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I want white men to know that fascists will kill them.

I want ‘apolitical’ white men to know that fascists, once they have complete control of the state, will kill them. This may not seem obvious as fascists usually aren’t talking about killing you and that isn’t among their main intentions. But they will kill you. 

Maybe fascists will kill you because you were disobedient. A fascist regime requires strict unquestioning obedience to an illogical ever changing doctrine that frequently bites its own tail. Maybe you’ll tweet favourably about one prominent fascist and a week later he’ll fall out of favor with fascist leadership and they will kill you. Maybe they will kill you over a thing you put on your facebook ten years ago. Maybe your death will be entirely random. Because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fascist states control their population through terror and random death is part of that terror. 

Maybe you’ll be lucky. Maybe you will be completely obedient, consequent in backing the right person as power changes and not a target of random state violence. In that case fascism will still kill you. 

You see, fascism loves nothing more than war. Fascism views war as an act that makes men ‘noble’. Fascism wants nothing more than to send it’s young white men off to to fight its dreamed of ‘Total War’. No really, total war is one of the ideals of fascism. And when the young white men run out, fascism will send the older men and the children and eventually it’s entire population. And since fascism values war above all else and hardly values human life, it will not hesitate to spill your blood needlessly. In 1939 there were in Germany roughly 34 million German white men who did not belong to any targetted minority group. In 1945 roughly 5 million of these were German white men dead. Do those sound like good odds to you?

Fascism, once in power, will kill you. Now that you know this, you can prevent it by making sure fascists do not get state control and by pushing back what power they already have. Targetted minorities have been pointing out the dangers of fascism for a long time. It’s time you started listening to them. They’re fighting for your lives too. 


Raúl Esparza characters + name meanings {Part 1} ↝ insp 

SJM Meet! (contains slight acowar spoilers)

so I have details for you guys:
•SJM wrote Tower of Dawn after being sick for 9 months and on some medicine that actually made her write it so quickly
•her editor found out about her work on her acotar novellas when she accidentally spilled after drinking a bit too many “adult beverages”
•Rhys’ last name is “hotpants” (she honestly does not have a last name for him)
•Amren is an Old Testament angel of death
•she loves her dog a lot
•the first spin-off acotar novel will be set a few months after acowar
•she wrote 20,000 words of Chaol’s novel in one day
•Tower of Dawn will be around the same size as Empire of Storms
•she believes that people should read and write what they love and not what other people like, that their writing would be better if they wrote what they love
•Catwoman comes out August 2018
•She loves the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward (Rowan would read this series)
•She also loves Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series
•if a guy in her books has a tattoo, he’s THE guy •she loves building female friendships in her novels
•she believes that all females should own their sexuality and be proud of it and not let society push them down. “GIRL POWER!”

she was super sweet when she signed my books and I loved meeting her, ACoWaR was an amazing book so if you haven’t read it, pick it up and read it right now (you might sob)

BTS Reaction ; Their FWB Being Distant Cause They Caught Feelings

Requested by Anonymous, “Bts reaction to their fwb being distant because she’s gained feelings for them? Also your writing is really good sigh, it makes my pussy pop and my heart cry.”

Note; I still crack up at that endi n g this took so long im sorr y life slapped me in the face and i finally had to face it jglad

Jin ➳ “Why are you being so distant?”

It’s not because he only wanted to bang, because he didn’t, but moreso because he was worried he did something wrong. Over the phone, he could hear your rough intake of air as everything became quiet, and the more the time ticked and threatened to strangle him to sleep, the more his heart clenched. “Maybe,” you finally whispered, “it’s because I actually fell for you along the way.”

He was speechless to say the least, yet, the beating organ residing in his chest began to beat faster. What could he do? He didn’t know, but when he heard the receiver beep — indicating the call that had ended, he looks to his screen in regret.

“Damn it.”

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Suga ➳ “Please,” he begged, grabbing you by the hand as you intended on walking away and avoiding him, but you froze, feeling the warmth of his grip burn and sizzle on your skin. “I don’t care about the sex, or anything, just you — so please tell me what’s going on.”

“I love you, okay?” You whispered, but your heart sunk as his hand let go of yours and instantly slid down to his side. “So much,” you added, yet he could only laugh softly, looking away from your eyes.

“Really, is that it?” His voice became looser, laid back with a dash of disbelief that drowned you in guilt, “you had to cause such a scenario and make a big deal over that? You could have just told me and I would have avoided all this unnessecary pain.”

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J-Hope ➳ “So,” he asks, gripping your wrist as you were holding all your necessary books against your chest with your free hand amidst the empty library, “tell me why you keep ignoring me.”

And you did, looking him in the eyes as the words fell from your lips like rain, the images of your naked nights flashing before your eyes and the sun slipping through sheer curtains in the early mornings as he held you close to him in his sleep haunted you. You were tired of keeping him arms length away, so if confessing your feelings will have him walking away, then..so be it.

But, a smile only grew wider and wider as your chatter prolonged, and once the books fell from your hands and slammed on the floor — he embraced you tightly, afraid of you disappearing. “I love you, too.”

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RapMonster ➳ Avoiding him like the plague, ignoring his texts and calls were probably not a good idea. He wad the type of man to not end things without notice, to just look away like a coward and act like it never happened. He loathed people like that, so when he looked everywhere for you until he saw you sitting alone at the park where midnight was closing in — he groaned. “Really? Why are you so distant?”

You couldn’t think, speechless at how the man didn’t get the point yet took the time to look for you, and when he plopped down beside you as your confession falls from your lips, he sighs.

“What if I told you,” he began, “that I love you too?”

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Jimin ➳ He didn’t know what was going on nor why you were ignoring him, but it hurt. He never took the time to confront you, respecting your decision in avoiding him so when you sit in the booth across from his in the nearly empty restaurant one day, he gulps. “What brings you here?” He questions, silver locks hugging his features delicately. “I’ve got to admit, not having you by my side for weeks made me realize–“

“Jimin,” you interrupted, and he blinked, eyes lowering from your sudden tone. His lips were parted, sighing softly as he quietly waited for you to end things, “I’m in love with you.”

“I..what?” He stuttered, finding your cheeks flushed in humiliation before he quickly reached for your hand and squeezed it in reassurance as a small smile grazed his lips.

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V ➳ Your progress was doing so well, but like always, your paths had somehow crossed once again and here you were, laying in bed with the man you dreaded to see as you both stared at the ceiling — erratic breaths slowly calming from both your highs. Eyes fluttering shut, you whispered, “this wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“What do you mean, babe?” He questioned, turning in his place to face you as his finger went to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.

Sighing, you looked to him with regret in your eyes. “I love you Tae,” but he could only stare at you in something akin to shock, happiness and confusion, “I always will.”

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Jungkook ➳ It was at a party, after a whole month of disappearing from his life, when your eyes finally met his. Through booming music and drunken mesmerization, the both of you were sucked together like magnets, suddenly stumbling into a bedroom void of life as he kissed you with power. Pushing you into the mattress, his lips went in to attack your own before you pushed him away. “I can’t.”

“Is this why you keep acting like I don’t exist?” He spat angrily, already hurt enough at how you pushed him away like he never existed. “Just tell me what’s killing you inside, speak up and quit hiding–“

“I love you, okay?” And his eyes widened the slightest, nodding slowly as he wiped the sweat off his face.


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Jealousy pt.1

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•Bad language
•Reader x Jungkook
•Filthy, filthy smut
•Took me ages writing this
•Daddy kink
•I’m going to hell for this
•Dirty talk
•Rough, against the wall sex

Don’t take the comments seriously, its just a joke, I don’t wish to purposely insult bts

Summary: Taehyung is jealous of your relationship with Jungkook, Kook reminds you who you really belong too

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There is a bittersweet longing in Aloha ‘Oe (Farewell to Thee). It was written by Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawaii in 1877, after seeing the farewell embrace between an American colonel and his Hawaiian girlfriend. Sixteen years later, Queen Lili'uokalani was deposed by American pineapple and sugar magnates, with assistance from the U.S. Navy. She was not a bad ruler. She just had the audacity to push back against the increasing power of the U.S. companies and draft a new constitution which would give more rights to Hawaiians who were, well, from Hawaii. This was unacceptable.

Hawaii became a “republic” controlled by the United States, and then they stopped pretending and just made it a territory. Queen Lili'uokalani never abdicated. She was placed under house arrest for five years, during which time she wrote her autobiography and a songbook’s worth of music in Hawaiian.

if by chance

soulmate au | college au

↝ pairing: mark tuan | reader

↝ genre: fluff + soft angst 

↝ word count: 8.825

author’s note: uh, so it turns out i’m a sucker for soulmate aus. thanks anon for requesting! hope this is as fluffy as you wanted!!

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What other powers does Paper Crane have (other than Gaster balster mode and draining magic)?

Here’s Paper Crane’s power.

- Draining magic: His only feeding source. He can’t eat food as it gross him out, his sense can help him to recognize individuals magic, as he can ‘taste’ it. Down side, low control, insatiable hunger, eats by the surface of his bones so any contact can be dangerous for anyone in long term. (He’s far less dangerous once connected to an AU or when his reserve are ‘full’)

- Infiltrate a code: which allow him rather omnipresent as he spread his consciousness through the AU itself. Down side ? His attention span is short as he got distracted by everything and infected code can collapse due to previous power.

- ”Shape-shifting”: His most developed power as every ‘particles’ of his body is an independent to his main body, allowing him to ‘heal’, divide himself and change form at will. Most of the time, the power is subconscious, he got barely any control over it, if separate part of himself turn to dust if too far from his ‘main’ body.

The Blaster form enter the shape-shifting category and as powerful as it is by ‘rejecting’ any magic it as consumed, his main form tend to collapse into dust until it fills itself of magic once more.

His “shape-shifting” power are quite useful however as if even heavily damaged, if at least one tiny part of Crane survive, he will grow back after some times. (Which require more magic)

Mmmmh I think I resumed it well X’D

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What if dabi’s flames were also blue.

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