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it's me, the anon who request 62 for Ryosuke :) it's alright I don't mind, so I'm stuck between choosing number 72 or 79 for him! Whichever you'd like it's fine with me. Thank you ^^

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A/N: I decided to go with 72 I hope you like it :)

“And…cut! That’s a wrap everyone!”

The cameras stopped filming and Ryosuke thanked his coworkers, keeping up his smile until he made it to his dressing room. Once the door closed behind him, he let out a breath and his face fell. He was drained to say the least. While Ryosuke loved what he did, he was tired of having to push his own feelings and stress down to maintain his idol image.

Taking his time to get changed out of his costume and back into his clothes, Ryosuke debated with himself on whether or not he wanted to risk what he was thinking of doing. It was late and no one would probably notice him, not if he was careful and wore his usual disguise of sunglasses and dark mask. But if someone did happen to catch him? That would mean trouble for the both of you. But he needed to see you.

Shaking himself of the worry he was feeling, Ryosuke grabbed his phone and jacket from where they lay on the couch and headed out of the production studio.

The knock on your door at almost 1 am caught you off guard. At first you played it off as being a part of a dream, rolling over and pulling your covers tighter around you. But when it happened again, you sat up and made your way into the living room.

“Ryo?” You asked, wiping the sleep from your eyes. He gave you a smile, obviously forced, and asked if it was okay for him to come in. it wasn’t long after you had closed the door that he was pressed against you. Your hand still on the doorknob, he was pulling you into him, gripping tightly to the bottom of your shirt and resting his forehead against your temple.

“Uh, Ryo?” You stuttered. “Are you feeling okay?” You felt him shake his head and you pulled back so that you could look at him. His eyes that were usually so bright looked dull. “What’s wrong?” Another shake of his head.

He never liked burdening you with his problems and, while you knew that you probably wouldn’t have understood since you weren’t an idol, you wished he would open up to you. The two of you spoke mostly through emails because you knew being seen together on your own wouldn’t be good for his career so the fact that he was even here meant that something was definitely wrong.

His voice was low as he said, “Just smile. I really need to see you smile right now. I need something to help me get through the rest of the week.”

You took a second to process his words before reaching out to take his hand in yours. It was late and you were tired and this honestly hadn’t been the best day for you either, but you put everything you had into giving him the best smile you could muster, into giving him the smile he desperately needed to see.

“Everything’s going to be okay,” you told him. You could see the tears forming in his eyes as he looked at you, returning your smile as best as he could.

He knew there was still so much he needed to do, the list of idol schedules looming over him, but he pushed them away and instead focused on memorizing the curve of your smile and the color of your eyes. If you said it, then he would believe it.

Everything was going to be okay.

When you wake up, wake up with determination and gratitude that more opportunities are waiting. Each and every day is a gift, and another chance for us to make a positive impact.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Isn’t Isak a great friend? He reaches out to Sana because he knows something’s up. He sees Sana looking at Sara and the girls, so he tells her something that makes Sana know she’s been right about Sara all along – but without pushing. And then when he feels the conversation won’t go anywhere like that, he asks her a safe question about biology, tells a joke and leaves with a warm smile on his face. He’s the nicest guy.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I'm still not over Pushing Daisies. There is so much I don't understand, why was it cancelled, how could they just leave us like this, there were so many unsolved plot lines! Where's Chuck's dad, how will Lily and Vivian get over the shock that Chuck's alive, will Emerson's daughter live with him or is her mom near, is Olive ever gonna find out about Ned waking the dead, are she and Randy Man gonna last, how are Ned's brothers and what about his father? How could they tell us that he's still around but not where he's been or whether he'll ever reveal himself to Ned, are Chuck and him gonna be happy forever, what happens when he gets old but Chuck doesn't? I just really wish there were at least two seasons more so that the character development wouldn't have been so rushed and the plot holes were solved and I also just really miss the story telling and I miss Ned and I miss Pushing Daisies.

all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ ned and olive

“I was awful and I’m ashamed of myself because I know what it feels like to be abandoned, how you think you’re worthless and unloveable and your heart hardens to the person who did it to you. Forgiving them is inconceivable. So I know I have no right to ask for your forgiveness, but I still wanna tell you…I’m sorry.”

Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

12 Dollars isn't enough, MC
  • Seven: I'm going to Taco Bell.
  • Seven: Do you want anything?
  • MC, sobbing: I just want you to love me.
  • Seven: Yeah, I got like, 12 dollars.
BTS Reaction to Their Innocent GF Defending Them

Request from @teacuplissy; “A request where the boys’ usually pleasant girlfriend becomes protective of them after she hears someone subtly try to throw shade. She calls them on it.”

Note: I had way too much fun with this..I’m sorry if it’s too much lmao. I bet y’all didn’t see two reactions in a row coming lel *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ He usually felt pain when people insulted him, only shrinking as he tried to hide away but when your grip tightened onto his hands as you soon began to charge towards the insulters; he was rendered speechless. “It’s better to let someone think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.” You sneered, standing before the two men and although you looked like a smol hamster compared to them — the fire blazing around your build had them apologizing immediately. In Seokjin’s eyes, he imagined the light illuminating only onto you from the sky of the park, angels harmonizing in the background as he realized that you, his goddess, was a force to be reckoned with.

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Suga ➳ With you by his side, he could care less about who spouted what around him. You were his ingénue, an angel sent from above and once you had slammed your fists onto the marble table situated inside the fanciest of restaurants, your chair screeching as you abruptly stood up; your stilettos tapped against the glass floor as you made your way to the table filled with obnoxious men before stopping in front of the culprit. Suddenly dropping a handful of napkins onto his lap, you smiled towards the man before saying, “your ass must be jealous from all the shit dripping from your mouth.” Yoongi could only stare to you in disbelief, wondering when and who exactly possessed his lovely girlfriend at that moment.

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J-Hope ➳ You were shaking with anger at seeing Hoseok put up a front, acting all happy when some men tried to hit on you and have the audacity to tell you that being with Hoseok was a mistake. You were seething, but Hoseok only smiled while ignoring them, and you knew it pierced his heart whenever the smile would grow smaller and smaller.

Suddenly, you turned around and walked towards the men who began to whistle in happiness, only to be shut down immediately. “If you really want to know about mistakes,” you growled as they all became quiet, “then you should ask your parents.” Hoseok would be laughing so hard, dancing and asking them if they wanted some ice for that burn as you tried to drag him away.

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RapMonster ➳ You were all eating dinner with the boys when they all started to make fun of Namjoon, having nothing else to speak about and only finding amusement in ruining his pride in front of his girlfriend. He only smiled softly, not wanting the one he loves to see him in a different light as Jimin would squeak and giggle in various ways with the younger ones while they roasted their leader. The way you were gripping your fork went unnoticed, soon clearing your throat as you gained everyone’s attention once the waiter had placed the food down.

“Oh hey,” you smiled, looking to the green peas, “Maknae line, it’s your balls.” Namjoon would scream ‘oooh’ in the background, finding what you did in his defense the cutest thing ever.

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Jimin ➳ Jimin was suddenly pushed into you, and he would laugh nervously as he gave you a skeptical smile. “It’s fine.” He murmured, trying to push you along to keep you protected and from harm’s way but you wouldn’t have it in the least. The boys were laughing, calling Jimin various of names before they began to inch closer to the two of you once again and you were too quick for Jimin to react, suddenly pushing him to the side as you instantly karate kicked one of the men in the balls.

“That was just the appetizer,” you began to rub your hands and Jimin could only stare to you in aloofness; wondering if the one he loved oh so much was suddenly in the arms of a demon, “who wants the main course?”

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V ➳ If anything, one thing he knew you hated was seeing him be awkwardly quiet. You two have been playing at the arcade for a while, and although you both started off having a blast; Taehyung was slowly sinking into his emotions as he looked down. You were confused at first, until you saw a group of men laugh out loud as they were roasting him from afar. 

It was abrupt, but once you left the man with an assuring squeeze on his hand, you sped walked towards the group with a cup of dippin dots in your hand. “I just wanted to return your balls.” You told what you assumed was the leader, dropping the ice cream as it fell all over his lap; his supposed friends began to giggle and Taehyung was suddenly struck with pride at seeing his own girlfriend defend him.

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Jungkook ➳ You two were walking down the park, his fingers interlaced with yours as he swung it side to side with a smile playing against his lips. He already heard those guys talking crap about him, saying various mean things that stuck his heart but he only wanted to have a great time with his precious girlfriend — so, he pushed his feelings to the side. What he didn’t expect, though, was you abruptly letting go of his hand so you can stalk your way to the men and bring out a very colorful vocabulary he didn’t even know existed within you.

He was shooketh, his eyes wide as you got the men to frighteningly apologize to him. “No one messes with my man.” You murmured, and Jungkook was still in shock. Although it was hot in his eyes, if anything, he should be protecting you.

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I like to imagine–
    sometimes, in the dead of night
    with only the stars left to act as witness
I like to imagine a kinder world
where we have never learned to swallow blood in our sleep.

I know that they say make-believe is a game for children,
but darling, 
                            half of my heart, 
none of us ever got to be children, really, 
so play along with me for a little while. 

I know this world is not here, but maybe it exists somewhere–
    somewhere past the last twinkling star
    somewhere the moon cannot bear witness and the sun cannot reach
    somewhere prayers go to live
Maybe it’s real beyond the space between your breath and mine.

And in this world,
Sunlight is warm and gentle and welcome.
There are no broken pieces of ourselves hidden in the shadows that scuttle away from daylight.
There are no burial grounds in our chests tucked away like secrets where the sun cannot penetrate.
The stars are just merry friends in the night, not a thousand eyes staring into our darkest corners.
The wind does not whisper memories too faded to reach.
The earth does not tremble with the weight of lives unlived.

And in this world,
Your fingers and mine fit together like a key in a lock, instead of bullets clicking into place in the chamber of a gun.
Purple is the colour of violets, not bruises,
    and the only red we know comes from sunrises on mountaintops.

Can you imagine it?
If you close your eyes and breathe real slow,
Can you see it past the nightmares dancing behind your eyelids?
Can you hear it beyond the pounding of your heart like a death knell?