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still perkin’ (full)

A/N: this is based on a filthy request for morning sex and dirty talk, so i hope y’all pervs enjoy it xoxo

He’s hard. You feel it against your ass as you start to wake up. The morning sun spills through the cracked curtains and stirs you from your sleep. But you’re definitely not the only thing stirring, you think stupidly to yourself as you feel Shawn’s harden length nuzzled against you. His arm flexes, tightening around you as he snuffles in his sleep.

Biting your lip, you turn your head carefully to look over your shoulder at him. He’s absurdly adorable lying there with his cheeks flushed slightly, his chest rising and falling with the steady rhythm of his breath. You want to wake him up.

You turn your head away from him again and bury your face in your pillow once more. Normally you’d ignore either ignore this or grip Shawn’s shoulder to wake him up as you wrapped a hand around him. That’s not how you wanna do things this morning, though.

Instead, you wiggle your hips slowly before pushing back against him and pressing your ass tightly to his cock. You want to moan a bit, but instead you bite your pillow and focus on rolling your hips in a steady motion. You press back then forward, back then forward, over and over as you grind into him to tease his cock.

You hear Shawn’s low grunts behind you, groans into the back of your neck as both of his strong arms hold you to him so he can start rocking his own hips, fucking his cock against the soft globe of your ass.

You can’t stop yourself from moaning when, on a particularly delicious grind of your own hips back, his cock slips between the full cheeks of your ass. He rocks forward and his balls press up against your cunt.

That’s when you can’t help it. You moan, loudly, as your hands find his forearms and you grip them tightly, nails digging into his skin.

With that, you feel Shawn freeze behind you. You know he’s awake now, blinking open his bleary eyes and looking down at you.

You let out a shaky breath and push your ass back, tilting your hips forward enough so your slick pussy presses against his cock. “Shawn,” you murmur, voice scratchy from sleep, “Please.”

“Shit, babe,” he growls as drops his head forward, nuzzling into your neck as his grip  on you tightens.

He kisses his way up to your ear before he chuckles, “Swore this was a dream,” then kisses the back of your neck and slides the head of his cock along the length of your slit, stopping to grind against your clit.

You moan and let your head fall back a bit, giving him access to your collarbone from over your shoulder. His lips are all over you as he teases your clit, forcing soft moans from your lips as you ache for more.

“Please, c’mon,” you urge, again, now that he’s absolutely awake.

He laughs again but only because he’s in awe of you. He lets you know, says, “Can’t believe you’re as eager for me as I am for you, sweetheart,” then starts sucking at your jaw as his cock slips back from your clit, teasing your entrance.

You don’t hesitate to roll your hips back and sink down onto his cock. Moaning, you dig your nails into his arms as you take what you need from him.

“Fucking…” you feel him breathe against your throat as you keep pressing back against him. Your cunt clutches his cock, taking him deeper and deeper and until he bottoms out, your ass flush against his hips.

He pulls his head away from you as you grinding steadily against him, fucking yourself on his cock with your head pressed back against his shoulder. He looks down, watches you, lets you take whatever you need from him. His cock twitches as your pussy grips him, your velvety walls stroking his hard shaft perfectly.

He tells you so.

“Jesus– baby, look at you. Fuck. Your pussy is so good– you feel so fucking perfect on my cock.”

His hands are moving as he speaks, one gliding across your skin to grip your hip, guiding your tight little rocking motions, while the other pushes up your stomach to cup one of your breasts. He brings his forefinger and thumb to your taut nipple, pinching it teasingly as he starts to move his own hips.

“Let me help, sweetheart,” he starts again, his head tilting back down so he can press his lips to your ear, “let me help you come all over my cock. Wanna make you come so good, please?” He kisses the back of your neck, starts to fuck his hips a little faster, “You know I can make you come baby. I can make your pussy feel so good.”

You moan at that, nodding before begging, “Please fuck me, Shawn, please,” and arching your back, your hips stilling with your ass pressed firmly against him, cock buried to the hilt in your cunt.

Shawn growls, always loving when you beg him for something he’s already begging you for. Then his hands are moving again as he pushes you however he wants you like he always does when you let him fuck you like this.

This time he gets his hand on your ass and pushes you forward onto your stomach. The hand on your breast instead finds the back of your shoulder as he presses you down into the mattress. He slides his cock out of you as he rolls over, pressing his chest to your back as he lets his hard length slip between the soft globes of your ass. You moan before biting down on the pillow, pushing your hips off the bed to press your ass against him as you try desperately to get his cock back inside of you.

He starts talking again.

“God, baby, you want my cock so bad, don’t you?” He shifts on top of you, his dick slipping down to your pussy, pressing against your entrance. “I know you love being full of me, love when your cunt stretches around my cock. You take me so fuckin’ well baby,” and then he’s rolling his hips forward, sinking himself into your wet heat as your bodies finally press together.

You moan, loud and wanton into the pillow as you grip the bed sheets beside you. Shawn’s breathing heavily atop you, clutching your hip as he starts grinding his cock in and out of you, keeping a slow, rolling rhythm that has your heart nearly beating out of your chest. You feel your juices soak the insides of your thighs as your pussy grips him, and that makes you moan even more, not caring Shawn might have neighbors that would absolutely hear you.

He’s not being quiet himself, murmuring, “Yeah, yeah, baby, that’s it, taking my cock so good, shit,” as he shifts his hips and finds your g-spot with each deep stroke of his dick. He’s holding you down so good, keeping your legs tight together with his own on either side, and each pass of his cock into your cunt slides against your ass and makes your toes curl.

“You wanna come down, babe, don’t you? Please, let me make you come, wanna feel you so bad,” Shawn’s practically whining into your ear, his hand slipping from your ass to the front of your hip, pulling you up against him so there’s no space between your back and his chest.

You turn your head on the pillow to look back at him over your shoulder before you keen for him, “Please,” drawing the word out on a breathy moan. Shawn growls at the sound, and with that, his fingers find your clit between your slick pussy lips and press down. His hips move faster, fucking his cock into your harder, and he stops the messy slip and slide of fingertips against your nub to work your nerves properly. He slips his index and ring fingers on either side of your swollen hood, then slips the tip of his middle finger back over your hard, arching nub, because he knows how the direct stimulation knocks the air from your lungs.

Your scream is silent as you come around his cock, jaw dropping as you bury your head in the pillow and let your hips move erratically. You can’t stop yourself from working your hips back, sinking your cunt deeper and deeper onto Shawn’s cock as you chase the wave of heat that radiates through you with your orgasm.

Shawn, on his part, can’t hold himself together anymore. He fingers keep rubbing your clit, flicking the tight bud, as his hips slap your ass. His mouth is moving, babbling about how fucking good you feel coming for him, how wet you’re getting his cock, how bad he needs to fucking come.

“Let me come, let me come,” he begs from behind you, rocking into you harder as you feel his cock twitch inside your sensitive cunt.

Catching your breath, you turn your head back against and look up at him. Nodding, you murmur, “Shawn, please,” and roll your hips back, spreading your thighs as much as you can trapped beneath him. “Come for me, baby, c’mon,”

And with that, he’s gone, biting down on your shoulder as he buries his cock inside of you and comes, spilling himself inside your pussy as you clench your muscles around him, holding him inside of you. You roll your hips, wanting to feel him like that, not wanting him to pull out until he’s completely done.

Eventually, his hips slow to a stop as he keeps himself pressed against you, panting against your neck as the aftershocks of his orgasm pass through him. The room smells like sex and your heavy breathing echoes through the room. You don’t mind the weight of him on top of your like this, you almost like being smothered. All you can smell is him. You love that.

But eventually he’s rolling off of you, getting off the bed and going to get a towel to clean you up like he always does. You’ve never had to ask. You press your ass up, wiggling your hips a little as he swipes the warm rag between your thighs. You hear him laugh, low in his throat, and you have to stop yourself from getting turned on again.

Suddenly, Shawn’s sex flushed, sweaty body is collapsing on top of you again. You feign protest, wiggling around beneath him until he yields only slightly, lets you flip around beneath him so you’re on your back and looking up at him. He pushes a hand into your hair, and his fingertips stroke your scalp like he always does after you let him come inside of you. You let out a soft, happy sigh and close your eyes.

“And a good morning to you, too,” you hear Shawn chuckle before his lips are on yours, kissing you properly like he’s promised to do every morning for as long as you’ll let him.

I Have This Kink - Part Two

Pairing: Stiles x reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1937

Author’s Note: So, I hope you guys enjoy this because I honestly don’t know how I feel about it lol. Thanks to @mf-despair-queen and @dumbass-stilinski for looking this over for me. You guys da best.

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We’re gonna get len out of the time stream by making cisco make lisa one of the costumes she’s suggested to him. This is just a gold thong and a pair of roller skates. This is just a romper with the boobs cut out. This is just body paint but i… i guess? Oh your brother’s back look at that


Matthew watched as you walked in for the second time that day in a different outfit talking about you just had a craving for the lemon pies. He was currently behind the counter eating a bag of cheetos, wiping the orange dust on the hem of his apron.

Purposefully bending over, you examined the Reeses that you could have sworn were a shelf higher yesterday. You knew what you were doing though, you had been coming in here for three weeks now ever since he picked up this summer job from his uncle.

That strong jaw and narrow eyes that never left your face or body as you walked around the store. He smiled at you, one of his corny ass grins as he asked you if sweatpants was the only thing you owned. Just to spite him the next day you paid for your gas inside, wearing a fitted white tshirt dress and gladiator sandals that held onto your calves. You heard him suck in a breath as you grinned at him. He was extra aware of everything you did after that, slick talking asking if you had a man, wondering what shade of lipstick that was.

Saying: That dress looks good on your figure, when he really wanted to compliment how it hugged your ass. Now you found yourself in a long sleeve crop top and a fitted thigh length skirt and heels. Taking your time you stood back up, making sure to move slowly, letting that spandex fabric stretch over your ass as you turned around to grin at him.

“Y’all better have my cherry coke too.” Giving him a small smile, cherry red lipstick popping as he plainly stared at you letting you knew he was staring at your ass.

“It’s back there. Ol’ greedy ass. You don’t need to be eating them snack cakes this late at night.” He popped another cheeto in his mouth, praying that no one else was going to come into the store at this time. 

He looked out the door at the gas station, not a soul in sight. The sky was black, a bright full moon staring back at him. He’d close the store at 1AM, and the clock currently read 12:35, he could close early right?  

Grabbing a cold can you strutted to the counter, leaning over the surface. “YSo you gonna be my daddy now or something?”

Ringing up the lemon pie, he stared dead into your eyes, licking his lips. His eyes said I want you, but his outside demeanor seemed professional. “Only when I’m giving it to you that good.”

Biting your lip, you leaned over the counter, letting your Victoria’s Secret demi cup push up do the work. “Do I have to make an appointment?” Holding out a crisp $10. 

Taking it, Matthew said nothing, giving you the change he came from around the counter, at first you watched him, your heart about to pop out of your throat as you wondered could you also walk the walk. Then he locked the store doors, flipped the sign from open and closed, and turned out the lights in the front. 

Walking past you, he looked down at you with a slick grin. “I have a slot open.” Opening the office door in the back, he held it open. “You coming?” 

Well this is what all your talking had got you, and you squared up your shoulders, making sure to swivel those hips as you walked past him into the office, your hand lingering over his pectorals.

The door closed with a hush, and he wasted no time picking you up wrapping your legs around his waist. His mouth was on your lips, your neck, your jaw. Tongue poking out to wipe across your lips and beg entry. Opening your mouth, you let your tongues mingle as you felt a hardening shaft poking at your panties. 

“All that talk you you’re just putty in my hands.” He teased you, setting you down on the ground. 

Raising an eyebrow you kicked off your heels. “I wasn’t joking about anything.” 

His belt popped open, the sound of his jeans unzipping had you wetter than you thought. “Not even the: ‘tasting my pixie stick’ part?” 

Grinning with your tongue out, you teased him. “I hope it’s not that small.” 

He shook his head at you, saying nothing as he let his pants drop, and the king sized snickers he was packing seemed to shut you up. One hand on your shoulder, the other palming himself he rubbed his tip against your lip. 

“Now that shut you up.” Chuckling as you gave kitten licks to his tip, looking up at him as you placed his head in your mouth, tongue rolling over the tip. 

He took a deep breath, watching himself disappear in your mouth and then reappear covered in your saliva. Good thing your curls were already held up in a puff, he watched you swallow him down, hands on his thighs to steady yourself. 

A jerk from his hips pushed him farther into your mouth, and he hissed feeling himself touch the back of your throat. “Let me hear you.” 

One hand on his sack, you massaged him as you picked up the pace, head bobbing back and forth as you sucked on him. Tongue hanging out of your mouth as you licked up and down his shaft before shoving him back down your throat. 

He was holding your shoulders, head leaning back as he groaned your name softly, his hips moving gently. With a pop he came free of your mouth, standing you up as he pulled your panties down bending you over the desk. “All that teasing.” He groaned, the wetness of your slit rubbing on the head of his cock. 

“But will your stroke game live up to what you said?” You asked as he slid his length up and down your slit, eliciting a moan from you. 

Pushing your head down on the desk, he whirled his hips to the left as he entered you hard. Then to the right as he pulled out. Back to the left as he slid in real slow, and to the right pulling out just to the tip. 

Fingernails trying to hold onto the Ikea wood in front of you, he leaned over your back working his hips back and forth slowly as he eased further inside you. Once hilted, he jerked himself upwards, causing a bright light to flash behind your eyes. “I’m a dancer too, can you tell?” 

He’d have you denouncing any other dick like it was satan if he kept this up. Steady strokes that seemed to hit just where you wanted it, your thighs quivering as his thick fingers reached in front of you to scissor kick at your pearl. He shivered, shaking gingerly as he moaned your name into your ear, his teeth leaving little pricks on your earlobe. 

“Is it good baby?” He asked, deep voice booming in the room. 

“Uh huh.” You groaned, trying to sit up enough to throw it back at him. 

“Words, you’re a big girl.” He held onto your hips, fingers digging hard into your skin as he slammed his hips into your ass. 

You stuttered, mouth open as you felt your orgasm approaching. “Yea-yes, just like that.” 

You couldn’t pick your leg high enough on that table, all you wanted was to feel every inch of him inside you, and just when he slapped your ass you held your breath, a scream making you ride out your orgasm as you felt him leaking warm and sticky down your leg. 

Bringing you your coke and some dry paper towels, you sat in the office chair after sipping the cold fizzy drink. 

“So…” He offered nonchalantly. 

You stared at Matthew, wiping your lips after chugging soda. “So.” 

“Wanna help me open tomorrow?” 

I fixed it! I like this better! This is in honor of Travel Anon.

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26. for the prompts pleeease

09. “So… I lied…”

 18 year old Harry? Don’t mind if I do.

 Warnings: Fluff, foreplay

 (also I’m a giant piece of shit I’ve been so busy and barely have time to write but I’m tryiinnggg)

You were sure he could feel every pounding heartbeat as his lips hastily attached to yours, his palm pressed to your ribcage. You tried to play it off and seem cool with the whole thing, but you were so nervous you thought you would throw up. And then you couldn’t stop thinking about throwing up while he was kissing you, and that made you even more nervous.

You had come over to watch a movie. That was Harry’s original plan, but you could tell he was feeling cheeky just in his voice when he’d called you earlier, and you knew there wouldn’t be just watching a movie and holding hands like a couple of middle schoolers.

So that’s how you found yourself in this predicament: Harry slipping his delicious tongue into your mouth as he settled himself between your open legs, his hand inching ever so slightly under your shirt. You could feel his calloused fingertips tread lightly over your skin and you shivered, your heart jumping.

“Yeh good?” he murmured against your mouth, his lips brushing yours with every word.

You swallowed and nodded, because this was good, right? You’d always had a thing for Harry. What girl didn’t? This was practically a dream come true for you. Or so you thought.

He devoured your lips once more, cutting off any words that could have escaped in his absence. He grabbed the hem of your shirt and pushed it up, his hand cupping just beneath your bra. Harry’s thumb grazed across your ribs, then dipped below the fabric cup holding your breast. This was progressing. It was no longer some silly make out session.

You pulled away from him rougher than you anticipated, your cheeks burning. “Wait,” you gasped.

Harry pulled back, his lips raspberry red and swollen from pressing against yours. “Yeh okay?” he asked, his brows furrowing in concern.

You sat up and he situated himself from between your legs to your side as your tucked your hair behind your ears and tried to keep your embarrassment to yourself. “I’m fine,” you muttered.

“Was I goin’ too fast?”

You bit your lip. Was he going too fast? He wasn’t exactly ripping off your panties and just going for it, but he was going further and faster than you had anticipated. You’d only ever made out with a guy, and you let one cop a feel over your shirt once, but only for a second. However, Harry didn’t know any of that. In fact…

“So… I lied…” you squeaked.

Harry tilted his head in confusion, anticipating your next words.

“I’m a virgin,” you blurted, your cheeks hot. During a conversation weeks ago, when Harry and you somehow got on the conversation of your sex lives, you played it cool, acting like you’d lost it to a past boyfriend. In reality, that wasn’t the case. 

Harry’s eyes didn’t leave yours. He didn’t look shocked or stunned or disappointed. The lack of reaction from him relieved you. “Tha’s okay,” he shrugged.

You tugged on your fingers and tried to avoid his eyes, but they were so damn green and dreamy. “I’m sorry.”

“’Ey,” Harry said in a somewhat stern voice. “Yeh ‘ave nothin’ to be sorry for.”

You smiled.

“We could jus’ kiss if tha’s all yeh wanna do,” Harry suggested.

“That’d be nice,” you admitted, chewing on your lip.

Harry grinned and reached over, gently placing his palm on the side of your neck, leaning in as he guided your head toward his. “Yehr heart is beatin’ really fast,” he noted.

You couldn’t help but giggle. “I’m fine. I promise.”

Your consent and confidence gave Harry the green light to meet his lips with yours once again.

And boy, did he speed past it.

Officer Grayson

Request: I loved Do you mind?, do you think I could request some Officer Grayson smut??? 😘
Word Count: 1.5k
A/N: Whoops, this ended up a little more angsty then I intended, also, Dick Grayson is a greedy little shit. Thanks for the request jadedhillon! I hope you like it.


“C'mon, Grayson, this is unnecessary.” She grunted as her head was pushed not so gently against the dirty brickwork of the alley wall. Officer Grayson currently stood behind her, pinning her against the wall, a smug smirk on his face as he gripped her wrists. His whole body weight was on her and knew she wouldn’t be wriggling away anytime soon.

“Now, now, Y/N.” He said, pushing against her just a little harder so her chest pressed into the bricks, that cocky motherfucker. She tried breaking her hand away but his hands didn’t budge an inch. His mouth was suddenly right next to her ear. “You broke the law, I’m gonna have to book you in.”

Momentarily distracted by his hot breath fanning her neck and his overwhelming scent of coffee and aftershave, she didn’t notice him fitting the handcuffs to her wrists until the steel bit into her skin and she huffed under her breath.

“Someone’s frustrated.” She commented and a laugh was ripped from his throat as he pulled her away from the wall.

“Can’t treat my favourite little criminal different to any of the others.” He said, surprising her as he placed a ghost of a kiss on her neck before lifting her and sitting her on the hood of his squad car. “Now you can sit your pretty little ass right there while I fill in my paperwork.”

She sat there wondering how long it would be until he dropped the cop act. This was their little game, she’d break and enter, steal some money from some assholes selling some budget meth and he would chase her down before anyone else knew she had committed a crime. In their whole seven months of dating, she had found that this was the easiest way to attract his attention.

He collected the her duffel and brought it to her, letting it drop next to her on the hood. Zipping it open he whistled lowly at the amount of green she had acquired, she had definitely been busy.

“You putting the money to Gotham City Orphanage again?” He asked, jaw tightened, the muscle in his neck flexing. She nodded and a small smile emerged on his lips before he ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head. “You have to stop doing this, Y/N.”


“No. You know I enjoy our little cat and mouse game but I’m gonna get relieved of police duty if I keep covering for you.” He said, a hand resting next to each one of her thighs on the body of the car. His head so close to hers.

“Good.” She said, not quite able to meet his gaze. He frowned, eyebrows knitting together.

“Excuse me?”

“Between you being police officer extraordinaire and fucking Nightwing, I never see you, Dick. Does this job mean more than me?” She asked, not knowing which one of them was hurt more by the question. He threw his gaze left at the sound of sirens and hurried her into the back of his car, throwing the duffel in the front and climbing in the back with her.

“So that’s why you’ve been stealing? Just to see me?” He asked and her gaze dipped again as she nodded. He wrapped a hand around her ankle and pulled her closer to him across the seats so he could lean down to kiss up her neck. “Baby, I’m sorry.”

He pulled his face up to her probably, his lips catching hers own passionately as he crawled over her, one hand running up her thigh while the other held her waist. She responded eagerly, having craved his touch like this for so long, her heel of her foot pressing into his back to drive him closer. He got more worked up, kissing her fervently and she whined as he nibbled at her bottom lip, desperately trying to free her hands just to touch him, just to feel him there again.

“Dick, cuffs…” She ended up moaning out as his mouth sucked a purple mark onto her collarbone. He looked up at her and that signature smirk returned to his face.

“I don’t know, Y/N.” He said, a finger along the border between her pant’s waistband and her skin. “You’ve been a very bad girl.” It took everything in her not to moan at his words and his hands rolled the material down her legs, her pants and underwear tangling at her knees and trapping her legs together. He pecked her forehead lovingly and ruffled her hail lovingly. “I’m gonna make it up to you, kitten.”

His warms hands spread her legs just as much as the denim of her jeans would allow and he went back to kissing her neck as he ran a finger along her folds. She shivered under him, not caring about the awkward positioning of her hands under her, or the cramped arrangement of the car, all she cared about was him.

“I’m going to leave the force.” He said against her throat as a finger swirled around her clit. “I’ll hand in my badge tonight.” She moaned as he now put pressure on the sensitive bud, beginning to draw slow circles. Her chest arched up into him and he kneaded her breast with his free hand, pressing down on her clit just a little bit more firmly.

“Fucking hell, Dick.” She managed to breath out as he pulled away his finger just to ease it inside her, curling it as he groaned himself.

“God you’re wet.” He said, dropping his head to kiss her deeply again, his tongue dancing with hers as his finger pumped in and out of her, his thumb now resuming the duty of drawing circles on her clit, faster than his finger had before. She moaned out again, feeling her stomach tighten as she bucked up against him, trying to force him deeper into her. He grinned a second finger joined the first, she rolled her hips properly at that, and he twisted them so perfectly to slide across all the most sensitive parts of her and her head fell back like she was experiencing pure ecstasy. He stilled his hand.

She writhed under him, trying to shunt her hips down onto his fingers, trying to get one fifth of the pleasure she had had before, she whimpered under him, her hands jittering belief her to no avail, fists clenching and unclenching. She had been so close, teetering on the precipice. Her head thumped back against the seat leather.

“Dick fucking Grayson, I swear to god-” But he started again just as quickly as he had stopped, everything faster, harsher then before. His fingers were relentless as they coaxed moan and after moan out of her, his other hand sliding up her shirt to push up the cup of her bra, fingers pinching her nibble anything but sweetly and she cried out as her bit at her neck. Finally falling of the edge, her body flailing under him and he didn’t slow his pace, placing kiss after kiss all over her throat and clavicle, his hand squeezing her breast as unbelievably, he slid a third finger inside her, speed never faltering. Her forehead pressed against his as her breathing quickened. “Riiichhharrrdd.”

He kissed the top of her head, hand leavening her breast to cradle her neck there, feeling her tighten around his fingers. His head was buzzing as he rubbed a thumb against the back of her neck and hairline, his voice husky. “One more for me Y/N, I love seeing you like this.”

His voice was all she needed to send her falling into euphoria once again, screaming his name in pleasure as her vision whitened and her legs flew out to smack against the other door, her body feeling hot and flush as she practically convulsed at the feeling. He slowly eased his pace, milking her orgasm to the limit until he finally pulled out of her and eased her head back down on the seat. He sat up over her, slowly licking her slick from his fingers as she caught her breath and she moaned at the sight.

“Unlock the handcuffs, Dick.” She ordered, and he chuckled at her reddened face, now with a sheen of light sweat, barking out commands.

“I don’t know, do you feel sufficiently punished?” He asked her, a grin erupting on his face as her finger danced on the inside of her thigh as he pointed to the nameplate on his uniform. “I’m not off the clock yet.”

Cough Syrup

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     You could hear Calum shouting your name loudly from outside. The words muffled as your ears were clogged. It didn’t take long for you to hear him knocking on the door. “Y/N! Y/N!” Calum sang loudly, “Open the door!” Your eyes rolled in annoyance and you stood up from your spot to shuffle towards the door. Once you had opened it and came face to face with Calum, his smile immediately faded when he looked at you. “You look like hell,” Calum commented making you glare at him even more.

“Well hello to you too. What do yo-ahchoo,” the sneeze came sudden, making Calum rear back in surprise. 

“Bless yo soul,” Calum chuckled, pushing past you to get inside.

“Thank you-what are you doing here?” you asked, pulling the blanket that was wrapped around your body tighter against you. Calum blinked at you in surprise as if he had forgotten you were there. You could feel the snot about to trickle out your nose and ran to grab some tissue. 

“We were suppose to hang out today remember? Mini golfing, lunch, movies… Is it ringing a bell?” he asked, watching you blow your nose. You shook your head at his words. You hadn’t been remembering much ever since you became sick. It was like some symptom where your memory gets wiped. 

“I don’t remember making these plans at all,” you sighed, blinking slowly at him. “Besides I think I’m gonna have to cancel,” you told Calum, gesturing at yourself as to why you couldn’t go. 

“Yeah you look like you’ve been ran over by a bus,” Calum laughed. You slapped him upside the head and he went quiet. “Alright I’m sorry, what’s wrong with you though?” he questioned, walking over to you. He placed the back of his hand on your cheek. 

“What do you think. I’m sick,” you said in a hoarse voice. Calum gave you a “no duh” look clearly realizing that once he had felt how hot you were. “I’m running out of tissue, my nose and ears are clogged, I’ve been coughing up a storm, and I’m basically high off of cough syrup right now,” you said, catching your breath. 

“Well we don’t have to go out,” Calum told you. He pulled you towards the couch and sat you down. “Since you’re sick I say we hang out here and order some take out. What do you say?” Calum smiled at you in excitement as if he had solved the world’s oldest question on what the meaning of life was. Before you could even answer him you started coughing relentlessly. Calum’s face scrunched up in disgust and he reached out to pet the top of your head. “Okay you stay here and I’ll run out to the store to get some medicine and tissue.” 

“Sounds like a plan,” you gasped, focusing on trying to take in deep breaths. Calum announced that he was going to be back soon and you tossed him the keys before he left you. It had been one hell of a week and being sick wasn’t helping you one bit. While Calum was out to the store you thought you should take another hot shower to help open your sinuses. By the time you had gotten out the shower Calum had gotten back. He was standing in your kitchen, humming a song, and preparing something. 

“Enjoy your shower?” Calum asked, turning back to look at you for a split second. 

“Yeah I feel a bit better,” you mumbled, leaning over the counter and looking at him curiously. “What are you doing?” you asked, eyebrows furrowing as you watched him cook. 

“Well I was going to order take out, but I realized you probably can’t taste anything and that chicken noodle soup is always a great cure.” Calum turned around and slid over a cup of tea. 

“You’re the best you know that,” you smiled at him, lifting the cup of hot tea up to your lips. You took a sip of the tea and your face scrunched up in surprise. “Oh god-what is that?” you asked, sipping even more of it, but slowly this time. 

“That’s what best friends are for,” Calum grinned, “And it’s ginger, so drink up.” He pushed the cup up even more to make you guzzle down at least half of the tea. If you hadn’t known Calum for so long you, this interaction would have been weird. It had become habit for both of you to take care of the other if they were sick. You had done it to Calum a multitude of times. That’s how close the two of you were to each other.

“I’m gonna pick a movie,” you told him, sliding down from the stool and carrying the cup of tea with you. 

“Alright just no horror movie and like stay in your sickly bubble. I’m not going to cuddle you this time no matter how much you pout at me!” He had shouted after you. You smiled to yourself already knowing Calum would cave to your pouts and puppy dog looks. You were hard to resist especially when you were sick. You were thankful that Calum was taking you care of you. It always sucked to be alone when you were sick. When you were younger there was always a parent around to take care of you. Now that you were an adult you had to take care of yourself. 

“How about we watch The Gallows,” you shouted, hearing a groan come from Calum in return. You smirked and picked out an old Disney Channel movie you knew Calum liked. It was going to take a while for you to get better, but at least you knew your best friend was here to help you along the way.

Hold Onto Me

Originally posted by tapemachinesarerolling

Pairing: Kyle O'Reilly x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^^

Warnings: fluffy smut, comfort, Bobby losing his damn mind, swearing, the reader getting injured

Rating: Explicit

A/N: My love for Kyle is seriously never ending and I feel like he needs SO much more attention and love. Also, me and @thedeboniardevistation were talking about this for like a day straight. Also, I know Kyle is gone from ROH right now (I almost cried when I heard that 😢) but let a girl dream. This is…so…so…so long.

Tag list: @kiwisarah @rolivia-fin @wrestlewriting @thedeboniardevistation @freekmode @dorkyvillain @ashleymarie2021 @ridingmoxely @wrasslesmut @theelitevillian @cute-face-chubby-waist @unstabledirtydeeds @heelturn-timesteen @foreverwwefan @shelaughssheloves @wrestlingnoob @wrasslin-x @lavitabella87 @amantedelcalio @superrezzy00 @nickysmum1909 @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @princess3733 @alexahood21 

Kyle tag list: @bellytobayley @laziestgirlintheworld @wrestlingobsession @specialagent-dalecooper @sammiielli

You thought you would hate being a valet. But when you are a valet to ReDRagon, it’s a little different. At first both Kyle and Bobby were rather hesitant to take on a valet but after some convincing from Nigel, they said okay. As you were growing to become the face of Women of Honor, Nigel wanted you to come onto Ring of Honor tv regularly to not only promote yourself, but also the small off shoot. So the first day up on the main roster was calm, just you coming out with them and hang out while they cut a promo. It made you smile how most of the fans started to cheer for you when you came out. At the time, ReDRagon was in a feud with the Kingdom over the Ring of Honor tag titles. So, as valet, it was naturally your job to distract all them.

It was just a random taping of Ring of Honor, ReDRagon vs the Kingdom.

You leaned over the makeup table, getting closer to the mirror with light bulbs all around the side. With a little adjustment of your shirt, your chest was on full display. You leaned back, tugging your shirt down. The shirt was the classic ReDRagon shirt, cut into a tank top, shortened so it was a crop top, and cut so low that your bra almost showed. Your bra was an insane push up bra, adding two cups despite not really needing the help. Your outfit was topped off with the tightest jeans you have and a pair of heels.

“You…you look very distracting,” said a voice behind you. Your eyes flick up to look at Bobby Fish reflected in the mirror. With a little smile, you turned around to look at him. Bobby had his jacket on, the gold ROH tag title around his waist, his mouth guard tucked behind his ear like a pencil. A few feet back, was Kyle. He wasn’t looking at you, instead he was looking down at his belt, rubbing at the already gleaming gold with a cleaning rag over and over again.

You watched him for a bit, trying to will him to look at you. He never did. Watching him made you feel rather hopeless. You have had feelings for him for a rather long time, ever since you “joined” ReDRagon. His smile made you smile. His stupid little jokes made you laugh, hard. Sometimes, he would kiss your forehead, and your heart would stop. Not only was he the cutest nerd ever, his body was perfect. The way his pre-match jacket clung to every lump and bump of his body just made you weak. His angry face was so…so sexy. Despite your feelings for him, you just couldn’t bring yourself to talk to him about them. It would be too painful of a rejection.

“You okay y/n?” Bobby asks, touching your elbow gently. You shook your head, looking away from Kyle. Bobby smiled slightly at you. “Ready to go?” You nod, your eyes drifting back to Kyle. He looked up, but only looked at Bobby.

“Yeah,” Kyle said, standing up, snapping his belt around his waist. Bobby lightly wrapped his arm around your waist. Kyle’s eyes whipped down to Bobby’s hand clutching your hips, then he walks away. Well, more like stomps away. Bobby holds you a little tighter. You shake off Bobby’s hand, walking ahead of him. Kyle’s reaction wasn’t sitting well with you. You hated when Kyle looked at you like that.

Finally, you and Bobby made it to gorilla. Kyle was already bouncing up and down, shadow boxing. He looked pissed. Bobby glared at Kyle, but Kyle never looked over at you two. A stage hand signaled that you guys were up in one minute. With a little groan, you walked up to the small set of steps that leads to the entrance platform, putting your heeled foot on the top step. Their music hit and you three headed out.

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One Foot Out of the Grave (Part 6)

Read Part 5 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader, Tony x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Language, sexual situation, a dash of angst

Words: 1,938

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listen it is @kidovna‘s birthday and I love her and this is really last minute but i had to write SOMETHING so there you go! based on her incredibly awesome gif, I hope you like it Soba <3 

Yuri wakes up to the sight of Victor sprawled across the bed, his limbs dangling off the edge almost precariously, a slight drool stain on his chin. For all his grace on the ice, Yuri’s fiancé had close to no elegance in other aspects of life and sometimes, that made Yuri feel better. It was proof in an odd way that Victor, just like him, was human.

Chuckling softly, Yuri shifts till he’s lying right beside the man before running his fingers up his arm, trying to rouse him without startling him. His touch is soft, barely there, loving. Victor flinches in his sleep but there’s a blissed out smile on his face, like he knows it’s Yuri that’s caressing him. Yuri giggles, a little louder this time, before placing a chaste kiss on Victor’s nose.

Victor’s eyes twitch before blinking awake, fighting against the orange rays of sunshine flooding their bedroom. It isn’t early by any means, but it’s still morning. A lazy, gorgeous morning that Yuri greets with a smile.

“It’s far too early to be smiling like that,” Victor grumbles, licking his dry lips and struggling to keep his eyes open.

Yuri scoots closer and nuzzles Victor’s chin before pressing his lips to it. “Maybe, but it’s a beautiful day and it deserves a smile.”

Victor’s eyes are now open and he gazes at Yuri with the most blatant amount of affection, it’s downright embarrassing. Yuri almost tells him to stop staring before realizing he’s doing the exact same thing. He cant really help it though, not when he’s dating the most beautiful man he’s ever laid eyes on.

“I love you.”

The confession is honest and simple, just three words said with the utmost conviction, and yet Yuri’s heart pounds in his ribcage, a blush tainting his entire face bright red. Victor has never held back when it comes to showing his emotions, but while he’s used to most of Victor’s words, he’s never truly gotten used to his I love you’s.

And honestly? He hopes he never does.

Yuri’s lips travel down to Victor’s collorbones, placing a soft kiss there before travelling back up along his throat, tracing the veins with the tip of his tongue before he finds Victor’s lips and presses a kiss to it, filled with unsaid emotions that he’s never been able to put into words.

“I love you.”

They kiss and they feel, they sigh and they whisper, they touch and they caress. That’s how they speak, how they know, how they love. It’s intimate in a way Yuri never thought he’d be lucky enough to feel, and he thanks his stars every single day for that fateful evening he skated at the rink and got his recording on the internet.

Victor pulls Yuri to his chest , tangling their legs and holding him close to his warmth. Yuri snuggles closer, till his head is fitted perfectly into the crook of Victor’s neck, inhaling his scent, a scent Yuri now considers home.

Victor slowly pushes his hand up and cups the side of Yuri’s face, fingers tangling in his hair, stroking his face softly. The motion is relaxing, reassuring, loving. Yuri melts in his arms like butter, his own hand moving up to clasp Victor’s hand before his thumb pushes out, slowly drawing patterns on his wrist before he simply ends up stroking it over and over, rhythmically.

Yuri feels his eyelids droop and he lets them shut, drifting away as his body melds into Victor’s like it’s the most natural thing to do. Their breathing synchronizes as the two of them fall back asleep, tangled together in both body and soul.

And Yuri, he’s never been happier.

Now Adopting Baby Witchlings

Push up, grab a cup of tea, and come sit at the cauldron for a minute. Because we’ve got some news!

Who are we?

Well I am @madamehearthwitch and my co-witch mum is fellow coven-mate @estfortis. It’s been a bit of a joke around the coven that we’re the witch mums. And today, after a slew of asks sent to me asking to be adopted… @witchmums was born!

Who Can Be Adopted?

Anyone who needs a witch mum in their life. I (MmeHW) know what it’s like to have a family that doesn’t support you. And judging by how many closet witches we see on here… it’s not a rare thing, sadly :(

Although we can’t bring everyone we’d like into our coven… we wanted to do something to help out baby witchlings on here, more than just our individual blogs. And so here we are!

What is a Witch Mum?

We both have many years of witchcraft under our belt. Of the hearth, kitchen, cottage variety. As well as herbalist training. Our practice is both eclectic, so don’t expect too much strict traditional stuff. But feel free to send us questions and we can help boost them from our blogs to connect you with the right people!

We’re also here to act in a mum capacity! We want to hear about the awesome things. Celebrate with you and tell you how fucking AWESOME you are. Except maybe not with swearing? Mums shouldn’t swear… fuck it. I’m a witch mum and I like cussing!

Something bothering you? Need advice? We’re here for that too

Feeling lonely and just want a chat with your mum? We got you.

sippingchai  asked:

How about his hands? 👀

Girl I know what u are trying to do here oh fuck.

Well u know me I love those hands they’re huge and his fingers on so LONG just imagine if u will those hands sliding around your waist so he can pull your back against his chest and kiss the back of your neck slowly. Then he lets his hands wander from your waist to grip your hips, pulling your ass firmly against him. And THEN those dumb hands spread across your stomach before pushing up to cup your breasts. Those stupid long fingers tease your nipples and you can’t help but moan at the feeling.

Then imagine if u will those lovely fingers trailing delicately down from your breasts to your hips, then to the apex of your thighs. He uses one finger, slides it along your wet folds before pressing down against your clit. He works the little nub in slow circles as he pushes his other hand between your thighs, carefully spreads your folds so he can sink his thick, long middle finger into your warm cunt.

Those hands can take really good care of u

…uh the end 👀

Why Do You Love Me? Dean Winchester.

Request: Can you do one where Dean and reader are friends and then the reader finds out Dean hates himself and tries to make him feel better and they end up making out? And that leads to smut. Also, can Dean be really loud? And after it’s done he tells her that she is the only girl that made him scream like that. Also, while she is riding him, she keeps telling him that he is amazing and should love himself the way she loves him. I would be so happy if you could write it. It would help me with depression             

Triggers: Smut. Self-Depreciation.

Word Count: 2498. Cuz Dean needs love <3

Enjoy ;D

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

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A/N; just finished Jumin’s route, and I love him so much! Anyway, this idea came along.  Hope you enjoy.

No plot. Just 2682 words of mostly smut. 

Everything that happened before you walked down the aisle was a blur. You remember thinking about how Jumin had certainly outdone himself for this event. Then nothing clear until the music was playing and you were walking down the aisle. You had to focus on his clear gray eyes in order to keep your pace steady and keep the tears of joy from pouring down your face.

The reception whizzed by, and suddenly it was time to get out of your wedding gown and into the clothes you were going to wear on the plane.  You weren’t even sure where you were heading for your honeymoon. You had asked Jumin once, and he’d just raised an eyebrow at you, wearing his teasing smirk.  

“Oh, come on. I at least need to know what climate to pack for,” you’d pouted up at him.

“Hmmm… that is a valid point. Very well. Pack for a tropical climate.” He leaned down, kissing the tip of your nose and nipping your pouting lip. “You won’t need to pack much,” he whispered in that husky voice that betrayed his arousal.

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Bad girl (M)

requested: professor/mr.min

Yoongi wonders what the fuck he’s doing as your fingers grip the tie around his neck tightly. He doesn’t voice his worries and he definitely doesn’t show his concern as he grips your hips pushing you against the wooden desk.

“Mr Min.” you breathe out and he observes your expression, he’s amazed that you can address him with a straight face at this point, his tongue coming out to flick at your lips in reply. He pushes up your skirt, hands hot and a little rough on your smooth thighs.

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Unfair Odds

Requested by @earl-01

Pairing:  Aleister Black/FC

Category: Smut

Tags: @lclb13  @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @lahey-trash @houndofjustice-imagines @swedish-strong-style  @keep-ydgn @phyreblue @devittsbalor @artemisapalla316 @narwhalneglect @theworldiscolorful  @sjbh @laziestgirlintheworld @wrestlingnoob @kurominonsense @i-ship-it-okay  @blondekel77 @spot-of-bother @indywrestlinglover-life @imagineyourwrestlers  @omegachronicle  @theholyfallenangel @princesstoniii @kingslayers-angel  @shieldlovereve @wrestlingtrash94 @undisputedopc @heelstarla @devitts-girl @cosmicswimming @tvrnbvckle @brezhonegselkea @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @lunaticfringe216 @wrestlingismyfavourite @anerdysouthernbelle @raptorsofthegalaxy @imnobodiesbitch @mrkittyinmytree @shadow-of-wonder

“First one to make a noise loses.”

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How to join the Mile High Club (KBTBB Ota's SMUT request)


Are you taking request? Can you write an Ota smut please? You’re smut is so good!!! I understand if you don’t want to but if you can please!!!

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
Thx for your request, finally read one of Ota’s story and here’s what I’ve come up with.

Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder
Category: smut, fanfic
Character: Ota
Background: Idea from Season 2 Twisted of fate
Notes: I only read one story so hope this’s okay. @carinecaldre69 @annamreed

Stepping onto the plane and search for your seats, wondering if this is really a good idea. Running away from the media and most of all, Ota’s mother? Settling onto your seat while Ota puts the bags into the compartment, you slide up the window and smile at the night view. As long as he’s happy, you’ll do anything.

It’s only two seats next to each other, Ota pulls up the arm rest and puts his hand around your shoulder, you turn to face him and blush at how close his face is to you, “I like that you still get embarrassed after all this time.” Biting your lip as his eyes looks into yours and trails down to your lips, “Prove that you’re my koro.” You let out a sigh as he says with a grin, “You know I don’t like that nickname.” A flight attendant walks by to hand everyone blankets and pillows, Ota quickly covers both of you and pulls you close to him. “But you still love me.”

Letting out another sigh as he kisses your forehead lightly, “Ya, I do.” Ota slides his hands under the blanket, leaning down to your ear and whispers, “It’s a long flight, want to do something fun?” His seductive look and voice have always been your weak spot, feeling his breath tingling around your neck send shivers down your spine. He kisses from your ear to your neck and traces his hand to your inner thigh through your shorts, connecting his lips with yours. You let out a gasp when he slides your panties to the side, driving you crazy as his fingers dance over your wet folds. 

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Tune Up

Characters:  Dean X Reader

Summary:  Dean discovers that you know how to tune your car, it’s a major turn on for him.  

Word Count:  2224

Warnings:  SMUT, swearing, fingering, oral (female receiving), penetration, unprotected sex (it’s a fic, wrap it up at home, folks)

This is my contribution to the SMUT APOCALYSE.  

Tags:  @spnfanficpond  If you’d like to check out my stories, see the masterlist in my bio.  Would love feedback.  Thanks all!

Originally posted by jessestar10

(not my gif, credit to @jessestar10)

“(Y/N), you in here?” Dean’s voice echoed through the bunker’s cavernous garage.

“Yeah, over here!” you called back.

The tread of Dean’s footfalls against the concrete floor grew steadily louder as he approached your car. His boots appeared in your line of sight, next to the front tire, followed by his face as he bent over to look under the car.

“(Y/N), what are you doing under there?” Dean questioned, his jade eyes lit with amusement.

“It’s called an oil change, genius,” you replied, giving the oil filter one last twist with the wrench, securing it into place.  After inserting the drain plug, you grabbed the drain pan full of used oil and tugged it along as you shimmied out from under the car.

“Obviously it’s an oil change,” Dean chuckled.  “I mean, why are you changing the oil?  You could have just asked me if you needed help.”

“Does it look like I need help?” you countered, your voice dripping with sarcasm.  “You think just ‘cause I’m a girl I can’t work on cars?”

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anonymous asked:

So I'm sort of a large male with a deep ish voice but I want to appear cute and girly (MTF here!) I have no clue on even where to start this, any suggestions?

Chrissi says:

Hey lovely.

If you’re a largish lady, then I’m guessing you have some flesh to work with on your chest. I have three words if this is case. Push. Up. Bra.

Go get yourself a nice A or B cup push up, and you’ll get some cleavage. That’s a good starting point. :) (for chest size just tape measure around your chest, just bellow the boops)

If not then chicken fillets are your best mates. (Little silicon bra inserts that look like chicken breast)

Avoid figure hugging clothes for the time being, go for long flowey clothes.
You could go for a shift dress, also. I LOVE SHIFT DRESSES.

If you don’t like your arms, keep it long sleeved, friend.

Basically you want clothes that extenuate what you want people to see, and hide the things you don’t

Have a look at style guides for larger women. 

As for voice my love, you need to have patience. I just listened to girls around me talk and then practised at home by reading out loud and trying to emulate it. But my voice was never that low. I used to have to drop it, when I wasn’t in role, so people wouldn’t take the micky.

Here are some resorces that will help you with voice training:

Candi - This girl made a series of videos on how to train your voice. She uses falsetto as a starting point, so remember not to train too much or you could do damage to your vocal chords.

Deepstealth - These are a series of in depth videos on how to train your voice, they used to cost moonies, but now they have been uploaded to the wonderful tube of you, for your viewing pleasure. Warning, these are long, but very in depth. (fun fact: These videos featured in the start of transamerica)

You can also get voice therapy lessons, and even surgery. But surgery is scary and sucky so bleh.

Own it my love.

Ellie says: Also the app eve! It costs a bit if money but is directed towards trans people doing voice training =^-^=