push pins on map

Ever wondered why Belle walks and reads at the same time? Here’s the story behind this iconic detail!

Linda Woolverton (the screenwriter of the movie) had a hard time convincing the animators to depict her new version of Belle. She explained to the Los Angeles Times one frustrating incident: In one scene, the screenplay had Belle pushing pins into a map of the world—places she wanted to visit—while waiting for her father to return. When Woolverton saw the segment on the storyboard, however, she found her heroine decorating a cake. In the end, Belle was shown reading a book— which also had provoked some discussion. Because reading might be deemed a passive hobby, the opening scene has her walking and reading at once—which Woolverton herself used to do as a child. (x)

Things That Remind me of the Signs
  • Aries: Leather Jackets with patches from favorite bands, Aftermath of concerts, Skies that look like fire,
  • Taurus: Wishes on Shooting stars, Cotton Candy, Rose Gold Eyeshadow
  • Gemini: Rainbow Sherbert, Palm Trees, Stacked Bright Friendship bracelets,
  • Cancer: Candy Hearts,Catching Fireflies,Baby pink nail polish
  • Leo: The Jungle, Sex Hair, Lightening Crashing
  • Virgo: Shiny Blue Sunglasses, Shadows of Lac on Bare Skin
  • Libra: Dainty Frilly Bikinis, Silver Charm Bracelets, Real Flower Crowns,
  • Scorpio: Sparkler lit skies, Vanilla Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles, High- Waisted Jean shorts with no top and Long flowy hair, Light Pink Sheer Lingerie
  • Sagittarius: Skinny Dipping,Notebooks with Endless Doodles in the margins,
  • Capricorn: Sunrises over a flower field, Bonfires, Solid Gold Beaded Dresses, Bikes Covered in Bright Flowers,
  • Aquarius: The Ocean, Watching the clouds, Maps with Push Pins everywhere, Outer Space,
  • Pisces: Old Yellow Volkswagon Beetles, Fairy Lights, Rainbow Macoroons