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Throughout all high school this guy and I had a thing. It started my sophomore year and his freshmen year, he was the first guy I ever made out with. My senior year he would catch me in the halls and push me up against the walls and the lockers and make out with me, and we wanted each other so bad, so when I left for college and came back for a football game he fucked my brains out in so many different positions. We went at it for like four hours. He's the best I've ever had. I'd hit it again.

Chapter 2 - Survivors Tribe

Words: 4.6k

Warning: this part does contain smut, but there are breaks so if you wish to skip I have marked them.

Summary: Y/N and Michael are getting all packed up from college to go back to there home for spring break. 

Masterlist Chap one

*Y/N’s POV*

“Hey four eyes!” I heard Amber screech down the corridor, her nasally voice hurting my ears. I carried on walking re-adjusting my glasses with a huff, hating how I always had to keep sliding the back up my nose. I held my books close to my chest and walked towards my dorm hoping that I had escaped the confrontation I have most days with Amber.

“Oi!” She spat pushing me up against the wall harshly. My books dropped out my hand and onto the floor all of my notes floating down the corridor. I went to pick them up but Amber slammed arm against my chest, pinning me back to the wall.

“You know it’s rude to ignore someone four eyes. I know you’re blind but I didn’t think you were deaf.“ Amber flicked her luminous pink fake nails against the lenses of my glasses.

“Well if it’s you, I’m gladly going to ignore your incapability to be polite.” I said, pushing her off me. Amber was a short tempered Chihuahua at most, she always had a attitude and picked on the people who had physical flaws that made them less pretty. She was tall, skinny and too pretty for her own good. All the boys (and some girls) would have to wipe the drool off their chins and pinch themselves to come back down to earth.

She had long bright ginger hair - ironic right?- that flowed over her boobs, her eyes were the type of brown that had no emotion or character and she had the type of body with more ass and thighs than waist and boobs. Amber was the ruler of this college and everyone either feared her or wanted her. Apart from me and that’s why she hated me so much.

She likes to think she scares me but in all honesty the way she treats people as if they were the shit on your shoes and the little, preschool remarks that came out of her mouth made me laugh. How does she think that bullying people will get her somewhere in life? Does she seriously think that rolling up to a job interview with nothing more than the reputation of an abuser, will get her the job. Can you just imagine? ‘In college I was the head bully who made everyone’s life a living hell - especially those who weren’t pretty enough or different from me.’ I shit you not she has got nothing going for her life if she honestly thinks this.

“Aw, look how you’re trying to stick up for yourself.” Amber sniggered but her eyes flashed with uncertainty of what I could do.

“Yeah? You got a problem with that honey?” I snapped, pushing her off me with all the power I had, sending her stumbling back. She looked shocked before lunging at me and snatching my glasses. I growled before squeezing my eyes shut and rubbing my temples in frustration.

“What are you going to do without these?” She teased, her voice annoying every fibre in my body. I opened my eyes seeing the ginger blur, twirling round my glasses and standing closer to me. I leant back against the wall and rubbed my eyes in defeat, sliding down the smooth wall.

“And I’ll be having those ginge.” I heard my best friend say, and I smiled hearing his voice and briefly seeing the outline of his body. I heard Amber sig.h a girlish sigh making Michael scoff and laugh. I felt my glasses being slid back onto my face and I smiled up at Mikey, standing up to my feet with his hands tugging on my arms.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times before letting out a deep breath. Amber was walking down the hallway embarrassingly swaying her hips, in hopes Michael would look but all he did was bend back down and pick the rest of my books and notes up.

“Here we go nerd.” He said, holding them out to me whilst he leant against his dorm-room door, which was next to mine since we were practically joint at the hip.

Oh, yes! Michael Gordon Clifford. My beautiful best friend of 15 years, through thick and thin and today was the last day of college. We were finally breaking up for spring break and we couldn’t of been more excited as we finally get to forget about all the exams and relax. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. He’s been my rock and my sunshine for nearly my whole life and spending one hour without seeing him gets me freaked out.

I giggled and took my books from him before he could hold them out of my reach. However, I did a double take after seeing what he was proudly wearing with his plump lips pulled up into a smirk. Michael was wearing his most  tightest pair of skinny jeans -they were that tight his bulge was bigger than ever and they looked to be painted on- with a leather jacket and one of my favourite shirt he owns. It was had a black base with deep red stripes along it, with hole around the collar revealing his porcelain collarbones.

“You checking me out, Peaches?” He winked before crossing his arms over his chest, his leather jacket constricting against his amazing biceps.

“I always do Rocket.” I smirked at him, leaning back against my door with a raised eyebrow.

“I’ll see you in 5 babe.” He mumbled, licking his lips. He turned around to walk into his dorm room but got his feet caught up together and fell backwards, groaning at the pain. I laughed at him before walking into my room, not bothering to help him up. I plugged my iPhone 6 on charge and connected it with the speaker, ‘Needed Me’ instantly flowing through the speakers.

My roommate had already left for spring break which left my room looking very empty and lonely, but I didn’t mind as I would finally get some peace. I grabbed my red suitcase from under my bed and dropped it onto my bed, unzipping it and opening it. Spring break was only for a couple of weeks and Michael and I have to drive two hours to get to our hometown, Berkley. I didn’t mind the two hour journey from San Francisco - we were students at the School of Arts and Design- as I absolutely adored road trips and so did Michael; we both took our gap year yearly and went on this huge road trip all across America, New York City being our most favourite destination.   It took us at least four months but we loved it and we promised we would do it again after college, but this time we would be going to Australia and Europe.

Walking over to my wardrobe I opened it up, picking up my three pairs of black jeans and threw them in the suitcase, not bothering how messy I was being. I grabbed a pair of ‘MOM’ jeans and threw them ontop of my black jeans, then grabbing my pile of t-shirt’s varying from vintage band tees to floral and dress up shirts. As I went to shut the wardrobe I caught a glimpse of all the flannels I had hidden on the top shelf and I smiled knowing I put them up there so Michael wouldn’t take them back. I basically stole his shirts and flannels and he didn’t care, always telling me he liked the way I was in his clothes.

Michael and I were both single but sometimes we were mistaken for being a couple -most people at the college were convinced we were a couple, and so did the teachers. But Michael and I were just best friends - we are extremely close as we had spent nearly everyday together for the last 15 years. To be honest there was never a time we had a need to be in a relationship but their was this one girl in the fourth grade who followed Michael everywhere. He got so freaked out that in the end he would run and hide behind me, thinking the girl wouldn’t see him.

Even when we got to high school I never looked at anyone with the thoughts of ‘I must be in a relationship with you’ - I was happy with it being just Michael and I. We were so happy with it just being us two that we lost out virginities to each other straight after our senior prom. _

“Oh my god that was amazing! I actually felt like a princess Mikey!” I giggled running up his stair case, my blue prom dress trailing behind me. Michael laughed following behind slowly, trying to keep steady. When we got to the top of the staircase I looked up at Michael with my left eyebrow raised and my arms crossed over my chest, making my boobs pop out of my dress even more.

“I f-felt like.. a princess too,” Michael sarcastically said, hollowing his cheeks and doing the duck pout. I knew Michael was trying not to look down at my boobs by the way he stuttered and embarrassed himself on purpose.  I laughed walking into his room, grabbing his hand and pulling him behind me.

“Help me un-do it.” I sighed walking us over to the mirror. He nodded and stroked over my shoulders, kissing one of them before licking it playfully. I squealed at the wet feeling and brushed him off as we looked at each other through the mirror, his eyebrows raising then wiggling them. I giggled and rolled my eyes, stroking down my body my hands feeling the soft material of my dress.

It was a subtle arctic blue colour, matching my eyes and complementing my skin colour; I think that’s why Michael liked it too as it gave my deep caramel skin a slight glow. It was strapless and had a loose, flowing bottom half with a delicate white strap around my waist. My hair was straightened and curled slightly at the bottom which made it seem a lot longer, with a small white flower placed behind my ear. I was wearing my favourite piece of jewellery which was a wolf’s tooth on a silver chain that dipped between my boobs, resting perfectly on top of them. It was my first kill when my Papa took me into woods near Christmas time.  

I heard the zipper being pulled down at the back, the cold metal running down my spine. I cupped my breasts as Michael pulled the dress down from my hips, his fingertips touching the bare skin of my thighs. He tapped my hips making me step out of the dress pooled around my feet, the sound of my heels echoing around the room.

“Well this is a beautiful view,” He smirked at me after hanging up my dress on a coat hanger. His hair was messy and his moss green eyes were bright under the moon.

“Mikey!” I whined until he passed me one of his tops that I slid on. I walked over to him and pulled on his tie whilst winking at him, but I stopped when I struggled to undo it but I cheered and fist pumped the air when i got it off his neck. He laughed at me and pushed off his blazer, putting it on the chair next to his desk. I jumped onto his bed as he undid his shirt, rest my head in my hand and staring at him.

“I can’t believe high school is finally over.” I mumbled before sitting back up and grabbing the makeup wipes I keep at Michaels. I took my fake eyelashes off and started to wipe away all the products from my face, Michael watching me silently with fascination lighting up his face.

“And yet, still we’re both virgins.” He laughed half heartedly but I ignored him as he said it rather quietly - as if he didn’t want me to hear. He pulled off his shirt revealing his pale tummy and the illegal tattoo he got done only a couple of months ago when we had way to much to drink at a house party.

I turned to the side after taking my makeup off and grabbed my contact box, taking them out and placing them in the box with the antibacterial liquid they soak in.  I took my 'indie’ glasses out of their case and put them on, adjusting them so they sat comfortably on my nose and grabbed my dog-eared book.

Michael was finally left in his grey 'Calvin Klein’ boxers so he climbed on the queen sized bed, his brown fringe messy and sweeping across his forehead as he fell onto his back, his head hitting the plush pillows. I opened up my book and leant back, Michael quickly moving over to me and resting his head on my boobs as he looked at the book. Michael and I didn’t live together but my Papa and brothers were out of town this weekend so I stayed with Mikey not even bothering to ask as I was at his most of the time anyway.

“What you reading now Peach?” He hummed, burying his face in my boobs and laughing.

“The fault in our stars,” I chuckled at him and nudged him out of my boobs, “The movie comes out soon and I have to read the book before I watch the movie.“

"Does that mean you’re dragging my ass to the movie?” Michael was finally settled, his head still resting on my boobs but his arm thrown across my waist, his fingers running along the top of my panties.

“Of course I am.” I laughed, using one hand to keep the book open and the other to play with Michaels hair, wrapping the curls at the nape of his neck around my fingers. After that I felt like I had read enough and Peter Van Houten was doing your head in with how rude he was to Hazel, I placed the book down on the side and looked down at Michael. He was staring off into space and now pulling at the lace material of my panties.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked softly as he sat up, his muscly back facing me and his hair curlier than usual.

“Nothing babe.” He smiled looking back at me. I gave him the 'who do you think you’re talking to’ look and he sighed, looking away from be and back to the window.

“I’m so tired of being a virgin and all my friends not,” He mumbled running his hands through his hair.

“Michael you shouldn’t be pressured into loosing it because your friends are, you have to loose it when you’re ready,” I moved closer to Michael, my legs spreading around him and I wrapped my arms around his torso, kissing in between his shoulder blades.

“That’s the thing Y/N, I am ready.” He whined, lolling his head back onto my shoulder. “Maybe girls don’t want to fuck me because ’m ugly and-”

“Michael Clifford, stop right there!” I said moving out of my position behind him to straddling his lap and holding his face in my hands, looking at him straight in his eyes. “In no way are you ugly! You’re my beautiful best friend and I wouldn’t have you any other way! Girls may not fall at your feet at the moment but fuck me, they will when they realise just how attractive and loving you are! Girls are still experimenting with jocks who fuck them anywhere they want! They do not understand about love and compassion yet!” I spoke with so much passion that I hoped he would believe me because it was all true. He was a masterpiece and he couldn’t see it.  

“Also, I’ve seen your dick and there is nothing to be ashamed of, girls are just shy you know.” I mumbled, realising that I was sat on his crotch. I heard him gulp as we both looked down at how close we were, our attention more on his dick beneath my lace covered core.

“What a-about you?” Michael quickly asked, playing with his fingers nervously.

“My virginty?” I questioned, he nodded and finally placed his hands on my hips. “I don’t know, I feel like if I met the right person I’d definitely be ready.” I smiled, wiping my thumbs under Michaels eyes. I placed my forehead against his and closed my eyes, listening to our breathing patterns and focusing on the feeing of Michael rubbing my hips, his thumbs dipping under the lace material.

“What if-” He started, pulling our chests even closer. "What if we..er..like-“

"Had sex?” I finished. It’s not like I hadn’t thought about it because I have; I love Michael, I don’t trust anyone as much as I do him. I rested my nose on his giving him a eskimo kiss then kissing it with my lips.

“So do you want to?” He questioned worriedly.

“I’d like that,” I smiled “But no kisses.”

“Ok, so should we like get a towel or like something because you might bleed?”

“I think thats a myth Mike” I laughed, pushing his shoulder. He flipped us over and laid above me, as I ran my hands up his tummy and rested them on his shoulders. I folded my knees for Michael’s body to slide in-between as he kissed my jaw softly.

“I have no idea what I’m doing..” He laughed giving up on kissing my neck, his hot breath fanning against my skin.

“Just grind” I moaned, already feeling his frustratingly hard dick against the place a needed him most. Michael obliged and started rocking against me, the friction making me gasp and throw my arms over his shoulders. He sucked onto my neck, licking and nibbling gently on the skin, knowing it would leave a mark.

Michael started to grind down harshly and I felt his hard bulge push against my clit which sent tingles up my body. The feeling was so strange as I’ve never felt such an intense pleasure in that area. Michael let out a whimper, his teeth sinking softly into my shoulder as his hands crept up under his band tee to my boobs.

“May I?” He said looking at me. I nodded quickly and sat up so Michael could pull my shirt off, and throw it to the floor. Michaels eyes widened at the sight of my boobs, a smirk making its way across my face as I silently thanked my genes for giving me big, perky boobs.

“Can I touch them?” He whispered, his tongue darting out and swiping across his lips. I ran my fingers over my boobs and tweaked my nipple watching Michael’s eyes watch my every move. I don’t know why I was being so confident since I’d never done this before but the look in Michael’s eyes told me to carry on. I grabbed a hold of Michael’s tiny hand and placed it on my boob. It was when I felt Michael’s dick twitch above my pussy and his hand squeeze my breast, I realised that I was sat straddling him, my wet panties pressed against his hard dick.

“Shit Y/N..” he moaned. I placed my hand onto his and I ran his thumb against my nipple tweaking it. Michael shut his eyes and his mouth dropped open as he pressed and swiped over my nipple. I groaned and threw my head back then fluttering my eyes closed the feeling of Michaels soft lips press against the skin near my nipple, one of his hands wrapping gently around my throat.

I placed my hands on his shoulders and started to rock our hips together, the hand that was wrapped around my throat was now on my back and pushing us closer. Our moans were mixing together beautifully as the pieces of clothing separating us were getting wetter by the second, Michaels dick twitching uncontrollably and the feeling of the veins on his dick made my mouth water.

“P-peaches, wait..” His breathing was laboured so I stopped grinding and he took his hand off my boob. “I feel like I’m going to cum if we keep doing this.” I covered my mouth laughing and sat back on his thighs, giving us some personal space. I stroked down Michael’s hip and fit my hand under the waistband of his boxers, tugging on them for him to take them off. When they were off and his deep pink dick was flushed against his pale skin, the thick tip leaking out pre-cum I reached my hand towards it and when my fingers brushed against it, Michael hissed and screwed up the blankets in his fists.

“Unless you actually want to loose your viginity I suggest you don’t touch it..” He growled, staring right at me with darkened eyes. I just ran my finger over the tip collecting the pre-cum, I looked at it on my finger and poked my tongue out licking it. It was a salty texture and I could feel the saltiness in the back of my cheeks making my mouth dry out slightly. Michael looked at me worriedly but I smiled at him still sucking on my finger.

“Taste nice?”

“Surprisingly alright.” I winked and licked my lips. I tucked my fingers under my panties and sat back pulling them off my legs, Michael swallowing thickly and grabbing my knees. He stroked down separating my legs and bit his lip once he saw my pussy, furrowing his eyebrows when I tired to clamp my legs shut again but he quickly slid his naked body between them.

I opened his bedside table drawer taking out a condom, it was a blue one and it was one his dad gave him as a joke when he opened his birthday card. I felt one of Michael’s fingers run over my folds and I gasped clutching the foil packet before tearing it open with my teeth. I threw the wrapper in the bin and threw the the latex condom at Michael, getting impatient with the wait.

“How do I put this on?” he questioned.

“You don’t remember the condom on the banana lesson?” I asked suspiciously - how can he not? He hit on the teacher the whole way through. Michael pinched the tip of the latex and put it on his cock rolling it down his length, then moved forward so his tip was poking my entrance hole.

“It’s going to hurt you right?”

“Keep talking dirty to me Mike..” I chuckled. He sniggered, stroking my thighs and looking into my eyes, his green eyes shimmering down at me. I grabbed a hold of his hand as his other hand gripped his cock as he pushed into me. I let out a hiss, shutting my eyes and digging my nails into Michael’s hand as he pushed his tip in. He stopped but before he could say or do anything I spoke up.

“Go all the way Clifford.” I whined. Michael pushed in and I ran my spare hand through my hair, my jaw clenching together and my teeth gritted. Michael squeezed my hand, rubbing circles with his thumb as he kissed my cheeks softly. I could feel his dick stretch and the condom rub against my walls which gave me quite a tingly, full feeling.

“This feels so fucking good you have no idea..” He groaned in my ear.

“I really don’t.” I breathed out, just wanting to feel something good.

“Does it still hurt?”

“A little.”

“Should I start moving?”

“Please!” I whimpered. Michael sat back up grabbing my waist. He pulled his cock out until the tip was shown. He pushed back in and kept at a slow pace. I bit my lip, feeling him move inside me. The pain slowly faded but the condom was causing friction on my pussy lips. I awkwardly shuffled up and bent my legs, Michael moved with me pounding his dick into me at the angle. He nibbled on my jaw, both of us giggling at the slightly awkward angel but that was forgotten when Michael moaned loudly into my neck.  I bit down onto his shoulder as my fingernails ran down his back, definitely leaving marks.

“I don’t think I’m going to last.” He huffed out as I pulled on his hair, loving the feeling of his lips against my neck. I moved my hips into his, there was a sound of squeaking and I looked down. The condom was smothered in my wetness and was squeaking against my pussy, causing Michael to groan and I to laugh softly. He pushed up my legs and I watched his cock thrust into me, the twitching of his dick telling me that he was ready to come.

“Mikey, babe just cum for me..”

“I can’t cum without you!”

“Just cum Mikey!” I whined. Michael shut his eyes pushing into me and came, his mouth wide open and his bunny teeth on show. His tongue swiped across his lip and I felt him fill up the condom. He stilled inside me and rested his head on the top of mine.

“Best. Feeling Ever.” He slyly smiled, pulling out his cock slowly. He rolled off the condom, careful not to spill anything and tied it up then throwing it in the bin.

“You didn’t cum?” He looked at me with worry.

“It’s quite normal apparently Mikey.” I smiled, pulling him down into a hug.

“Let me make you cum Peaches..” He whined, stroking his hand down my belly.

“Honestly Mikey, it’s okay.” I reassured him and nuzzled into his chest.

“Ok but I promise you I’ll make you cum whenever you want!” He whispered and bit my cheek playfully as I giggled. Even though I didn’t cum and get the feeling most girls talked about, I still felt like a fucking princess.

My thought train was interrupted when their was a loud knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I shouted over the music, 'Controlla’ coming to an end.

“Pizza man, duh.” I rolled my eyes and walked over to the door, smiling when I saw Michael standing in front of me.

“Oh but I didn’t order pizza, sorry wrong dorm” I smiled sarcastically, shutting the door on his face. I heard him gasp and push down the handle walking into my room as I went into the small bathroom, which was literally just a toilet a sink and a mirror. There were showers down the hall, but they thought they put toilets in peoples actual dorms for some reason.

“You’re not ready?” Mikey screeched, looking around the messy room in a panic.

“Nearly, just getting toothbrush and make-up!” I grabbed my bathroom bag and placed all my make-up into it. I zipped up the bag walking into the bedroom where Michael was putting my white blanket I kept under my pillow into my suitcase.

“Even after all these years you keep it on you?” Michael laughed but started to fold everything neatly in a mad rush.

“Of course, its my blanket!” I pouted like a child. He shook his head at me putting it at the top of the piled clothes, grabbing my toiletry bag and slipping it in as well.

“Is that everything?”

“Yup!” I said popping the 'p’ and tying my wild curls up in a bun. Michael shut the lid and tried zipping it, his grunts and swear words showing his difficulty.

“Can you put your fat ass onto it so it will shut?” He smirked but I punched his shoulder as hard as I could and jumped on the suitcase, closing it shut.

“So violent, Peaches” He moaned, rubbing his arm then zipping up the suitcase. I jumped off the case and turned all the lights off, looking around the room and sighing as Michael pulled down my suitcase.

“C'mon Y/N, we have to head off so we’re home by seven.”

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How was your first time with a girl. Story ? 🙏🏻

Omg the first time with my gf was 😭😍🙌🏼 we weren’t dating yet it was just under a month before we were official but we had been friends for about 3 months and “talking” for like a couple weeks and we were in my bed watching Netflix and she thought we were just there to watch tv and I was like READY FOR SEX. and so she asked to kiss me and then it just went from there’s And holy fuck it was amazing I orgasmed 4 times I like couldn’t believe it that was totally new to me I knew I had to date that girl. But the best part was when I was walking her out after and she pushed me up against the wall after and just kissed me. Man I love that girl

I want to talk to you so badly it’s filling up my chest and pushing it’s way up my throat
every fucking word I say is about how I want you underneath me with your hands on my skin
your lips on my neck
your hips against mine

i want you so much it makes me sick sometimes
I can’t stand when we’re in the same room and you act like I don’t even exist when all I want to do is push you against the wall and do things that’d make the devil blush
but honestly this is the last time I think we’ll ever speak to each other and you’re the only thing that I ever have nightmares about now.

—  Daydreamsss– lily rain


“Shh,” he said softly, the darkness that surrounded us barely letting me even get a glimpse of his face. My mind was frazzled, thoughts crashing at a million miles a minute and I watched with big eyes as he flicked his head to peer around the both of us before pulling me over to the back of the building. Pushing my body up against the wooden slatted wall, my back hit it with a generous thud. I was stunned, my mouth hanging open in stricken silence as I darted my large eyes over the tiny portion of his face that I could see within the pitch black.

He had let go of my elbow, his fingers sliding off my skin as he laid his palm to the wall right beside my head. My stare flicked to the corner of my eye, just catching a glint of the silver Rolex that he had strapped to his wrist and I wanted to both roll my eyes at his utter transparency and literally melt into the feel of his body as he leaned himself into me.

Slowly looking back up at him, I was finally able to lock my eyes on his, my heart picking up its pace in my chest as his face sat flush with mine. He was so close, so close he could’ve stolen my breath if he wanted to. If I had actually been breathing.

The heat between us was almost unbearable, the front of his body just barely brushing against my own. I was squirming, my knees practically buckling under me and I could tell by the smirk that was etching across his lips, that he very much noticed and was quite pleased.

“Hey,” he breathed out, those half lidded eyes filtering down and settling on my slightly parted mouth.

I swallowed hard and nervously wet my lips. “Hi,” I mumbled back and I wanted to scream at myself at that mediocre reply, but honestly, that was the only thing I could even form on my unusually dry tongue.

He huffed out a chuckle, cocking his head to the side. “I’m Niall.”

“I-…I know who you are.”

Niall raised his brows at me, his stare settling back to mine. “Oh is that so?”

Pulling in a breath, I nodded my head. “I’m Ca-”

“Kitty Cat.”

My brows knitted harshly. “Huh? No, it’s..it’s just Cat-”

“I know what it is,” he said, his accent thick as he cut me off once again, “but I’m gonna call ya kitty cat. ‘Cause to me, you seem real soft and sweet…” The air stalled in my lungs as his darkened eyes swept down the length of my body, my stare fixated on the way his tongue was rolling perfectly in his mouth. Feeling him inch closer to me, he gripped his free hand around the side of my neck with his thumb resting at my jaw and quickly pushed his cheek against mine, just resting his lips to my ear. “And I bet that pussy of yours really knows how to purr…”

My eyes fluttered and my mouth dropped open at his choice of words as the soft nudge of his nose just at my temple and the subtle slide of his thumb against my skin, made my body fall weak. I wanted to give in. I wanted to so fucking bad. The wetness that was clearly building up between my legs making it harder to deny by the second.

Shakily moving my face towards his, my dangling hands slowly began to rise up from their lax position at my sides as I attempted to grasp around his waist, his nose sweeping down to brush at the side of mine. With my eyes falling closed, I sucked in a jumbled breath as he used his thumb to gently raise my chin, my lips more than anticipating the warm press of his. Almost like clockwork, the sudden scream of kids running past made us both practically jump out of our skin.

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15 rogers

15: “You really think you can beat me? That’s cute.”

Classified Location  |  05:13 A.M

.    .    .

You woke up as soon as you heard rustling from beside you and your eyes flew open to see someone digging through their pack, they pulled a pair of tac gloves out and you rolled onto your back to see the form of Steve hovering at your hip. 

He nodded his head at you and mumbled, “Mornin’.”

“Anyone else up?” you asked quietly, pushing yourself to sit against the wall of the abandoned building your unit was occupying in the Middle East. Your pack rustled noisily as you tugged it from beneath you and you stiffened, looking over the sleeping figures of the men and women that occupied the vicinity.

Steve slapped the gloves onto his thighs and small plumes of dust rose around where they connected to his pants, leaving light smears on the dark material. He never answered you and you understood it was because you were capable of figuring that out, which you did.

“You going on patrol?” You eyed Steve’s movements, the muscles in his arms flexing as he slid the gloves on to his fingers, and you were silently hoping he was so you could accompany him and get some time to yourselves.

Steve’s stormy gaze latched onto yours and the corner of his mouth quirked up, nearly hidden by the clean dark ginger beard on his face. His dirty blonde hair was smoothed down with a quick swipe of his hand and that hand was suddenly outstretched towards you. You clasped your fingers in his grasp and he tugged you up, before patting your shoulder and flicking his head towards the staircase that lead downstairs and out the building.

“I’ll wait for you downstairs,” he said quietly, before turning and grabbing his gear. Steve clipped the vest on and grabbed his rifle, disappearing through a walkway that didn’t lead him through everyone else that was asleep. 

You quickly got ready and picked up your gun, adjusting the grip, before you woke up your buddy Hernandez. He nearly sprang to his feet, but you held his shoulder and shushed him. You quickly explained about going on patrol and how he was on watch, which he grumbled about, but eventually got up to do anyway.

Once downstairs, Steve straightened from leaning against the wall and he adjusted the rifle in his hands. He asked, “Ready?”

“Yeah,” you huffed, stepping out of the building behind him and quickly going through a routine sweep of the street before relaxing and walking beside him on the empty road. 

You were happy to be out of earshot from everyone and questioned, “This is the longest undercover mission we’ve done, huh?”

“I think the one where we were roommates and living in Boston was our longest,” Steve clarified, squinting his eyes against the rising sun that had finally peeked over the distant cliffs and stretched an expanse of gold and orange across Steve’s handsome profile. The sky faded from a haze of grey to a burst of pinks, yellows, and reds eventually going to recede into a definite sky blue.

You snorted and bumped your shoulder into his. “You didn’t have to grow a beard for that one.”

“I didn’t!” Steve chuckled, “I did have to dye my hair, though. I stained the shower floor with that brown color.”

“Your pillowcase was stained brown, too,” you laughed.

Steve was grinning and you both turned left, weapons raised in caution, but you both eventually relaxed. His smile faded and his brow furrowed, the sudden change arising a slight worry in you, but he eased that with a soft remark, “I miss the Team.”

“I do too,” you sighed. “I wonder if Sam is fed up with being paired with anyone but us now that we’ve been gone for like two months.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.”

You thought of what the welcome home would be like after spending the full five months as a Special Ops militant and that’s when you said, “I bet I’ll eat more of Sam’s cheeseburgers than you. It’s all I’ve been thinking about for the past two weeks.”

Steve scoffed, “You really think you can beat me? That’s cute.

“It won’t be very cute when I’m finishing off the burger you had on your plate.”

“On va voir,” Steve smirked.

You paused when he suddenly turned to you, his gloved fingers curling around yours and his vest was brushing against your radio strapped to your chest. Steve’s face was close to yours and his eyes were searching.

“You know we can’t–”

Steve silenced you with his mouth, his soft lips pressed against your slightly chapped ones in a chaste kiss, but just as you sensed him beginning to pull away you reached up and grasped his face to force him closer. Steve grunted softly and you felt him begin to smile when you ran your fingertips over the soft hairs of his beard. You hadn’t been able to touch Steve in two months and to hell with rules, because you were going to kiss your husband like your life depended on it.

You both finally pulled away and Steve breathlessly said, “I can’t wait until we’re back in New York.”

“Why?” you panted, knowing the answer but wanting to hear it.

“So I can lay you in our bed and make love to you.”

“Is that what you call it?”

“And what would you call it?”

Not that.” 

Steve chuckled and cupped your cheeks, brushing his lips over your forehead and you leaned into him. You both then retracted and put on your masks, concealing who you both really were with a simple shift in demeanor, and with your return the unit was ready to move out and finish sweeping the abandoned city.

ashton would be all about that Good Lovin™ he would always be showing you new somo songs and his voice would get softer and his hand would end up on your thigh and you knew what he wanted to do while listening to the song, and he knew you liked to have his hands grip your arms as he lightly pushed you against the wall so he’d always make sure to do just that, and he’d wanna please you first every time, no matter how needy he was… don’t get me wrong he could definitely get rough (after all, we all know what his biggest kink most definitely is 👀) but you’d always know deep in your mind that no matter what the two of you were doing, he was always doing it to make sure you felt more excitement and pleasure than ever before

Jealousy (g.g.)

▹Short Imagine 

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We were at G’s album release party.  I stood at the bar while the bartender was preparing two whisky neats.  I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, automatically thinking it was Gerald.  

“You look great tonight” The voice says

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Cupcakes (Anthony Ramos x Reader)




This is literally my first smutty thing I’m sorry world

Triggers: Smut

Ship: Anthony Ramos x Reader

“Oh, fuck me!” You shouted as you were pushed against a wall, lips attacking your neck while hands unbuttoned your blouse. You didn’t remember how you ended up here but damn did it feel great.

Sighing, you eyed the clock above the door. Only 15 more minutes until you could go leave work and meet you boyfriend at the theatre where he worked. You frowned, leaning against the counter and placing your head in your hands.

You heard a chuckle next to you and glanced over to see your coworker and friend, Robin, looking at you from where they wiped down the counter. “What?”

“You look so bored.” They looked up and it clock, which hadn’t seemed to move. “Why don’t you head off early? It’s not that busy and I’ll cover for you.”

You perked up a bit at the suggestion. “Really? Are you sure?” They nodded and you pulled them into an excited hug. “Thank you! You’re amazing.”

They laughed. “As long as you know. Tell Ant I said Happy Birthday.”

You chuckled and nodded. “Will do.” You went to the staff locker room and grabbed your purse and jacket, sliding the jacket on before making your way back to the front. “Thanks again.”

“No problem. Have fun.” You nodded and with that, you stepped out of the cafe into the cold fall of Manhattan, New York. It was the day after Halloween but it seemed the city transformed over night. Halloween decorations had already been taken down and people were already starting to hang up Christmas decorations. You smiled and you started down the street, looking around. You had always been in love with the city and stepping into a cupcake shop, you remembered all the beautiful memories you had made since you moved here, including the hot day you walked into a crowded pizzeria on 46th St to get a soda last year and met a certain freckled man. After tripping over his words a bit, he invited you out for coffee the next day.

Smiling at the memory, you payed for a chocolate cupcake and left to make your way to the theatre. You walked up to the stage door and knocked, smiling as the stage door manager opened the door. “Hey, (Y/N)!” They greeted as you stepped in. “You here for Anthony?”

You nodded. “What song are they on?”

“They just started Who Tells Your Story”

“Thanks!” You smiled at them and made your way to the dressing room Anthony shared with Daveed and Oak.You set your purse and bag with the cupcake down on the coffee table and layed down on the couch, using Daveed’s Thomas Jefferson pillow for a few minutes until the boys came into room.

“Ayyyy! (Y/N)’s here! Its lit!” Daveed shouted when he saw you, pulling off his beige coat. You threw his pillow at him, causing Oak to laugh and give you a high five.

Anthony walked over and leaned down, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “Hey babe. I like the the skirt.”

“Hey Papí Ramos.” You smirked, using the nickname you and Robin came up with as Daveed and Oak started cackling. “Happy Birthday. I brought you a cupcake. I am going to wait for you guys to get changed outside, okay?”

Anthony chuckled and nodded, a bit red. “Alright.”

“See ya in a bit Daddy Diggs, Father Oak.” You winked as you stepped outside. You greeted the crew and cast as they passed by, some- like Javier- stopping to talk to you and catch up.

After about 15 minutes, Daveed and Oak stepped out of the room, Daveed fistbumping you. “See ya in a bit, Mommy (Y/N).” Oak said, walking off with Daveed. You chuckled, walking back into the dressing room as Ant was pulling on a shirt.

“”Hey, everyone’s going off to eat and chill before tonight’s show so its kinda just us.” He said, giving you a cute smile. “Is that okay?”

“Its awesome.” You grinned, picking up the bag and pulling the cupcake box out. “Tada!” You sang softly as you opened the box.

“What, no candles?”

You faked a gasp. “I find your lack of faith in my discouraging! Check my purse.” Opening your purse, Anthony pulled out a small box of birthday candles. “I can’t believe you doubted me.”

“I’m sorry, mamí.” He apologised, taking out a candle and sticking it in the candle before going to get a lighter.

“Damn right you’re sorry.” You mumbled as he lit the candle and then sat on the couch. “Wait, why the hell are you sitting down?”

“So I can be comfortable?” He answered, slightly confused.

“Nope.” You shook your head. “You’re standing up so if I decide I want to smash this cupcake against you, I won’t mess up the couch.”

He chuckled and nodded, standing in front of you. “Alright, alright. Better?”

“Much,” you said, before holding the cupcake in front of him with both hands. “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to my weird yet still sexy boyfriend. Happy Birthday to you.” You smiled as he laughed and placed one hand over yours to blow out the candle, allowing the other to rest on your hip.

“Thanks.” He pulled his hand of the cupcake, accidentally getting some frosting on his finger. “Oh shit.”

“I got it.” You said, quickly placing the cupcake on the table and taking his finger into your mouth, sucking off the frosting. He watched you, keeping his hand on your hip. He wasn’t sure what it was but something about this was getting to him and it showed. Looking up, an idea popped into your mind and took his finger out of your mouth. “Is everything alright Anthony?”

“Y-yeah. Everything’s fine, babe.” He stuttered out, causing you to smirk and wrap your arms around his neck.

“Sweetie,” You whispered, leaning up into his ear. “Everything’s not fine, is it? You’re really hot right now, aren’t you?” You pulled away and looked at his red face. “Poor Papí R-” You were cut off as he pulled you into a feverish kiss. “Oh, fuck me!” You shout as he pushed you against a wall, kissing your neck harshly as he unbuttoned your blouse. Or attempted to at least.

“Dammit!” He shouted as fumbled again, finally getting the shirt off before hiking your skirt up and picking you up. You wrapped your legs around his hips and grinded into him slightly, drawing a groan from him, making you grin. “Fuck. You’re a cheeky little thing, ya know that?” You hummed and rolled your hips against his once again, getting another groan out of him. He brought his lips to your neck again and began kissing, leaving marks here and there. You brought your hands up, placing one on his shoulder as the other tangled in his hair. You were about to roll your hips again when you felt him moved your soaked underwear and slide a finger inside of you.

“Oh, fuck me Anthony!” You shouted, gripping tighter as he wiggled his finger around in you slowly.

“I’m trying to.” He mumbled against your neck, adding a second finger as you bucked against him. “God, I need you. Now.”

“Please.” You pleaded.

He nodded. “Couch.” He set you down and immediately start unbuckling his pants. You wobbled a bit before turning to lock the door. “Good idea.” He said, pulling off his boxers, revealing his erection.

“Yeah, I happen to have a few of those. Lay down.” Anthony raised an eyebrow. “You heard me. Lay down.” He chuckled and did as told, placing his head against the armrest, not wanting to get on your bad side.

Tiptoeing across the room, you picked up a belt that was hanging on a hanger.

“(Y/N), what’s that?” Anthony asked as you walked back over.

“Hush…” You glared slightly at him before bringing his arms over his head and wrapping the belt around his wrists and a coat rack next to the couch. “Bite me.”

“I might.” He threatened, glancing up at his bonds as you went over to your purse and pulled out a tube of lipstick. “(Y/N)?”

“Didn’t I say hush?” You asked over your shoulder as you made your way to the mirror. You leaned against the table and turned so you could still see Anthony squirming behind you before you opened the lipstick with an audible ‘pop’. Anthony turned his head toward you and it took all the power in you not to smirk as you carefully began applying the dark red cosmetic. “What’s wrong, Anthony?” You rubbed your lips together carefully before puckering and shooting him a wink through the mirror. His eyes widened slightly and he watched as you slowly unzipped your skirt. You made your way over to him and kneeled down, pressing a kiss to his cheek, pleased and a tad smug when you pulled away when you saw a mark. “This is going to be fun…”

You began pressing kisses down his neck and torso, recoating your lips whenever it would begin to fade. You stopped once you reached his base and glanced up. “P-please.” He whimpered.

You smirked and bit your lip, bringing your face up to his before slowly shaking your head. “Nope.” You pecked his lips and stood up, picking up your blouse and skirt before redressing. You picked up the cupcake and took a bite, turning to Anthony. “This is good, want some?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He glared back.

“Suit yourself!” You grinned, taking another bite. “I’m gonna go join Daddy Diggs and Father Oaks. Bye!”

In 2x03 Spencer tells Melissa about a bully who picked on her in the playground. And how the next day Melissa pushed the girl up against a wall. Melissa denied the story say she didn't remember it. TELL ME HOW COULD MELISSA AND SPENCER BE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TOGETHER IF MELISSA IS REALLY 7 YEARS OLDER??I THINK MELISSA IS THE OTHER DRAKE!

i need him to fuck me so fucking hard ohmygoooodddd i need him to have me pushed up against the wall with his hand on my neck and the other grabbing my ass, grinding his cock against my thigh while he devours my mouth and tongue. I need him to push me down on my bed and rip my clothes off and fuck my ass until i cant take it anymore, i wanna cry his name and scream into my pillow while he ruins my asshole. God i fuckjnf want him so bad.

A Long Beginning Or A Long Goodbye

I’m packing up this apartment and I want to think about the things that have changed and the things that haven’t. The last time my bed sat unmade, not pushed against a wall, covered in the intimate artifacts of my life – you were sitting on it too. There was the start of something here, in this 100 year old house. There were exciting things about to happen to me that I couldn’t even see yet, but that were big and would expose the way my life could be bigger than I had counted on. 

Things are going to change again – it’s not just the move. I can feel the way that some things are over and other things are just starting even if that’s all still in the ether. There’s a goodbye in the air, but I can sense the start of something, too – all unformed. Greetings waiting for the occasion to be born.

What I remember about being in this apartment with you is the way that things felt romantic in a way I hadn’t known before I could feel. Not lovey – but full of excitement and beautiful things, and the feeling of being a good person who understands things in the world in the company of an equal. That was something I hadn’t been brave enough to hope for, and it happened, which means it will happen again. 

When I left Big Sur this year I prayed for two things: to take the right things with me and to leave the right things there. There was a healing to that party summer week at the beach – to be around the kind of smart, talented, good people that sometimes feels scarce. The east coast has no shortage of smart, talented people and the midwest has no shortage of good people – but it seems the west coast (at least, north of LA) can have all three. 

A lot of life is waiting for the other shoe to drop. You wonder a lot when you will be rich enough, be appreciated enough, have all the things you want and feel all the satisfaction you want. And if you get there, you will invent a way to feel dis-ease so that you can continue to anticipate and daydream instead of the Sisyphean task of attempting to be whole in the impenetrable harshness of imperfection. 

But it’s about to be September 1st and I keep thinking about this Bukowski line about how time is always running out on us in every way. 

There is the brave hello of change, the irreversibility of a year lease and the intimidation of a rent payment I can’t just scrape together, ad hoc. There is the goodbye of this place, of familiarity – of a ghost, yours, who still takes up space here. There is the courage of acknowledging that good things end before their time, and live on too long in your memory. These are the things I want to take with me, these are the things I want to leave here.