push up cups

Bad girl (M)

requested: professor/mr.min

Yoongi wonders what the fuck he’s doing as your fingers grip the tie around his neck tightly. He doesn’t voice his worries and he definitely doesn’t show his concern as he grips your hips pushing you against the wooden desk.

“Mr Min.” you breathe out and he observes your expression, he’s amazed that you can address him with a straight face at this point, his tongue coming out to flick at your lips in reply. He pushes up your skirt, hands hot and a little rough on your smooth thighs.

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2) Cuddling For Warmth

“Here,” Emma casually sat down next to Regina on the bleachers and handed her a Styrofoam cup filled with liquid. “It’s going to get really cold fast when halftime is over.”

“For me?” Regina eyed the cup with mild suspicion, but took it anyway. “I don’t like cocoa.”

“Good, cause the cocoa is for me,” Emma clasped her hands around her own steaming cup and blew on it to cool it down.

Regina sniffed hers and then took a small sip, “Hot cider?”

“See? It will keep you warm for the game,” Emma smiled at Regina’s approval, and they sipped their drinks in silence and watched the marching band leave the field after their performance.

“Thank you, Emma. That was very thoughtful of you….for once,” Regina tried to hide her sly smile as she pushed the cup up to her lips and took another swallow. She didn’t even flinch when Emma playfully knocked her shoulder.

“Hey, that means you definitely owe me one now,” Emma said in reference to the fact that she had stepped up her parenting duties and taken Henry shopping for his first athletic cup and jock strap. She still wasn’t over the horrendous awkwardness of discussing the need for the correct size cup to protect Henry’s royal jewels with the sales guy.

Regina had gotten a free pass on that teenage milestone, but Emma was the one who would have the last laugh.

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