push me away

kittymitty2100 asked:

I have a friend and I've told you about her before, she follows you. and all this past week she has been complaining to me about how much she hates her life and how depressed she is and then so like a good friend would do, I tried to help her as much as I possibly could as I could not bare see her go through this, since I know how it feels, yet she just pushed me away last night and hates me now and never wants to talk to me again and blocks me off eveything all because I wanted to save her life

honey, you can try and help…but if they honestly don’t want it or they refuse it..there’s nothing you can do.  she has to want help.

anonymous asked:

So my roommate and I have been friends for a long time. We've dated numerous times and we sometimes make out. A LOT. But I lost my v card not to long ago and I can't tell him but I feel like I cheated on him even though we are not dating.. Does it make me a bad person that I did that and now when he tries to get near me I push him away..I just feel like I messed everything up in my life just by having sex that one time...

No, you’re not a bad person, and you didn’t cheat. You established you weren’t dating and actually had a loose and open relationship. Many people have these types of relationships and it’s normal, natural, and fine!

And if it affects you this much, have you considered you may actually consider him as more than just a friend with benefits?

- damegreywulf