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Villains Edition: Hybern, Amarantha, Tamlin, Erawan, Maeve, and the King of Adarlan

ohhhhhh, this is absolutely the hardest one so far because I want to set them ALL on fire.

Push off a cliff ||  Hybern, promise it’ll kill him?

Kiss || King of Adarlan, but only if I get to stand there and watch when he dies.

Marry || Amarantha, and immediately after the “I do”, when she leans in for the kiss, I jam a sword up through her chin and out the top of her head. Short wedding. I hope she has life insurance $$$$$

Set on Fire || Maeve, which I’m fairly positive is what’ll happen in the last ToG.

Wrap a Blanket around || Erawan. Tightly. Tightly enough to kill.

Be Roommates with || Tamlin, because even though I call him Tampon, I really honestly believe what he needs is a very good talking to (where he’s gagged and chained to a wall so he can’t walk away or plug his ears), and where he HAS to listen. He’s a dick, I think he has FINALLY begun to realize that when he saved Rhys, and unlike Lucien or Feyre I won’t mince words.

god bless the girl warriors, the defenders of teenage laughter, the women who push themselves between fire and body; god bless the women witches who pull love like endless scarves, who pull together families, who magic dinners in ten minutes; god bless the science dragon-kin who come with their scales rippling, who tear down STEM fields and burn the patriarchy just by studying, who work their bellies raw only to be told they’re “naturally talented,” who are keepers of the late nights and coffees, who catch doctor mistakes but get lower pay, who double-shift without wincing; god bless the art queens, hair messy and creativity overflowing, who present ideas without apologizing, who carve raw their bones and put honest on display - god bless the avenging seraphim in the form of women, the quiet close-standing of one woman watching another in a train station, the silent knowing here-i-am glance of women when men are too rowdy, the steel of women protecting young girls, the fire of women who protect their trans sisters, the arc light of trans sisters leading the charge in standing up for women’s rights; god bless women, seen as weak, seen as relenting, taught to bow and beg and apologize - god bless every social justice fighter, every freedom bell ringer, every young lady who does not just shake chains but instead is using them to shatter glass ceilings. go forth and conquer. you’re all my heroes.

My friend moka wants to say Happy Birthday to Lee Pace and had done such an amazing fanart for him which I think it deserve to share with you all.
So here it is!
Hope you guys like it~

Her Facebook account : Moka Yoshioka Instagram account: moka129

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Stony 87

“Stay Awake”

It takes an awful lot for Steve to lose his composure. 

He’s walked alone into deathtraps and faced off entire fleets and armies without a single shake of his hand or hitch of his breath. It’s just what he does. who he is. Steve rogers is the stoic leader, Steve Rogers does not panic. 

He gets an alert that a bomb’s gone off in the penthouse of the Avengers Tower, and the bottom drops out of his world.

He was a few blocks away, in a SHIELD safe-house, spending a few days away from Tony. Because they’d been screaming at each other so long and so loud it had woken the rest of the team, and Steve had finally snapped, yelling at Tony about how they were through, they were done, he was leaving.

He’d been lying. The day he wanted finished with Tony would be the day Red Skull decided he wanted to rally for world peace.

Tony hadn’t known that.

Tony was still in the tower.

The traffic was heavy, but Steve was running on the roofs of the cars instead, so it didn’t much mater.

It would take him two minutes and thirty four seconds to get to the tower, and an additional two minutes and forty four seconds to get past the police and up to the penthouse.

Thor was away in New Mexico. Clint and Nat had left at the same time as he did, off to go undercover for three weeks in some Russian city. Bruce was at a science convention in New Delhi.

Steve had left him, and it had just been Tony, alone in the tower.

And now he was looking at the top floors of the tower as smoke billowed out of the windows and glass fell to the pavement below, pushed out by the huge fires that were engulfing their home. 

The whole top five floors had been utterly incinerated.

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  • Jason Todd: [Pushes a man off a fire escape, decapitates 8 mob bosses and stuffs their heads in a bag, beats Joker with a crowbar till bloody and bruised, tazes a guy on his eyeballs, shoots at criminals with no remorse or hesitation, threatens to shoot a bazooka at Black Mask, and isn't afraid to take on Batman.]
  • Me: Him. He's the one. He's my favorite.

Jason: You know when you feel like a nasty bruised banana that no one wants because they can see all the damage just by glancing your way? But then one day someone walks in hunting brown beat up bananas to bake bread and their eyes light up just at the sight of your mangled spotted soul?

Damian: Todd. What did I tell you about using food analogies to express your emotional turmoil to me during patrol.

Jason: I know! I know. It’s just… life is like a box of chocolates sometimes Baby Bat.

Damian: *Pushes Jason off the fire escape*

A sad pidge and her dog that no one needed