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who are the extra homophobic babyz out there that complained about the makestar poll bc they were “uncomfortable” with two men wearing matching shirts…yeah i just got a quick question for them…aka they gonna catch these gay fists

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So when Eliza calls Bellarke shit it's fine, because it's a straight ship (even though it has bisexual rep) and we shouldn't have feelings. But when the supergirl cast says that supercorp is never happening it's considered offensive? Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

I’m sorry but if you don’t see where the difference and the impact of the two things stand, I don’t think I can help you figure it out much. Eliza referring to Bell**ke as ‘s***’ is rude at worst.

Bell*rke is a classic, perfect example of how a non-canon f/m gets a different treatment than a f/f or m/m ship. Gets recognized by media outlets, gets pushed into polls despite never having had romantic clues on the shows, is the object of questions to cast and writers even during the time a romantic f/f relationship is actually happening on the show. Eliza was continuously asked about this non-canon relationship even while being involved in another.

In the 100 context, take this and compare it to how Murphamy is the object of jokes but they’re never going to make it canon, for example. Why? Because their LBGT+ quota of characters with actual relevance, a main role and screen time can’t reach beyond Clarke. 

The Spg cast making fun of a femslash non-canon ship is an absolutely awful event because of all these reasons, not because they are ‘hurting fans’ feelings’ but because they are addressing to a sensible part of their audience whose life itself is seen by others either with horror or as a joke.


I’m annoyed but not surprised that ants are voting AGAINST 0tayur1 just because they’re *that* petty.

So I’m gonna sink to their level of pettiness. The next round I believe is K/anc3 vs Sh31th. Guess which one I’m voting for? Gonna tell all my friends and their moms to vote for sh31th too


Harry Potter and the Methods of Democracy, in which the author’s stand-in teaches the students of Hogwarts about how optimizing over all futures (weighted by likelihood) requires preparedness to accept (sometimes substantially) suboptimal policy on any given policy question in order to preserve decision-making methods that provide net-positive outcomes.

“Appointing Gilderoy Lockhart as CEO of all Magical Britain will ensure a stable and secure society, Mr. Potter, and will halt Cthulhu’s leftward drift.”

“But Professor Quirrell, a government can’t hope to maintain order without popular legitimacy, and we know from experience that monarchies are simply not capable of holding onto that legitimacy across multiple generations.”

Professor Quirrell walked back to his desk and resumed leaning on it. 

“Sometimes we forget the most basic things, since it has been too long since we learned them. I realized I had done the same with my own lesson plan. You do not teach students to throw until you have taught them to fall. And I must not teach you to campaign if you do not understand how to lose an election.”

Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Missing Ballots

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Gerrymandering

Harry Potter and the Push-Polling of Fire

wow fandom: we need to push back against this poll … for the sake of representation! everyone go to the comments and tell blizzard what the fans really want! lets get some votes for wranduin!! thassarian/koltira!! asric/jadaar!! garrosh/marcus johnathan!!! khadgar!! 

me, staggering into the room 20 minutes late in stylish high heeled boots, holding a massive grimoire full of all my potential commander lorna crowley femslash ships: hey guys, i brought the - oh, oh we’re just gonna be doing the dude thing here, aren’t we 

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The lack of TCA thank you feels important because it's such a clear message about Harry's chosen image/strategy. He'll use young female fans to buy his tickets and album, and to push him through polls and sm, but he won't acknowledge them as his core fanbase bc he doesn't want them. It's good to attract new fans, and OT3 are doing that through hard work, but he's just snubbing his base. And to top it all off, he's expecting them to do the heavy lifting he won't do himself for promo.


Something Crazy Part 7

Summary: After be let alone you have some good time to think what you need to do next. ( I already told you that I suck at at synopsis ?.)

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1774

Warnings: fluffy and angst

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / Part 4 /Part 5 / Part 6

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Day 6

That night you stayed alone not that you really mind Bucky stayed with you for more than 24 hours and after everything he told you, you understand it that he needs some time alone but you were feeling reject and it hurts.

Of course that being a third wheel all night didn’t helped either but after an awkward dinner that Steve insisted that you stayed you could disappear into your room. You are so tired that you took a long bath and after that you jump in bed and falling sleep in seconds.

You were truly happy for Nat she deserve someone as great as Steve. You could see that he would do anything for her. He was so caring that you feel like he was brother to you and he could keep up with her crazy ideas something that you quickly learn that you couldn’t.

You like to absorb the little details of their relationship,  like the way she always rest her hand on his knee when they are sitting or how when they are together he will put his hand on the small of her back in protective way. You really hope that they work out when you two are back home.

“Did you have fun last night?” Nat shake her head a yes “I had a lot fun last night and fun in the morning. He is so sweet he made me breakfast in bed.  I look at him and ask myself why Steve Rogers has to be so perfect? But you darling were you okay alone?”

“Yes, I get that he need some time alone I didn’t like the way he handle but I get it and I could take a long and relax bath so I am okay.” You two are in the pool sharing a giant float Unicorn and drinking mimosas was a good morning if anyone asks you “You could have asked him to stay.” You shrug “Maybe but he told me he need it a shower and process everything so I let him go.”

“I can believe you are gonna make me say out loud.” You look at her like she is crazy or drunk at the moment you don’t know which one was more possible “Care to explain?” She sighs sitting up “He is afraid sweetheart, he open up to you about one of the worst moments of his life. He has a lot of baggage and he is afraid that one day you do exactly like her.”

“This is not fair Nat, she was his girlfriend of years and I am … me. And everyone has baggage.” She pushes her sunglasses up “Yes I know it’s not fair, but it is what he is feeling. Put yourself in his shoes. He was torture for a couple of months he was in hell and them he come back home where he can finally be free off all that but he can’t.”

“He has ptsd and even that he is safe he doesn’t feel safe and one of the persons that he loves and trust cheat on him. “ She expect you to say something but when you don’t she continues “He needs the reinsurance.”

“I don’t know what I can do Nat.” She hugs you tight and you two almost feel on the pool “I can’t tell you how you feel but I can tell you what I see. You dated Tristan for more than one year when he didn’t show up in time you didn’t care, when he talked you were far away in your mind , sometimes when he spent the night I didn’t even know he was a there.”

“You didn’t laugh, smile or even cried when you were with him. He was there because he was and when you broke up with him, you didn’t even think about you look at him and said I cannot be with someone who lies to me about animals I just can bye Tristan. You never cared about him.”

You take a deep breath because you know deep down you know that she is right “In my defense he told me he worked in a law office but he worked in a lab testing animals and that is cruel.”

“It’s a valid reason but you never cared about him and I doubt he cared about you he never gave you his jacket when was cold, made you breakfast or even gave you an orgasm. But with Bucky is different since that day that you meet him on the beach you seem lighter you are always smiling when he is around. I don’t know if you love him but you care and you care a lot.”

“When did you become so wise?” she laughs and pushes you into the poll “I always was. Now me and Steve are going to go to the carnival at night. Invite him and please stop overthink.” Out of revenge you push her into the water with you and get out to text him.

You write and rewrite a lot of times before send:

“Good morning Bucky. How did you sleep? I hope fine. Do you want to go another double date? Steve and Nat are going to a Carnival.”

“Morning Doll I sleep well but I can lie I missed your heat by my side. I would prefer have a nice quiet dinner with you. Can you be here around 7?”

“Sure I will be there. This time I will bring your sweater : )”

“You don’t have too.”

You are nervous you don’t know how many times you fix your lipstick on the car. This was the end? You hate being this insecure about this but you never feel this way about someone in such a long time. Were you wrong to not want let him go?

After 5 minutes of pacing you finally ring the doorbell he opens the door smiling and gives you a kiss on the cheek “You look amazing today.” He seems happy but you cannot relax “Thank you Bucky I brought your sweater.”

“Thanks but looked better on you any away.” He is disappointed you give him a small and awkward smile and he calls your name “I own you an apology I just need to be alone last night but wasn’t something you did.”

“Why do always shut me down Bucky? Every time that you get closer to me you run away. You keep asking when I will leave you but you always the one who tries to run.” He sighs and you feel guilty to bring the subject but you know that you have nothing to lose.

“I don’t want I really don’t but I am afraid.” You sit by his side and he grabs your hand “What are you afraid of? I don’t think I did something to make you feel like this but if I did I am sorry Bucky.”

“Of course you didn’t do anything bad but you make me feel things. I feel safe I feel happy around you and this fucking scares me because you are too good for me. “He is voice is calm but you can feel all the emotions that he must be feeling irradiate from his chest.

“I am not her Bucky. I can’t promise you a lot of things but I can promise you that I am not gonna do what she did to you.” He gets up and stand his hand to you “I know and that what’s scares me the most you because in one week I became closer to you than I was ever was with her or anyone else.”

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You give him a kiss on the lips the kiss is sweat with your hands holding his “Look at me Bucky… I care about you a lot but I need you to trust me. If you like me please let me in. We can take this fast or slow but stop running from me.”

He takes your hand and takes you to his room he sits with you in his bed and say “I just don’t understand why you keep me around. “ You can feel how sad he is right now; you remember Natasha words he needs to know what you feel.

“Before you I was dating a guy named Tristan, he was alright but I wasn’t there for him and he wasn’t there for me. I don’t know why we stayed together for so long. My grandmother died and I remember like was yesterday he put his pants and say that he was sorry kissing my forehead and leave.”

“You know what the worst part is? I didn’t even care I was glad that he was gone because I could cry alone. I didn’t love or cared about him he was there to be my plus one and only that.” You can see that he is curious about your history even that he is a little jealous he is listen to you quietly.

“I never cared about being alone but yesterday when you left I try to do what I always do when I am alone but I missed you. I missed being around you, the smell of your shaving cream and the away you hug me in your sleep.”

“I don’t know what you are doing with me James, terrifies me but I love this feeling. Don’t think I don’t care about you and keep you around because I pity you or anything else. I like the way you make me feel … I want to make you feel the same way.”

You feel his lips on yours and you lie on his bed with him above you, the room was silent and hot. This kiss was different of every other kiss that you have so far. Your skin was on fire feeling everything against it, his jeans in your thighs, his hands on your hips and his broad chest closer to yours.

His soft lips start to attack your neck making your moan. He stops the kiss sitting down “Why did you stop?” he give you a kiss one your shoulder “You are gonna laugh.” You sit down “Of course I won’t.”

“I called my mom for her to teach me a recipe of her lasagna for you. I stay all afternoon making it would be a shame if it burn.” Instead of laughing you make an adorable sound “This is so sweet Bucky.”

“Well I had to make up to you.” You get up and offer him your hand “Lets go eat but you have to promise that we continue this after.”

Part 8

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@silver-and-ivory: I guess this is a bit outside the original focus of the concept, but a “push poll” is designed not really to gauge opinion fairly but to push them toward a certain answer or imply the truth of an allegation incorporated into the question.

In the 2000 United States Republican Party primaries, it was alleged that George W. Bush’s campaign used push polling against the campaign of Senator John McCain. Voters in South Carolina reportedly were asked “Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for John McCain for president if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?” This hypothetical question seemed like a suggestion, although without substance. It was heard by thousands of primary voters.[9] McCain and his wife had in fact adopted a girl from Bangladesh.


Berkeley vs. Big Soda

I got a call the other day from a stooge of Big Soda who was doing a “push poll” – trying to get me and all my neighbors to vote against Berkeley’s proposed one-cent-per-ounce tax on sugary soft drinks.

Big Soda is pulling out all the stops – and the money – to prevent the tax, because Big Soda knows that if it fails in Berkeley it can’t pass anywhere.

Yet, just like tobacco, we know a small tax reduces consumption. And just like tobacco, consumption of sugary soft drinks is a huge health problem.

One out of three American kids is obese and at risk of early-onset diabetes. A major culprit is Big Soda.

Isn’t it time the people stood up against corporate moneyed interests that are determined to prevent us from protecting ourselves and our kids? (Please see the attached video, and share.)

Berkeley vs. Big Soda

I was phoned the other night in middle of dinner by an earnest young man named Spencer, who said he was doing a survey.

Rather than hang up I agreed to answer his questions. He asked me if I knew a soda tax would be on the ballot in Berkeley in November. When I said yes, he then asked whether I trusted the Berkeley city government to spend the revenues wisely.

At that moment I recognized a classic “push poll,” which is part of a paid political campaign.

So I asked Spencer a couple of questions of my own. Who was financing his survey? “Americans for Food and Beverage Choice,” he answered. Who was financing this group? “The American Beverage Association,” he said.

Spencer was so eager to get off the phone I didn’t get to ask him my third question: Who’s financing the American Beverage Association? It didn’t matter. I knew the answer: Pepsico and Coca Cola.

Welcome to Berkeley, California: Ground Zero in the Soda Wars.

Fifty years ago this month, Berkeley was the epicenter of the Free Speech Movement. Now, Berkeley is moving against Big Soda.

The new movement isn’t nearly dramatic or idealistic as the old one, but the odds of victory were probably better fifty years ago. The Free Speech Movement didn’t challenge the profitability of a one of the nation’s most powerful industries.

Sugary drinks are blamed for increasing the rates of chronic disease and obesity in America. Yet efforts to reduce their consumption through taxes or other measures have gone nowhere. The beverage industry has spent millions defeating them.

If on November 4 a majority of Berkeley voters say yes to a one-cent-per-fluid-ounce tax on distributors of sugary drinks, Berkeley could be the first city in the nation to pass a soda tax. (San Franciscans will be voting on a 2-cent per ounce proposal requiring two-thirds of them approve; Berkeley needs a mere majority.)

But if a soda tax can’t pass in the most progressive city in America, it can’t pass anywhere. Big Soda knows that, which is why it’s determined to kill it here.

Taxing a product to reduce its consumption has been effective with cigarettes. According to the American Cancer Society, every 10 percent increase in the cost of a pack of cigarettes has caused a 4 percent decline in the rate of smoking.

And for years cigarette manufacturers waged an all-ought war to prevent any tax or regulation. They eventually lost, and today it’s hard to find anyone who proudly smokes.

Maybe that’s the way the Soda Wars will end, too. Consumption of sugary soft drinks is already down somewhat from what it was ten years ago, but kids (and many adults) are still guzzling it.

Berkeley’s Soda War pits a group of community organizations, city and school district officials, and other individuals (full disclosure: I’m one of them) against Big Soda’s own “grassroots” group, describing itself as “a coalition of citizens, local businesses, and community organizations” without identifying its members.

Even though a Field Research poll released in February found 67 percent of California voters (and presumably a similar percentage of Berkeley voters) favor a soda tax if revenues are spent on healthy initiatives, it will be an uphill fight.

Since 2009, some thirty special taxes on sugary drinks have been introduced in various states and cities, but none has passed. Not even California’s legislature, with Democratic majorities in both houses, could enact a proposal putting warning labels on sodas.

Even New York City’s former and formidable mayor Michael Bloomberg – no slouch when it came to organizing – lost to Big Soda. He wanted to limit the size of sugary drinks sold in restaurants and other venues to16 ounces.

But the beverage industry waged a heavy marketing campaign against the proposal, including ads featuring the Statue of Liberty holding up a giant soda instead of a torch. It also fought it through the courts. Finally the state’s highest court ruled that the city’s Board of Health overstepped its authority by imposing the cap.

Fifty years ago, Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement captured the nation’s attention and imagination. It signaled a fundamental shift in the attitudes of young Americans toward older forms of authority.

Times have changed. Four years ago the Supreme Court decided corporations were people under the First Amendment, entitled to their own freedom of speech. Since then, Big Soda has poured a fortune into defeating ballot initiatives to tax or regulate sugared drinks.

But have times changed all that much? In its battle with Big Soda, Berkeley may once again make history.

My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what was missing in me: a little heart, a lot of brotherhood. The ‘80s were about acquiring — acquiring wealth, power, prestige. I know. I acquired more wealth, power, and prestige than most. But you can acquire all you want and still feel empty. What power wouldn’t I trade for a little more time with my family? What price wouldn’t I pay for an evening with friends? It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye with that truth, but it is a truth that the country, caught up in its ruthless ambitions and moral decay, can learn on my dime. I don’t know who will lead us through the '90s, but they must be made to speak to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society, this tumor of the soul.
—  Lee Atwater ~ Interview with Life Magazine, Feb 1991

Do you ever think about the media attention and renewed viewership that shows receive upon introduction and canonization of well-represented queer characters?

Do you ever think about the fact that, even over a decade after it’s cancellation, Xena still has one of the largest and most loyal fan-bases in the history of television?

Do you ever think about the exponentially decreasing ratings of Once Upon a Time, and how they can probably only squeeze out another season or two before ABC decides it’s done beating a dead horse?

Do you ever think about the fact that Adam and Eddy know this, and have thus tried to cultivate more viewership by putting out polls like The Jolly Roger shipping poll, and pushing fans to vote for their characters who make it into national awards competitions, in hopes of gaining more media attention?

Do you ever think about the fact that the well-represented, romantic relationship between Emma Swan and Regina Mills, who win every single shipping poll A&E have ever put out, could possibly bring OUaT back from it’s current near-cancellation status, gain them notoriety from the media, and draw in new viewers, while simultaneously putting A&E’s names in the history books as the writers for the first queer fairytale?

Yeah, I don’t really think about it much either.

Now WE all know that media speculation, online buzz and interviews, are not to be considered or trusted, as any kind of evidence of future Romantic CANON for TWD relationships… 

But there is something to be said about the fact that even after all this time and all the back-and-forth, the public interest in getting Carol and Daryl together, hasn’t faltered one bit. 

If anything it’s actually gotten stronger each season. 

If there was nothing to see or feel between Carol and Daryl, the talk and constant scrutiny of their interactions would have stopped by now. 
The spark would have fizzled out and the relationship itself would have settled down to a less ambiguous position. 
This is TV we are talking about here - the media covering TV follows a pretty simple rule of “put up or shut up”, which means that after 5+ seasons of no confirmation and little traditionally obvious progress…CARYL should have been left in the dust a while ago. 

Except that it hasn’t. 

Even now in Season 6, the CARYL question is continuously being prodded and pushed forward. 
Polls to gauge the audience’s response to Carol and Daryl ‘getting together’, keep popping up in media, and show very clearly that a huge chunk of this fandom is still rooting for them. 
Even Talking Dead features CARYL polls quite regularly! 

The slogans being used in the articles that speculate the bond between Carol and Daryl, are not just implying current CARYL buzz. 

They are implying that there was always something between the two of them, worth buzzing about. 

Terms like - “finally”, “long time coming”, “about time”, “feelings”… 

There was that MTV “Scream” episode where it was plainly said that Carol and Daryl have been “falling in love for 5 seasons”. 

Members of the cast are also wondering what CARYL is TWD insiders like Yvette Nicole Brown and Chris Hardwick have been shipping CARYL since the earliest seasons. 

And NOW even Norman Reedus himself said “it’s about time”… 

 We didn’t invent CARYL and we certainly weren’t the only ones to see this “thing” between them. 
 It’s REAL for a lot of people. 

It’s a TWD creation that just won’t DIE...and seeing how this is a show where everything and everyone does, CARYL making it all this time has to mean something. 

A good something! 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO 


Greg remembers one Democratic employee who, during a heated local race, “would word some of the questions in a way to make them seem better than the Republican options. It wasn’t blatant, either. He would do it in a tone of voice – a little lighter and warmer for Democrat candidates and darker and more monotone for Republicans. We asked about how positively or negatively they were viewed too, and he added details not in the script. One question was on the candidate’s name, and he worded it like, ‘Which name sounds more like a governor’s? Is it the esteemed [Democrat] or the other [Republican]?’" 

That kind of chicanery, whether Trump-blatant or Democrat-manipulative, has no place in legit polling practices. And yet it is, in fact, the entire point of many polls. Called "push polling,” these operations maintain only the thinnest veneer of objectivity, while their real purpose is to influence opinion, not record it. It has a long history in politics, right up through this year’s primaries, when South Carolina Republicans received an automated polling call that berated them if they chose anyone besides Ted Cruz. Who could possibly be behind such a thing? It seems pretty obvious … Someone trying to make Cruz look bad! At least, that’s what Cruz himself said, and he has such a trustworthy face.

I’m A Phone Pollster This Election: 5 Realities