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you know, one of my really fucking real iron man mcu franchise resentments is how the im3 score is now the Big tony stark score when i’m here just like. have you listened to ramin djawadi’s “driving with the top down.” the little heroic tune that plays while tony is flying for the first time. AND THEN THE FEELSY REPRISE OF THE SAME TUNE WHEN HE’S SCREAMING AT PEPPER TO PUSH THE BUTTON

thAT is tony’s superhero theme as far as i’m concerned i’m sorry

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brutasha + trapped in elevator (such a cliche, i know, i know...)

A/N: Partially inspired by this fic by the amazing khaleesa.

“Tony’s gone this weekend, right?” Natasha asked as walked into the elevator.

“Yeah, why? Planning a party or something?” Bruce asked, pushing the button for their floor.

“You think I’d wait til he was out of town for a party?” Natasha teased.

“Good point. So what’s going on?”

“It’s-” Natasha stopped as the elevator came to a halt. “What the fuck?”

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Pulsar, The Ultimate Man of Adventure, 1977.

A toy ahead of its time, which not only had a seriously cool gross-out factor – push the button on his back and watch his lungs inflate, heart beat, and blood pump through his tube intestines – but Pulsar was a little bit cyberpunk, with ‘mission discs’ that you flipped up HIS FACE and inserted directly into his head, wetware style.

Mattel was clearly looking to ride on Kenner’s success with The Six Million Dollar Man, but they lacked a hit TV show to help sell the toy – or any backstory at all, really.  Mattel never explained who or what Pulsar was, save for the fact his arch enemy was named Hypno, also a cyber-android-synthetic-whatever that had a large spinning multicolored disc embedded under his clear torso the spun and made interior sparks.

Pulsar didn’t sell well (how, I don’t know, I had one of these and was mesmerized by the weirdness), and outside the two initial dolls and a 'Life Systems Center’ playset, no further toys were produced in the line, and The Ultimate Man of Adventure was gone by 1978.

Over It , Chapter 1 by EleanorK [E]

How else could she do it, really, when he thought about it? That was the thing, he though, as he looked down at her, as he entered her slow and easy. She was still Carol, even if she was holding back. She was in there, somewhere, all right. He was right to come for her, right to push her buttons, right to say the words.


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Today is my birthday! 

If any one of my followers who has read/is reading Ticking Timebomb, my YYH fic, a perfectly awesome birthday present would be a review! Anon or otherwise, I appreciate every review. 

I just hit 200 reviews last night and I’m super happy! 

But if any of you feel so inclined, its a little bit of typing and the push of a button and you’ve just made one birthday girl super freaking happy!

D&G Elevator Drabble

Prompt: I saw you trying to hit the “door close” button in the elevator but I made it in and then I pushed every single button to make you later for work, but now we’re stuck in this fucking elevator as it stops at every single floor and I don’t know what to say other than “you started it” AU (requested by somethingscarlet13

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Thunder (orphas lmao all the dualpsii)

Thunder:Your muse is irate, and mine pushed one to many buttons (accidental or on purpose; up to you.) Shut my muse up with a kiss.

What did Mituna expect as an outcome? He honestly thought he could make fun of this guy and get away with it. Nope! Now it’s out to get him. He pretty much sat there and listened to him continuing to rant about gog knows what and how he himself was a nuisance and blah blah blah.

All he did was simply make fun of him by calling him names. [lets get real here, i dont know what to put here so deal with it, please and thank you] Mituna was getting extremely annoyed at this rate. Will this guy ever shut his trap? Finally fed up with everything, he stood up and walked over to him, pulling him down by his collar and smacking his lips over him. ‘plea2e ju2t 2hut up…’

[the mun would also like to add that i am in love with all amporas and im so happy this is happening xDc]

i thought I had recorded a full playthrough of a mission on STO but I hadnt I forgot to push ONE SINGLE button so i redid the mission, only recording this time but I have made it super silly because I just couldn’t be bothered. So later I will have this stupid video for everyone.

I just talk complete shit the entire time and I loved making it. 


I pushed the button on 2/16/2014 - 

A night that changed my life. I had spent hours on my sign and day dreamed of pushing the button - and meeting my idols- every single day. When they didn’t show up to Resolution, I was heart broken. But it made me even more determined! Being chosen for such an experience…..is truly unbelievable. I’m still having a hard time processing that this actually happened to me

I was balling the entire time (clearly) and being guided through the narrow hallways of the Showbox to get backstage is something I will never forget. When I was waiting for my time to get on, I felt like my legs were going to give out, then Paavo started walking towards me, and I was introduced to him. I couldn’t help but run/tackle hug him, almost knocking him off his feet as he said ‘Hello Kyra!’. He brought me out to the stage and Jono, where I hugged him too and he kissed me on the cheek. I looked out to the crowd, and the first thing I thought was, 'wow, my A&B family looks so fucking beautiful from up here!’, and I immediately had love for every single person in the crowd. We were all one that night. Jono told me to 'push the button whenever I was ready’, I took a deep breath, drank it all in, and then boom. Next thing I know i’m dancing and crying even harder and Paavo and I are jumping together.

There were so many things I wanted to say to them but everything was happening so fast and I was so overwhelmed that all I could do was hug them and cry. I can’t believe I was given this gift of pushing the button, and making my dreams come true. 

This is something I will never, ever forget and I will cherish it forever.

Thank you USC, thank you Above & Beyond, and thank you to everyone who was there to make my night so special.