push boundries

borderline nightmares

- message delivered
- message read
- when ur fave “needs space”
- when ppl pick on u for being dramatic
- when u just gotta
- explaining splitting to nt friends
- anyone finding ur journal
- when ppl ask why youre “copying them”
- when ppl ask why you are “so clingy”
- when ppl say they will listen and stay and ur like o god i know it isn’t true but u still end up believing the same bullshit
- when u cant help but forgive people who have pushed u passed ur boundries and fucked u over
- when u cant feel
- when u can feel
- when u wanna disassociate but ppl wont stop talking to u
- when u cant stop disassociating
- disassociating during lectures/class/tests
- “tell me about yourself”
- “whats your sexuality?”
-“ha! every1 does that… ur normal dont WORRY”

Fic Recs

For those who keep on asking about what I recommend, here are my favorite smuts! I’ll update this as I read more, but these are definitely the ones that make my insides twist and raise my brows- AKA my favorite ones. Keep in mind I totally love a lot of the other works by these writers but these are my absolute favorites. Enjoy the list!

Business by @btssmutgalore

This fic by Dee is my favorite work by her by far, the pure filth and cumplay being absolutely riveting. Dee does an outstanding job as always, and in this story featuring Jungkook and Taehyung, it’s no exception. Definitely something to recommend if you’re into pure filth, cumplay, and dirty talking. No romance involved. After all, it’s just business.

Unexpected by @noona-la-la-la

One of the first smut works I read on Tumblr, and it didn’t fail to impress me. The events are certainly unexpected, and it does play in with the fear some may have for fetishes or kinks they might be ashamed of, which I think this fic does a great job of portraying, especially in making Yoongi’s- and everyone else’s- personalities so flawed and real. It truly tests trust, and does an excelent job at diving deeper than pure filth. The angst is definitely something this fic does outstanding on.

Watch Me by @ellieljade

Not enough words can be used for her brilliance, but this fic most definitely had my eyebrows raised and my jaw dropping as I read this. Typically  Namjoon fics have him as excellent Daddy material, but seeing this new side to him was refreshing in so many possible ways. I was murmuring ‘oh shi’t repeatedly at this absolutely genius smut.

Ignored Warnings by @avveh

Definitely one of the sequels I’m most looking forward to by the queen of rough sex, and fellow name twin, she does a great job at showing how both parties’ get off on acts that others would be perhaps horrified by, and my brows were practically disappearing into my hairline as I read this. The aggressive and almost terrifying nature of Jungkook’s dominance, with the slight violence that would make some think of actual abuse, did a great job with pushing the boundries of the norms in smut, since usually they don’t cross this line, and Emily absolutely mastered it. It awakened something in me that I would’ve never found pleasureable or enticing until I read it, and I haven’t looked back since, admittedly. Easily something that makes my cheeks glow red simply thinking back to it.

Room for Dessert by @avveh

The rough sex queen is back at it again, and another one of her Jungkook fics completely enticed me in a way that was so simple, and yet utterly filthy at the same time. Easily one of my favorite series yet, and the amount of pure filth in this definitelyhas me awestruck. It’s hard trying to switch back to thinking of Jungkook in a light different than dominant, especially after reading this. She definitely earned her two fic spots on this list.

In Bloom by @tayegi

I’ll admit, I wasn’t really a big fan of werewolves or that concept. I thought it was overused and the typical Twilight shit. Until I read this. And let me tell you, my world flipped. Never before have I been so obsessed with wolf!au, but how she writes her archnemesis, Jungkook, (yeah, she hates Jungkook, but fuck she’s good at writing him) had me absolutely mindblown and transfixed. Lu, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

I Hate You, I Love You by @jungblue

This really made me love the best friend aus, and the angst is real. Jungkook screws up, but I like how human she makes the characters, and this is one of those rare fanfictions where I did feel a bit of emotion. An outstanding job done by Tay! Definitely one of my favorite works by her!

Melomaniac by @jungkxook

One of my favorite pieces from the Moonbin loving writer. I can appreciate a good bad boy cliche once in a while, and this one is definitely a great work that I remember her for. Cockiness might not be the best trait, but damn can it be sexy when pulled off the right way. Alyssa does a great job with this, and her works are truly beautiful.

House Rules by @jeonjagiya

How have I not included my favorite work by my girl Iris? Not only is this oneshot something I could picture my future marriage to be like (JK I’ll never find love) it is absolutely AMAZING! Don’t read if you like pot roast a lot. This fic does well in showing pent up frustration, the torture of being held out on, and the anticipation and teasing. Definitely my favorite work of hers, and it got me fucking crazy when I was in teh middle of a diner. Thanks a lot, Iris.

That’s all I have to recommend for now, but those are my top favorites so far!

NCT-U/127 Reaction to you hugging them braless whilst wearing their shirt

 I didn’t do this for Mark and Haechan because they’re minors and I know this isn’t really smut, I just feel kind of weird writing anything vaguely sexual/suggestive about them, sorry! Thank you for the request, and I hope you like it! 


I can see Taeil being awkward, finding it distracting for you to be wearing so little, but wouldn’t be shy about pointing it out and asking you to put more clothes on. If you were comfortable and didn’t want to he’d probably be able to put up with it, but would have more restrained and careful skinship with you. 

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 Upon realising how little you were wearing, he’d be shocked at first - awkwardly removing his hands from around you in fear of pushing your boundries. As long as you made it clear you were comfortable, and he was too, he wouldn’t mind you hugging him and being close to him. I don’t think he’d be like others and get turned on, but might be glad that you felt comfortable around him. 

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 Other than a few jokes, I doubt he’d say much about it. If it was just an innocent hug, he’d probably hug you back and tell you how good you looked in his shirt. I can see him enjoying you wearing your clothes, so he’d probably just like watching you go about whatever you were doing, not making any moves but giving you compliments every so often.

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He’d likely get turned on, you being physically close to him wearing so little. He might make a move, even if it was just making out, as long as you were comfortable with it. I feel like he’d be satisfied with just making out (or more if you wanted to), finding you too distracting to hold back from expressing how much he enjoyed you, and appreciated your body. 

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 This boy would probably make comments about you stealing his clothes, telling you he’d buy you more if you needed them as a joke. He seems like the least to be phased about you not wearing a bra, maybe a bit shy at first, but if you’d been dating a long time he’d probably get used to it if you prefered to not wear a bra sometimes and gladly hug you back. 

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 I feel like he’d turn shy and blushy, his usual confident attitude becoming more bashful when he felt you hugging him. He’d probably be pleased you were wearing his shirt and enjoy how you looked, but wouldn’t say much about it. If you started to get changed or seemed like you were going to, he might pull you back and just enjoy holding you and feeling close so you got the message he liked how you were dressed. 

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 He’d probably not care too much, as long as you were comfortable. He might make a comment, jokingly asking you if you were cold or something, but as long as you were in a more private or intimate place and there weren’t people around, he’d be glad just to spend time with you when you were most at ease.

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 Winwin might be a bit oblivious at first, just hugging you back and enjoying the skinship. However, as soon as he noticed you were only wearing his shirt he’d get shy, probably blushing and trying to avert his eyes. Depending on how long you’d been together, he might be more comfortable, but otherwise might leave you alone for a bit until you got the message and put some more clothes on.

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Secretly fattening.

Because there’s always lot of talk right now, and anger torwards secretly fattening up your partner, I’d like to give some better tips on the subject.

1. This seems to be a fairly common kink in feedism, but like all avtivities between rep people, consent is paramount. So Start off by talking about this kink with your partner. Awe if it’s something they would like to try.

2. Did they say no? Stop right there and forget it. If they are into it, you should probably talk about boundries. What and when is acceptable? What is everyone’s limit? Those sort of things.

3. Play in a way that is within your partners boundries; don’t push them, and stop if they are no longer comfortable. If you want to try some new thing’s, talk about it first.

Domestic Jooheon

request: can i have cute domestic life with jooheon pls and thx
note: this is one of my favorite things to write shhhhhh + it’s so long pls forgive

— Confessing he likes you
- you and him have been friends for years
- going to arcades together
- watching that new movie he insisted on seeing at the cinema
- eating ice cream at three in the morning because neither of you can sleep
- but suddenly,,,,,
- he started to notice how adorable you looked when you pouted because he wouldn’t give you a bite of his food
- now he wants to pinch ur cheeks and he doesn’t understand
- or how bright your smile was when you got the stuffed animal out of the toy machine
- or how, even if it was just because of a movie, he hated seeing you cry
- or how cute you were when a good song came on and you started dancing all wonky
- that’s when you started to notice the little gestures he made
- like how he opens every door for you
- or how he starts offering to pay for your lunch
- or how he points to a puddle before you can step in it
- “i know you love your shoes. i don’t want you to ruin them.”
- or that one time that you fell asleep while studying for your exam & when you woke up there was a blanket over your shoulders and a cup of coffee
- after years of friendship, jooheon wouldn’t really be scared to tell you that he liked you because
- it’s jooheon
- but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make it cute
- smh he’d probably tell you on your birthday or something
- you and him would go to this cute cafe and he’d get a slice of cake for you
- awe he’d put a candle in it
- aight so this is what would happen
- he’d give you the cake and when you took a bite, he’d smile and tell you that you look beautiful
- you’d stop eating to give him a weird look
- “thanks… are you gonna eat some of this?”
- jooheon would just sit there with the cutest damn smile and his chin on his palm
- “no, i’m okay. eat up.”
- after a couple minutes of watching you eat, he’d pull the cheesecake away
- “i want to be with you.”
- “okay, so, why’d you have to take my cheesecake to tell me that?”
- “i’m not giving it back to you until you let me take you on a date. deal?”
- and that’s how it started. :)

— Boyfriend Jooheon
- he’s the biggest advocate for hand holding
- it’s not funny
- when you do something cute, he kisses your hand and laughs
- takes you on late night adventures
- “we’ll just ride the bus and we’ll get off on whatever the third stop is.”
- takes you to hole in the wall resturants
- he still comes over to your house to eat ice cream with you
- sends you cheesy songs with a “it made me think of you”
- when you put your head on his shoulder, he melts
- shares headphones with you when y'all are on a bus
- makes funny faces at you in the mirror when you’re watching him practice
- shownu has texted you multiple times to tell you how jooheon constantly talks about you
- one time, i.m. texted you to ask if jooheon was a good boyfriend
- turns out it was jooheon
- doesn’t mind when you put your feet on him
- offers to paint the nails on your dominate hand because he knows how frustrated you get
- buys you guys matching shoes
- but cute kinds
- loves laying on the grass with you while looking at the stars
- he’s very thoughtful as a boyfriend
- never pushes your boundries
- his heart melts when you ask to do the things he likes
- kisses your nose & your cheeks
- the first time you asked to go to six flags, his face dropped
- “w-why would you want to go there?”
- tries to talk you out of going on a roller coaster
- randomly brings you flowers
- buys milkshakes to share with you
- drinks 78% of it
- gives you a cute nickname (like shortstack, or something cute idk)
- he just shows up at your apartment with lil cute things that he thinks you’d like
- “jooheon, you brought me a seramic frog… why?”
- “the saleslady was just too good at her job.”
- the absolute biggest advocate on beach dates
- omg he packs some bomb ass food for you
- he thinks it’s the cutest damn thing when you drag him towards the water
- sometimes you two are the definition of loud
- sometimes you two just don’t talk
- but it’s never awkward
- when he proposes, he proposes right
- he schedules a lunch with your parents to ask them for their blessing
- when they say yes, he tears up
- the ring he buys isn’t one of the huge rings with eight diamonds
- it’s more of the nice sized diamond with a silver band
- very elegant and beautiful but not over the top
- oh my god listen,,,, i hate to be THAT person
- but i feel like jooheon is the kind to propose at Disney World
- as soon as you guys get to the Magic Kingdom, he’d ask someone to take that cheesy couple picture in front of the castle
- you know what i’m talking about
- and he’d whisper for them to record a video instead of taking a picture
- he’d walk over and tell you to pose while he has the ring ready to bust out
- “OOOOOH BABY LISTEN let’s jump at the same time i’ll be in back & you be in front”
- while you jump, he’d drop to one knee & open the ring box
- “jooheon, you have to jum- oh my god”
- then he’d have a speech
- goes something like this
- “i couldn’t be more grateful for the years of friendship you’ve given me.”
- “because of you, i’ve wanted to become the best man i could possibly be and, through your endless support and constant love and amazing cooking, i believe i’ve become that man.”
- “i want to spend the rest of my life with you. spend the rest of my life taking care of you, supporting you, making you as happy as i can. you’re the love of my life and i’ll do everything in my power to show you just how much i love you.”
- “will you marry me, (whatever nickname he gave you)?”
- oh my god i didn’t think i was going to write that much about the speech oops

— The Wedding
- i usually don’t do this but i really want to wjxidjakbckebsjdn
- when he almost saw you in your wedding dress, he flipped
- he does not what to break that tradition. ever.
- he wants a big wedding because he wants “everyone to see this beautiful moment”
- he had the rest of monsta x as his groomsmen
- when you come down the isle, he cries like a baby
- whispers “i do” so gently
- cups your jaw as soon as he hears “you may know kiss the bride”
- he reALLY wants to do the guarder thing
- maybe he got lost
- he knew what he was doing
- but he finds his way to somewhere else
- when you try to lowkey push him away, ya know cause both of y'alls families are RIGHT THERE, he grips your hips and holds you down
- you end up with three hickeys & bruised hips
- when he comes out from underneath your dress, he’s smiling like he just won a million dollars and you’re sweating
- didn’t mean to make that saucey oops
- he dances more with the kids than with you
- he told you that he won’t go to the reception unless their is a milkshake bar
- when it’s time for him to go, he’s gone
- he wants to get to that honeymoon
- on the plane to y'alls honeymoon, he’s mentally fighting himself to keep his hands to himself
- every now and then, he kisses you neck and whispers a lil sumthin
- when you finally get to the hotel, he throws the luggage down and throws YOU on the bed
- don’t expect to go anywhere the next day
- he spoils you even more than he usually does on the honeymoon
- takes so many beautiful pictures of you
- you take so many beautiful pictures of him
- and he does not hesitate to ask strangers to take beautiful pictures of you two together
- he starts the scrapbook on the plane ride back home

— Husband Jooheon
- prEACHES to the other members about your cooking
- when you make spaghetti, he throws noodles on the ceiling
- backhugs you when you cook
- does aegyo to convince you to get him seconds
- insists on having “sides” when it comes to the bed
- but loves sleeping on YOUR side
- he likes to be the little spoon every now and then
- feels horrible when he comes home from a late practices and you’re asleep
- loves when you let him lay in between your legs because you always end up playing with his hair and he’s the biggest sucker for it
- tears up when you two are looking for houses and you say, “well, we should have 3 bedrooms, so we can have room for kids.”
- insists on carrying you across the threshold
- tears up after he sets you down
- always keeps the house stocked with groceries
- makes you eat breakfast every morning
- constantly asks to play a board game
- buys so many damn throw blankets for y'alls house
- he takes such such such good care of you
- sometimes the boys stay over at the house and it’s so cute
- when christmas rolls around, he falls in love with you all over again
- he loved decorating the tree with you while Michael Bublé blares
- peppers kisses all over your face and says you taste like hot chocolate
- thinks How The Grinch Stole Christmas is the actual funniest shit
- he fuckin loves matching fuzzy socks
- speaking of matching,,,,
- y'all have nice ass matching outfits
- it’s not cheesy matching
- it’s more like people see you and know you’re together
- he really tries his hardest to convince you to put a TV in the bathroom
- when you said date night and panda express in the same sentence, he fell even harder for you
- never let you go to bed upset with him
- fights rarely happen between you two but when they do,,,,,
- he leaves for a while so he doesn’t say anything he regrets and when he comes back, he wants to talk it through
- he tries to see it from your point of view
- so the fights usually end very quickly because both of you try to take the other side’s story into account
- but when fights DONT end, he’s still very considerate
- sleeps on the couch, takes only his pillow, uses a spare blanket, etc.
- okay, no more about fighting
- kisses your forehead in the morning and laughes because he loves how pouty you are when you’re sleepy

— Dad Jooheon
- when he finds out you’re pregnant, he uncontrollably starts to cry
- he immediately peppers your face with kisses and gently kisses your belly
- “you have another human right there! does it tickle?”
- he takes such good care of you
- if you want ice cream, he gets you ice cream
- if you want Chinese food in the middle of the night, he’ll get you that Chinese food
- if you want a Caesar salad with marshmallows, he’ll question you but he’ll still get it
- one time you pranked him and said
- “jooheon… i just really want some sand. something about sand seems really appetizing.”
- he immediately felt your forehead to see if you were sick
- “i… i don’t think that’s very healthy, y/n”
- tells you how beautiful you are every morning
- thinks you look so good in maternity overalls
- it’s deadass his favorite thing to see
- he learns how to put your hair in a ponytail and a bun and a braid because you told him that it’s getting kinda hard
- when you go into labor, he’s very calm
- he helps you into the car and makes sure you remember to breathe properly
- never once lets go of your hand
- he focuses on making sure that you’re okay before he checks on the baby
- when he firsts holds the baby, he’ll cry and laugh and be in absolute awe
- he was sure that you were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen
- but looking at that baby laying in his arms, he swore that he’d never seen anything so beautiful
- let’s just say you two had a girl
- chases that little booger around the house
- “baby, how does she have so much energy? i don’t understand.”
- when he sees his little princess cooking with her momma for the first time, the biggest smile ever appears on his face
- he blushes when she plays with his earrings and pokes his dimples
- gets so damn mad when someone says she’s in her “terrible twos”
- “terrible? what the hell does that mean? she’s amazing! did you mean terrific twos? what’s wrong with you?”
- has pictures of her and you in his wallet
- melts when she asks him to read her a bedtime story
- gives her the cutest nickname ever
- never misses a PTA meeting
- n
- e
- v
- e
- r
- shyly asks if he can take her to school sometimes
- enrolls her in everything so she has multiple opportunities
- okay, i have to stop because i could write about him being a dad for the rest of my life

— Saucy Jooheon
- likes leaving hickeys in only places he can see
- he won’t tell anyone this but
- he likes it when you play hard to get
- jooheon doesn’t mind working for what he wants
- he loses it when you pull his hair
- teases you under the table at dinner even if you’re in public
- “open your eyes, baby.”
- on special occasions, he takes everything slow and keeps it meaningful
- other times, i feel like he’s rough
- a big advocate on thigh riding
- or riding in general
- he’s fine with either
- not boring, but not way way out of the box, ya know?
- he keeps things spicy but he doesn’t do weird shit
- loooooooves it when you suck on his fingers
- after you both finish, he kisses you and it’s filled with passion
- then he drags his thumb across your bottom lip and whispers that he loves you
- always wants to cuddle afterwards
- okay that’s all

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anonymous asked:

Why isn't there an ice cream flavor that asks what kind of person you would date?? I only want to know for uh... science??

For science huhh? You’re so sneaky~💗💕

I’m not interested in dating anymore if I’m honest, but I have things I’m definitely attracted to? *taps my chin*… Dom(inant) personalities are a big one 💦..Someone who dresses nice, keeps clean, and smells GOOD ugh…maybe a tease? Can be serious. Grabby kind of..and someone who can control my bratty side when it pops up. Im like a cat where I push boundries…so a person who can reign me in by taking charge is essential. POWER PLAYS UGH 💗💦 to let me come to them too. I-I also love to be adored/treasured (s-shh) so body kisses and… Biting……m-marking is a guilty pleasure.

Im a huge romantic w/ a thirst for ideals but,,, I’m also,,,maybe too much? Plus I’m friendly to everyone so I’m not really right for dating it feels. j-just ignore me …

Friendly reminder to the minors on here

Internet arguements are kinda dumb, and you shouldn’t force yourself to interact with people that make you uncomfortable. If you ever feel like you’re getting overwhelmed, take a break. ESPECIALLY if you’re arguing with an adult. Your health should always come first.

Don’t push yourself beyond your boundries for people you don’t even know. They most likely don’t deserve it. And hey, that’s pretty much WHY the block button exists, no?

Stay safe.


“Because of our adult empathy skills, we can relate to how this feels and think that it looks very cruel. What we have to understand is that girls are making sense of relationships by playing with them, by pushing the boundries, by testing the limits, by getting to understand it. And this is a developmental process.”

The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds

And THIS is what pisses me off about the way this show has handled the Sam/Franco situation: continously, they have Franco ( and sometimes Liz on Franco’s behalf) push Sam’s boundries and unless she caves in and let’s them in in ways she isn’t comfortable with, she’s the “bad guy”. Sam shouldn’t have to share any information or even talk to Franco if she doesn’t want to. Liz’s “oh come on” attitude pisses me off because of all people Liz should understand how, even years after it occured, the psychological scars from being sexually assulted linger. And no, i don’t give a rat’s ass that Franco “didn’t really rape her”. She thought he did along with everyone else so the psychological damage is the same.


She’s never going to let it die.

2p!Romano (Flavio) Headcanons

-When he was younger, before Luciano appeared, 2p!Rome spent a good deal of time tying to train him to be fit for war-and failing. Once Luciano proved the fighter of the siblings, Rome basically abandoned him, ignoring him most of the time except for when he had to use him as an ‘example’ to ensure Luciano’s training went without flaw.

-Luciano idolized his grandfather and belived that nothing Rome did was wrong. Flavio, on the other hand, knew that Rome was abusive and that what he was doing-teaching his grandchildren to be ready for war, leadership, and conquering by treating them like adult soldiers-was harmful. He, however stayed mostly silent; both from fear of Rome’s temper and fear of losing his brother’s support.

-As a result, he often sought companionship from his people. Many of the village women took him in and treated him kindly, so after a while he took a liking to admittedly feminine things; dresses, beautifully coloured fabric, gossiping about someone behind their back. He took comfort in the gentle hustle-bustle of everyday life, whereas men scared him because they reminded him of his brother and grandfather.

-Despite this, many fostering him quickly realized that he wasn’t growing much, no matter how many years passed, or how long he went without food. He soon became more of a background liability than anything else.

-As a result, when Austria and Spain came to divide Italy between the two of them, he attempted to save his people from foreign rule by trying to convince them that he was useless and that Northern Italy was much more valuable. He instantly regretted his words, and has tried to apologize to Luciano several times, but Luciano wouldn’t forgive him.

-He enjoyed himself at Spain’s house because that was the first time a nation actually cared about him, though somewhat distantly. Spain found him annoying, and would push him away when he got clingy, but, for the most part, let him get away with whatever he wanted.

-He learned how to bleach his hair while at Spain’s house. He did it because he wanted to stand out from everyone else, even though he got yelled at for it.

-Reunification with his brother went badly. When he met Luciano for the first time after Austria took him away, he was stunned by how cold and violent Luciano had become. He didn’t learn anything about what had happened there until much, much later, when he slipped in to Luciano’s room while his brother was changing and saw the whip scars on Luciano’s back.

-He’s immensely sorry for all the times he’s abandoned Luciano in the past, and keeps trying to make it up to him by being a better brother. Alas, he’s not the best at it.

-He calls Luciano 'Luci’ unless he’s being serious, and is the only person who has gotten away relatively unscathed. Luciano usually just calls him 'Romano’ while in buisness situations, and doesn’t use his human name unless he’s trying to talk about a more personal matter.

-He’s pansexual biromantic. He will (and has) sleep with anyone he knows well enough, but is only romantically attracted to Spain.

-He’s a major flirt.

-Part of the reason he’s so loud, fussy, and extravagant is because no one would pay attention to him otherwise. He realized at a young age that because no one payed attention to him, he could literally do anything he wanted, and he’s been pushing that boundry ever since.

-He’s afraid of Germans after what Austria did to Luciano (Austria has since changed; near the end of his rule over Northern Italy, Luciano murdered him in his sleep, which to 2p! countries is essentially a reset button). Despite this, he has a weird friendship with 2p!Prussia. He is, however, still wary about 2p!Germany, as he has a lingering suspicion that Lutz may be the mysterious Holy Roman Empire that broke his brother’s heart.

-His friendship with 2p!Prussia is based off the fact that both of them are alone and invisible to the rest of the world. Though he sometimes acts scornful while in Gilen’s 'house’ (really East Germany now), Gilen can see right through his act and sometimes comforts Flavio when Luciano’s temper gets particularily horrible (like when he brings up 2p!Rome).

-He can’t draw particularily well, but give him a fine bolt of cloth and he’ll design an amazing line of clothing out of it. He loves fashion.

-Flavio is often called gay, most of the time as an insult. Usually, he just rolls with it, but he has to make sure to keep it a secret from his brother because Luciano gets pissed (he still loves his brother, even if he doesn’t realize it).

-He gets along well with women because of his love of gossip. In short, he’s a lady’s man.

-He has a mild fear of blood that Rome couldn’t quite beat out of him; he cringes at the sight of it and usually avoids touching it, much to Luciano’s distaste.

-He doesn’t like violence; his greatest weapon is his voice. Flavio is a master of persuasion.

-Despite this, he isn’t afraid to use a gun.

-He likes being in power, but doesn’t insist on it. Most of the time, he’s Luciano’s backup, something that he doesn’t entirely mind. He keeps the morale of the people up, while Luciano does the dirty work.
-He’s the more loved of the two siblings, though most consider him annoying.

-For the most part, he’s pretty cool headed. If he gets angry, though, he’s extremely dangerous. Rome’s training wasn’t entirely wasted on him; he’s just as deadly as his brother when provoked.

-He’s not too fond of pets, but has a soft spot for small, cute animals like cats and rabbits. Every once in a while, he keeps a few birds like finches or budgies for some company. He’s been known to occasionally arrive at Luciano’s doorstep with a misfit band of stray kittens behind him.

-Touch or harm his clothes in any way and he will destroy you.

-Both he and his brother have contacts in the Mafia, but find it distasteful. Flavio doesn’t like the violence or the attacks on the people he that he considers under his protection, whereas Luciano sees the different gangs as threats to his own power.

-He’s kind of a bitch to people he doesn’t know very well, but is a mom friend to those he’s close to.

-He claims he’s proud of how tall and strong Luciano is, but will subtly wear heels to give himself a height boost.

-His eyes seem to have a shifting range of colour, but the most commonly seen version is silver (reference to how he’s second-best to everything). Most of the time, they’re hidden behind his rose-tinted glasses.

-He’s one of the few 2p!countries not afraid of Luciano, despite getting stabbed a couple times when Luciano was particularily pissed.

-He’s rather emotional, despite being an expert at hiding it, and has been labeled a bit of a crybaby.

-His relationship with his first player is a bit complicated. He tends to find Lovino rather brash and irritating, and Lovino sees him as an annoying bitch, but he doesn’t hate him or take offence the same way Luciano does when he sees Feliciano. He’s more resigned to the fact that the 1p! countries are better off than their 2p! counterparts, which is what upsets Luciano the most (as he sees himself as stronger than Feliciano).

-He likes to tease his brother, and will occasionally become obsessed with memes that he finds particularily funny.

-He has a harsh, cold side that comes out in times of dire stress. No one dares to mess with him when he does that.

-His weapon of choice is poison.

-He gets along surprisingly well with Oliver (2p!England) and Allen (2p!America), much to his brother’s displeasure.

-He tries extremely hard to get people he admires to like him, but often ends up failing in the end.

-Theme songs: Pity Party, Soap (Melanie Martinez), Bubblegum Bitch (Marina and the Diamonds)

(I have a huge soft spot for Flavio. He really is a very interesting character once you get to know him)

Rock the Cradle of Love

@iamthemaskhewears I hope this is what you wanted, I loved writing this one because it pushed my boundries and made me better as a writer. Thanks Sweetie!!

Warnings: Age difference, Dean being an idijit, Sweetness, Extreme Fluff, little bit of angst, dorkiness is the name of the game

Dean and Reader

Word Count 1426

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         Dean Winchester was an amazing man, under his tough exterior he was a teddy bear. Our last hunt was a doozy to say the least, the demon we were hunting was a higher up demon, one of Abbadon’s followers still trying to go after Crowley. I agreed to stay at the hotel while they went to chase it down. I was always better with research than actual fighting, in some ways I was smarter than Sam.

         Dean had text me, letting me know that they were on their way back, I had met the Winchesters early on in your new lifestyle. Dean and I have been together almost one year, at first Dean didn’t want to be with me because of age difference. I was 26 and he was 38, you understood, but your mother always taught you that age was just a number.

         Now almost a year later, you were both happy, and taking care of one another. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard the door open to see both boys come in, a little roughed up, but good. “Hey babe” He didn’t even pay you any attention, what did I do wrong?

         I got up to hug him, but he just rushed back out saying he was going to get some beer and pizza. ‘Something is definitely off’ I thought to yourself wondering what you could’ve done to make him upset. “He’s not mad at you, the demon really got under his skin about the two of you and the age difference” “I can’t keep fighting him because he’s not happy about the age, maybe I shouldn’t be here anymore”

         Sam sighed and shook his head, “No you can’t leave, you need each other” I was about to argue when Dean had come back in with pizza and a six pack. He sat on the couch, as far away from you as possible, I shook your head and sighed. “I’m going for a walk” With a sigh I grabbed my hoodie and went out into the cold winter air. I walked around the parking lot getting out your tears before you went back in.

         I then decided to head back into the room, I opened the door and walked in. I didn’t say anything except change into my pjs and crawled in to just forget the day.

         Over the next week, Dean stayed away from me as much as possible and having a midlife crisis, he did everything to make himself look younger. You shook your head at the stupidity in his choices. I decided to go away for a couple days, however you haven’t driven in so long and your car wasn’t running anymore. You wish you could take the impala, however you really didn’t want Dean to know you wanted to take off.

         I decided to move your things into a spare room, you couldn’t take his attitude anymore. Dean hadn’t noticed me gone at first, as he started to figure out what was wrong until he started to notice your things were no longer in your shared bedroom.

         I grabbed the keys to baby and decided to try to drive, Dean wouldn’t be happy but you really needed to go to the grocery store. I grabbed the keys not seeing the boys anywhere, I got out in the garage and got into baby. I was completely lost right away, I loved classic cars but never got taught how to drive them.

         Right then you heard a knock on the window and turned to see Dean standing at the passenger door. I shook your head, not wanting him to get in. Well, he got in anyway, “Where are you going?” I couldn’t argue, so I got back out not wanting to deal with an argument right now.

         “Come on y/n, what’s going on?” I scoffed at his idiocy, “Really Dean? You’re the one ignoring me! You won’t talk, or touch or even look over at me! How am I supposed to feel??” I was crying now, I was tired and worst of all I had a secret that could chase Dean away forever. I walked back to the garage door to back into the bunker.

         I felt a hand grab my arm and spin me around, “I’m so sorry! I should have never done that ok? I let that demon in my head and just couldn’t just figure why an angel like you is with someone like me” I scoffed and shook my head “Dean how many times do I must tell you?? I love you! I don’t care about age, and you deserve to have love just as much as anyone else! I’m done having this argument.”

         He pulled you to him and just held you as you sobbed into his chest, “May I ask why you were leaving?” “I needed to pick up a couple things” “For today I will take you, then tomorrow I will teach you how to drive baby ok?” “Yeah that works” He leaned in and kissed you, I was so angry but that all dissipated when I felt his lips on mine.

         We pulled up to the local grocery store, telling Dean you would be with him in a moment. You went down the Women’s aisle and found two different brands of pregnancy tests, I hid them in my basket hoping Dean wouldn’t notice. After that I went to frozen foods and picked up some ice cream, frozen veggies, and frozen pies. You met Dean up front and paid for your items.

         He went to call Sam asking if anything sounded good to bring home, you then handed her the tests and paid quickly for the items. Before you knew it, you were on your way back to the bunker. “Is there something you want to tell me?” “Not that I know of” “Why did you buy two tests then?” My eyes widened and started tearing up. “You’ve been so distant lately and I just had to be sure before I made a decision” I felt the car pull to the side of the road and Dean got out. I got out and looked at him and immediately felt bad because of the tears rolling down his face.

         I cupped his face and wiped the tears off his face, “I’m so sorry sweetheart, if I had known this I wouldn’t have been an ass” I started shivering in the winter air. “It’s okay Dean, the minute you kissed me you were forgiven” With that I kissed him again and got back into the car because I was beyond cold.

         He got back in the car and we headed back home to get things taken care of. We pulled into the bunker garage and Dean started showing me different levers and what did what. I was on purposely messing up to just get him flustered. He figured out what I was doing, and gave me a look to just run. I squeaked and tried to get out but he was too fast, he pulled me against him, tickling me, I was laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face.

         We finally decided to get out and make dinner, and to also find out if we were going to be parents or not.

Dean POV

         After we ate together, she went and got her things to put back in our room. I still feel like shit that I made her feel that way. “I’m going to take the tests and then we’ll find out” she had a nervous look on her face, I however went over and kissed her. “Whatever it comes out, I will be here always. She left the room and went to the bathroom, while I went to the desk in the room and pulled out the ring I bought.

         It was a promise ring, I wish we could get married, but since legally we are deceased, I figured this was better. After about ten minutes she came back in with tears in her eyes, she nodded. I have never been so happy in my life. I got down on one knee and promised to always love her with everything I had. She laughed and said yes immediately, “So you want to keep teaching me how to drive baby?” “Only if you behave and listen”

         She started laughing hard and shrugged her shoulders. “Oh, that’s how it’s going to be!” She giggled and bolted out the door as I chased after that. Life couldn’t be any better…

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Is BBC Sherlock Coming Out?

Watching the pre-season BBC Sherlock, S4, promotional material seep out, and the answering fan excitement in TJLC fandom, is such a heart-stopping moment in television. The JohnLock Conspiracy being the idea that Moffat and Gatiss planned, from the start, to make John and Sherlock, eventually, canonically queer and in love, and to believe that that is where their BBC version of Sherlock is headed.

Older LGBT+ folk like me (Gatiss’ generation) have lived with queer subtext for a long time in the movies, for instance Ben Hur (1959), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Some Like it Hot (1959) and Gatiss’ favourite, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970), to name just a few which affected me as a youngster. This subtext was subversive when out LGBT+ people’s stories were simply impossible to tell on screen, often inserted by queer writers and complicit actors under the noses of the studios (which either didn’t notice, or didn’t care because it was covert or played for laughs).  Remember, that “sodomy” was a felony in every state in the United States before 1962 (punishable by imprisonment or hard labour) and it took until 2003 for it to be struck down in all remaining states, and homosexuality was only decriminalised in the UK in 1967.

But now, in the early 21st century, queer subtext exists at a complicated juncture. 

Because it IS now possible to tell out LGBT+ people’s stories on-screen (to an extent - not everywhere and not equally) and we, the LGBT+ audience, are wondering whether queer subtext is now the opposite of subversive - and rather, has become cowardly, needlessly closeted, and teasing (”queerbaiting”). 

There’s certainly been a metric tonne of queer subtext in the BBC’s current Sherlock, just as there was a bunch of it in the BBC’s Merlin and as there continues to be, at 12 seasons and counting, in the CW’s Supernatural.  There’s already a heap of it in the new BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  But, is this subtext subversive or regressive, exploitative, or boundry-pushing?

It’s a tremendously difficult question. For instance, we might find all the set dressing narrative, script subtext and acting choices in Supernatural which suggest Dean Winchester is bisexual, subversive - a nod to the LGBT+ audience (and the rest of the audience receptive to the subtext) in the face of a network which demands a heterosexual hero story. On the other hand, as other shows (to be fair, which started later) give us out male bisexual characters (such as Sense8 and Shadowhunters), we might feel that it’s long past the time to be simply hinting at a love which, surely, no longer need dare not speak its name 

In some ways, the space for queer subtext has shrunk. Just compare the 2016 Ben Hur (no subtext) with the 1959 Ben Hur (where Gore Vidal the writer, spoke in The Celluloid Closet, after the event, about deliberately inserting it): 


That’s partly because as the general audience has become (somewhat) more literate at spotting it, this has clearly, in some cases driven it further underground. The silver screen has grasped telling LGBT+ stories which specifically revolve around the sexuality or gender journeys of those characters, but it is still tentative about incidental LGBT+ characters (where their sexuality/ gender identity is not THE story) particularly in relation to central hero characters. 

In the original Star Trek movies, 1-3 in particular (Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 1982, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 1984) - the Kirk/ Spock subtext is at the core of the story. It was clearly deliberately written into the narrative structure (separation from the beloved, reunion with the beloved, intense sacrifice for the beloved, reunion once more with the beloved). Decker and Ilia in the first movie are Kirk and Spock mirrors and they tell (in “acceptable” heterosexual form on-screen) the same gender love story of Kirk and Spock themselves. 

When it comes to the reboot movies, as the general audience, some thirty + years later, has become better at reading queer subtext (LGBT rights struggles having de-invisibilised us, to an extent) in some ways it has become more difficult to use it (for nervous studios with an eye on global box-office). The reboot movies felt the need to create Spock/ Nyota to give Spock an emotional center which was not primarily Kirk i.e. to “heterosexualise” the heart of Spock. Nor does Chris Pine look adoringly at Zachary Quinto the way William Shatner looked at Leonard Nimoy. 

Yes, we can now have side-character Sulu as out, gay and married (note, not as single and flirty) but we have LESS space on-screen, apparently, to suggest the core male hero duo Kirk/ Spock are each other’s deepest loves than we did thirty + years ago. Of course, that’s partly the difference between Rodenberry and JJ Abrams - but it’s also a product of the zeitgeist.  

So, it’s fascinating to watch millenial Sherlock viewers dare to believe that unequivocally overt Johnlock is possible and is coming. An elaborate and clearly deliberate subtext supports a queer reading, no doubt, but will that break cover unequivocally for the general audience? That is the question.

Xena and Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001) almost came out (the subtext floated closer and closer to the surface) but never quite. Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) was introduced to us with a crush on a guy friend, then with a boyfriend, then she fell in love with a girl later. In both cases, we know that the creatives had to negotiate these relationships delicately with their networks in the 1990s. Now, we’ve got many side (although not main) LGB characters on television (and a few trans characters, such as in Orange is the New Black, Sense8 and Transparent) although there is still a distressing tendency to kill them off (Charlie in Supernatural, Lexa in The 100 being recent examples). 

But - an out Sherlock/ John love story really would be a first (on-screen - it’s been done in book form already). Two literary hero characters, so embedded in the canon, Victorian in origin to boot, in an adaptation loved around the world? Yes, that would count as ground-breaking.

Good luck TJLC! 

I want to believe.