push away ones who care

dark side of the signs
  • aries: self-obsessed, angry and unwilling to listen to anyone else
  • taurus: refuses to adapt or change, lets their problems build up and refuses to address them
  • gemini: can never be satisfied with anything they have bc they don't actually know who they are and what they want
  • cancer: plays mind games with ppl and pushes ppl away while complaining that they have no one who cares abt them
  • leo: demanding everything from everyone but never giving to anyone, never listening to others
  • virgo: building themselves up, nitpicking and alienating anyone who tries to get close
  • libra: drawing ppl in just so that they can feed their ego and then dumping them when they get bored
  • scorpio: playing with and manipulating people for no reason other than to feel better abt themselves
  • sagittarius: taking unnecessary risks, flees anytime they have to commit to someone
  • capricorn: greedy and ambitious, willing to knock anyone out the way to get what they want
  • aquarius: god-complex, thinks they are better than everyone, has no real friends, spouts a lot of nonsense to cover their low self-esteem
  • pisces: loves to suffer to play the victim, wants to help ppl to build their own ego, never wants others to be happier than them