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Honestly I would rather BTS to have a hiatus than for Jungkook’s mental and emotional health to suffer. So many idols are pushed to the brink and that often leads to them having mental health problems. Even when they have mental health problems their agency won’t even let them get help which leads to them
feeling even worse.

For example, an idol that I’ve been worrying about is Hansol from Topp Dogg after watching what he posted on his instagram I started to question about his condition. He was doing an Instagram live in a car and he said he “wanted to die and kill himself” and he also said if the car went faster it would kill him and things like that. After I saw him during his Instagram lives I realized he was.. like.. changed?? He was so serious and he seemed like he had no feeling.

I’m kinda getting off track but what I’m trying to say is that if BTS needs to take a hiatus for the sake of not only Jungkook’s health, but also the rest of the members, then yes please take a hiatus.

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katie i'm loosing my shit right now but in a good way. there was an insta post that implied that margo and seb were in the same place at the same time a few days ago and some of /those/ blogs are SO DRAMATIC about it. Like talk of how disappointed they are and how it's ruined their day and talking about boycotting the next marvel movie and shit I'm cracking up. Like HOW DARE they both occupy the same space in the same city. They're not even in the pic!!!!!!!!! I've got tears I'm laughing so

Are they really saying they’re gonna boycott infinity war because seb has a gf I wanna see this for myself

I vaguely recall a tumblr post about Quinn in formal wear which prompted a sketchbook drawing of him and my SW which prompted a digital drawing, only I left out Quinn because I’m lazy about drawing men’s suits. If someone wants to commission it, I’ll totally draw fancy, formal Quinn, though lol

Anyway, here’s Orenna for now