she doing?” Sasha asked.

“I think she’ll be okay. She’s tough,” Jesus replied. You fell back into unconsciousness. 

Your eyes fluttered open. You were finally awake enough to take in your surroundings. You were in the infirmary laying in a hospital bed. Tara sat on a stool beside you, reading a book. “Oh! Hey, how are you feeling?” She closed the book and sat it in her lap. 

“Is Carl okay?” you asked, ignoring her question. 

Tara nodded. “Yeah, he’s fine. Everyone’s fine.” 

“What the hell happened?”

Tara slouched in her seat again. “Arat shot at Maggie, but she hit Carl. It just got his arm a little. He’s okay, though. It’s wrapped up, but he should be able to use it soon.”

“Was her aim really that bad?” you joked. 

Tara chuckled. “Carl saved her life. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. He was so damn brave. Everyone was kind of distracted, so Daryl snuck up behind Dwight and fuckin’ choked him! It was pretty sick.”

“Did he kill him?” you asked. Although you hated Dwight, you hated seeing your friends kill people more. It hurt all of them. None of them got any pleasure from it; not like Negan. 

“Well,” Tara began with an unreadable expression, “Daryl had Dwight in a headlock, and Jesus shot him. So I’d say it was a team effort.” She was silent for a moment. “I was about to go for Negan, but I freaked out. I went for Arat instead. She tried to shoot me, but I tackled her. Then…Then she…”

“What? What did she do?” Tara stopped and wiped a few stray tears. 

“Um,” she said, her voice quivering, “She shot Enid in her thigh. She’s practically fine now. She limps a little, but that’s not what bothers me. I-I should have protected her.”

“She’s old enough to protect herself,” you argued. “She’s the same age as Carl and I. We’ve been fighting just as long as you guys.”

“(Y/N), I’m not saying Enid or you or Carl can’t protect yourselves. What I’m saying is… You’ll understand one day. I feel like I was responsible for her safety. I’m an adult who had the safety of a child in my hands, and I couldn’t protect her.”

“It’s not your fault,” you argued. “It’s nobody’s fault but Arat’s. She pulled the trigger. She made that choice.”

“Yeah. Well, Eugene did what he does best,” Tara laughed. 

“No way,” you replied in disbelief. 

“Yeah way,” she confirmed. “He bit Negan’s dick.” You and Tara both busted out in laughter, but Tara continued. “Sasha grabbed Lucille and beat the hell out of him. She was screaming bloody murder the whole damn time.”

You knew why. She wanted Negan to feel what Abe felt. He was brutally slaughtered, just as your brother was. You were glad. He deserved it. 

“So he’s dead?” You wanted to make sure you were hearing and understanding everything correctly before you got too happy. 

Tara smiled at you. “Yeah. He’s dead.”

“So, why am I in here?” you asked. Tara’s face became dull again.

“Oh, well, after Eugene…you know, and Sasha beat him, Eugene got up and made sure Carl was okay. Carl was unconscious, and I don’t know where the hell Eugene got this strength, but he picked Carl up and took him away from the fight.”

You made a mental note to thank Eugene later. 

“Where was I this whole damn time?” you wondered. 

Tara looked at you sadly. “You really don’t remember?” You shook your head. Tara grabbed your hand in hers and took a breath. “It needed to happen. You did the right thing.” The tone in her voice was scaring you. You nodded at her, urging her to tell you more. “You killed Arat.”

You weren’t surprised. Once Tara had said it, the memories came back. She grabbed Sasha when she started beating Negan with Lucille, so you made sure Sasha was safe. You grabbed Arat’s hair and bashed her head into the wall until her weight became heavy beneath you. Her body slumped to the ground, and some men you didn’t know grabbed ahold of you. That’s when you made as much noise as you could. You aggressively flailed your limbs and bit the arms of anyone dumb enough to get close enough to your face. That was when Jesus shot them, and you began to cry. You lay on the ground atop the corpses of the men Jesus had killed and sobbed. 

“But why am I in a hospital bed?” you asked. 

Tara sighed. “You can’t be mad at him. Okay?”

You nodded your head. “Yeah, okay, but what happened?”

“The Saviors that were grabbing you all went down when Jesus shot them, but one just wasn’t giving up. He started grabbing at you again, and Rick shot him, and the bullet just ended up in you.” Tara finally looked in your eyes. “Michonne killed the Savior.” Her eyes were wide, but yours were wider. You slowly and carefully pulled down the blanket that covered your torso. 

Luckily, you couldn’t see the wound. It was right above your right hip bone. A large white gauze pad was taped down over what you assumed was a bloody mess. A thought came into your head, and you smiled. 

“What the hell are you smiling about?” Tara asked. She was taken aback by your reaction. 

“Is there an exit wound? Like, did it go through me?”

Tara shook her head and rubbed her temples. “I can’t believe you. You’re such a badass.” 

The smile dropped from your face. You never wanted to be called that again. That was what the man who killed your brother called you. That man was dead now, and so was your fear.

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Seventeen reacting to you being clumsy.

Summary: How Seventeen would react to seeing you fall over your own feet or being clumsy in general. 

[Part ½]

You’re on your way back home from date night, walking down a steep hill when suddenly your shoelace becomes undone and you step on it, causing you to fall down and land on the gravel road. 

Seungcheol quickly runs over to you and kneels down next to you, looking at you worryingly. “Are you okay? What happened?” He asks and helps you up. You point at your undone shoelace and suddenly he pushes your body away, sighing before continuing his walk.

“This is the fifth time this has happened, Y/N. Learn to tie your laces!”

You quickly turn off the light before slowly walking back through the pitch black room to the bed Woozi is laying in. Suddenly you stumb your little toe on the corner of the king sized bed and start yelling out in pain. 

You hear Woozi’s fainted giggle coming from the bed and groan annoyed, rubbing your toe in pain. “Your next boyfriend needs to buy you a bedside lamp.” He says, grinning at you still.
“Why not you?” 
“Because lamps are expensive.”

Before you’re able to fall down, he quickly catches your body and steadies it with his, looking at you through his bangs. “You should really be more careful.” He states, tugging a loose strain of hair behind your ear. 

You raise your eyebrow at him, pouting. “It’s not my fault this road is so uneven.” 
He suddenly giggles at you before letting your body go and flicking your forehead gently. “It’s not the roads fault that you’re so clumsy.”

He’s sitting in his work room, monitoring their latest show when he suddenly hears a loud bang coming from the kitchen. Already assuming the worst, he drops everything and rushes into the room you’re in.

He stops dead in his step when he sees you standing in a puddle of milk and glass splinters surrounding your feet. He’d click his tongue in annoyance and turns around to get a broom. “It’s okay Soonyoung.” You say, guilt washing over you in an instant. “Do not move!” He threatens. “You’ll just get hurt.” 

The minute he hears the sound of glass falling to the ground, he comes rushing into the kitchen to find you kneeling on the floor, picking up tiny pieces of glass with your bare hands.
He quickly rushes over to you and pushes you away slightly, smiling at you reassuringly. “It’s okay. I’ll do it.” He says, reaching out to pick up the broken pieces.

“Sorry.” You mumble under your breath and Dokyeom looks up at you, smiling brightly. “It makes a good excuse.” He answers, winking at you. You raise your eyebrow at him. “For what?”

“A trip to ikea.”

He’s sitting at the coffee table while you’re standing at the sink, cutting apples for your planned picknik when you accidentally cut your middle finger with the sharp knife in your hand. You immediately drop it into the sink and groan out in pain, squeezing the blood out of your finger.

Mingyu turns his head towards you and sees the blood floating from your hand. He quickly jumps up and grabs a paper towel on his way over to you, placing it over the wound. “Jagiya, are you okay?” He asks, concerned and you nod, feeling the stinging pain. 

He places a quick peck on your forehead and rests his head on yours, pressing the paper towel against your cut. “You really need an assistant, baby.”

Part 2 coming soon!

[Vampire AU] Suga Scenario - ‘Bite me’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

“Mmm, c’mon, babe.” Yoongi groaned, grasping at the arms you had wrapped tightly around him from behind. Your tongue was working at his neck mercilessly, your teeth carefully grazing his delicious skin. The beating of his heart, the thing that drove you crazy every day of your (not)life since you met him. Oh, how you wished to sink your fangs into him.

“What’s the matter? Are you scared?” Your lips touched the shell of his ear and you felt him shake, like a rabbit beneath a wolf. You pushed your body closer to his to feel the sweet fear that prey give off when they know a predators got them. Normally, you would never view him this way, actually loving him for him, but today you just couldn’t shake the creature inside you. It craved him.

“You know I’m not.” He turned his head and breathed you in. in the past, people have been attracted to you merely by the aura you give off, causing false attraction and infatuation. Yoongi did of course feel this as well, but when you looked into his eyes, you saw much more than the usual clouded state people ended up in. You saw fascination. You saw love. Actual love.

It never failed in making your lips curl into a smile, your fangs showing in all their glory.

“Would you let me… if I asked?” You purred and felt his fingers softy trace along your jaw, as yours traced his collarbone. His lips were getting closer and closer to yours but you held him fast, not letting him progress until he answered. He cracked a smile but his eyes were dark and hooded.

“You’ll just have to ask me and find out.” He punctuated the last word with a sharp T sound, turning around and grabbing you forcibly by the waist at the same time. You both knew you could rip him limb from limb at any moment if you felt like it, but you loved it when he was rough with you and he loved overpowering you from time to time. Before you met Yoongi, it had been a long while that you’d let a man hold you down. You tapped your finger (the claw routinely filed down) against his lips.

“But would you invite me?” He lips parts and you felt his teeth bite down lightly on your finger. Barely a tickle to you, but it tickled your fancy so you gave him an exaggerated wince.

“Every-“ His mouth moved to your wrist and bit down there, again, leaving no mark.

“Day-“ Your bicep.

“Of my-“ Your shoulder.

“Life.” And finally your lips. His teeth took hold of your bottom lip and you kept still as he gave it a small tug. His reached up and pulled his shirt collar away from his neck, exposing as much of himself as he could. He cocked his head and hit you with that shit-eating grin you loved so much, “But would you accept it?”

You couldn’t even speak. Your breathing had become hard- and he’d become hard against you. Your eyes must have been as big as the moon as you bore into his, absolutely enraptured by this mortal, who by principal should mean nothing to you, but had become your world. Your eyes flickered to the delectable thump of the pulse in his neck and you could hold back no longer. He almost fell back onto the table as jumped on him, legs wrapping around his waist and fangs finally sinking into his precious body. You love him so much.

He moaned loudly, ecstasy overcoming the slight sting. His hands came around to squeeze your ass, pressing you as close as possible. You only took a little, being the master of control you were, and pulled away. You licked up the wound and licked his lips next and beamed at him with all the fire of the sun.

“Oh, you make a fine vampire indeed, my love.”

Late Night Call

Request: Can you do one with Shawn being upset while touring? xx

Word Count: 1,375

Late night call

You were brutally pulled away from your – otherwise – rather heavy sleeping when an annoying buzzing sounded from the bedside table. You pushed up your heavy, sleepy body with your elbows, looking around the dark room.

You rubbed your sore eyes quickly, before gazing over at the clock. 4:23 AM.

Who on earth calls at this time of the freaking hour?

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Your head was pounding, but this was nothing new. Headaches came with hunger, lack of sleep, and stress, and you fell under all three categories. You had been on the run for weeks with only the clothes on your back, literally. You had no weapons, no money, no food. You weren’t proud of yourself, but for the past few weeks you had been stealing fruit from the market that was near the safe house.

The safe house.

The safe house that wasn’t safe anymore.

Your eyes snapped open, muscles tense and ready to run.

“Ah-ah, no!” Someone chastised, pushing your upper body back down.

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What could’ve been ~ Namjoon x Yoongi x Reader [SMUT/ANGST]

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan
Member: Min Yoongi x Kim Namjoon
Type: SMUT/Angst
Warnings: ass fucking, swearing, jealousy, riding
Word Count: 3633

“You constantly told yourself that it was the right thing to do, but deep inside of you, you knew he’s been hurting because of you.”

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It will hurt.
It will take time.
It will require dedication.
It will require willpower.
You will need to make healthy decisions.
It requires sacrifice.
You will need to push your body to its max.
There will be temptation.
But, I promise you, when you reach your goal, t’s worth it!
Stay Alive for Me (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) Part 2

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Teenaged!Reader

Requested?: No

Prompt: Lin finds a teenage girl unconscious at his doorstep and decides to nurse her back to health. As her stay is extended, Lin finds himself attached to the troubled teen that captured his heart.

Words: 2000+

Warnings: Mighty Dad Lin, Mentions of abuse, STDs, rape, alcohol, and family death.

Masterlist // Part One


You slowly stirred, returning to reality from your fever-induced sleep. Your eyes opened slowly but closed again when the sunlight poured through the open window. After your eyes adjusted, you fully opened your eyes and sat up slowly. You immediately felt like you were burning up and you pushed the blanket off your body. You weren’t wearing the tank top, jeans, or shoes from yesterday, but a sweatshirt and sweatpants that were somewhat baggy on you. You felt dirty and your muscles ached. Where the hell were you?

You looked around the room. It was some sort of living space in an apartment. There was a doorway across the room that lead into a small hallway. You had a clear view of the front door. You could just bolt right through the hallway and leave. But, you need your clothes, money and your phone. Maybe the person, or people, that own this apartment have your phone? You needed to know who was here and why they changed you out of your clothes. 

You were so deep in thought that you didn’t acknowledge the man walking into the room until he snapped his fingers in front of your eyes, making you jump. You looked up and came face to face with your ‘savior’.

The man wasn’t too tall, a little shorter than your six-foot father. He was thin and pale, with shoulder-length dark-brown hair and matching brown eyes. He had a goatee that was dark and slowly growing out into a beard. He was dressed in a gray sweater and jeans, Mickey Mouse socks covering his feet. He held a mug of coffee in one hand while the other was tucked in his jeans pocket. You couldn’t help but notice that purple-almost-black circles under his eyes, making him look older than he was. He had to be somewhere in his thirties minimum.

“(Y/N)?” Lin asked softly, a concerned look on his face. “Are you okay?”

You blinked and slowly nodded. “Yeah… I’m sorry, how do you know my name? Have we met before?”

Lin shook his head. “You told me last night. But you were kinda half conscious and had a really high fever.” He then placed his hand on your forehead and frowned in concern. “Correction. You still have a high fever. We need to get you some medicine and some water.” 

You pushed his hand away and you stood, stumbling slightly but managing to stand straight. “Look, Mister….” You looked at him, realizing I didn’t know his name.

“Lin.” He responded. “Just call me Lin. ‘Mister’ makes me sound old.”

“Well, Lin, I appreciate you being concerned for me, but I need to go now. I’ve overstayed my welcome and need to be on my way. So, if you could let me have my clothes back and I’ll be out of your hair as soon as I can.” 

Lin smirked and he cocked an eyebrow. “How old are you, (Y/N)?”

“Fifteen.” You said. “But, I’m turning sixteen next Saturday.”

“Well, I can’t let a fifteen-almost-sixteen-year-old girl out in the horrid dangerous streets of New York. Especially with a high fever such as yours. So, I’ll let you leave once that fever is gone and your mom or dad show up to get you, okay?”

You frowned but nodded, crossing your arms across your chest like a pouting child. Lin chuckled, rolling his eyes. He motioned to follow him as he walked out of the room. You stumbled and wobbled, but managed to walk. You followed him into the kitchen and he had you sit down at the counter as he searched for something to eat in the fridge. You watched him for a few moments but then decided on looking around the room. You see two phones on the counter in front of you. They were both iPhones but one had a Hamilton case and the other had a Wicked case. You reached over and reached for the one with the Wicked case since that one was yours. You unlocked it and saw you had 34 missed calls from your dad. Your face went pale and your body began to shake. You were dead when you get home. Good thing you weren’t.

“Is something wrong, (Y/N)?”

You looked up and saw Lin watching you, concern in his eyes and his brows furrowed in a frown. You squirmed under his gaze, like a child being scolded by their parent. You didn’t know why. You were a pretty good liar and never showed weakness when people looked at you this way, making them believe you were okay. You tried mustering up your courage and tried to look emotionless but your shaking form and sweaty palms showed all of that fear and anxiety. Lin could read you like an open book. Whatever was on your phone was scaring you and causing you much stress, which would raise your fever if you didn’t calm down. He had to do something.

“No.” You said in a shaky voice. “M-My dad…. He’s w-w-worried.” You gulped down the lump in your throat.

“Well, of course, he’s worried!” Lin said with a chuckle. “If you were my kid, I’d be worried sick if you ran off without me knowing.” 

I bet you’d be a nicer dad, Lin. You thought. You then jumped when your phone started ringing. You looked down and saw your father’s smiling face looking back up at you. That photo was taken a few days before your mom left when you were barely nine. When he was a nicer dad. The caller ID read The Devil Incarnate XoX and you gulped, glancing up at Lin with a fearful look as you accepted the call. 

“Hey, dad-”

Don’t you ‘hey dad’ me, you stupid bitch!” Your father’s booming came through the speakers, causing you to hold the phone away from your ear. “Where the fuck are you?! You didn’t actually think you’d escape me without your stuff, huh?

“I-I..” You looked up at Lin, who had a shocked look on his face. You merely smiled sheepishly at him. “I’m at a friend’s place.”

Your father’s laughter made you frown and tears slowly filled your eyes. “Who would be friends with you? You’re pathetic (Y/N)! No one likes you or your ugly face! Now get your whore-ass back here or I’m calling the cops! And don’t think you won’t be punished when you get home! You got a leather belt with your stupid name written ALL over it!” Your father laughed again and then, he hung up the phone call. 

You let your phone fall backward onto the counter, screen facing up. You felt sick. Your stomach churned and bile rose up, making you stumble out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. As you heaved out what little food was in your stomach into the toilet, Lin watched you from the doorway, his face contorted into a face of anger and pity. You were just a child and you had to deal with that horrible man as a guardian. This explained all the bruises and cuts all over your body. You were so skinny too, possibly from forced starvation? You looked exhausted and you seemed to be disoriented from the fever. How could someone be so cruel and violent to their child? Who they have to love and protect? You didn’t deserve this. No one deserved to be hurt by those you loved them. Lin had never witnessed abuse first-hand but he has seen the effects and aftermath of it. Most of the victims ending their lives or dying by their wounds. Lin wasn’t gonna let a fifteen-year-old child die that same way.

“How long?” Lin asked after you finished emptying your stomach into the porcelain bowl. You were breathing heavily and the smell of vomited stomach acid engulfed you. You sat back, sweat forming at your hairline as you panted. You looked up at him and saw the concerned and angry look on his face. 

“S-Since my mom left.” You murmured, the room turning blurry from your tears. “I-I was only nine. L-Laurie was barely eight.”

“Laurie?” Lin asked,

“M-My little sister.” You whispered. “She’s gone now.” 

“Died? From her injuries?”

You shook your head slowly. “Walked out into oncoming traffic three months ago. She contracted an STD from my dad when he raped her. She couldn’t live with it. It was too much for her.” You whimpered and held back a sob. “She died in my arms. The ambulance wasn’t fast enough. I couldn’t protect her.”

Lin kneeled down next to you and placed a comforting hand on your head, squeezing your scalp lightly in a comforting manner. You weakly smiled as black spots clouded your vision and the room began to spin in a lazy tango as it started getting hotter and hotter. Lin placed his other hand on your forehead and his eyes widened. Your fever had risen a lot and he remembered you haven’t eaten, bathed, or even had any water. Thinking on his feet, Lin picked you up bridal style and raced over to his room, laying you down on his bed. He tucked you in and you mumbled something he couldn’t comprehend. 

“I’ll be right back, (Y/N).” Lin murmured, brushing hair out of your face. “Try and sleep, okay?” Your half-lidded eyes closed fully and he smiled softly before leaving the room. 

Lin then returned a few minutes later with all kinds of fever medicine he had in the cabinet. He also had a cup of water ready for you for when you woke up. You were sweating profusely so he stripped off the sweatshirt you were wearing, leaving you in your tank top and his sweatpants. You were very pale too and he kept checking your temperature every few minutes. He was worrying a lot about a girl he barely knew. All he knew about you was your name, your age, your sister’s death, and your asshole of a father. You were just a kid and have already gone through a lot for someone your age. Did something bad make your mom leave? Was your dad abusive before she left? Why did he hurt you? Your sister died recently, did he even care? Was she the only thing that kept you from leaving? What were you going to do now? All these questions were swarming through Lin’s head like bees in a beehive. You only ‘met’ last night and he was worried about you like you were his own child. Was it because he missed his son? Was the stress of his divorce getting to him? He needed to relax soon or else it’s gonna kill him. 

You mumbled and whimpered in your sleep as you shifted into a comfortable position before growing quiet. Lin looked at you, watching your chest rise and fall with every breath. He was surprised with how content you looked with such an awful fever. Were you sick before you got here? Did you not get the medicine you needed? What made you leave now and not earlier?

Lin shook his head, sending those thoughts away as he picked up his laptop from the floor. He plugged in his headphones as he opened Google. While you were sleeping, he was gonna get stuff done. He had a song to write for Disney. But one thing was for sure. 

He’s gonna nurse you back to health and then get you somewhere safe. 

That was his promise to you.

How J-hope would react to sex toys

In hindsight, this was not a good idea.

As you sit in the restaurant you can feel your eyes start to glaze over and your toes begin to curl in your shoes. You reach a shaky hand out to grab your glass of water but a spike of pleasure pushes suddenly through your body. Your fingers twitch involuntarily, sending the water glass tethering.

“Oops,” you mutter, as water sloshes over the sides.

“Hey,” your friend says next to you, reaching out to squeeze your arm. “Are you all right? Is it still that headache?”

On the other side of you, J-Hope exchanges a concerned look with her.

“Must be,” he says sympathetically, reaching out to squeeze your knee. Abruptly the pressure in your core ends and you try not to slump down into your chair in relief.

You grab your glass of water and sip it unsteadily, turning to glare at J-Hope over the rim. He gives you a wide smile in return and your heart betrays you by skipping a beat.

He reaches out to stroke your hair. “Don’t worry,” he says sweetly. “I’ll make sure you feel better when we get home.”

The small device nestled deep inside you suddenly starts to vibrate a pulsating rhythm again and you close your eyes, trying not to moan. You want to move your hips and grind into it and J-Hope’s hand on your leg is not easing the situation at all. You open your eyes and take a steady breath. J-Hope is watching you with a look of such thinly-veiled tension that you have to stop yourself from putting your hand on his and guiding it up your skirt.

Why had you agreed to use that stupid toy? You had bought it for yourself a few months ago, not long before you had met him. You had been intrigued at the thought of the tiny, remote controlled vibrator secretly buzzing inside you. But all thoughts of the toy had vanished from your mind as soon as J-Hope had come crashing into your life.

It was only earlier in the day, while cleaning out your cupboard, that you’d found the toy again.

“Here,” you’d said, chucking the package on the bed where J-Hope had been lying, watching you go through your things. “A gift for you.”

So far you’d gifted him a sock without its partner, a bra with the underwire sticking out and a stuffed animal missing an eye.

For every item that you had thrown at him he had said, “I’ll treasure this for ever,” and had tucked it safely under his arm.

“You know what?” J-Hope had said, picking the package up absently. “I will treasure this for…” his eye had fallen on the contents of the package and he had trailed off. “Ever,” he’d murmured, studying its contents with a raised eyebrow.

“Babe,” he had said, opening the package. “What is this?”

“It’s a vibrator,” you’d responded, standing up to pack your neatly folded clothes away.

“It’s got a remote,” J-Hope had pointed out. “And a string attached to it.”

“Yeah,” you had replied, packing the last of your things away and moving to sit on the bed next to him. You had reached for the vibrator and the remote and dug the batteries out of the package. “You’re supposed to put it in and then control the vibrations with the remote. It’s meant to be a secret so you can get your rocks off anywhere without anyone knowing.”

You had snapped the batteries in place and handed him the remote. “Give it a try.”

The vibrator began to buzz softly in your hand. “And you can change the intensity,” you’d said, pressing it into his hand. He had stared down at it in amazement, scrolling through the vibration settings with a look of wonder on his face.

“And you never used it?” he had asked.

“Nah,” you had said, stretching out on the bed next to him. “I got it a few days before I met you and we all know how that turned out.”

J-Hope had switched the vibrator off with a wide grin. “Yes, we do,” he’d said, rolling on top of you.

“Babe,” he had said, dotting small kisses on your face. “I have a great idea.”

“Tell me,” you’d said, closing your eyes and relishing in the feeling of his soft mouth on your skin.

“Why don’t we use it now?” he had punctuated every word by moving his head to nibble gently on your ears.

“Now?” you had breathed. “We have that lunch thing to go to in an hour.”

J-Hope had pushed his mouth against yours, his tongue dancing past your lips. The way his tongue moved in your mouth caused your core to clench almost painfully.

“Exactly,” he’d whispered into your mouth. The lazy way J-Hope’s tongue moved caused every rational thought you had to fizzle from your mind.

“Okay,” you’d said, dazed.

“Okay,” he’d replied giving you one last kiss before sliding down your body. He’d pulled your pants down and leaned forward to nestle his face between your legs. “Let me just make sure you’re ready to… accommodate… it,” he’d said, his breath tickling your inner thigh.

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Masterpost: How BTS would react to sex toys 

Sorry this took so long man!

Request: Boys’ reaction to their s/o being pushed into the street and miraculously surviving 

Miraculous…? My dear anon, I’d call it luck!

Ryoma Hoshi

-He saw you from across the street and was about to come talk to you

-He sees the man’s arm go up and push you down, your body sliding into the road.

-A truck rushes where you just landed.

-Hoshi yells your name, running to you, cars are stopped all around

-Smol man is yelling and is close to tears but…

-You’re fine, you just have scratches from falling.


Korekiyo Shinguuji

-He was walking down the street with you, it was a small shopping date

-You were closest to the road.

-Suddenly, a man pushes his way through the two of you and violently pushes you into the road.

-Your body slides right in front of an oncoming car

-Korekiyo yells your name, he’s horrified.

-The car goes past and stops once it gets passed you

-Korekiyo and the driver thought you had been hit

-Korekiyo is yelling as he runs to you.

-He’s so upset…wait…you’re fine!

-He’s so relieved, he smiles but you can’t see it because of his mask,

Gonta Gokuhara

-Bug boy was window shopping with you, you had began to run ahead to the next store

-A man came up and yelled about you being in his way, and pushed you into the road.

-The man began to run off but was stopped by a strong hand on his shoulder. He was then thrown backwards, by Gonta of course.

-Gonta saw your body grow in front of a big semi

-He yelled, tears coming to his eyes

-The semi passed and Gonta assumed you were dead but…you just got up and walked back over to him, saying that was horrifying.

-Gonta didn’t say a word, he just hugged you.

Momota Kaito

-He was taking you to a space museum, you were holding hands and you were closest to the road.

-A man came up behind you and just pushed you out of the way so he could walk through.

-He received a slap across the face from Momota

-Momota saw you roll into the road and he was about to go after you but, a car was coming towards you.

-He yelled your name as loud as he could

-The car screeched to a stop about a centimeter away from your body.

-Momota sighed and ran to you.

-He picked you up in his arms and carried you out of the road, he never let you walk next to the road ever again.


-Robot boy wanted to go on a walk around the city, he wanted to see everything that was around!

-He was talking to you about something strange and you were slightly laughing.

-Suddenly a man came up and pushed you

-”Outta my way, ya lil shit!”

-You fell into the road, landing in front of an oncoming car.

-Kiibo was mad and confused.

-Why would someone do that?????????

-Kiibo sprung into action, he rescued you before the car could hit you.

-You rapped your arms around him, you loved your robot boyfriend.

Ouma Kokichi

-He was talking about his secret organization, you were clearly not listening but, that didn’t stop him.

-He felt someone push in between you and noticed you were not next to him anymore. 

-He saw your body in the road and began to yell your name

-A car passed by your body

-Ouma cried as loud as he could and for once, it was genuine 

-He ran to you and yelled your name, you easily got up.

-Ouma clung to you, this didn’t stop for the rest of the day.

-He demanded you tell him what the man looked like so he could torture him.

Saihara Shuuichi

-He was taking you to meet some people he worked with, he figured it would be easiest to walk.

-He told you that you’d love the people he works with!

-Suddenly, you felt a hand violently push you. You fell into the road.

-Saihara was about to run to you and ask if you were okay when a car coming your way.

-The driver apparently noticed you and stopped about a foot away from you.

-Saihara sighed and ran to you, he was so glad you were fine.

Amami Rantarou

-He wanted to take you clothes shopping. Why, you might ask? He wanted matching outfits! That’s not important, though.

-You were walking along, hand-in-hand, when someone pushed you into the road.

-Amami felt your hand slide out of his grasp and he was horrified.

-He paid no mind to the man that was now walking away and just yelled your name, worry in his voice.

-He saw a semi coming your way and as loud as he could he yelled:


-The driver somehow heard him and came to a screeching halt, Amami ran(taraou) to you and picked you up in his arms.

-He was so happy the driver heard him and that you were alright.


I haven’t been listening to the hairspray track while writing this

Well, I hope you enjoy this

-Mod Amami

Unexpected // Calum Hood (part 2)

word count : 1.4k

pairing : y/n and calum

requested : yes!!

note : so sorry for the delay, guys! but i was really falling out of love with 5sos. now i’m just in it for the music and the fanfics lol. haven’t edited this so hope you enjoy it!!

p.s. the slfl here is in indonesia so it’s on march if you’re confused with the months and whatnot

(part 1)

You pushed your body to the seemingly endless crowd, trying to find a good spot that was close enough for you to see the band, but also far enough that neither Calum nor the rest of the band could see you. You were crossing your fingers, hoping no one would notice you because you’d just put your plain black sweater on so no one could recognize you as the girl who Calum was searching for. You had no intentions on revealing who you are and you’d really appreciate the heavens if your plan worked out smoothly.

You sighed as you slid next to a girl with official merchandises all over her body. You didn’t want any of this to happen. You were supposed to ask him to sing with you and he wasn’t supposed to notice you. You believed a lot of fans had asked them to sing with them, so you didn’t understand how your encounter could be any different.

You let your gaze dance around the room, studying all the people in it. Just as your eyes fell on the drum, the lighting dimmed and shrieks of excitement filled your ears. You couldn’t help but smile, knowing that you had waited all your life to see them perform and here you were, somehow winning a chance to this place. Your breath hitched as the band members walked in. You were so going to cry.

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Imagine being a familiar and belonging to Crowley after your witch disowned you.

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“Y/n, what are you wanting?!” Crowley finally snapped as you continued to meow relentlessly and rubbing against his leg. “You’re getting fur all over my suit!” You rubbed your head against his leg and purred, hopping up into his lap when he had laid back against his throne. “You’re just wanting your king’s attention, huh?”

You meowed loudly and pushed your small and fragile body underneath his hand to encourage him to pet you. Being his familiar was new considering he wasn’t a witch, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. He loved you in a way no one else had ever loved you before. He showed you what true love was, and it was something magically to you. Being friends was so much more boring than this romantic love he shows you almost every night when you transformed back into your human state.

He slowly began to pet you and you rolled over onto your side so that his hand was on the white patch of fur on your chest and wrapped your small paw around it. He couldn’t help but smile and scratch underneath your chin with his free fingers.

“You know,” he started, “you’re going to have to change back soon, kitten. Daddy needs your help with the Winchesters.” You whined and cried out in response causing him to apply a firm expression. “Now, kitten, stop that. You know that I cant leave you all by your lonesome in Hell. It’s too dangerous for you.” You stretched out your paws towards him, your razor sharp nails poking out. “But, you can stay like this until it’s time to go.”

You purred and began to knead his thighs with your paws, earning a small chuckle and more pets from your king.

Never Short of Love

Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Newt imagine where the reader is really short and it stresses Newt out cause she’s always getting bumped into and lost in crowds? You’re an amazing writer 😊 thank you!”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1819

Warnings: None

“Newt!” You called out, pushing your body up as far as you could, but only receiving a cramp in your arm as a result.

“Yes, darling?” Newt rounded the corner, book in hand. When he saw your predicament, he leant on the doorway, chuckling softly. “Can’t reach the coffee tin again?”

“Why do you always put it on the top shelf?”

“Because,” he came over, grabbing the tin and handing it to you. “I like it when you have to ask me for help.”

You frowned at him. You were quite the independent person, so you absolutely hated it when you had to call upon others to help you with simple tasks. One day, you had in fact attempted to get the coffee tin on your own. Newt had come into the kitchen that day, after hearing a loud thump. You had fallen to the ground and received a broken ankle. After that day, Newt made you promise to him that you’d always ask for assistance when needed. You did, but you still loathed to do so.

“What are you reading?” You asked, continuing to make your coffee.

“How to Live with House Elves.” He replied showing the cover of the small brown book. “Thought it might come in handy, since you know, you’re about as tall as one.”

You opened your mouth in playful shock, grabbing a nearby tea towel and hitting him on the arm with it.

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Land of All | Prologue

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You’ve been told that the Land of All is a myth. A place of beauty that could never exist in this cruel world you call home, but you believe that there is always something beautiful in everything that is ugly. But your life held nothing but ugly, and it would be nothing but ugly. You would never belong in the Land of All, yet you somehow found yourself in that beauty. Such beauty existed, and you hated the idea of being the one to destroy it.

Word Count: 735

Group: Bangtan Boys

Member: Kim Taehyung

Genre: Romance and Angst

A/N: Thanks to wonderful advise, I’m doing two shits at the same time. -Hartwood

Blood Before All

“Hurry, Y/N! They’re not that far behind,” Ryan huffed, looking back at you with fear in his eyes as he continued to run.

You pushed your body to keep up with him, the sound of yells and dogs barking not far behind. “I’m going! Where are we going to go?” you heaved, pumping your arms faster, pushing yourself harder.

How did it end up like this?

Why did you end up being the most wanted person along with your brother?

Why did your father do this to the people of Reflection?

Why couldn’t these people be satisfied with killing your father? Why must they kill the children who didn’t have a say in anything?

You didn’t see Ryan abruptly stop, and so you ran straight into him.

“Why’d you stop?” you yelled, glancing back to see if the angry group was within sight before turning to glare at your twin brother.

He wasn’t looking at you, though. His colored eyes were staring down the cliff where the two of you had almost fallen off. You followed his gaze, eyes casting down onto the depths below.

Around thirty feet or so lay a body of water. However, this water was glowing. The once dark blue water was glowing—giving off the color of the sky above you.

Reflection was nothing but corruption. A world that held no beauty. But at the bottom of the cliff, you’ve never seen something so hypnotizing.

“You see it, too,” Ryan whispered.

“It’s not true,” you finally uttered, shaking your head, but your eyes refused to leave the beauty down below. “It’s nothing but a myth,” you whispered.

“You have to jump.”

Your gaze finally left the lake down below to meet eyes with your brother. He looked so much like you. The different colored eyes, the black hair, and the look that resembled your father. The most hated man.  

The reason you’re in this mess.

The reason your brother is telling you to jump off a cliff.

“Are you nuts? I’m not jumping to my death,” you argued, keeping your hard look on him, but he always matched it. And you would always look away.

“Y/N, we have no other option. This could be the real thing. You came from the Nether, so what makes you think the Land of All isn’t real?” he asked, taking your hand in his large one.

“Because the Nether is dark and sinister. The Land of All is something that isn’t real,” you told him, trying to pry your hand from his, but he kept his grip. 

“You told me that everything ugly in this world has something beautiful hidden inside. Trust that this something beautiful will take you somewhere even better.” You could see the hope in his eyes. Hope that you never saw before.

“Let’s say this crap works, what makes you think it will take me there? What if I end up somewhere else? What if it takes me back to the Nether? I’m not going back, Ryan. I’ll take my chances dying here, then to go back to that place—”

He cupped your cheeks. “It won’t take you back to the Nether. I promise, Y/N. Please just jump. It’s the only way to save you,” he begged, wiping away a few tears that had already spilt.

“What about you?” you asked, voice cracking.

“I’ll jump in right after, I have to make sure you make it before they reach us. If they get to us before you leave, I’ll be the only one they see.” The voices were getting louder. Ryan glanced in the direction the two of you had come from before turning back to you with wide eyes. “Hurry, Y/N.”

“I’m not leaving you behind to get caught,” you argued, fighting against his push that was leading you towards the cliff.

“Just listen to me for once!” he yelled, pushing you a bit more. You turned around to face him, ready to yell right back at him. The group had already arrived, torches and weapons at the ready as they made their way right towards you. Ryan glanced at you one last time. “Blood before all,” he said before giving you the final push.

You stumbled back until there was no ground left.

You fell faster and faster, given no time to scream as you crashed into the water.

Everything was black, but you could faintly see the glow from the water as you succumbed to the darkness that engulfed you.

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