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Power Rangers (2017) costume team: Billy will have a cute blue sweater and Jason a subtle red flannel and Zack will be dressed in all black and Trini will have a yellow jacket and an iconic yellow shirt aND KIMBERLY WILL HAVE MULTIPLE PINK BRAS……. LACE, PUSH UPS, STRAPPY BRAS POKING OUT OF HER TOP AT ALL TIMES *intern in the background* maybe one of her tank top could be pink-  YEAH WHATEVER KAREN JUST MAKE ALL HER BRAS F U CKEN PIN K. I WANNA SEE SOME FUCKE N PINK BRAS IN EVERY KIMBERLY SHOTS. ALL. OF. THEM.

A Thesaurus of Bellies

A reference for writers. If this enables one more sentence of chubby fic, my job is done.

Suggestions very welcome.

Updated here on a dedicated page with way more words (and organization)


 ample  apple/pear  beefy  big  big boned  big frame  bigger  blimpy  blubbery  bulky  carrying extra pounds  chubby  chunky  corpulent  cuddly  dimpled  doughy  fattie  filled out  flabby  fleshy  floppy  fluffy  heavily built  heavy  heavyset  hippo  husky  large  meaty  obese  on the bigger side  out of shape  overweight  paunchy  plump  porker  porky  portly  pudgy  puffy  roly-poly  rubenesque  stocky  stout  thick  tubby  tubs  unfit  voluptuous well-nourished


 abundant   bloated         blob of    chunky  chubby  doughnut  flesh  full  heft   lush          mass  massive  mountainous       padded    plump     plush      rotund  round, rounded, rounded out  softened   swollen, swelled up  thick  wide 


 abdomen  beach ball  beer belly  blubber  girth  gut  middle  midsection    padding       paunch  pillow  pot belly  spare tire  stomach  tum  tummy  waist  waistline


biggest/fattest/fullest/roundest part  love handles       mound    muffin top  overhang  rolls, fat rolls, side rolls  shelf   stretch marks   swells of fat    underbelly


 balloon out  bounce    bow out    bulge out  bump  droop  fill out  folds hang  jiggle  overflow  poke out  pooch out  protrude  push  quiver  settle  shake  shelf  sink       soften   stick out  suck in  swell out  tremble  wiggle  wobble


 brush  drift over  explore  ghosting fingertips over  glide over  grab  hands sink in  knead  massage  pat  pinch  poke  push into  rest hand on  rub  rub circles /draw circles  squeeze  squish


 comfy  cuddly  cushiony   dimpled   doughy  firm  lumpy  mushy  pliable  smooth  soft  squishy  warm  yielding


 barely fasten  cling to  gape  outgrow  pop off  pull at  ride up   round out shirt  strain  stretch  struggle  tight  too small  wrinkle

anonymous asked:

Unpopular fandom opinion that I think you'll agree with based on your fics. Iwaizumi is not always pissed off with Oikawa. Iwaizumi is not abusive towards Oikawa. They have a very close and long lasting friendship. Why would either of them stay together if their friendship was that toxic


I am so, so, so tired of all the joke posts and memes about how Iwaizumi wants to stomp on Oikawa, hit him, yell at him or just generally abuse him in other ways. Yes, okay, maybe a few of these were once “funny” in the very beginning of the fandom but it’s gotten to the point where Iwaizumi is mischaracterized as this brute and Oikawa is mischaracterized as this annoying brat. It’s not just a single joke, or here or there - it almost seems like some people just accept this as how their relationship is supposed to be?

Somehow their relationship (although in canon is described literally as perfect trust) is being portrayed as this disgusting, toxic, abusive relationship and I hate it! If their relationship were really so toxic there would be no reason for them to stay together at all.

send me unpopular opinions

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baby blues ~ Derek hale

Prompt ~ Derek hears a 3rd heartbeat works out reader is pregnant and goes missing for a while 

Pairing ~ Derek hale x reader 

Warnings ~ swearing

Life wasn’t always easy, after your mother had died your father turned to alcohol to deal with the grief, quickly becoming an alcoholic, drunk and violent he blamed you for his wife’s death. You ran away aged 15 and had lived on the streets. So when the Hales offered you a home and the pack became a family you flew at the chance.
For 6 months things had been incredible you and Derek had secretly started dating until Peter and Lydia figured it out but the both agreed to keep your relationship a secret too.

You woke one morning to find Derek wasn’t in bed which was unusual, he wasn’t in he loft either puzzled thinking where he was, the door bell buzzed breaking you out of your own thoughts  as you stood up walking to open it you had a strange feeling something was wrong that you couldn’t shake.
Opening the door you saw Lydia smiling at me “shopping trip” she squealed you groan realising you had completely forgotten. After inviting her in getting washed and dressed as she shouted all the places she wanted us to go. Finally getting dressed your went to the living room, “you okay? You look a little pale” Lydia asked. You nod saying yes while writing a note for Derek telling him you had gone out for the day.

Lydia had dragged you into 4 different shops already and it was only just turning midday. Feeling tired and a little sick you both went for dinner, when your [y/f/m] arrived you felt so sick you can’t bring yourself to eat it. The smell from the food court was also making you nauseous, a bubbling in your stomach made you jump up and run to the toilet. Lydia followed with all the bags as you finished vomiting. “what’s wrong?” She asked looking a little worried with her phone in her hand texting. “don’t know something I eat maybe, I feel ill can we go home” you say wiping your face in the mirror.

You returned home with Lydia helping you in to find Peter hale sat on the couch. “you look like crap y/n” he said. “and it’s nice to see you to peter” you say with a hint of sarcasm. Peter laughed standing up to hug you “I’ve missed you little beta” peter said,
Peter was the reason you met Derek and found a home Peter had found you living on the street and bite you to save you dying of pneumonia. You became Peter’s beta looking up to him like a big brother.

“is Derek home” you asked with a weak smile. Peter shook his head no “I think he’s got something he needs to do he’ll be a day or two he told me when he called for me to come here”  he said strangely looking you up and down.
Confused to why Derek never told you he was going away for a few days, you went to ask Peter another question but as you opened your mouth you throw up all over the floor. Lydia left leaving you in the hands of Peter she was unsure if it was the right thing to do but she had no choice he was almost pushing her out the door.

It had been almost 3 weeks since you had became sick with no change you was still vomiting all the time and Derek was still gone making you feel worse sick with worry. Both you and Peter had been trying to reach Derek but his phone was off. Peter wanted to take you to Deaton worried about how sick and tired you always was, but being stubborn you refused saying you didn’t need a doctor or a vet for a virus, Peter gave in but told you to stay in bed until you was better.
The Pack was starting to worry about Derek, he wouldn’t answer his phone or any text messages. No one had seen or heard from him, Scott had called everyone Braeden, Chris argent, Isaac Lahey even Lydia called Aidan but with no luck.

Scott called a meeting at the McCall house after Peter had stopped the pack coming to the loft with you being sick. After Peter had gone out, you got dressed and went to Scott’s. Melissa opened the door  "their all in the kitchen" she said smiling. Walking in you could hear stiles and Scott talking “we could track his phone maybe get my dad or Parrish to help” stiles said. You chuckled he really was smarter then anybody gave him credit for.
“hi everyone” you started to say but stopped when you saw Peter stood in the corner. He looked mad, the look in his eyes told you what his words didn’t “I thought I told you to stay in”. Looking at everyone but Peter you sat down ignoring what he’d said. “how you feeling y/n?” Lydia asked you nodded “Im good I’ve been feeling better the last few days” you lied. You didn’t care that you was sick you wanted to help find Derek.

Peter scoffed and snorted, you looked at him with daggers “what Peter, something you want to say?” you snarled at him. “oh the is plenty I want to say” he started. Rolling your eyes (a habit you had picked up from Derek) “well you love to hear yourself talk, so speak!” you demand.
“well first how about you stop lying I heard you vomiting at 6am this morning, and ever morning for the last week, or how about when I tell you to see Deaton your stubborn ass refuses saying your so called virus will go on a few days. well a few days has been and your still sick and I bet you still won’t go” now very angry, Peter’s eyes glowed blue as he walked out the door.
You ran out after him “okay your right I’m still sick but I think I know why!” peter stopped and came close to you “it’s Derek I’ve been sick since the day he left. He’s my mate I think because where apart it’s making me ill. So I’m staying and helping you and the pack find him” you told Peter. He smiled knowing it was the first honest thing you had told him in days but couldn’t help but huff knowing you was wrong.

He was about to tell you what he knew what he’d heard the first day he came back, what he believed made Derek leave but saw Scott and the rest of the group in the doorway listening and watching you both. “ you want to help! You look like shit, stiles could blow on you and you’d hit the floor! You can’t help yourself find a glass of water never mind find Derek” he yelled storming out regretting what he’d said but hoped it would make you take a step back. Groaning you turned to face your friends suddenly feeling dizzy, little white dots appeared in your vision, closing your eyes you feel yourself and hit the ground.

Peter was at the car when he heard shouts coming from the McCall house. he watched as Scott ran out with y/n in his arms Melissa and stiles close behind all 3 getting into stiles jeep. He stood confused and worried he walked to the house without taking his eyes of the jeep as it’s engine hummed to life. Lydia ran out the door almost bumping into Peter “what’s happened to y/n” he asked the banshee with nothing but concern. “she collapsed I’ll explain let’s get to the hospital” she said hurrying Peter to his car the drove to the vets to pick up Deaton and then headed to beacon hills memorial.

At the hospital Melissa got a gurney and rushed you into a room one of her Co workers asking why she was in early “my sons friend collapsed” she said rushing past the nurses station. She had begun tests by the time Peter Lydia and Kira had arrived also placing y/n on a drip to give her fluids. Melissa walked in happy to see you now awake, looking at your results  "well I’ve finished you blood tests and I know why you fainted, your" Melissa started. Peter and the others was walking into the room as Melissa spoke “pregnant” both Melissa and Peter said together.

The whole room let out a simultaneous gasp, then a silence most thinking the same thing who is the father some turning to look at Peter.
Deaton and Melissa where both looking over your medical notes, “no! No! I’m not pregnant I’ve just sick I have a bug or something, I can’t be pregnant” you started to say. “may I?” Deaton asked with a gesture to examine you. Nodding you watched stiles gave Peter a devil stair. “your definitely pregnant about 4 weeks I’d say” the vet said feeling your stomach, as he pushed you felt something inside you hit (well kick) back against his hand. Everyone watched as doctor

Deaton carried on poking and pushing you, listening to you stomach. “looks like it’s a little wolf too but it doesn’t explain why your so sick” he said calmly looking at Peter. He was still looking you over shining lights in your eyes. You was trying to wrap your head around it “I’m giving birth to a werewolf in 8 months” you whispered to yourself but Deaton heard you “months no! Your a werewolf your baby is one too, your going to give birth in around 5-8 weeks” he smiled at you “what weeks” stiles asked “yes wolf pregnancy is only 9-12 weeks y/n is already 4 weeks so about 2 months left” the vet chucked.
Peter stood in the corner with a smirk “the is going to be a new wolf in the family” he giggled amused. “so you are sleeping with her?” stiles said, he looked like he was about to charge at Peter “what, no” peter looked at stiles like he’d said the most stupidest or disgusting thing ever. “It’s Derek’s isn’t? ” Scott asks looking directly at you. Still with your head in your hands you sigh nodding before looking at your friend “how did you know” your quietly say. “I heard you and Peter arguing in my hallway you said you think your sick because Derek was gone your his mate”. You roll your eyes knowing now you have to explain to the pack how you was Derek’s girlfriend not just Peter’s homeless beta like they all thought.

“what?” Deaton asked although he’d heard clearly what Scott had said. Before anyone could answer you started throwing up again. Melissa kicked everyone out of your room as she helped you.
After a few minutes Deaton also followed the group out. He looked puzzled walking over to peter “how long has she been like this?” he asked “about 2 or 3 weeks I think” peter answered Deaton hummed “and is she eating normally? How is she sleeping?” peter rolled his eyes with the vets questions “as far as I know and I’m not her keeper by the way no she’s not sleeping barely 3 hours a night, only sleeping when she’s too exhausted to stay awake. But yes she’s eating, okay she my be vomiting it back up a few hours later”
Deaton continued to asked questions about when you getting sick, what was you doing before you was sick until he had all the answers he needed. he asked Scott to go the vet clinic with him while “so what wrong with her?” Peter asked “I’m not sure I have 2 thoughts but I think getting Derek back can be good idea” leaving Peter annoyed and confused. He walked in to find y/n asleep Melissa looked at him whispering “I’ve given her something like doctor Deaton told me you can stay as long as you don’t wake her” peter nodded texting Derek after his phone rang out

Y/n is in hospital and really sick, she’s also pregnant, or did you already know is that why you ran off call me Derek when you get this I don’t like being kept in the dark - Peter

Peter put his phone on the bed watching his beta and only real friend, he never wanted or thought she’d be a friend when he first met her. She was only a pawn to him someone to do his bidding or a scapegoat if any of them got caught, but after a few short weeks the was something about her loyalty and personality, stubbornness and determination Peter liked and quickly y/n became family.
Lydia tapped on the door “do you want to go for a coffee” she asked him, Peter nodded getting up following the redhead. The pair chatted over coffee “Scott’s sent Malia, stiles and Liam to find Derek” she sweetly said Peter laughed “I don’t have much faith in that plan or combination” Lydia could clearly see the worry in his facial expressions and body language asks did he want to go back to y/n room.

You woke to find an empty room, feeling sick but not as bad as you had been feeling the past few weeks. You felt a buzz on the bottom of your bed seeing Peter’s phone you pick it up, the was a message from Scott saying he was on his way back. Peter walked in delight to see you now up but froze when he saw the look of thunder on your face. “y/n what’s wrong?” He asked in a very weary tone, you didn’t answer but stood up finding you shoes putting them on without a speaking a word before walking to the door. Peter was about to stop you holding out his arm opening his mouth to speak, “don’t you dare” you say pushing his phone hard into his chest, before walking out the door.
Lydia looked at Peter with the same confused expression he wore, looking at his phone screen Peter saw what you had, the text to Derek “shit” he roared running out after you.

Peter finally court up with you in the parking lot, “y/n please let me explain” peter walked slowly towards you Lydia not far behind him. “explain what Peter, how you knew Derek had ran off and you didn’t tell me, I thought I could trust you after the crap I got from the pack about how bad and evil you was, I truly believed you was honest with me” you started to sob wiping a stray tear from you face.
Peter really didn’t know what to say to you he rubbed the back if his neck looking down, with his lack of explanation you took a deep breath composing yourself again heading to the car “oh how did you know I was pregnant?” you asked Peter your voice was mean and cold, he looked up “same way I think Derek knows I heard it’s heart beating since the day I moved back, when you gave me a hug before you threw up all over my shoes.” he answered with a small hint of a smile.

Doing the math in your head it had almost been 3 weeks and he hadn’t told you more annoyed then before you got in the car, Lydia went to call after you but Peter stopped her “ let her go you don’t approach a pissed off pregnant wolf unless you have a death wish” he warned. Once in the car you angrily reversed very close to peter, “follow me and I will kill you” you threatened your alpha before speeding out of the car park.
Peter stood dumbfounded trying to think of a way to apologise or fix his mess and keep you from making yourself more ill. Scott and stiles pulled up minutes after y/n had left “where is she?” they asked, Lydia had filled them both in on everything they had missed. “What did Deaton say” Lydia asked “he’s not sure but the is a type of virus it’s thinks it could be but he also thinks it’s a parting thing like when wolf mates are apart they can cause a physical illness to occur and with y/n being pregnant her hormones are making it worse we need to find Derek and y/n” Scott told them “so you think y/n is at the loft” stiles asked Peter, “she’s got nowhere else to go” peter said sad. “well one of us needs to go and make sure she’s okay” Lydia said, peter and Scott both looked at stiles,
“what me why?” He asked nervous “me and Scott are werewolf and both alphas y/n we see us as a threat, Lydia you will over analyse things piss y/n off and get the brunt of her anger. Stiles your the best option we have” peter told them thinking he’d never say those words. Scott went to find Liam and the others to see if the is any sign Derek yet Lydia ran after him saying she’ll help. They all said there goodbyes heading off in different directions.

Peter knew you better than anyone else, he also knew if he had returned to the loft he probably wouldn’t leave alive, so he sent stiles to keep an eye on you. Stiles entered the loft to find you crying into Derek’s pillow. He hugged you trying to calm you down Deaton words fresh in his mind “stiles no matter what happens keep y/n calm so the baby doesn’t get stressed”. Stiles got you a drink and with a sad smile finally asked the one question he didn’t want to ask but had nothing else to say, “you okay” you glared at him “sorry stupid question” he said putting his head down. You felt bad he only wanted to know how you was, it was the Hales you were angry at not stiles you thought “I could be better but thanks for being here” you said back making him smile.
“you and sour wolf eh” he said pointing at your stomach. The thought made you feel sick again and start to cry “why would he do this run off leaving me alone with his baby”. Stiles held you close “maybe he doesn’t know and Peter got it wrong” he told you trying to make you feel better. But you knew Derek if he hadn’t left you then he would of called by now.

Peter not risking going back to the loft had nowhere to stay until he felt enough time had pasted for y/n to calm down. He decided to take a walk through the woods, something about the smell of the trees or the damp ground helped clear his mind. After walking for almost an hour it started to rain heavily, looking round to see where he was his old family home was closer then his car, sprinting off he was there in minutes. Opening the unlocked door he went to the burnt house, a noise from another room court his attention. In the living room a small fire was lit in the fireplace, the was creek from a floorboard but Peter didn’t look in its direction.
“we’ve been looking all over for you as far as calling London and Paris to see if anyone had heard from you, yet here you are hiding in the back garden” peter joked as Derek came into view. Derek’s face was hardened and frustrated, “what are you doing here Peter” was all Derek said frozen on the spot a few steps away. “Well I’m kind of hiding from your pissed off crazy girlfriend before she kills me over you” he joked again looking at his nephew who didn’t look amused.
After a couple of seconds of silence Derek sat down with his head in his hands, “do you know?” Derek said not looking up. Peter let out a loud chuckle then very sarcastically said “everyone knows after y/n was to busy worrying about what had happened to you, she collapsed and ended up in the hospital where Melissa told her and the pack she’s pregnant” peter added more of an angry sass to the word pregnant still annoyed his nephew didn’t tell him, “how is she now, did she take it okay?”

Derek finally looked up waiting for his answer, “ she’s okay-ish she’s at the loft,  stunned at first, then she saw the text I sent you and flipped, she hates me, you and most likely half of the town right now” peter told him. Derek groaned not knowing how or if he could fix all this. “so come on why did you run” peter asked this time normally and calm almost caring. “I didn’t run I just needed to think” Derek said defensively “you ran, if your scared its okay” peter said placing his hand on Derek’s shoulders rocking him a little.
Derek felt sick knowing he’d hurt y/n “Im not scared the was something I needed to do check out” Derek answered . “what ever you say nephew whatever you say! but you need to go see her though, the vet thinks it’s because you’ve left she’s so ill” peter said rolling his eyes at the idea looking at Derek thinking he didn’t look to healthy himself. “come on let’s get out of here and back home” he said practically pushing Derek out the burnt out hale house.

They got back to Peter’s apartment after Derek asked to go there instead of his loft, “so should I call y/n” peter said smirking waving his phone. Derek snatched it from him “no not yet”. Peter smirked “so you did run from y/n! why?” He asked laughing, Derek rolled his eyes without answering thinking about the night as Peter correctly said ran from he’s loft.

Derek watched the end of the movie y/n had fallen asleep half way through he picked her up, carrying her to bed. He laid next to her, as she snuggled into him. Derek woke up to get a drink downstairs he froze hearing y/n heartbeat his own and then a 3rd. He started looking round the loft quietly calling out for Peter in case he’d come back with saying. When Derek found nothing he went back to his room watching his girlfriend sleep, when heard the other heartbeat again, this time it was loader and coming from y/n. That’s when it hit Derek she was pregnant, he paced round in cycles thinking and worrying but the beating was making it hard to focus. Getting dressed Derek went for a run to clear his head and think. 

The ringing of Peter’s mobile broke Derek from his memory. He looked at the caller ID “stiles, why is stiles calling you?” he asked his uncle. Peter grabbed the phone back answering it without a word to Derek. Peter listened to stiles and his face dropped “what’s going on” Derek mouthed “okay we’ll be there in 5 minutes” peter said before ending the call. “vets now” was all he said grabbing Derek by his jacket pulling him out the door. They both drove in silence and worried.

At the vets stiles pasted up and down anxious, as he waited. Deaton had instructed stiles on how to sedate you after nervously succeeding he watched as you slept. Peter and Derek ran into the lobby of the vets almost knocking stiles over. Stiles was stunned to see Derek stood there he was about to ask where he’d been but stopped when he saw the look on the sourwolfs face. He looked broken as he watched the love of his life sleeping in the metal table. “What happened?” Peter asked, stiles looked at him now feeling more anxious “well we was chilling in the loft when she said she was going to be sick, only it wasn’t sick it was like blood” stiles said glancing over at Derek who was still looking though the small door window like he hadn’t heard a word wishing he’d never left for a run.
Peter coughed or him to continue “so after she stopped she said she had bed pains and was vomiting more blood I panicked and brought her here” Peter nodded grabbing the human boy lightly on the shoulder smiling. “you did good stiles thank you” Derek finally spoke. Peter nodded at the door for stiles to go “I’ll go out and call Scott back” he said leaving the two wolfs alone.
Peter stood next to him thinking of what to say. Inside the room you woke up but heard Peter, stiles and then Derek talk. Part of you wanted to jump up and scream at Derek for going, but something made you lay still. The pain in your body was bad scrunching your eyes and fists you tried to stay as still as you could. “I’m cursed” you heard Derek say, “what are you talking about” Peter answered. “you asked me why I ran” he said looking at his uncle. “Well your right I got scared, what happened was I heard the baby, I’m guessing like you did, when I went for a run I started thinking about family, everyone I’ve ever loved has died your in danger” “or is evil” Peter joked trying to lighten the mood.
Derek didn’t find the joke funny “I’m serious Peter your the only family I have left, and every time I think I’m happy something happens and disasters strikes” Derek was trying hard not to let the tears he had building up fall. “I’m better off staying far away. what if something happens to y/n or the baby I’d never forgive myself” his voice was trembling now. No matter how mad you had been, after hearing Derek almost crying worrying about the type of father he would be “really looks like staying away is helping” Peter joked. Hearing Derek makes you smile and remember the reasons why you fell in love with him. 

Nether peter or Derek herd you get off the table weakly you walked to the door “then you should stay and make nothing dose then happen to us” you smiled at him holding your stomach. Derek took one look at you, the tears rolled down his face as he hugged you tight. “ouch easy pregnant girl in pain here” you joked Peter smirking at you both before he went to see where stiles was.
When Derek let go, you smacked his arm as hard as you could “don’t you ever, ever leave me like that again, I don’t care of your having doubts you could have told me” you snap at him. Derek nodded with a sulking look “I’m sorry” he said low “you better be and you’ve still got some making up to do” you smile. He kissed you promising he will. Scott and the vet finally came back Peter moaning about how long they had been. When they walked in they looked at you “you look better” Scott said almost surprised. You stopped to think you had felt better “yeah the colour is really back in your cheeks now” stiles said.
Deaton walked to his table taking a plant out of his bag mixing it up with some other foul smelling liquid. “I know you look better but drink this just in case” he asked as he handed you a Becker with mixture he’d just made. It tasted worse then it smelt “what is that” Derek asked watching you drink in disgust. “it’s a an antibiotic mix safe for both mother and the baby but I really do believe the problem was you being missing” he said looking you over like he had in the hospital glancing up at Derek giving him a stern look. “well you don’t have to worry about that again I’m not going anywhere from now on” Derek said putting his hand on your stomach for the first time, finally feeling happy he was about to be a dad, “I’ll never leave my family again” you smiled at him kissing him.
Soon after Deaton was happy you was well enough to go he have you some vitamins tell you to call back if you felt ill again. With that you, Derek and Peter returned to the loft planing on what names you call your baby.

Chance Encounter | 02

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Fluff, Drama | 8,555 words

➽ Warning: Nothing much yet. Slow burn, a bit of drama, as usual. Be patient with me.

➽ a/n: inspired by the infamous DM mishap which happened to me some time ago, so I decided to just write the whole thing down as a cute reminder.

Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03

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Don't Worry, Yakov Doesn't Actually Fire Them

Viktor, after his eyes flit over the drinks on the menu, eyes Yuuri with a smirk. “I’m going to have to insist you have a drink with me in celebration.”

Yuuri looks up from his own menu, which he’d been studying like it was some important tome holding all the answers to the universe, and does that cute flustered, blush-y thing that never fails to make Viktor’s heart do a few cartwheels.

“Just one,” Yuuri concedes, voice soft.

“Just one,” Viktor repeats. “We don’t want a repeat of the Christmas party, do we?” Viktor adds with a wink that never fails to make Yuuri even more flustered and blush-y.

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The “Fun”dant Thief

Hello everyone! I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been down in the dumps lately. So I’ve wrote this light-hearted tickle fic of the sides that I’m hoping will lift your spirits. I certainly couldn’t stop grinning and giggling while writing this, and I hope you won’t either while reading it.

This was supposed to be a drabble, but it turned out to be longer than my 1,000 word limit, but still I hope you enjoy.

The “Fun”dant Thief

(Ships): None

Words ~ 1,971 ~

It was a very uplifting day in the mind palace. Virgil was in reality working one-on-one with Thomas to help sort some things out that he had been struggling with in the past, leaving the other three to tend to their own matters. Everyone had grown closer as friends because of their escapade in Virgil’s room and getting along much better than in the previous videos. But, this was the first time that only Virgil had left. What would become of the mind palace if the darker trait wasn’t there to balance things out? Well, for one thing, Patton had become much more giddy and daring.


For no reason in particular, Logan felt he needed to bake a cake. He had already mixed everything together with little to no mess, and the batter was now rising in the oven. He still didn’t understand why he was baking a cake or why at this moment he had a sweet tooth, but he ‘rolled’ with it.

Once the timer went off, he opened the drawer to look for the oven mitts, only to find they were all gone. His eyes widened slowly as he began to frantically search for pot holders. He was only able to find one, so he used some cloth rags for a second, make-shift potholder. Logan quickly grabbed the cake out, set it down gently, and turned the oven off. With a sigh of relief, he checked his masterpiece confirming that it had not been burnt.

The cake must have smelled good because the other two aspects slinked into the kitchen, trying to find the source of the wonderful aroma.

“You’re gonna share that right?”

Logan turned around to find both Roman and Patton staring, drooling at the cake.

“What makes you think I will?” Logan crossed his arms, looking defiantly at them.

“Sharing is caring.” Patton licked his lips as he began to sneak towards the unfrosted cake.

“No!” Roman held him back. “It’s not even decorated yet Patton! You can’t just dig into an undressed cake! While thats just savagery! At least give it decent protection first!!”

Patton pouted while Logan nodded, agreeing to Roman’s argument. “Then perhaps we can make a compromise. If you both aid me in decorating this cake, then you can each have a piece.”

“Two pieces?” Roman wiggled his eyebrows at him, getting a “don’t push it” look from Logan in return. “Bwahahaha!” Roman heartily laughed. “I’m just joking Mr. SmartyPants.”

Patton jumped up and down for joy. “YES DECORATING!!!!!” He ran to the pantry to grab out the frosting, sprinkles, and other items needed for the so called ‘dressing of the cake’. He came back, arms full, and set everything down on the table. He was about to open a can of frosting when it was snatched out of his hands by Roman.

“No Patton. We are NOT putting you in charge of the frosting again. Remember what happened last time?” Logan reminded the giggling aspect while the Fanciful trait passed the object of attention to him.

“This whole thing was gone. In less than five minutes.” Roman pointed to the can of frosting that Logan was now holding.

“And don’t let us catch you eating the decorating candies either or there will be no cake for you.” Logan opened the can and began spreading out the first layering of frosting.

“You can help me decorate, Patton!” Roman exclaimed excitedly. He handed him a bag of chocolate chips. Patton huffed slightly, annoyed that he wasn’t getting his way, but he had a sneaky plan in mind.

It had been a couple minutes into the Dressing of the Cake and everything was going smoothly. Roman was decorating away while Logan gave his input, mostly to have it shot down by the egotistical Prince. By complete accident, the two aspects had left the tubes of icing unattended giving Patton the opportunity to grab one of them. Of course he grabbed Roman’s favorite color: red. Whether he just wanted to stir up trouble, or he legit wasn’t afraid of anything, even Patton didn’t know the answer. What he did know, however, is he wanted that icing and he wanted it bad.

With the fondant in his hands, he carefully slinked away trying not to make a sound. He wasn’t as successful as he would have hoped.

“Patton?” The childish trait turned around and faced the two aspects who were currently staring at what he had in his hands. Foolishly, Patton had forgotten to hide his secret treat. Instantly, Patton put on an innocent face and hid it behind his back. Morality knew they had seen it, but he was having fun being troublesome.

“Oh hi! I was just leaving…” He pointed in the direction he was originally going and began to back away.

Logan rubbed the bridge of his nose while Roman began cracking his knuckles. The fanciful trait then leaned over and whispered into the other aspect’s ear. Logan turned his head back to Roman and nodded. “Yes. I suppose that can be arranged. Patton. In the words of Roman, you’re dead.”

Patton literally bolted. He ran like his life depended on it.

“Ill take left! You go right! We’ll meet in the middle.”


The chase was on. While Roman ran after Patton, Logan took the other way around hoping to cut him off somehow, allowing the fanciful trait to catch him. And this is exactly what happened. Logan hid behind a corner as he heard Patton’s squeals make their way to his location. At the last second he jumped out, stopping the icing-stealing trait in his tracks. As he was stunned, this granted roman enough time to scoop the aspect up and throw him over his shoulder.

Logan swiftly grabbed the icing out of his hands and put it back on the kitchen counter where it belonged.

“Ohoho!! Thought you could get away didn’t ‘cha?” Roman teased as he walked to the living room with Logan close behind.

“Nooooooo!!!! Let me gooooooooo!!!” Patton was smiling, undoubtedly happy that he got caught, but he was afraid of what they were going to do to him.

“It is too late for that, Patton. If you didn’t want to be caught, then you don’t steal in the first place.” It seemed that Logan couldn’t hide a grin either, which made Patton very nervous.

The first thing Roman did when he got to the living room, was chuck Patton onto the couch, then proceeded to straddle his hips. Logan sat down on a different couch and decided to watch from afar.

“Rooommmaaaannn!!! Get offa me!!” Patton tried to push the fanciful trait off of him, but to no avail, couldn’t even budge him.

Roman chuckled and trapped Morality’s hands under his knees, preventing movement. “Uh-uh-uh. I was serious when I said that I would win at physical fighting. Perhaps, this will teach you not to toy with me. As I recall, ask the dragon witch, she knows the drill you’re screwed. Royally!”

Patton’s eyes widened as Roman wiggled his fingers teasingly over the captive trait, before diving his hands straight in to squeeze his sides.

Laughter instantly bubbled from the dad aspect’s mouth. Apparently his arms were not restricted enough, because they got free and tried to protect himself from Roman’s wiggling hands.

Roman grunted as Patton fought him off. “Oi! FitBit! Get over here and help!” Rolling his eyes, the logical aspect calmly got up and held Patton’s arms above him, giving more access to the current tickle monster.

“Logaahahahahahahahn!!! Nooohohohoho!!!”

“Aha!!! A window of opportunity!!” Roman retrieved his hold on Patton’s sides, squeezing up into his armpits and back down.

Poor Patton was already beside himself with laughter. He wiggled desperately trying to get away, but he was weakening by the second, and the fact that both aspects were hell bent on punishing him didn’t help either.

Pretty soon he felt both of his arms shift to being held by only one of Logan’s hands. Suddenly, Patton snorted as a third hand joined the tickling assault, scratching at the inside of his right armpit. Morality looked up to see Logan trying to suppress a smirk on his face.

“Keep it up Logan! I’ll go for his tummy next!”

“Noooooooohohohohoho!!! I dooohohohnttt wahahahahnt iiihihihit!!!”

“Too bad, so sad. I’m glad, you’re mad.” Roman didn’t hesitate as he scribbled his fingers over Patton’s shirt. Patton let a tiny squeal out before his higher pitched giggles began to escape.

“Awwww! That was so cute. For being the dad, Patton, you certainly could use a deeper voice.”

“You realize we all have the same voice right?”

“Shut up NVidia! No one asked you.” Roman’s hands then journeyed their way underneath Patton’s shirt and began grazing his ribs. Even worse, Logan’s elbows were holding down Patton’s hands with ease while his hands circled both of Morality’s armpits.

“Nohohohohohohohoh Fahahahahahir!!! Hehehehehehlp!!! Someoneeeeeeee!! EEEHheehehehehe!!!”

“Just face it Patton. No one will be coming. The knight in shining armor that would be saving you, is actually torturing you. Muahahahah!!!” Roman gave an evil laugh as he poked and pushed Patton’s belly button with one hand while reaching behind him and squeezing one of his knees with the other.

Patton was now shrieking instead of laughing. Both of the aspects had to stop tickling and cover their ears because Patton’s screams were so shrill.

A certain feeling suddenly circled the air. Thomas had heard Patton’s screams. Looks of panic were exchanged between the two ticklers.

“Oh shi-I mean. Roman! Finish it up and hurry!”

“On it!” Roman took a deep breath and blew right on Patton’s tummy causing one last squeal to escape his lips as the parental trait laid back breathless, seemingly endless giggles still pooling out of his mouth.

Roman jumped off of Patton and ran with Logan back to the kitchen. As soon as they arrived, Thomas and Virgil suddenly materialized in the kitchen.

“What the hell is going on!? Why was Patton screaming?!” Virgil was obviously in an angry state of confusion.

“Is he alright? What happened!?” Thomas was in a less angry, but more confused state than Virgil.

“It’s alright-

“He’s fine-

“We were just-”

“-Having a tickle fight!” All eyes turned to look at the figure who was leaning against the entrance of the kitchen, red in face, panting and breathless.

“Patton?” Virgil and Thomas asked together.

“Ohohoho no! There was no tickle fighting involved.” Roman stated. “It was two against one.”

Despite how tired he was, Patton giggled mischievously. “I know. There’s a reason why I said ‘“having” a tickle fight.’” He laughed evilly, raised his fingers up, and ran at his two prior torturers.

“You’re on your own, Motherboard!” Roman ran away first and was out of the kitchen faster than someone could say that super long word from Mary Poppins that not even the author knows how to spell correctly.

Logan instantly took out his vocabulary cards and threw them at Patton, eveloping the whole kitchen in a cloud of white temporarily stunning the parental trait. Logan grabbed the first card he could get his hands on and quickly followed Roman’s footsteps. “I am not dealing with this dipshit!”

Morality recovered and ran after him. “Language Logan!”

This left Virgil and Thomas in the kitchen as the shouting, laughing, squealing, and other weird noises reverberated all over the mind palace.

“How often does this happen?” Thomas turned to Virgil.

“Never…” Virgil mumbled, almost jealous of the bonding session the other traits were having without him. There was once again silence between Thomas and Anxiety, as various crashes from the others’ antics rang about, killing any ounce of peace and quiet that had previously rested in the mind palace.

Thomas shifted from side to side, slightly uncomfortable, but his nervousness changed into delight as he glanced to his left.

“Oooh! Cake!”


Dear friend,

You know who you are! I hope this cheered you up. <3

Security and Secrets

A/N:Based on @mikepot300​ ‘s gorgeous and wonderful art <3… I tried connecting the two drawings!!! This and This!!! I wonder if i did a good job. Tbh, I can’t ever unsee these photos… THEY ARE SO GOOD AND MAKE MY HEART DOKI DOKI NO WAKU WAKU.. ehem… Anywhooo… Setting: Normal highschool students I guess… no Magic, and umm… let’s see, Diana is still oujo-sama with heavy burdens but it’s worse since she’s got a dad here. mom is dead and her family found out she was seeing Akko despite them keeping it a secret. They are trying to separate them and Diana gets no privacy because she is being monitored in case she calls or communicates with Akko in and out of the house. Aight!

Again, sorry if it sucks?


~Shintori Khazumi

They found out. They uncovered this heavily kept secret. They wanted them to be apart. They were not permitting them to be together, much less love one another.

Why was social standing too important? Why did she have to have an image?

“You just need to believe, Diana… don’t worry, we can do it!”

Believe. Believe, believe. She hated admitting it, but Diana was growing sick of hearing that for the last few minutes since she had admitted this little problem to Akko. She had had enough of believing that everything was going to be alright. It wasn’t.

“Well sometimes, believing isn’t everything! Some problems can’t be fixed just by believing you can, Akko! This is a real problem! Not just-” With her breath caught in her throat as she caught her words, Diana watched Akko, eyes wide, staring at the frustrated mess that was the Cavendish heiress.

Sure, maybe the words Akko used to comfort her weren’t the ones she needed to hear, and maybe this problem was something big for the both of them. It involved Akko deeply, it involved their relationship and maybe her family would even pin the blame of this situation on the brunette. Her frustrations were certainly grounded.

-But how could she just take it out on Akko? The one who was simply trying to make it all better?

“I… I apologize.” Diana murmured, straightening herself up as she had unconsciously been right up in Akko’s face. “Sorry.”

“N-no… It’s okay.” Diana had a difficult time believing in those words, Akko’s shaky form and quivering lips betraying her words. “Let me just go rest in my room.”

Diana watched her leave with regret, her heart in pain, much more than when her father told her he’d disown her if she did not stop this little… ‘fling’. How dare he call her love for Akko as such.

Akko’s voice called for her once last time, a wobbly reassurance offered. “You can join me if you’re okay with that.”

And she left Diana to her own thoughts.


It wasn’t as if she were nervous, no, not at all. Standing just outside Akko’s single-occupant room did not make her shake in her standard Luna Nova boots. Just- Maybe it was the fact that she had said something that had unintentionally hurt Akko in a way. Maybe that was way her hand hung in the air, just above that shining doorknob, motionless and steadily growing more tired.

With a sigh and a battle in her mind, Diana dropped her hand to her side and shifted her feet to walk away- but was stopped by a voice beckoning her in. “Come in Diana.”

So she did.


Akko didn’t know why, but Diana seemed tenser nowadays. Okay, maybe it was because of her family issues. And maybe Akko was directly involved in those issues. It made her worry, but she had always thought that is she strove hard and believed, she and Diana could get through this… together. Was she just not competent enough of a partner?

The door shut with a small click and Akko’s gaze was on Diana’s timid form, leaning against the wooden separator, not daring a step forward.

With a deep breath of preparation, Akko took the initiative, not wanting things to stay as awkward as they were.

“Diana, sweetheart, ummm…” Akko, stepping closer with arms open and stretched out, not knowing what to say anymore, decided to let her actions speak, rather than mull over words. “Come here? Let me hug you.” 

Seeing Diana, watching her face and expressions was always such an enjoyable thing for Akko, and she wouldn’t mind staring all day, but she had to admit, nothing beat the feeling of wrapping or being wrapped in an embrace involving Diana Cavendish.

As shy as the girl was being, Akko was glad the blonde accepted her offer, hands grasping the front of Akko’s uniform tightly as Diana buried her face into the crook of Akko’s neck, nuzzling there with a tickly breath against Akko’s skin.

It seemed Diana would prefer to remain silent at the moment, and Akko respected that, enclosing her arms around Diana and holding her as tight, but lovingly as she could, hands drawing soothing patterns on her back.

“It’s gonna be alright.” She murmured, placing a kiss against Diana’s temple. “It should be alright.”

She only felt the taller girl nod against her shoulder, her hands clasping tighter and wrinkling the front of Akko’s uniform vest.

They stayed in that comfortable silence until Akko felt Diana’s weight shift against her, becoming lighter before she felt her head being pulled and rested against Diana’s chest, the girl’s heartbeat playing a tune for Akko in this silent interaction, this reassurance.

“Diana? Are you… are you okay?” Maybe asking this question was a bit ironic as Akko had been quite confident in telling Diana things were going to be alright, but… everything was just so… unstable. And Akko herself needed to find her footing as she trod on this path the pair had chosen for themselves, the narrow road against Diana’s family’s wishes.

Maybe it was the lack of response in any form, whether verbal or physical, but Diana not answering made Akko’s stomach tangle in knots.

“Diana?” Stilling her roaming hands on Diana’s back that still served as calming comfort, she felt Diana push her away a bit, and as much as the gesture hurt, accompanied by this burdening silence, Akko couldn’t help but blush as Diana pinned Akko down with a stare, slowly walking them over to the shorter girl’s bed and gently pushing her down.

Trying not to fall over, but failing miserably, Akko made such an odd “Oomph!” before plopping down on the bed, Diana’s weight and warmth on top of her in seconds.

With her face once more buried in the crook of Akko’s slender neck, the brunette could not see what expression Diana might have wore and it worried her further, and she just needed to know what was wrong, not that she minded being in this position.

“Diana?” She called, only feeling the heat on her face burn hotter as she felt Diana’s arms around her neck tighten, a sighing kiss pressed to her shoulder as Diana snuggled deeper into Akko.


It wasn’t that she could not find the words to reply, and it wasn’t as if she had found difficulty in responding to Akko, but… Diana found that she did not want nor need to respond. As Akko had done earlier, letting her actions speak, Diana wanted Akko to know, to feel for herself Diana’s response.

Was she okay? Was she alright?

Maybe not as much as she wanted to be. 

But one thing she was certain of was… despite not being alright, despite having problems… in this small window of time, she felt… secure. 

She knew she had problems, but they were as rain that pelted against a protective rooftop, an umbrella. You knew they were there, those raindrop-problems, but something was protecting you, helping you through the storm.

Akko was that security.

Feeling she could rest easy, eyes heavy and fighting the losing war of sleep versus consciousness, Diana managed to mumble before her eyes fell shut.

“I’m going to be okay. We both will.”


Maybe it was because they had fallen asleep together, Diana not having to go home- (though she might get interrogated later) as she fell asleep in Akko’s dorm room, but everything just felt so at peace.

Luckily there was to be no class as it was the weekend so waking up to Akko’s beautiful face and not having to worry about the time she had to admire it made Diana plenty jovial for the day. It would be a good one.

Turning her attention to the bedside clock, Diana blinked her still hazy eyes before seeing the digits that caused her lips to settle into a small pout.

There were only twenty minutes till breakfast was over, and Diana, as much as she would love to just ignore that and snuggle up closer to Akko and stay in bed all day, knew that health should always come first, and a proper diet ensured that.

Regrettably, Diana turned and braced herself to wake Akko up. Braced herself because of the sheer adorable display that was soon to follow. At least the wake up process would be enough compensation for the short early morning admiration time.

Besides, Diana knew she’d have the whole morning to be with Akko.

A dainty finger traveled through the air before resting against soft, plump skin, pushing gently as Diana poked Akko.

“Wake up… wake up.” She whispered, smile apparent in her voice, eyes bright and loving in the way they gazed upon the yet to rouse Akko. “Akko, wake up… my darling, sweet Akko… Wake up~”

Diana giggled once a tiny incorrigible murmur escaped Akko’s lips as they formed a small frown, before her mind registered the melody of Diana’s voice, the frown turning upside-down.

“Ten more minutes…”

Laughing, Diana replied, “We don’t have ten minutes. Breakfast ends by then.” Seeing a cute pout on those luscious cherry lips, Diana leaned forward to confront the temptation, pressing her own to Akko’s in a good morning kiss. “Now wake up… Good morning~”

Eyes still shut, but a dopey grin on her face, Akko feigned slumber, maybe wanting more attention from her wonderful, wonderful lover, something Diana was more than willing to offer. 

“Maybe if i get another one of those- geh!” A pinch to Akko’s nose made Diana snort out this time as her girlfriend was just being a ridiculous dork. “What was that for?” Akko cried, eyes still shut.

“For being so cute.” Diana could not refuse Akko in any way as she leaned back in and granted Akko’s wish before she could say anything further. Pulling away, Diana grabbed Akko by the wrist and managed to get her standing, only now noticing that both were still clad in their school uniforms. “Breakfast?” 

The heiress asked it so casually, holding a hand out for Akko to take as they would walk together to the cafeteria, really only ten minutes left to have their breakfast.

“OKay!” Akko replied, fully awake now after that electric kiss that always gave her the power to move each time… as well as take that power away so quickly if Diana so desired. 

With Diana taking the lead in walking over to their meal, she was surprised when Akko planted herself firm against the ground, that familiar expression that told Diana she had an idea, flashing across her face.

“But before that,” Akko seemed to be looking up at the top of Diana’s head, leaving the heiress to wonder if her hair was standing up at odd angles, weird bedhead. It seemed it wasn’t the case as Akko’s free hand that was not in Diana’s went to the taller girl’s shoulders, somehow pulling her down. “Bend down a little.”

Answering her girlfriend’s request with a smile, Diana asked, “Yes?”

“I wanna tell you a secret! A secret I just have to share~”

Curious, Diana complied, leaning towards Akko, hand cupped around Diana’s ear.

The secret had Diana smiling, laughing, crying in happiness as she and Akko shared another embrace, another warm moment.

Cupping Akko’s cheek and brushing a few tussled strands of hair from her face, Diana caressed those apple cheeks she loved to kiss on happy days, on crying days, sweet and salty.

Akko seemed to know what the heiress wanted and with the mutual agreement, both found themselves leaning ever closer. The distance disappeared in so short a time as Diana’s lips met Akko’s, the sensations flooding their systems.

A hand on the small of Akko’s back and behind her neck, playing with those tiny strands of hair, Diana tugged a bit, wanting to deepen that kiss, standing at her full height to take charge.

Akko made a small gasp of surprise as her body was pulled impossibly closer so swiftly, but she didn’t mind, lucky that she could hold her breath for long periods of time.

But Alas, as much as Diana wanted to savor these times, there was still that nagging thought of breakfast and nutrition at the back of her mind that caused her to separate their lips with an audible pop.

Though staring into Akko’s eyes made Diana think that she could use her student council privileges for once and have a late acceptance to the breakfast lounge.

Eyes gazing into one another’s hearts and souls, Diana laughed, bumping their foreheads together, just utterly happy. Simply happy.

“So?” Akko grinned playfully, brushing her nose against Diana’s.

“You’re secret is safe with me.” The Cavendish laughed as they both entwined their hands and started actually heading over to the cafeteria. “After all… we do share the same secret, as you already know. So it isn’t much of a secret anymore.” Diana chuckled when Akko squeezed her hand, shoulders bumping against each other in this silent hall.


“I love you.” 

A/N: That was… bad wasn’t it? AGHHHHH!!! Sorry… I’m not in the zone and I keep fidgeting… in a bad moment rn… I apologize… just… welp… thanks for reading and for the support… tell me what you think guys?

~Shintori Khazumi

I don’t know if this has been done already but…
Imagine desperate Superheros and Villains.


Like a desperate superhero flying above a town, trying not to lose control and end up pissing all over the unsuspecting people below.

Or a hero in the middle of an intense fight with a bursting bladder, trying to defeat the villain and also keep their pants dry.

Or a hero trying to get their skin tight suit off before they have an accident but they can’t so piss ends up dribbling the inside of their legs and their suit, regretting picking such a tight and inconvenient costume.

Or a hero getting captured and tied up by the villain while they’re desperate. The villain notices their predicament and decides to torture them in a more unconventional way by pushing and poking their bladder, playing sounds of running water, and forcing the hero to drink more and more water.


What about a bladder shy villain getting arrested and put in a holding cell at the police station. They’re really desperate but whatever they do the can’t calm themself​ down enough to be able to go in the very open and exposed toilet in the cell.

Or a villain getting so caught up in their schemes that they don’t realize they have to go until it’s too late.

Two's Company - Stiles Stilinski - Part 3

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski.

Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by stilesstilinskiandlydiamartin

You’ve become a stereotypical pregnant, raging, hormonal, bitch. It’s not like you can help it, you just had two aggressive little boys inside you. The only person who could stand to be around you was Stiles. That was because you’d become extra clingy with him. Noah had said Stiles’ mom was the same way, so Stiles expected it. You never got 10 feet away from him. You slept in the same bed, went to class holding hands, you even sat in the bathroom while he showered. Noah told you it was because of the whole werewolf thing. He said it was because you knew he’d had a near-death experience before.

You waddled up to Stiles at his locker. He smiled and pecked you on the lips. “How are you?”

“30 weeks pregnant and hating it.” You groaned, giving your boyfriend a sarcastic thumbs up.

You started wearing maternity clothes, which in turn made your stomach even larger.

Stiles said goodbye to Scott and the two of you took off down the hall.

“How about we skip? I’ll take you out.” He smiles at you.

“You have no idea how much I’d love that.” You lean up and kiss him. He leads you out the double doors and helps you into the Jeep. He hops in on the other side.

“I love you. I’m sorry you’re going through this but..I love you.” He smiles before patting your belly.

“I’m glad I’m going through this. I mean, we’re in high school yeah…but I love you too, and from the moment I met you I knew I wanted to have kids with you.” You reach over and pat his thigh. “Also, I could go for some Chinese.”

“Let’s go get you some Chinese then.” He puts the Jeep in gear and pulls out of the parking lot.

You arrive at the restaurant. “Baby, can we just get takeout? I wanna go eat in bed.” You smile at him.

“Of course, princess. I’ll go order and come back out. You want the usual?” You nod and he goes inside. While he’s inside you get your phone out, responding to Lydia’s text. You feel a sharp pain in your lower stomach, causing you to double over. The pain stays for awhile, subsiding when you spot Stiles coming out.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He looks at you as he gets in. “Babe..” He looks down at the crotch of your jeans. You follow his gaze, gasping when you see a wet patch on your thigh.

“I think I’m in labor.” You look up at Stiles slowly.

“I uh..what? Right now? You’re in labor like now?” He says frantically.

“Yes! We need to get to the emergency room. Oh my god, I’m not due for nine more weeks. Oh my god.” You begin rocking in your seat, quietly repeating ‘oh my god’ to yourself.

You’re so wrapped up in the pain and worry that you don’t realize that Stiles has pulled up in front of the hospital. He jumps out and runs around to your side, leading you inside.

He spots Melissa at the front desk. “Her water broke!”

Melissa hops up and wheels a wheelchair over. “She’s not due for nine more weeks..”

“I know.” You sigh. “Is everything going to be okay?”

She nods. “Twins are almost always born early, and it helps that these boys have two incredibly strong parents.”

Melissa takes you upstairs and gets you set up in a bed. They put an IV in and begin monitoring you.

Stiles sits beside you, jiggling his leg furiously.

You reach over and place a hand on his knee. “Stop. I know I’m early and I’m scared too..but it’ll be fine. I know it.”

“We don’t even have names picked out. The cribs aren’t put together, we haven’t even painted their room.” He doesn’t look at you. Instead he stares at the ground.

“We’ll get that done, no matter how long it takes. We can name the boys right now.”

“You pick one, I pick the other?” He smiles and you nod. “Personally, I like Alexander.”

You smile. “I like Alexander too. We talked about it before. What about Benjamin?” You turn on your side, scrunching your face up during a contraction.

“Ben and Alex.” He smiles wide. “What about middle names?”

“What about…Mieczyslaw for Alexander?”

“Honey, that’s a mouthful. Alexander Mieczyslaw Stilinski.” Stiles smiles.

“It sounds like an important name. It sounds like the name of a groundbreaking surgeon.”

“It kind of does have a ring to it…okay. Let’s go with Mieczyslaw.”

“You pick Benjamin’s middle name then.”

“What about Noah?” He says quickly.

You nod and smile. “I think it’s perfect. There you go, there’s one thing off of the list.”

“What list?” Lydia walks in, her arms full of bags. Scott trails behind her.

“Lydia I told you so you wouldn’t worry, not so you’d skip school and come up here.”

“You didn’t get your baby shower so I just brought the gifts over. What list?”

“Oh, Stiles was just worried because we haven’t bought cribs or painted the room.”

Melissa enters the room, smiling at Scott. “I’m just here to check your progress.” You nod and she examines you quickly. “It’s time to start pushing.” She pokes her head up.

“Already?” You look at Stiles.

“Time goes by fast, huh?” She smiles. “I’ll go get your doctor.” She leaves the room.

“Scott and I will go sit in the waiting room.” Lydia smiles and follows Melissa with Scott on her heels.

Your doctor arrives and preps you. You spend about 10 minutes pushing on baby number one.

You see them pull him up, he’s screaming his head off and there’s tears running down your face. They let Stiles cut the cord before handing him to you. You examine the tiny baby’s face. He’s got a head full of hair and little tiny moles splattering his face, just like his daddy. They tell you to give the baby to Stiles when it’s time to push again. You push for less time and the sit the baby on your chest. He’s identical to his brother, he’s just missing a couple moles.

After you’re cleaned up, they give you both of the babies, Noah walks in, smiling widely. You’re admiring their little faces, amazed at how much they look like Stiles.

Noah walks to the side of the bed. “God, they’re identical to Stiles when he was born.” He shakes his head, cooing at the babies.

“I thought the same thing.” You smile, thinking back to the baby pictures you’d seen of him. You lean into Stiles, he’s climbed into the bed with you as soon as everyone had left the room.

“What’re their names?” Noah asks.

“This is Alexander Mieczyslaw Stilinski.” You nod towards the boy on your left. “And this is Benjamin Noah Stilinski.” You nodded to the boy on your right.

Noah smiles proudly, “Those are strong names.”

You nod, glancing up at the door when the doctor walks in.

“It looks like we may have a problem.” She says seriously. “The babies seemed fine but the tests from their exam just came back and it seems they have some underdeveloped organs.”

You and Stiles exchange the same worried glance.

“Now, it’s nothing to worry about..they will just have to stay in the NICU until they’re fully developed. That would be about four weeks.”

“Four weeks?” You sit up. “You’re telling me you’re just going to stick my babies in a plastic box for four weeks?” Tears start to well in your eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s the only option. We’ll send someone for them as soon as possible.” She left the room and you looked at the two small boys. You just gave birth less than an hour ago and you’re already so in love. You’re not quite sure how you’re going to cope.

A nurse came in and took the boys, you watched as she wheeled them away, crying silently. Noah had left the room to give you some time. You glanced over at Stiles, who was back in the chair. He had tears rolling down his cheeks too.

“I know we haven’t even taken them home yet, but now we won’t get to for another month? It’s not fair, Y/N.” He wipes his eyes and you sigh.

“I just want to go home with them. They’re going to discharge me and I’m going to go home empty handed. I’m going to have to come during visitor hours to see my kids. That sucks, Stiles.”

He sighs. “It does…but we’ve got each other, right? We can do this. You gave birth to two strong boys.” You looked over at him and he’d sat up, tears still rolling down his face. You hope he’s right.

limerence | pt. 2

(n.) the state of being infatuated with another person

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pt.1 | pt.2

Words: 5,734

Genre: G-Dragon x OC, Friends With Benefits AU, smut, some fluff/romance

Summary: “One more drink won’t kill you… I promise I’ll take care of you.”

A/N: Warning - there’s a small amount of abuse. I in no way know exactly what happens in SM/with their managers, this is all simply fiction.

My body ached, and my skin felt sticky under the silk sheets. The sun was barely streaming through the curtains of the bedroom I was in, but I felt completely awake, and semi-unaware of where I was. I fumbled for my phone, before finally finding it and reading the time on the face: eight o’clock.

Suddenly, I felt the light breathing of someone beside me. I glanced over towards the opposite end of the bed, realizing Jiyong was silently sleeping with the covers thrown almost completely off of his body, just as naked as I was.

If the pounding in my head didn’t signified how drunk I’d gotten the night before, then the naked man beside me, whose bed I was also naked in, definitely did. I fumbled out of the bed as quietly and quickly as I could manage, making sure that I didn’t wake Jiyong up at any costs. I threw on the pair of sweats he’d given me the night before, along with the t-shirt, both of which were just a little too large on me. I quickly found my dress and undergarments from the night before, and after stuffing them in to my bag, I made my way towards the door of the bedroom.

I glanced back once more at Jiyong, his bright orange hair in disarray against the red of his sheets. Quickly, I forced myself to pull my attention away from his tattooed chest and into his living room, where I tripped over not one, but two wiggling bodies.

I almost screamed, but managed to cover my mouth and bite my tongue simultaneously. Once my breathing was almost normal, I realized the two bodies I’d almost tripped over were, in fact, two dogs covered in fat rolls.

“Oh my goodness, hi,” I laughed, both at my own foolishness and at how adorable the two, now fully awake, dogs were. They panted at my feet, and I couldn’t resist stooping down to pet the two of them.

“Hi, oh you two are so sweet. You’re such good puppies, aren’t you?” I cooed as they licked my hands. “Oh, yes, you are. Now, let’s not wake up your daddy, alright? I’m trying to sneak out of here before he sees me, and I need your help to not wake him up, okay? Can you two do that for me?”

The dogs continued to bask in my affection, completely unaware of anything I was saying to them. Eventually, I managed to pull myself away from them and hurry towards the front door, pulling it shut as quietly as I could behind me. 

Flustered, I managed to hail a cab and pay the driver handsomely for driving me as fast as he possibly could back to the SM Entertainment complex, where Noelle and I lived in an apartment right off the building adjacent to the dorms that the bands slept in. After pressing in the key code to the door, I scurried quickly into the hallway and towards mine and Noelle’s room, where I prayed she would still be sleeping after the late night EXO had at the awards show – and I was sure afterwards too.

Taking a deep breath to prepare myself for the possible questions Noelle would have for me, especially if she noticed I hadn’t come back the night before, I unlocked our door and crept inside to find our small studio apartment completely… empty.

Confused, I headed straight to my bed. I crawled in to it, depositing my bag in close on the floor beside it. I glanced over at Noelle’s bed that was just a short distance across the room from mine. I was even more confused to find that it appeared her bed hadn’t been slept in the previous night.

Pulling the covers over my head, I sighed deeply, trying to erase the memories from the night before that suddenly bombarded me. I couldn’t help thinking of Jiyong, how his bright orange hair flopped carelessly into his eyes; how his lips had tasted the first time he’d kissed me; how it’d felt when I’d been pressed so dangerously close to him, and only pulled closer. It didn’t help that I was enclosed in my little blanket cocoon, dressed in his clothes that I’d no doubt stolen and embraced in his scent.

Just as I was reciting, unintentionally, the most extreme moments of the night before, I was brought out of my reverie by a key being placed into our door, and it slowly being pushed open. I poked my head out from beneath the covers, suddenly extremely nervous to face my roommate and life-long best friend. She’d known I was out all night, for sure. There was no way she’d miss something like me not coming home.

“MaKenna? Oh, my gosh, I’d hoped you’d still be asleep.” Noelle crept in through the door, her face suddenly turning the cover of her flaming ginger hair. She was clothed in a pair of gym shorts and an extremely large black hoodie, which just caused the orange color of her hair to stand out more. I narrowed my eyes at her, suddenly realizing Noelle hadn’t come home last night either.

“Whose clothes are you wearing?” I asked casually as she flopped down on her bed across from me.

“Um, well… they’re uh… they’re Kris’s,” she replied, almost too quietly for me to hear.

“Kris? Are you serious? Is that who you’ve been out with?” I asked. I’d known Noelle had had a crush on EXO-M’s leader, but I’d never thought that anything had come out of the crush.

“Yeah, I stayed with him last night. Luhan decided to watch a movie with Sehun and Suho last night, so Kris’s room was empty and well…”

“You mean you and Kris had sex?” I asked, totally dumbfounded. Also, I felt extremely guilty. My best friend, albeit because she was caught, was telling me about her events with a boy the night previous, and yet I was hiding all of mine, and would continue to do so. Mine and Jiyong’s night was a onetime thing, and I was looking forward to putting it out of my mind.

“Um, yeah, well…” Noelle trailed off, her face turned away from me. Quickly, I flew out of my own bed and over to hers. I laid across her outstretched legs, which gave me a clear view of her face.

“Well?” I raised my eyebrows.

“We’ve actually been dating each other for a little while, secretly.”

“Noelle Jones! You’ve been dating Kris and haven’t told me any of it?!” I asked, completely stunned by my friend’s sudden confession.

“Shhh! Keep your voice down! We didn’t tell anyone. MaKenna, if their managers found out, I’d be fired. They won’t let the boys date anyone that’s not an SM celebrity, and I’m most definitely not an SM celebrity.” Noelle groaned, leaning back against her pillows. “But I like him too much to let him go.”

“Stop, this is too much adorable for one morning’s confession. I’m secretly dying over here.” I laughed, and was rewarded with a hit from Noelle’s pillow. “Is he really good in bed? I bet he would. Kris looks like an animal.”

“Oh my gosh, stop! That’s my boyfriend you’re talking about!” Noelle groaned, glancing down at me. She smirked. “He was great.”

“Now I’m jealous!” I fake complained, groaning into my arms.

“Hey, whose clothes are you wearing?” Noelle asked, flicking the t-shirt I was wearing, which I suddenly noticed was printed with a ‘BigBang’ logo on it. The oversized grey sweats didn’t help in convincing Noelle that I was wearing my own clothes.

“Uh… Kai’s,” I said sheepishly.

“Oh, Kai’s?” Noelle raised her eyebrow suggestively.

“Stop, it’s nothing like that. We’re just friends, and besides,” I glanced down the sweats, lying through my teeth. “I’m not sure if these are even his. They could be Chanyeol’s. I just love wearing big clothes.”

Noelle expected an answer with nothing more than a teasing look. “Get off my bed, I didn’t sleep any last night. I need my sleep, especially after what Kris and I got up to.”

I quickly made my way to my own bed as Noelle turned over in hers for her after-sex nap. I needed my own nap, but suddenly I felt as awake as I’d felt all morning. Jiyong’s scent engulfed me, making my head light. Without Noelle’s distraction, I was forced to lie awake and think of nothing but his hands, his lips, the way his tattoos scripted along his body, and the amazing one-night stand I’d had with none other than the G-dragon.

“MaKenna, are you day-dreaming? With scissors in your hand? Because you’re, like, super close to my hair.” Luhan’s voice broke into, what in fact, was an actual day dream. I refocused, realizing I was actually pretty close to chopping off the right side of his bangs.

“Oh, hush. I know what I’m doing. Who knew you could be so sassy.” I bluffed, laughing away his accusations. “I think you hang out with Sehun too much.”

“What can I say, he’s my best friend,” Luhan shrugged. Once I’d successfully trimmed his hair without getting distracted, I was able to turn my head back to the center of my distractions for that morning, and most of the previous mornings: Kris and Noelle.

Noelle was taking her time doing Kris’ make-up for him that morning; she was taking so much time that I’d already finished Luhan, Sehun, and Suho’s hair while Kris sat in her chair. Of course, the two tried to spend as much time as possible together, especially when the managers weren’t looking.

Noelle was standing between Kris’ legs, holding an eyeliner pencil in her hand and tilting his chin up with the other. He lazily rested his hand on her side, laughing as she pretended to scold him for not holding still.

“You’re so jealous,” Luhan said as he stood up from my chair, smirking. Of course, since Luhan was Kris’ roommate, he was the first to figure out the two’s relationship.

“I’m going to be sick, is what I am,” I snarled, shaking the hair from my towels a little too forcefully. In all honesty, I’d been nothing but jealous of the two since Noelle had told me of their relationship a week and a half prior.

“Sick with jealousy,” Luhan replied.

“Get out of my sight, LuLu, before I beat that smirk off your face,” I hissed, causing him to laugh loudly.

“You’re lucky Sehun is making me lunch, or I’d have to stay here all day just to tell you how jealous you’re acting.” With that, Luhan handed me back my last towel and disappeared out the door. I ground my teeth together, hating the fact that Luhan was able to read me so easily. Of course I was jealous. I was jealous that Noelle and Kris fit so easily, so perfectly, together. I was jealous of the fact that I didn’t have someone that great, someone I could fit that perfectly with.

“Ooh, someone looks grumpy.” I groaned as Kai sat down in my chair. If anyone could read me better than Luhan could, it was definitely Kai.

“I’m fine,” I said, placing a cloth around his neck. “Did the managers tell you how they want your hair? I can’t mess up the face.”

“Oh, yeah, please don’t ruin the face,” Kai laughed sarcastically. “I have no idea what they want done with it. Do what you think looks best. This music video concept sucks anyway.”

I smiled. “Have I ever told you you’re my best friend, Jongin?”

“Only a couple times a day,” he smiled mischievously. Kai was definitely one person who could brighten up my day. That, and the fact that Noelle had finally moved on to doing Xiumin’s make-up. “So what’s bothering you?”

I bit my lip as I rubbed mousse through Kai’s hair, debating inwardly with myself. I wanted to tell Kai so much, starting with my one night stand with G-Dragon. I wanted to tell him how badly I wanted something like what Noelle and Kris had. Hell, I wanted to tell him about Noelle and Kris. Kai had come to me so many nights, upset or pissed or sad because of something that had happened with their management, or because he missed his parents. Kai had told me so many of his secrets in the short time I’d known him, and yet I froze up when I tried to tell him one of my own.

“I… I did something,” I finally spilled, not able to meet his eyes.

“Oh?” Kai raised an eyebrow, although his head stayed perfectly motionless as I kept styling his hair.

“Yeah, something I shouldn’t have done. And I feel really guilty about it,” I confessed. However, thinking a little harder about that night with G-Dragon, I wondered how much I actually regretted. The sex had been great, and I’d even gotten free clothes out of it. “Or, maybe I feel guilty about not feeling guilty about it.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t feel guilty about it if you enjoyed it,” Kai said.

I stared, horrified. Did I actually enjoy hooking up with someone I’d only just met for one night? “I don’t really think enjoy is the right word.”

“What did you do?” Kai asked, more in a teasing way than in a curious way.

I sighed, rubbing my eyes. “It’s terrible. You’re going to hate me if I tell you.”

“Never. You’re my best friend. I mean, besides D.O, and Sehun. You’re my best girl friend.” Kai smiled.

I opened my mouth to spill everything just as the door was opened and one of EXO’s managers strode in.

“They should have been ready an hour ago. Get out, now.” He grabbed Kai’s arm roughly, pulling him away from me. I bit my lip, reaching out to stop him. Xiumin quickly escaped Noelle’s chair and followed the two out.

“I hate him,” Noelle growled. “Kai is going to have another damn bruise. He bruises so easy. Why can’t they just simply ask the boys to go? They’re perfectly capable of going on their own.”

“Come on. I’m going to have to finish Kai’s hair on set, or it will be my fault it looks like crap.” I grabbed my purse and hair kit and made my way out of the door and towards the green room, where EXO was filming their first scenes for their music video.

I was able to fix Kai’s hair in between close ups, and be on stand-by for almost four hours as the boys were pushed to their absolute limits, and beyond, in order to perfect the choreography for their video.

“YOU IDIOT!” I heard a roar from across the room, and glanced up from the touch ups I was giving Suho before his part in the video. My gaze immediately found Tao hanging his head as a manager pointed into his face. Even though Tao towered over the shorter man, it was clear in Tao’s body language how frightened he was.

“I’m sorry,” Tao mumbled, but even from my spot across the room I could hear him. The room had gone completely silent.

“You’re sorry? You’re sorry you’re an idiot? Do better.” The manager seemed to be satisfied with his yelling, because he began to turn away from Tao. Suddenly, he turned back around and shoved Tao’s chest as hard as he could, causing Tao to tumble backwards and fall on what I knew was already an injured ankle. “Disgusting.”

Kris quickly tried to help Tao up, but was stopped by the same manager. “Don’t you dare help him, or you’ll both be punished.”

Instead of listening, Kris quickly grabbed Tao by the shoulders and hoisted him up, just as a few tears slipped down Tao’s cheeks. He quickly wiped his face and turned away from the rest of the group.

“I told you not to do that.” The manager’s voice had gone quiet, which was even scarier than when he was yelling. Slowly, he made his way to Kris and slapped him across his face. I heard Noelle let out a shriek, before she quickly covered her mouth with her hands. Kris’ face stayed absolutely still, as if the slap had barely phased him.

“Which of you will dare defy me next? How about you? Should I punish you as well?” The manager made his way over to Lay, who, out of all the members, I knew to be the least in need of any kind of punishment. Just as their manager began to step too close to Lay’s already frightened face, I stepped forward.

“Stop! He’s done nothing,” I screamed, causing the whole room to stare at me. I clamped a hand over my mouth, realizing what I’d just done.

“Who the hell do you think you are, girl? Disrespecting me like that. How dare you tell me how to discipline my band?”

“I…I…” I couldn’t form words. I just stared, horrified, at the people surrounding me.

“GET OUT!” The manager roared. I quickly grabbed my things and strode from the room, not able to look any of the members in the face. I slung open the door and walked as fast as I could towards our work room.

“What in the hell was that?” Noelle had followed me from the filming room, and was currently hot on my trail.

“I just… I couldn’t let him hurt Lay,” I sighed, throwing my bag into the room and slamming the door shut. I didn’t want to be anywhere near SM at the moment. “I need a drink.”

“A drink? Seriously?” Noelle asked as I turned and made my way towards the exit to the entertainment complex. Once outside, I quickly hailed a cab. Noelle followed me inside the vehicle, although I could feel her apprehension about the whole thing.

“MaKenna, let’s talk about what happened back there,” Noelle said after I told the cabbie to take us to the closest bar. I shook my head, staring out the window.

“I couldn’t help them, Noelle. I couldn’t help them or I’d lose this job. They’d fire me.” And if they fired me, I definitely wouldn’t be able to help the boys. I’d have to leave them alone to face the horror that was SM Entertainment.

“I know. I hate it, too. Seeing him do that to Kris. I don’t know, it almost felt like he’d hauled off and slapped me in the face too. I couldn’t take it.” Noelle sighed. I couldn’t bring myself to look at her.

We spent the rest of the short ride in silence. Quickly we paid and made our way inside. I took a seat at the closest bar stool I could find and ordered my favorite poison: tequila and tonic. Noelle ordered her own drink, and after two I was feeling a little more calmed down after the scene we’d witnessed.

“It hurts that I had to walk away from them. I can’t stand not knowing what’s happening to them right now. They could be hurting them even more right now, and I can’t do anything about it,” I groaned, downing another drink in a couple of gulps. I welcomed the scorching burn of the alcohol as it travelled down my throat and settled like a lake of fire in my stomach.

“I think Kris might leave,” Noelle said suddenly, staring intently into her drink. I turned my head to narrow my eyes at her.

“You mean he’s going to break up with you?” I asked.

“No, well maybe. But I think he’s going to leave SM. He’s going to quit EXO.”

“How do you know?”

“I don’t. Not for sure. But sometimes he’ll say something that just makes me wonder what exactly he’s planning. There’s a lot of stuff he doesn’t tell me, MaKenna, and that scares me.” Noelle quickly ordered another round for us. The alcohol was making it both easier and harder to process the events we’d just witnessed.

“I think I should go back to the complex and wait for him. I need to make sure he’s okay,” Noelle said, handing the bartender enough money to cover her drinks and a tip. She slipped off the stool and grabbed her bag. “Are you coming?”

As much as I wanted to, I wasn’t near drunk enough to deal with what I’d face when I went back to the complex. I shook my head slowly, taking another burning swig. I’d lost count of how many I’d had. “No, I need to stay. Make sure Tao is alright for me, please?”

“I will. Be safe, alright? Call me if you need anything.” Noelle disappeared quickly from the bar. I turned back around in my seat after watching her go and ordered another drink.

One thing I realized about getting sorrowfully drunk was that I absolutely hated doing it alone. I watched as an hour slipped by and I drank a few more drinks. I could tell the bartender was beginning to worry about my wellbeing, He even offered to listen to my problems.

Instead, I paid and asked him to call me a cab, because the floor was suddenly spinning very fast. Finally, I saw the bright light flash on top of the cab out front and, stumbling, I made my way into the backseat of the cab.

“Where to, ma’am?” The driver asked me.

“I… I don’t want to be alone,” I mumbled against the seat.

“I still need to have an address, or I can’t take you anywhere.” I spouted off the first address that came to mind, even though I couldn’t remember for the life of me whose address it actually was. It wasn’t like I knew very many people in Seoul outside of the SM complex.

“We’re here, ma’am. I need you to pay, please.” The driver’s voice was causing a pounding to erupt inside my head. I quickly handed him a wad of won and fumbled with the door handle until I could get it open, spilling myself out onto the sidewalk before an apartment complex.

I walked towards the door I knew I wanted, beating on it haphazardly with my fist. After a few minutes, I realized no one was coming to the door. For some awful reason, this realization caused tears to spring to my eyes. It seemed as though the fact that no one was home had unearthed a deep sadness within me.

I sunk down to the ground, my back pressed up against the door. I sobbed uncontrollably into my hands, the tequila in my system making it hard to think of anything besides how awfully sad it was that I couldn’t remember exactly who I wanted to come to the door.

“MaKenna?” I’d folded my arms across my knees, and managed to lean my head down so that I was somewhere between crying and sleeping. At the sound of my name, however, I glanced up sharply.

I met the eyes of G-Dragon, and immediately my eyes watered again. The last person I wanted to see was Kwon Jiyong. And yet, I was so happy he was home. I’d waited so long.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” He quickly placed the grocery bags he was carrying down on the stoop outside his door and gathered me in his arms. “What are you doing here?”

"I didn’t want to be alone, and I’m here, but I don’t know why. Last time was a mistake and Tao got pushed down and I just… I couldn’t take it.” I sobbed as my words ran together helplessly, placing my head on his shoulder. Suddenly, I reached out and ran my hand through his thick, now dull, orange hair. “Your hair changed.”

“My roots are showing. I just need to have it redone. And you’re drunk.” I could feel his chuckle against me. “Come on, let’s get you inside. You smell like a bar.”

“I was at a bar,” I slurred matter-of-factly. Suddenly, the ground rushed away from me in a whirl of sickness. It took me a moment to allow the nausea to pass, and to realize Jiyong had picked me up from the ground to carry me inside his apartment.

He settled me on his couch and tried to untangle my arms from around his neck. I panicked, suddenly realizing he was trying to let me go.

“Please don’t leave me,” I sobbed, grabbing clumsily onto his shirt. The soft fabric crumpled in my fists as he looked down at me.

“I’m not leaving you, don’t worry. I just need to get you some Advil and water.” He tried to pull away again.

“No, please,” I cried. After a moment, Jiyong sighed and pulled my fists away from his shirt. Instead of walking away, however, he gathered me in his arms and settled his body behind mine on the couch.

“Why do you do this to me?” He asked softly, stroking my hair gently. I closed my eyes, because his words were too loud.

“I had a bad day at work,” I confessed after a moment, when it seemed the fuzziness wasn’t actually going to go away, even in Jiyong’s arms.

“So you decided to go get shit-faced because you had a bad day at work?” Even through the tequila in my head, I could make out his angry tone.

“I… They were being mean to my boys. And I tried to do something, but I made everything worse instead. So,” I shrugged, chomping down on my bottom lip. “Alcohol made everything better.”

“What boys? Do you mean EXO?” Jiyong asked, the angry creases in his face relaxing into a more concerned expression.

“Yes, EXO. You know, Kai and Chanyeol and Kris and Tao and um… there’s other ones too, I’m pretty sure…” I trailed off, glancing up at him. The fuzziness in my brain was making it real hard to focus on anything but the way Jiyong’s lips parted just perfectly so that I might be able to nestle mine between them.

“I’ve heard some rumors about SM, but I didn’t want them to be true. Are you sure you’re safe working there?” I tilted my head as much as I could against Jiyong’s arm, looking at him curiously. His lips were just so perfect.

“I don’t really remember…” I trailed, not in the slightest bit able to focus on his question. How could a pair of lips be that perfect? I knew he wanted to ask me another question, but my head was trying to split in half, and I was pretty sure another word out of Jiyong’s mouth would be the final blow. So instead, as he opened his mouth to utter more sounds that I wouldn’t be able to understand, I leaned forward and grasped his bottom lip in between mine.

He groaned in surprise, his whole body going rigid. I sucked harshly on the plump flesh, causing him to suddenly clamp his lips down around mine and move them accordingly. He pressed the warmth of his tongue against my parted lips, and I swallowed around it greedily. It flicked against my own, against my teeth, the roof of my mouth.

Finally, I broke away to subtly kiss the corner of his mouth, down to the ridges of his jaw. I heard the rumble of a groan in Jiyong’s chest, and I frowned against his skin, because beyond the alcohol, it almost sounded like a groan of defiance. And suddenly, I realized in was.

He grabbed my face and pulled it away from his skin, I frown creasing his brow. “MaKenna, we can’t do this. Not again.”

“Please, I need this, Jiyong,” I whispered, trying to make my voice as sultry as possible. Obviously it worked, coupled with the fact that I was fiddling with the hem of his shirt, letting the pads of my fingertips brush against his heated skin briefly every now and then. He stared at me for a few moments longer, while a swirl of lust and confliction went on a rampage behind his beautiful eyes. I tucked my bottom lip deep between my teeth, meeting his eyes with a pleading stare of my own.

“MaKenna…” he groaned, so needy. I smirked a little, letting my hand trail down to the outline of his pants. I slowly rubbed along the outline of him, working my fingers around him until I felt the growing twitches under my palm. When his hips bucked into my hand, I slipped beneath the waistbands of his pants and boxers, feeling the velvety softness of his skin against my hand.

I heard him let out another low groan, tossing his head back against the couch violently. He grabbed the sides of my face between his hands, bringing my attention away from my task and towards his lips. As he frantically kissed me, I worked my fingers around his length, slowly pulling him until I felt the blood rushing through his veins. Teasing the tip of him, I loosely worked my hand up and down as his hips bucked frantically, deep moans spilling in between our lips.

Once I noticed a sheen of sweat along his brow, and how uneven his panting had become, I tightened my grip around him, speeding up my ministrations just so. I smirked as that was all it took, and with just a few more bucks of his hips and a low moan into my mouth, Jiyong spilled over the back of my hand. As his warmth dripped between us, his tongue languidly battled with mine until he finally pulled away, his chest heaving harshly.

“Let me clean you up, baby,” he said finally, glancing down at my hand that I’d just managed to pull away from him. He grabbed a depleting box of tissues from the glass coffee table, pulling my hand up and slowly wiping any remnants of him off my skin.

“What are you doing to me?” he asked again as he concentrated on running his fingers softly along the plump veins that ran along the back of my hand. I quickly pried it from his grasp, hating the way he was looking at me. I stood up from the couch, his hooded gaze still following me as I ripped away the first layer of my clothing. Once I was in nothing but my undergarments, I turned back around to look at him, raising one eyebrow in a silent challenge.

Jiyong and I spent the next hour intertwined together, moving from his living room to his bedroom in a flurry of stripped clothing and roaming hands. Pressed against him, his lovely lips twirling and sucking around my skin as he brought me tumbling over every edge possible for him again and again, I was able to block out the rest of the world. In his little fortress of silk, rocking into me in the way that made me curl my toes and cry out, SM and Exo didn’t exist. Noelle and Kris were the farthest things from my mind, because for just an hour and thirty dollars’ worth of alcohol, Jiyong’s fiery skin pressed so deliciously against mine elicited a since of peace and forgetfulness in me that I’d realized I’d been chasing desperately after for months.

I tore at his skin, trying to pull him closer to me, wanting to keep him inside of me for as long as possible. He was the only thing I wanted to focus on: the way his hands curved just so around my waist and hips; the way his eyes couldn’t focus on one thing, until at the end, when all they latched onto was my own; the breathtaking way his lips left no part of my icy skin melting away beneath him. And when it was over, he let me, exhaustedly, crawl into his arms in all my sticky messiness and fall breathlessly asleep against his skin.

I woke up the next morning in a seeming since of déjà vu. The sun, the sheets, Jiyong on full display beside me. Everything was exactly how it should, and shouldn’t, have been. I slowly slipped away from the bed, trying to find more articles of his clothes that I could steal.

Once I’d finally pulled on a pair of patterned sweats, which were way more expensive than normally stolen clothes, I felt sure, and a scoop necked grey t-shirt, I began to pick up my clothes and shuffle towards the door.

“You’re leaving again?” I heard a voice ask behind me, still thick with sleep. I cursed, narrowing down the list of suspects who could be questioning me. While I knew G-Dragon had two dogs, I deduced that they wouldn’t be speaking to me in perfect Korean, and therefore, the voice asking, demanding, if I was sneaking off again was the same voice I was trying to escape from.

“I… yes, I have to be at work. I was hoping you’d be asleep,” I gasped out, suddenly feeling very shameful under his gaze, as if I was a child who’d just been caught stealing candy after bedtime.

“Was this a mistake, too?” He asked suddenly, and I jerked my eyes back to meet his. Sleep was still clinging to him desperately, but now a new determinedness was trying to surface beneath his messy waves of hair and bare chest.

“I… I…” I stuttered for a good three solid seconds before shutting my mouth and glancing back at my hands, obviously giving G-Dragon my answer. I heard his awful, scornful scoff as I continued to stand there under his hateful gaze, knowing I deserved the full blow of it.

“Just leave,” he rasped out, his voice suddenly sounding so very far away. “You have to be at work anyway.”

I tore out of his apartment quickly, not daring to stop and pat the two wiggly fat rolls lolling happily at me feet. What were their names? I wondered, feeling a sudden heaviness because I just really wanted to know what G-Dragon’s pets were named. Instead, I hailed a cab, and clambered in. As I sat in the back and felt warm tears spread down my cheeks, I realized how what I assumed was an escape was the exact thing I was trying to escape from.


I got this lovely ask from @descaladumidera about her and @ladyoftheshrimp‘s Punk AU and I had to write something for it!! Then I had to draw something for it :P Have I mentioned recently how much I adore this concept!

“You know, I can’t remember the last time someone cuddled me.”

Sitting on the floor of his living room, legs outstretched and a sea of empty cans and bottles around him, Theseus Scamander heaved a deep sigh as he watched the children on television giggle with delight as they were wrapped up in warm, parental embraces.

“Nobody seems to ever want to anymore,” Theseus mused, before tipping his head back against Percival’s thigh. The man himself was snuffling softly behind him, fast asleep and sprawled out across the sofa, having passed out halfway through the can of beer he’d chased the rather heroic amount of wine they’d consumed that night.

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