push me up against the wall

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I want so bad for Haz to push me against a wall after we have had a huge fight yelling, screaming, pointing fingers at each other then it just all stops and he backs me up to the wall his knee between my legs and one hand gripping my throat whispering in my ear; " You like showing yourself off in those tight skirts and thigh high boots looking like an expensive whore just waiting for a man to dominate you huh?!" 😈😭😭😭🙈

Mmmm I bet he’d love dominating you like that

Behind Closed Doors // A Thomas Smut

Prompt: It is forbidden at all costs to sleep with the only girl in the glade, but that’s not gonna stop Thomas from being with her in the slightest.

Relationship: Thomas x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Sneaking Around, Swearing, Dirty Talk, Slightly Rough Thomas I Guess, Sexual Harassment, and Super Fucking Sexy Thomas Because Come On.

Word Count: 6,863

A/N: Because I was in the mood for some maze runner smut. 

Not being able to hold back the pleasure built up inside of me any longer, I let out a loud moan the second Thomas reattached his lips on my pulse point and nibbled on it. His chest pushing up against me rubbed my back on the wall and his fingers lightly grazed me over my soaking wet panties, sending excited shivers down my spine. My entire body was begging for more of him, but I knew that we wouldn’t have enough time out here to have sex and make it back.

“Thomas, we need to go back to the glade.” I tried, but he didn’t stop what he was doing. Instead he just pushed my panties to the side with his fingers. “We still have to map out what we saw before we forget it and it gets dark.”

“We’re not gonna forget.” He hummed against my neck, his voice vibrating my skin.

“Babe, we don’t have time for sex.” I disagreed, but immediately whimpered when his middle finger slid through my folds and separated them.

“Who said anything about sex?” Thomas smirked, applying pressure on my clitoris and slowly circling it. “I just want to make my girl feel good before we have to pretend like we’re not together.”

I wanted to protest and I wanted to be responsible here, but as he worked my nub in such an incredible and addictive way, I couldn’t find the will to actually stop him. I knew we wouldn’t have the same freedom in the glade that we have out here in the maze, thanks to Alby’s most strict rule of No one ever touches (Y/N) because she’s the only female and whomever does will be punished, so I decided to just give into him and let Thomas do whatever he wanted to me.

I brought my hands up to his neck and pulled him away from mine to attach his lips on my own. Our kiss was passionate and full of lust, his tongue already gliding on the bottom of my lip to ask for an entrance. I opened my mouth for him to slip his tongue inside and I instantly moaned at how skillful he was with it.

Thomas’ finger increased its pace against my nub, my hips bucking at the delicious feeling. The way he was working on me made me feel so hazy that I couldn’t even focus on kissing him correctly, my mouth too lazy to properly move. All I could do was allow the pleasure to build up inside of me and moan into his mouth as Thomas now used his finger to slide inside of my warmth. My hands gripped onto his neck tighter in response along with my arching back and my secret boyfriend smirked against my lips. My eyes fell shut to the incredible sensations he was provoking, but a whine escaped my mouth when he broke our kiss.

“Does this feel good?” He teased, his finger slowly pumping inside of my core.

I just nodded, my body too lost in the pleasure to be able to form any sentence or say a single word for that matter. Thomas knew exactly how much it turned me on when he talked dirty to me and I didn’t even need to open my eyes to know he was grinning smugly at me right now. His finger moved a little faster inside of me before I could even ask and the shameless moan that escaped my lips would’ve been embarrassing if I wasn’t too lustful at this moment.

“Do you want another one?” Thomas smirked, the movements of his finger bringing me close to my peak. I nodded my head and he just tsked sexily. “I need you to say it, baby.”

“Y-Yes.” I somehow managed to speak through the desire and Thomas immediately responded.

Another finger of his pushed itself into my core and I hitched my leg around his waist for him to have more access. Thomas moaned at my sudden action and instantly pushed his fingers deeper, an immediate mixture of a moan and a scream falling from my lips. I didn’t care that I was so loud and open with Thomas, our relationship was too intimate for me to worry about being vulnerable around him.

“T-Thomas, please.” I begged him for my orgasm and, believe it or not, his pace increased even more.

The spring in my stomach was coiling more with every passing second and Thomas definitely knew. With his other hand, my boyfriend slipped it under my shirt and runner gear to squeeze my breast. His hand began kneading it, Thomas’ calloused fingers tightly pinching my nipple and it was enough to further the pulsing in my core. I desperately wanted his mouth attached to my perky bud but I knew that that wouldn’t be possible thanks to the annoying runner’s wear and how incredibly difficult it was to remove.

It was when Thomas curled his fingers inside of me to press against my G-spot he was well aware of and his thumb put unbelievable pressure on my clit that I couldn’t hold it back anymore. The spring inside of me snapped, releasing the extremely anticipated orgasm all throughout my body. My back arched, my legs shook and a mixture of embarrassing moans with lustful screams erupted from my chest.

“Shit, baby, you sound and look so beautiful.” Thomas moaned, my mouth only able to moan in response.

Once I whimpered at how sensitive I’ve become, Thomas carefully removed his fingers from inside of me and gently placed my leg back on the ground. His other hand detached from my breast and fixed my shirt so it looked like nothing happened. As soon as I opened my eyes, the first sight I saw was Thomas happily sucking on his fingers that worked on me. His tongue grazed his skin and, even though I just came, this sexy sight immediately made me ready for another orgasm with him. He smirked at how in awe I was and I almost melted right then and there when he winked. Pulling his fingers out of his mouth, Thomas adjusted my jeans and I watched him with hooded eyes.

Bringing my back off of the maze’s wall and managing to stand on my own, a grin spread across my lips with a deviant idea. Thomas’ eyebrows quirked up at me before I prepared myself for what I was about to do.

“Last one to the map room is a rotten shank!” I challenged, immediately sprinting towards the glade.

Looking behind me with a huge smile planted on my face, I realized Thomas instantly played along and was already hot on my trail. We both ran like maniacs towards the door with joy flooding through our veins and not a single care in the world. Considering Thomas and I are the best runners in the glade, it didn’t take long for us to maneuver our way through the maze and quickly reach the entrance. An excited squeal escaped my lips when I looked behind me and realized Thomas was no longer there, but was now right beside me. The wind blew in my hair and stung my face, yet all I could focus on was how beautiful and happy my boyfriend looked as we suddenly entered the glade and rushed towards the map room already in sight. The two of us completely ignored all of the stares and shouts the gladers were sending us, both too consumed by each other.

“No, no, no!” I screamed when he started winning, but it was no use. Thomas was just as determined as I was. It’s our best, but also most annoying quality.

“See you on the other side, rotten shank!” He shouted back at me, not even bothering to turn around before reaching the map room and quickly opening the door.

“Thomas!” I tried to stop him, but of course it didn’t work.

My boyfriend rushed inside and I groaned when he beat me at my own game. Running in after him, Thomas’ smirk was wide and smug as I shut the door to the map room behind us. That’s always how our sessions worked, behind closed doors to avoid getting caught. I wish that we could be open about our relationship, but at the same time I like how the adrenaline flows through our veins every time we meet in secret. With the door closed every facade falls. The disguise we display to the world fades away and all we desire is to fuck each other’s brains out.

“I’m glad you could finally come.” He teased and I narrowed my eyes at him as I approached Thomas slowly.

“Well, it’s a good thing I already did.” I clicked my tongue, Thomas’ eyebrows quirking at my comment. “Because something tells me if you keep this up, you won’t.”

“Oh, is someone upset I won?” Thomas grinned, the both of us now inches apart from each other. “Can’t handle being slower than me, can you?”

I decided to ignore him and just glare at him instead of saying anything, hoping it would make him take back what he just said. But, no. An even wider and cockier smile pulled at the corner of his lips and as much as I hated to admit it, he looked incredibly sexy.

“Screw you, Thomas.”

“If you insist.” He shrugged before grabbing my cheeks and crashing his lips against mine.

I instantly moaned into his mouth, his impressive lips molding with my own in such perfect harmony. If there’s something Thomas certainly knows how to do is kiss me like there’s no tomorrow, always making my knees go with with his touch. His tongue didn’t even ask for an entrance instead he just pushed it past my lips and made its way onto mine, the both of them waltzing together so beautifully that no dancer could ever compare. Our love so much more stunning than any piece of art out there in the world.

Thomas’ hand wrapped around my waist to push my chest into his warm one as he backed our bodies up to the nearest table. Our kiss never broke even when he cleared all of the pens, pencils, papers, and pieces of scrap with one swift movement of his hand off the table. Excitement boiling inside of me as his hands settled on my ass to pull me up on it and sit me down on the surface. My legs instantly spread for him at the same time that Thomas began unzipping my jeans and pulling them down, my lack of air starting to make me feel light-headed. My jeans were pooling down on the floor when I decided to separate our kiss, begrudgingly, and my hands flew to his belt. As I unbuckled it, Thomas removed my leather runner’s gear. At the same time that I opened his pants and let it fall to the ground, my boyfriend pulled at the hem of my shirt telling me he wanted it off. My shirt was the first to go then his and as soon as we were only in our underwear, Thomas’ mouth immediately latched onto my breast to give it the attention it desperately wanted earlier.

Even though his warm and wet mouth working on my nipple turned me on immensely, there was nothing I craved more than to feel him inside of me. As soon as I tugged at his boxers, Thomas got the message. He bit down on my nipple, a squeal escaping my lips, and pulled at it with his teeth before taking his mouth off of my breast with a pop.

I brought his boxers down to his knees and instinctively wrapped my hand around his delicious shaft, not being able to hold back how much I craved to touch him. As I slowly pumped his erection, my thumb caressing his swollen and wet with precum tip, Thomas growled at the feeling and ripped apart my panties all of a sudden. Even though I wanted to get mad at him considering I only have three, well now two, I couldn’t find it in myself to be anything but turned on by his lustful actions.

Putting his lips back onto mine, Thomas spread my legs for him to stand in between. One of his hands settled on my waist as the other removed mine from his cock to position himself in my entrance, moans escaping both of our lips when he wet his tip with my juices. His swollen head sliding amongst my folds and caressing my clitoris, my chest already arching into his at the contact. It’s not my fault I easily come undone with Thomas, it’s his fault for being so damn sexy all the time.

Thomas pressed himself into my core and our breaths hitched in our throats as he slowly stretched me, both of us melting into the incredible feeling. His hand on my waist moved to my lower back so he could push me closer to him, his dick entering deeper inside of me. My eyes immediately shut at the fullness and Thomas’ head fell to my shoulder, his lips placing gentle kisses on my skin. Once he was buried deep inside of me, my boyfriend didn’t even need to wait before thrusting thanks to how turned on and ready I was for him.

Thomas started out at a normal pace, enjoying the feeling of our bodies connected again. We haven’t had sex in about a week because sex in the maze is careless and dangerous and it’s been nearly impossible in the glade because of all the attention he was getting lately. So, needless to say, we’ve been craving each other too much and the built up sexual tension between us is so strong it almost hurts.

Just as he increased his thrusting, Thomas’ free hand moved up to my neck and gripped onto the back of my hair. I whimpered in response and he smiled into my shoulder blade. We didn’t talk about it because it was just a normal thing, but the both of us absolutely love it when Thomas pulls my hair. It’s our favorite kink we share and have no shame in falling prey to it. The way he pounds into me as he grabs my hair, his fingers intertwining with the strands, was so exciting to us.

“Thomas!” A voice suddenly called from outside of the map room and before we even knew it or could do anything to stop what was about to happen, the door flew open. “Are you alright? Why were you guys running so fa-”

My eyes widened in fear as Gally appeared in front of us, his sentence immediately stopping as soon as he caught sight of Thomas fucking me. Who had instantly halted his actions when he realized we were no longer alone and picked up his head from my shoulder to look at the intruder with not only a shocked expression, but a glare blazing in his brown eyes.

Gally’s pupils fell to our connected and wet groins, Thomas growling when he did. As soon as he began to pull out, a moan escaping my lips at the most inappropriate time thanks to the friction, the now terrified glader immediately backed away. Turning around to face the door, Gally ran out of the map room without another word.

“T-Thomas, he’s gonna go tell Alby.” I panicked the moment Gally was gone. “We s-should stop.”

“No.” Thomas grunted, pushing back inside of me and picking up his thrusts again. “We just have to be fast before they get here.”

“Thomas, you’re gonna get in trouble.”
I argued, but moaned loudly when his tip hit my most sensitive spot he was very well aware of.

“I’m gonna get in trouble either way.” He stated, his pace fast and hard. The desk pounding against the wall along with his thrusts, our breathing in sync with the rhythm as well. “Might as well enjoy this last moment I have with you.”

His words stung in my heart the second he finished saying them because we knew Alby wouldn’t take this “crime” lightly. Thomas was going to get punished and fear mixed with the lust in my veins at what exactly said punishment consists of.

“Okay, then you’re gonna want to go harder than that.” I teased, my hands now flying to grip his flexed biceps in preparation.

Thomas followed my directions instantly and pounded harder into me, my body already getting a taste of the sweet edge it will soon be falling over. His mouth crashed back onto mine and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. I kissed him back with as much fervor and passion, neither one of us wanting to say goodbye through words so we let our bodies do it instead. Which at the end of the day, would do a much better job than anything our minds can come up with. Thomas’ and my body are so in sync with each other that they just know exactly how to express our care and love without needing to fumble over sentences.

“I-I’m close.” I confessed, feeling my orgasm creeping up on me.

Thomas’ hand that was on my waist moved to our connecting groins and began to furiously circle my clit, my legs already shaking in response. I tried to kiss him back as focused as I could, but it was too hard to concentrate when I knew I was about to fall apart. Thomas, however, did an amazing job keeping our kiss going and he even slipped his tongue inside of my mouth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I shouted, no longer concerned about hiding my moans.

The second Thomas applied more pressure onto my nub and, suddenly, pulled at my hair, I lost it. I completely fell over the edge and jumped into the overwhelming pool of pleasure waiting for me, my orgasm touching my skin like water in a lake. Clenching down on his cock, Thomas let out a strangled moan and the sound itself would’ve made me cum a second time.

Once I came back down from my high, I noticed Thomas was still chasing after his release. Bringing my mouth to his earlobe, I nibbled on it and ignored the sensitivity in my core. I was just as determined to have him orgasm as he was.

“It’s okay, baby.” I whispered into his ear, my boyfriend shuttering at the feeling of my warm breath fanning across his sweaty skin. “Forget the world outside and just cum for me, Thomas.”

With the mixture of my dirty words and my core purposely clenching down on him, Thomas moaned into my mouth as he finally reached his much anticipated orgasm. At the same time that he pulled out to release on my stomach, four unexpected figures suddenly appeared at the doorway and my body froze. Thomas didn’t even notice them, his eyes were shut tight in focus and he grunted loudly as his hot cum coated my skin. It wasn’t until then that I noticed just who was at the door, all of their eyes wide and jaws dropped in complete shock.

Gally, Alby, Newt, and Minho’s terrified eyes averted from the scene before them and all of the lust inside of me was replaced with horror. The four keepers of the glade just witnessed their newest Greenie cumming on the only girl here. My cheeks immediately felt hot and I knew they were painted with red blushes.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Thomas’ husky voice snapped me out of my fear and my eyes shifted to look at him. He was furrowing his eyebrows at me in confusion and all I could do was stare.

“Thomas clean her up and meet us outside.” Alby spoke up with a voice full of authority and my boyfriend gasped. “Now.”

He didn’t even dare to turn around, I just watched as Thomas’ face became as red as mine. Alby quickly turned around and left, the three other boys following in his footsteps.

“Thomas, I’m scared.” I confessed, my concerned eyes piercing into his. “I don’t want to lose you.”

A soft and genuine smile appeared on his lips as my boyfriend placed his hand on my flushed cheek.

“You won’t.” He promised and I believed him.

Thomas grabbed what was left of my torn panties and used the cloth to clean his release off of me. As soon as he finished, both of us quietly put our clothes back on. Our minds too full of thoughts about what we were going to face to put together a conversation.

“Ready?” He asked me, his hand about to push open the door.

“Ready.” I nodded.

Slipping my hand into his free one, Thomas opened the door and lead us out into the glade. My heart beat violently against my ribcage as we approached the group of people formed in front of the maze’s doors, Alby already staring at us with his arms folded across his chest. I noticed how it was getting darker by the second, meaning the doors to the maze would be shutting any minute now.

“Look at that shuckface!” Gally suddenly shouted, pointing at Thomas and I didn’t understand where this anger was coming from. “He’s nothing but a piece of klunk!”

“That’s enough, Gally.” Newt defended as we entered the group.

Alby unfolded his arms and settled them beside him, he walked over to us and Thomas gulped at the proximity. He cleared his throat due to his nervousness and shifted on his feet, but never took his hand out of mine. The leader’s eyes flickered to it before they returned to their angry post on the Greenie, disappointment also evident in them.

“We don’t have many rules here in the glade.” Alby spoke up. “And yet, Thomas, you have managed to break the most important.”

I expected my boyfriend’s head to fall to the ground in shame, but instead he stood his ground. Thomas was in no way challenging or disrespecting Alby, he was just telling him through his actions that he didn’t agree.

“You’re going to have to be punished for going against our law.”

“Banish him!” Gally yelled and my entire body went weak.

“Alby, we can’t banish him.” Minho suddenly intervened, his eyes concerned about his good friend. “He’s too important.”

“Maybe we should just put him a night in the pit with no food.” Newt offered and the scoff that came out of Gally’s mouth was so loud it almost scared me.

“Absolutely not!” The annoying glader disagreed, his head shaking as he pointed at Thomas. “That’s too easy, he’s just gonna do it again!”

“So?” I spoke up, surprising both the gladers and myself. “I’m the one that decides wether or not someone touches me, not you guys!”

“(Y/N), you don’t know what you’re saying-”

“Yes, I do Gally!” I shouted in frustration. “Thomas isn’t hurting me and it shouldn’t be a crime if I like it.”

“She has a point, Alby.” Minho agreed with me and an actual smile placed itself on my lips.

“No, she doesn’t!” Gally hissed. “Alby, don’t listen to this. He can’t just spend a night in the pit, he needs to be kicked out.”

Alby lifted his hand to order silence in the glade and everyone immediately complied. A nervous lump formed in my throat as I realized that the leader had made his decision.

“Thomas, you won’t be spending a night in the pit.” Alby stated. “You’ll spending it in the maze.”

The entire world around me stopped so I could feel it quickly crumble into pieces beneath my feet. A static noise buzzed in my ear and my eyes became blurry with instant tears as I felt an icy cold hurricane crash down on me and drown me in fear. My heart pounded against my body as if it belonged to Thumper from Bambi and I was certain it was going to break through and fall down to the floor.

“No, no, no.” I shook my head in denial but no one said anything. It was already decided.

Out of nowhere, the sudden sound of the doors to the maze began to close and the ice water inside of me froze every single one of my limbs. Pain invaded my cells and tore them apart without any bit of mercy. The last thing I heard before I completely succumbed to my fear was Alby’s upset voice telling Thomas it was time to go. My breathing shortened and a sick feeling punched me in my stomach, warning me I was going to throw up. An invisible hand wrapped around my throat and forbid me from properly breathing and a mixture of hot and cold flashes sparked through my body. It was as if I were dying and I knew exactly what was happening to me. And by the way Thomas stood in front of me and placed both of his hands on my cheek, he also knew I was having a panic attack.

“Breathe.” He instructed and I tried to follow the way he was showing me breathing exercises. “It’s okay, just breathe. I’m going to make it, (Y/N). I need you to believe me.”

I wanted to say I believed him but all I could do was replay Chuck once telling me No one survives a night in the maze over and over again in my mind. Thomas continued to try and comfort me even though he was the one about to face the Grievers, yet we both knew my panic attack wasn’t going to go away anytime soon.

“Thomas, let’s go.” Alby stated, pulling his hands off of me and began leading everyone towards the moving doors.

We approached it and I did my best to ignore my panic attack as Thomas turned to look at me one last time. His eyes were begging me to be okay and I wished I could grant him what he wanted, but I wasn’t going to ever be okay again. My boyfriend quickly wrapped his arms around me and I ignored all of the stares from the gladers as he separated to place a kiss on my lips. It was short and of course I craved more, but mainly because a part of me knew I would never feel it again.

“I love you.” Thomas said to me for the first time and my heart actually jumped. My eyes flickered over to Alby for the slightest second and I could see the hurt in them. He didn’t want to do this, but he needed to enforce the rules.

My boyfriend walked through the doors to the maze and my legs ran to him, hot tears streaming down my face that I hadn’t even noticed until now. Newt immediately grabbed me before I could go in and I watched with a heart in agony as he entered the maze and turned around to look as me one last time.

“I love you, too.” I shouted through my hysterical sobbing.

Thomas gave me an encouraging smile before the rocks connected and he was trapped behind closed doors.


The entire night was one long and drawn out nightmare. My mind kept picturing the worst scenarios of Thomas in that terrifying maze, always ending with him being teared apart by the Grievers that showed him no mercy. His pillow was completely stained by my salty tears at this point and my cheeks were stiff with all of the dry water stuck to them. I was no longer sobbing uncontrollably like I had since the moment Thomas left, but I was now entirely numb inside.

Usually, I loved getting up early in the morning to see Thomas quickly before we had to run off into the maze for the day. However, today I dreaded the idea of leaving his hammock that I have already claimed my own. His smell still lingered in the sheets and I, in no way, was ready to part from the small piece of him I still had left. No one ever survives a night in the maze and Thomas is still relatively a Greenie which means he was no different.

Watching as the sun rose in front of me, the normally beautiful and vibrant colors no longer having an effect without Thomas here for us to marvel at them, I felt a small finger tapping on my shoulder. Turning around, Chuck looked at me with pity but also a small glimpse of hope in his eyes. He was laying on his hammock and I instantly noticed the dried tears on his freckled cheeks.

“He’s gonna make it.” He spoke up, his voice not groggy like I expected it to be which meant he also didn’t get any sleep last night. Our minds were too worried about our favorite person in this glade. “I promise you. Thomas is gonna walk right through those doors today and surprise us all.”

“Don’t get your hopes up, Chuck.” I stated, the lump in my throat now permanently lodged there. “It hurts more than just accepting the horrible truth.”

“This is the truth.” The chubby twelve year old sat up in his hammock, his eyes determined as they looked at me. “I’ve been in this glade as long as I can remember and never have I ever met someone like Thomas before. He’s strong, fast and– most importantly– he’s ridiculously smart. If someone’s gonna figure out a way to survive against the Grievers, that someone is definitely our Thomas.”

His words weren’t just made to comfort me and they weren’t full of pity or false hope, Chuck meant every single sentence that came out of his mouth. And from how certain he was about them, I couldn’t help hut feel like they were laced with truancy. I know Thomas better than anyone here and because of that, I was well aware he would never give up without one hell of a fight. My logic and my mind were telling me he was already long gone, but my heart suddenly felt a small spark of faith. All thanks to how sure this small yet incredibly courageous boy was.

“Thank you, Chuck.” I smiled for the first time since yesterday. “I needed to hear that.”

“And I needed to say it to someone​ other than myself.” He confessed with a kind smile that I gladly returned. “Now come on, let’s get some breakfast.”

Chuck shot up from his hammock and I let out a loud squeal when he turned mine, suddenly dropping me on the ground. The grass prickled my arms and legs, but I was now too focused on immediately standing up to get my revenge on him. The youngest glader let out a mixture of a scream and a laugh when I charged for him, already running away from me. But, I was determined and Chuck knew that which is why in a matter of seconds as we ran through the glade, not caring who saw us, I was able to wrap my arms around him and grab the kid. Instantly pinning him to the ground, Chuck shouted and giggled as I mercilessly attacked him with the tickle monster.

“Stop, please!” He pleaded through his loud laughter, the gladers waking up because of us. “Okay, okay! You win!”

“As always.” I smirked, pulling away from him. Chuck immediately let out a deep breath of relief and rested his elbows on the grass to glare at me.

“You’re an evil, woman.” He challenged and all I could do was laugh.

“I like to think of it as a gift.”

Winking at Chuck and then walking away, the sudden loud sound of the solid doors to the maze roared through the glade and warned us they were now opening. My heart instantly stopped and I didn’t even notice I was sprinting towards the heavy doors until I felt unexpected wind stinging against my cheek. I could see the maze already and my heartbeat paced faster than it ever has, not because I was running but because I was convinced that Thomas would be on the other side.

From my peripheral vision, I sensed Minho and Newt running along with me and Chuck right behind us three. We didn’t care that we looked desperate and insane, all we wanted was to see our Greenie again. I internally cursed my legs for not being fast enough and getting me to Thomas as soon as possible.

Once I had finally reached the entrance of the maze, my legs halted to a stop and my eyes immediately peered around the inside to see if they could spot him. I didn’t even mind that my breathing was completely unstable, that my heartbeat was pounding against my eardrums or that my lungs were burning in my chest. All I could think about was: Where the hell is he?

Thomas was nowhere in sight. The maze was completely empty and as I felt Chuck reach up and stand beside me, my mind began to slip back into the state it was in before. The panic and despair came back along with the pain and agony in my heart. All of the hope and faith Chuck had convinced me of instantly washed away only to be replaced by anguish and anger. The hurt I felt watching Thomas enter the maze is nothing compared to the wound that I will now have because he hasn’t come out of it. The once numb girl was now completely broken and shattered into a million pieces.

How could I have let myself think that things would’ve ended any differently?

Everyone knows people don’t make it with Grievers surrounding them, no human has a chance against those monsters. Thomas, the love of my life, was gone and there’s nothing I could do to get him back. He’s dead… and it’s all my fault. Why did I get involved with him when I knew it would put his life in danger? Why did I repeatedly be with him even though I was well aware of the possible consequences?

All I cared about was momentary passion and now Thomas has suffered a permanent punishment because of it- because of me. I’ll never forgive myself for what I have caused and I’ll never be able to live with the guilt either. Although, I won’t ever forget all of the fun times we had with each other and the love we shared. I don’t care that I can’t remember anything that happened to me before the glade, what really matter are the memories Thomas and I created together.

“So much for walking through those doors and surprising us.” I stated to Chuck as my voice broke, not even bothering to look at him.

I didn’t care how possibly hurt he was now, all I managed to do was look at the vacant maze one last time before tearing myself away from it and heading towards anywhere but here.

My legs carried me to the woods once again to cry alone and away from everyone else just like I had yesterday. But, this time it was so much worse. I couldn’t even see properly with how blurry my vision has become thanks to the non-stop tears. The back of my eyes burned as they cried, but it didn’t compare to the burning in my heart. It carried a weight like no other, a pain like never before. Leaning against a tree and slumping down to the uncomfortable ground, I allowed myself to just completely lose it.

Suddenly, the sound of a twig snapping pulled me out of my own depressing thoughts to look up at the source. Rage and hatrid flowed through my body the second I wiped away the pooling tears in my eyes and came face-to-face with the one person I despise the most, Gally. He stood there in front of me with a disgusting grin planted on his face and I desperately wanted to slap it off.

“What the hell do you want, shuckface?” I hissed, forcing myself to stop crying so he wouldn’t see me so vulnerable and, to my surprise, it actually worked. Mind over matter, I guess.


The word came out of his mouth so naturally that I almost didn’t believe it, it wasn’t until he unexpectedly rushed over to me and lifted me off the ground that the reality hit me. Shockwaves of panic and fear immediately spread throughout my nerves like fire, instantly destroying me in its wake. A terrified and pained grunt escaped my lips when my attacker, all of a sudden, roughly pushed me up against the harsh tree. My body was so shocked with what was happening that I couldn’t even respond, my muscles frozen in place although my mind was screaming desperately at me to fight and run away.

“G-Gally!” I cried, my lips the only part of my body able to react as he gripped both of my wrists with one of his hands and settled it over my head. “Stop! What are you doing?!”

“What do you think I’m doing?” He spat back with a smirk and flashes of horror consumed me.

“You can’t do this!” I shouted frantically, my voice desperate and unstable.

“Why not?” Gally’s black and dark eyes pierced into mine, his icy stare making me feel cold. “Thomas did.”

The mention of his name sparked something in me I couldn’t explain and I, suddenly, felt stronger than ever. My body finally responded​ to the commands my neurons were sending to my muscles. Immediately and harshly stepping down on his foot, Gally let out a yelp of pain and out of instinct, let go of my hand.

“I wanted Thomas to touch me! You’re just disgusting!” I shouted at him with intense fury before sprinting away from the psycho.

“Oh, no you don’t.” I heard him comment and I knew that he was already hot on my trail.

Before I even expected it, I was abruptly tackled to the ground by his forceful body and to say it hurt wouldn’t be a fair description. Adrenaline ran through my veins, but it didn’t matter how much I fought back because Gally was a lot stronger than me. As soon as I tried to scream for help, his hand instantly covered my mouth and stopped me from trying to escape. His other hand grabbed my wrists like before and there was no use in trying to get away anymore, I was completely submitted to Gally’s strength.

I’m disgusting? You’re the whore, not me.” He hissed, tears already returning their posts down my cheeks. “I’m one of the leaders here and my voice is heard, not yours. If you say anything about this, (Y/N), no one’s ever gonna believe you.”

“I will.”

A sudden and familiar voice that didn’t belong to neither me or Gally spoke up from behind us and I immediately recognized it. My attacker’s eyes widened in fear, meaning he also knew exactly whom it belonged to and relief spread through my once terrified nerves when he quickly stood up.

There, standing over us, was the one person I desperately wanted to see the most. His shirt was torn, his shoulder covered in yellow slime, all of his skin painted with dirt, blood and sweat- but he never looked more beautiful in his entire life.

Not being able to handle waiting, my legs jumped up and instantly ran towards Thomas. His arms already welcoming me as I crashed into his embrace. I couldn’t care less about Gally anymore, all that mattered was that Thomas was alive and well. I hugged him so tight because I was afraid he would disappear if I let go, but instead of wincing my boyfriend just hugged me as tight right back. My tears of joy stained his shirt even further, Thomas caressing my hair whilst I cried into his chest.

“Baby, what do you want me to do with Gally?” He asked, the sound of his voice music to my ears.

“I don’t care.” I shrugged. “I just want to hold you forever now that you’re back.”

I didn’t know how it was possible, but Thomas hugged me even tighter and I loved every second of it.

“I’m too tired to kill you, Gally. Just get out of my sight.” He warned, his voice stern. “Go now before I change my mind!”

I tuned out the sound of Gally’s feet crushing grass and twigs as he ran away from us, my mind only focused on the steady pace of Thomas’ beating heart in his chest. He placed kisses on my temple continously and it didn’t help to stop the salty tears streaming down my cheeks.

“I thought I lost you.” I cried.

“Well, I promised you wouldn’t.” He chuckled, his body shaking the both of us as he did. “And I’m not one to break a promise.”

“I’m just glad you’re home with me.”

“(Y/N),” Thomas pulled away so he could stare me deep into my eyes. “You are my home.”

I need you pushing me up against the wall. I need hair twisting. I need waist grabbing. I need hickies lining my neck. I need scratch marks down my back. I need lip biting. I need moaning in my ear. I need your hands roaming. I need bite marks on my thighs. I need your mouth trailing down my chest. I need feeling like we can’t get close enough to each other. 

drabble 002

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oh whoops here’s a drabble that was requested forever ago. not even sorry

You shove Josh against the wall in the bathroom, gripping his lapels in your fists; he grins widely at you, letting out a deep chuckle, giving you a whiff of the whiskey on his breath. Your mouth attaches to his, knocking his head back against the wall with a loud bump. His hands are bunching up your short dress, trying desperately to get his fingers on your skin, but you push his hands away, causing him to break the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” he breathes, as your hands begin to work at his pants.

“I’m not gonna let you fuck me in the bathroom at Tyler’s wedding,” you whisper, slipping your hand down the front of his briefs. “But I’m dying to suck you off.” Josh moans softly, tipping his head back against the wall when your fingers come in contact with his erection. “You want that?” you mutter. “Tell me, Joshua, you want me to suck your dick?”

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“You’re a fucking whore y/n, dancing with Seth like a dirty slut!” Dean yelled at you. You stormed into the bedroom slamming the door in his face, but he caught it and swung it open. He grabs the hem of your shirt and slams you against the wall. You could smell the alcohol on his breath, Jack Daniels to be exact.”Maybe if you paid more attention to me, I wouldn’t have to seek attention from other men.” You yell back.”I’ll show you attention.” He said through his gritted teeth. He pushes you on your back, your dress and his pants piled up next you. He thrusts inside of you without warning, not letting you adjust to his size. You find yourself moaning in pleasure, cursing yourself for letting him he makes you feel pleasure.”Say my name y/n.” Dean demands thrusting in and out of your roughly. You feel yourself getting close and you know he is too.”Say my name you fucking whore.” His pace grows faster by the second.”DEAAAN.” You yell as you cum. He pulls out and releases all over you breasts and stomach, collapsing on top of you.”I’m sorry for. . . “ Dean’s finger traces up to your lips.”SHHH, don’t worry about it y/n, I love you.” He whispers. He flips you so that you are on top of him, rocks you in his arms, humming in your ear until you are fast asleep in his arms.

He and the guys would be waiting in your living room since all of you had decided to go out today.
Clubbing at that.
Sighing slightly at your reflection in the mirror, you tried tugging your dress a little more. You felt extremely self conscious with how short the dress was and wanted nothing more than to put a bag over yourself and call it a day.
Sighing once more you let it go and decide to step out of your room into the living room, which had become oddly quiet.
Looking up from the floor all the guys stared at you, one of them stared more intensely. 
Clearing his throat Namjoon strides over to you and pulls you back into the bedroom, door slamming with a bang.
Looking over you once more he shakes his head, your heart hammering in your chest thinking that he thought you looked ugly.
Pushing you slightly against the wall, he stares into your eyes as a smirk emerges from his lips.
“Baby girl, you’re going to catch all the guys attention tonight. It makes me kinda jealous, just remember all of you belongs to me”

You were getting ready because Jimin would arrive at your door any minute.
Frantically you’d search your room for something to wear, something comfortable since all you guys were doing was watching a movie here.
Literally all the clothes you liked to wear at home were in the laundry so you only had a couple of choices. 
All too revealing.
Looking at the deep v tank top and super short shorts a deep frustrated sigh escaped your lips. You hoped Jimin wouldn’t say anything. Maybe you can just hide under a blanket?
Finishing up you looked yourself up and down before cocooning yourself in a blanket and just as you were done your doorbell rang.
Wobbling towards the door you opened it to come face to face with your beautiful boyfriend, a bright smile already adorning his face as he held up the food excitedly. Letting him in he set the food down and looked at you once more. He questioned why you had the blanket on and playfully pulled it off of you.
Immediately his cheeks became pink and his eyes couldn’t tear away from you.
Trying to cover yourself you could feel your cheeks becoming hot and felt Jimin bring you in close.
“Princess…I’m not sure if I can control myself tonight…you’re beautiful.”

This was your first time ever sleeping over Hoseoks place, literally the first time in your relationship. 
Standing in his room you looked at his bed nervously and down at your bag.
Of course the first time you sleepover his place you couldn’t find anything modest, anything suitable that would cover your overly curvaceous body. 
Feeling insecure you look over at Hoseok who’s sitting in his chair, momentarily distracted by his phone. 
Maybe you’d ask if you could borrow some of his clothes? No but then he’d question why and ask why you had a bad of clothes with you anyways.
It would just make things worse. 
Internally sighing you excused yourself and went into the bathroom to change.
You felt as if your boobs would squeeze out of your top or maybe your shorts would ride up and expose your butt.
You felt so exposed and so insecure.
Walking back into his room in shame you stood there and waited for him to look at you, waited for the worst and then he finally did.
His eyes raked over you rapidly, trying to take in your figure, trying to ingrain it into his mind. 
He’d notice your shyness and how you were trying to cover yourself slightly. Standing up he took your hands into his and tucked you and himself under the covers.
Bringing you close to him, enough so your skin was touching his he whispered how beautiful you were to him.
“Baby, you don’t understand how many women would kill to have your body.”

Here you were dreading your whole existence as Tae dragged you towards the clothes store. The smile on the boys face never once leaving as he looked back at you with the excitement a kid going to a toy store would have.
Taehyung had always wanted to see you try on clothes, he begged whenever he could if you would do it.
It was like a dream of his to this or something like that. Somehow he finally managed to drag you into this damn store.
You felt like running away every time he pulled out a dress or a romper or anything that yelled tight.
You weren’t into these clothes because they showed too much, at least too much according to the shape of your body. Ample bosom and peach like butt made it so that everything fit somewhat too snug. 
You almost suspected that Tae just wanted to see how your body fit in this but quickly shook the thought because even though your boyfriend could be a big of a perv, it wasn’t that bad.
Handing off the articles of clothing to you, you sighed and closed the changing room. Deciding to just start with the plunging romper that exposed too much chest, back and legs. 
Looking at yourself once more in the mirror you tugged at the material. 
Tae was already calling you out, he wanted to see his adorable girlfriend. 
Opening the door to face the music you stood there on display for Tae to judge. 
He stood there mouth open, eyes widening and quickly took you back inside the changing room, locking himself in there as well. Bringing his lips to your ear, his breath slightly hitched.
“Jagiya…so many people could have seen you, only I can see you like this…you’re perfect.”

You knew Yoongi was waiting for you in bed, he was extremely exhausted from the last tour they had and literally had gotten home minutes ago.
All he wanted was to cuddle you and fall into a deep sleep, he said he always slept better knowing you were next to him. 
You loved sleeping knowing Yoongi was getting the rest he deserved but tonight you were a bit nervous. 
You never really did anything like this, you always wore you child like pajamas but something inside you made you buy a tank top + short short combo. 
Now looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror you wanted to remove it and send it back. You thought you looked too provocative for sleep, you didn’t want to send the wrong message and you certainly weren’t comfortable in this. 
Sometimes you wish you had less to show, clothes always seemed to hug your curves to the extreme. 
Trying to calm yourself you walked out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom and slid into bed next to a half asleep Yoongi.
Immediately his arms encircled your waist and brought you close to him, so close you were flush against him. 
A strange noise escaped his throat as he opened one eye and looked at you.
You already knew he knew what you were wearing was different since there was a lot of skin contact. Especially with how much he could feel right now.
Raising his brow a soft smile came to his lips as he kissed the tip of your nose.
“Baby, I love seeing you like this. You don’t know the effect your beautiful body has on me.”

You were laying around on your bed, legs flailing off the side as you watched tv. Jin was in the kitchen preparing some food for the both of you to eat.
He always insisted on making you a meal and sometimes you hate it. 
All the food was too delicious and with how much you ate it you thought it would make your curvy figure even more curvy. 
Pushing yourself off the bed you went to check in on Jin and see if you could be of any help. 
Walking towards your focused and oh so handsome boyfriend you smiled and called out to him. 
Maybe he had been to focused or didn’t hear when you called his name so you called it again, nothing. 
Becoming impatient you poked him on the side, a horrible mistake because once you did not only did you scare Jin but you also made him spill the liquid in the pot.
Not on the floor but all over you.
Your shirt, your pants, everything clung close to your body for dear life.
You were mortified and you could see Jins sorry expression take over him.
He apologized profusely and began to set things down to pay attention to you.
That was until he realized the state your body was in.
Bringing your hands up to cover as much as you could, you laughed nervously as he smiled gently.
“Come on sweetheart, lets get you cleaned up…your body is too enticing. I love the way it looks”

Kookie had barged into your apartment, excitement filling him as he threw himself on your couch. 
He demanded that the two of you went on a date because he missed you even though you saw each other yesterday.
But who were you to say no to this cutie.
You retreated into your room to get ready as he channel surfed the tv.
You wanted to look nice today, something comfortable but also something cute yet not too flashy.
Laying out some outfits choices, you removed your clothes leaving you only in your bra and panties.
As you looked over the outfits you caught sight of your exposed figure in the mirror and frowned slightly, why did you have too much of your assets. 
Why couldn’t they be average sized and why couldn’t you legs look like the ones models have. 
Glancing down at your body, you traced the way your thighs touched, even looking down was hard because your breasts were in the way.
Sighing loudly you bit your lip and tried not to think about it.
Looking back at the clothes you made your decision and just as you were about to pick it up your bedroom door burst open, a bouncy Kookie jumping on you.
Except he didn’t see you weren’t dressed at first, he didn’t see the look of horror that came across your face.
Pulling back he realized his mistake, cheeks instantly reddening as he looked everywhere but you. Which made you feel worse about your body as your eyes became watery. You asked him if your body was so bad that he had to look away.
Immediately he looked into your eyes, sincerity shining brightly as he took your hands in his. Biting his lip he shook his head, brows set with determination to make you think otherwise.
“Jagiya! No! Your body is beautiful!! I love you the way you are, you’re gorgeous, I’m sorry it’s just that if I keep looking our date won’t happen tonight”

GOT7 reaction - their GF surprising them with sexy lingerie

As soon as he sees you all undressed and ready for him he’d lick his lips and walk right up to you. He’d looks you up and down before he pushed you brown on the bed and - well… 😉

“You are driving me wild, baby girl.”
He’d sneak his hands around your waist and *almost kiss you. He takes your hand and pulls you to the bedroom for a closer inspection.

He’d pick you up and wrap your legs around his hips right away and start to carry you upstairs, but he’d be too impatient and just take you against the wall then and there

He’d want you to be waiting for him on the bed when he gets home. He’d crawl on top of you and keep the move intense eye contact of your life as he starts stripping you out of the rest of your clothing

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He’d turn a slight pinkish from shock, but would quickly snap out of it. He’d pull you into an embrace and he’d kiss your forehead and say, “Let’s take this somewhere else.” While he leads you to your room.

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Pervert x2000! He could stop staring if he tried. He’d pull you closer by tugging at your panties, trying to get a little peek of what underneath,

“Oh my god, you’re perfect…”

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He’d freeze for a split second and just pick you up. He has never been one for surprises, but he would gladly make an exception.

“You have no idea how difficult it was being at practice when I could have been at home with you like this.”

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get to know me?

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requested by anon

A Jimin scenario where you two hate one another but also really like each other. You guys argue and its ends up with you pushed against the wall only for both you and Jimin to reveal the sexual frustration hidden inside, if you know what i mean 😉 xx

genre: suggested smut

a/n: sorry, i didn’t real want to write a full blown smut but you get what is implied at the end ig??? please enjoy this anyway(?), this is hella delayed ik I’m very sorry

“Jimin, you fuckin bastard! Where the hell are those papers?”, I shouted as I intruded his cubicle. “Woah, woah, woah, personal space, ___.” “Where are they? The boss wants them and you were supposed to have them done by now.” “They’re right here.”, he replied with a smug look on his face, the look of ‘I bet you thought I’d let you down but I didn’t so I win’. “Ugh, I hate working with you.”, I whined as I walked away from him and towards Mr. Bang’s office. “Same with you honey.”, Jimin called.

“Aren’t you gonna do something about Jimin?”, Jungkook asked me as I stopped by the water fountain. “Not much I can do when Namjoon assigned him as my partner.” “Oh yeah, Namjoon is like your manager, I forget that.” “Why? Cuz you’re also a manager? Why couldn’t you have been my manager?”, I whined. “Soz, it’s up to the boss.”, he chuckled as he left for his cubicle. “___!”, Jimin called, “Can’t I even rest for one second?”

“What do you want dweeb?”, I asked him. “Where’s the form you filled out? It’s nowhere on your desk.” “I already gave it in to Namjoon.”, I told him as I sat down. “There’s me tryna be a good partner and you’ve already done it?” “Jimin, all you’re doing is handing in a form.” “Jeez, can I not be nice for once?”, he grumbled as he made his way to Namjoon. “When will he sort himself out, he’s actually be attractive if he was nice.”

“What’s the I just heard?”, Hoseok joked as he snuck up on me. “You didn’t hear anything, ok? Do not tell anyone especially the devil himself.” “When have I ever snaked you out?” “That time in high school when I liked Junseo, Joohyuk and Jumin to name a few.” “Ok, but I really won’t this time, I swear on my life.” “You better.”

“Why can’t you be nice to me for once? Why do you always have to fuck shit up? In front of the boss as well! Some of us actually want to do well.”, I screamed at Jimin as I left the building after work. “Well why can’t you be nicer, huh? Do you think I try to fuck shit up? I didn’t want to do badly in front of the boss either, it’s not entirely my fault!”, Jimin shouted back at me as he followed me. “What’s the point of being nice to you when you’ve been a dick since I’ve known you, regardless of how good you look, you’re an ass!”, I told him as I searched for my car.

“Hey! You can talk! You’re not exactly ugly, so don’t use looks against me! You just don’t like me because of things you’ve heard through rumours! You never took the time to actually get to know me like Hoseok or Jungkook, you just listened to gossip and formed an opinion based on that!”, Jimin shouted as he pushed me up against a car that was most likely his, he sounded kind of heartbroken. “Is that what this is? You were upset that I never took the time to understand you? To get to know you?” “Of course I am! I actually wanted to be friends with you if not more but you pushed me away time after time because you’ve heard dodgy rumours.” “Well I’m sorry for that, how about I umm… get to know you now? My place? I’m sure I can quickly cook up a meal…” “___, I don’t know where the hell you live.”, Jimin chuckled as he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. “I’ll text you my address but just in case just follow my car.” “___, you don’t have my number either…” “Who says I don’t?”

“Nice place you got, good area as well.”, Jimin commented. “Are you gonna comment on everything Park Jimin?” “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t but that’s up to me, isn’t it?” “Just take a seat and watch something while I cook some ramen.” “How luxurious.” “Shut up there’s nothing else that I can quickly make.” After five minutes I brought out the ramen and placed it on the coffee table in front of Jimin. “How’s this for getting to know each other?”, I asked him. “It’s good but let’s ask each other questions to really get to know each other.”

“Alright, I’ll start. Who’s your best friend at work?”, I asked him as I took some ramen out of the pot. “That would be Taehyung, we went to the same high school. What about you?” “Hoseok, isn’t that obvious?”, I laughed. “Well yeah but I just wanted to ask you that back…”, he chuckled. “Alright, alright, what do you think of the boss?”, I questioned him as I gave him some ramen. “The boss? He’s alright, quite nice compared to my last one. Ok, my turn to ask, this is personal but have you ever had sex?” “Jimin!” “What? I did ask to get to know you better.” “Fine, yes, but never anything really good, everyone I’ve hooked up with has been shit.” “I bet I’d be better.” “What? You?” “Come on, don’t deny that you find me hot!” “I’m gonna kill Hoseok.” “What why?” “Didn’t he tell you I said that?” “What? No, you said that in the car park! Wait, you’ve spoken about me being hot before? See, you have a thing for me!”

“Fine, fine, but you’ve gotta prove yourself.” “Alright, let’s do this right here, right now. Come sit on my lap.” I climbed onto his lap and started to grind on him to create some friction. “Fuck, keep going.”, Jimin muttered as he placed his hands on my waist and his lips on my neck. “Don’t leave obvious marks. We have work tomorrow.” “I’m not making any promises.”, he replied as he started creating lovebites along your neck. As he created marks that were bound to stay you started to unbutton his dress shirt and remove it from his body; this then revealed his toned abdomen. “Like what you see?”, Jimin smirked as rid you off your own top.

“I’ll take that stare as a yes.”, he chuckled as stood you up to remove your skirt. “Hey, no fair, you need to take your trousers off too.”, you laughed once you had snapped back to reality. “I will, calm your tits.”, he said as he lifted his hips to discard his the trousers. “They are calmed.”, you joked as you sat back on top of him and connected your lips with his for the first of many tonight.

No More Teasing

TITLE: No More Teasing


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking up behind you and grabbing you, then pushing you against the wall while he starts rubbing your back. After that he whispers something in your ear that makes you horny as hell.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Another old Loki fic


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100+ Kink Challenge 3

Kink #4: Against A Wall

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 218

Warnings: NSFW.

Listening to Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak. 

Requested by @oriona75, there are going to be a lot from Ori. I’m trying to get one of her’s and @hellahornyvirgin‘s done a day. 

Check out the other fine ass biddies that are doing this with me, @formidablepassion, @madamelibrarian, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, and @when-the-day–met-the-night.

Here’s the post if you would like to request. 100+ Kink Challenge

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