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I’m gonna do it okay. Here is why chapter 543 was so fucking good.

-In the past, they would have gone for a plan B, but no. These guys are stubborn as hell now, and they will win this. +Gray, Juvia, and Lyon working together to literally build a huge ship + Mira and Erza, the literal female monsters of fairy tail pushing Acnologia’s ass onto a ship

-Whether you ship Nalu or not, Lucy remembering that she met Natsu and Happy here is so important and really contributes to the nostalgia of it all

-Natsu laughing

-The fact that Natsu didn’t even give a nakama speech and the moment was still powerful

-Finding out that dragons ate Acnologia’s family and destroyed his home, thus why he is this way. This makes him much like Zeref, except Zeref put himself on a scholarly, albeit evil route.

-Dragon Cry is definitely canon

-Natsu is going to finally end Acnologia once and for all and I’m so ready

-Juvia legit pushing a probably several hundred-ton ship towards Acnologia


-Lucy calling upon her mother and father, as well as Aquarius and Mavis for strength, really hit me hard

-Charle taking Chelia’s hand to show that she was still important and her love was worth it. Oh my god I cried

#1 Tip for AP Classes

So, I see a lot of people – not just here, but in my classes – that are pushing themselves to memorize tons of terms and then become frustrated that they aren’t getting the results they want. And, I think this idea that you need to memorize entire textbooks worth of terms to do well in AP classes is totally inaccurate. 
The absolute most important thing you can do is: make connections. AP exams have been reconfigured to see how students can make connections between topics and draw conclusions based on information – not just spout facts. For instance, the AP Biology exam used to ask relatively simple identification questions such as, “Which organelle is responsible for cellular respiration?” The reconfigured exam would instead have a question such as, “Christae are folds found within mitochondria in eukaryotic cells. How do christae provide an advantage in the processes undergone in mitochondria?” (please bear with me I came up with that off the top of my head). Or, in APUSH, there is less focus on the actual battles of the Civil War and a greater emphasis on the Antebellum Period that led up to the conflict.
My point is, the key to success in AP classes (in my opinion), is to not focus just on memorizing facts, but understanding big ideas and trends, and THEN having facts/details to support those ideas.

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I want to thank you for all of the encouragement you give people who ask you about art. That being said, where have you found the bulk of your encouragement when you are doubting yourself or your skills?

it’s my pleasure!! young or beginner artists deserve to know that other artists have all been in the same place at some point or another.

and i had to think about this for a while, but i think i’ve always been encouraged by other artists indirectly. looking at it, i’ve always had a natural curiosity when looking at another’s work and thinking “how did they do that??” which made me look past my doubt and focus on something fresh

i also once followed an artist who had an awesome style, but they were asked “could you tell us what you learned in this [art college course]? i’m really interested in that” and they gave the response “no, and if you want to know, afford the tuition yourself. i’m not giving away this knowledge for free” and i found that to be………..MASSIVELY discouraging, and i promised myself i would never withhold the knowledge i’ve gained, if only in effort to help encourage artists to push forward themselves.

sometimes all it takes is hearing the words from the person whose work you enjoy to push you most 

Anonymous said:

Your art is pretty amazing! (I’m not an English speaker, so I hope it doesn’t make it not amazing or something^^“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“” I love your art very much!!

looks great!! i appreciate your efforts! thank you so much ♥♥♥♥

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hi! an anon the other day remarked that the scene in 12x22 wasn't the first time we saw Dean's facade coming down and pointed at 3x10 as an example. it's true, but at the same time up until 3x10 Dean's lack of self worth/self hatred were only implied. 3x10 was, imo, the exposition to performing Dean. Dean was inside his own head, so we got to see his thought process. in that way, 12x22 is a really unique moment because it's the only time in the show that Dean has shared those with someone else.

3x10 exposed it textually for the audience after meta writers had written about it for a long time, based on all the stuff that was noticeable beforehand…

it’s almost like… sometimes things need to be built up in the subtext…

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before they can be textually exposed to the GA by some climactic point…

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before they can be addressed and made canon as a thing that exists and has to be RESOLVED, something that is central to the endgame of the characters in the show….

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Heartstrings and. . .  Webstrings part 3

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Peter parker x reader

Prompt: soulmate au where soulmates have matching tattoos

Read part one here and part 2

The disaster was caused by a day at the pool.

There were no lakes or rivers– really no bodies of water at all close by and the nearest pool was nearly an hour away so swimming was very rare— thankfully for Peter. 

He had a hard-enough time trying to hide the tatoo from you without that worry added onto everything else.

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I’ll Be Good

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 832
summary : based on the song ‘I’ll Be Good’ by James Young
note anon, i hope you like it and apologies for taking so long
* gif by me


     "I hope one day you will forgive me because I can’t live knowing that you hate me.“ he whispered, lightly brushing his fingers against her cheek before pulling her blanket up. Three days, thats how long they hadn’t been talking and every night in the middle of the night or shortly before sunrise he’d sneak into her room and watch her sleep. Things had stormed so out of control during their fight, he was afraid he had lost her forever and he just couldn’t bear the thought or imagine his life without her in it. That version of his life didn’t exist anymore. He leaned over her, ready to kiss her forehead when she stirred in her sleep, but before she had woken up he was out the door.
Her eyes fluttered open, looking around thinking maybe she had left the window open and that had caused the gust of wind that had woken her up, but the window was closed. Y/N glanced at the door and laid back in her bed starring at the ceiling for a few long moments before she got up, her feet kicking at the ground for a few seconds before finding their way into her fuzzy bunny slippers. A short sigh left her lips and she glanced at the clock before heading towards the kitchen to get a glass with water, seeing how hers was empty.
Y/N opened the door and stepped into the hallway, trailing her fingers on the light blue painted wall with all the framed pictures. For a moment she stopped, looking at a picture of her and Kai from one of the first days they spent together as roommates. It was almost as if their smiley faces glowed from the picture and the corners of her mouth curled into a smile instantly. There they were laughing while making a mess in the kitchen one of the first times they made cupcakes together. Kai used magic to take the picture and ‘capture’ the moment. Flour covered their clothes but neither of them seemed to care and the longer she stared at the picture, the more it seemed as if the image moved like it was a tablet screen on the wall. Her hand reached towards the picture, touching Kai’s smiley face for a few seconds before she cleared her throat, continuing on her way.  Not talking to Kai was almost as painful as her broken arm hidden under the cast, but what truly hurt the most was how much she missed him and the sound of his voice. They went from best friends to strangers in 15 minutes and now she felt more heartbroken and alone than ever –
    “Kai ?” she stopped in the middle of the living room, seeing him laying on the couch semi-hugging a bottle with alcohol. Instantly she rushed towards him. "W-what happened ? Are you hurt ?“
Kai glanced at his clothes covered in blood, then at his best friend and finally at the bottle, bringing it to his lips. Those were the first words she had said to him the past three days and he couldn’t help but feel a happy, even if it was only for a second. He never thought she’d ever talk to him again after what he had done let alone that her first thought seeing him there would be about his well being.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair and sat on the coffee table, leaving her empty glass next to her looking at him with worry in her eyes. They had been living together for almost a year now and her best friend coming home covered in blood wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was the way he was looking at her in that moment. There were rarely tears in his eyes but – there they were, but it wasn’t just that. They were filled with pain and regret too
    “Tell me.” she said softly, reaching across to him giving his hand a light squeeze. A sigh left his lips and he just kept starring at her. Three days ago they had had one of their worst fights ever and Kai hated every second since. He hated not being able to talk to her, to hug her. What he hated even more was that it had all been his fault.

      “Would you stop acting like this !” she raised her voice, bumping into his shoulder on her way down the hall. “I swear sometimes I just –”
    “You what ?” he grabbed her forearm, forcing her to turn around. Y/N yanked her arm back, raising her hands in the air trying hard
not to ball them into fists and hit him. Kai looked at his best friend, the girl he loves, and his heart broke. He hated it when he got her upset with him. He hated even more seeing tears in her eyes and knowing he was the reason for them, but his pride always got the worst out of him. “You wish you never met me ? You will turn your back on me ? Leave and never talk to me again ? Is that it ?”
    “If it gets you to stop hurting people and act like the jealous boyfriend I don’t have, then I will !” she raised her voice even more, storming down the hallway towards the kitchen with him right on her tail. Her angry steps echoed in their apartment, louder than possible and Kai wondered why. Perhaps it was because he was afraid he’d lose her, or maybe it was just his heightened hearing.
    “Don’t walk away from me!” he grabbed her arm and pinned her against the wall. He kept trying to meet her eyes but she kept avoiding his gaze. Y/N put her hands on his chest trying to push him off but he wouldn’t move an inch. “That guy was dangerous. I was only trying to protect you –”
    “'That guy’ as you referred to him is one of my best friends from college –”
    “I thought
I was your best friend.” he said with a hint of hurt in his voice. “I thought what we had was – something special and now, what ? One screw up and you give up on me ?!”
Y/N shifted her weight from one foot to the other finally looking into his eyes. He looked more upset than angry, flashes of hurt sparkling in his brilliantly blue eyes. “How can you even
think that let alone say it Malachai ?! How can you even think I’d ever give up on you ?!” she interrupted him. “I said he was one of my best friends from college, meaning he stands out above the others. You are my best friend and I know you are still new to the whole feelings and emotions thing, but –”
    “But what ?” he dared, trying not to think how she had used his full name. That was reserved only for major screw ups.
    “– you can’t let them control you all the time!” she tried to push him off again and he stumbled backwards. “It wasn’t one screw up and you know it ! You can’t choke with magic every guy who gets near me! You can’t make them breathe out fire or break their limps or compell them away –”
    “I can and I will !” he said with determination, shoving her against the wall again. He braced his hands on the wall a little louder than he intended and Y/N jumped up.
    “There it is.
Again.” she raised her voice,  struggling to push him off her. “The jealous boyfriend I don’t have. What ? Do you have feelings for me or something ?! Cuz if so just say s–”
    “Feelings ?” he stepped backwards. “Don’t be ridiculous. I am a sociopath, remember ? I am not burdened by… love or guilt or any of those pesky annoying things called emotions.”
    “Riiighht.” she ran roughly her fingers through her hair. “So, you are
not jealous then ?”
    “Me ? Jealous ? No. I just –”
    “You just what ?” she took a step towards him, folding her arms on her chest. “You are doing it for fun ? To prove to everyone that you are the abomination, the monster they see every time they look at you? Just because your family –”
Kai clenched his jaw, fire burning in his eyes. “Don’t say another word –”
    “– saw you as one, doesn’t mean you have to prove them right ! But what does it matter what I say ? You never listen to me anyways or want to see that someone actually cares about you and believes in you and that you can be good.”  she took a step towards her bedroom when suddenly he smacked her against the wall, purple/black veins flashing under his eyes. “There it is. Again.”
Y/N tried pushing him off but it was like trying to push away a ten thousand ton rock. He was too strong for her even before he became a heretic. Their eyes met and for a moment  she got truly scared. Her best friend looked like a completely different person. They had bickered, they have had their fights but he had never looked at her like that – as if she was something he couldn’t even stand being near at, an obstacle that had to be removed so he can continue in his wicked ways.
    “Get a grip on your emotions. You can’t keep coming home covered in blood every other night. Not to mention those times I had to pull out wooden bullets out of your body –” she tried pushing him off her. “You are
not this person. I know yo–”
    “Stop telling me who I am!” he raised his voice. “This is who I am ! I am never going to change.”
not who you are –”
    “Stop !” he shouted, banging his fists right next to her making her jump up his vampirism showing again. “Stop trying to change me! Stop acting like you know what’s best for me and stop –”
Y/N pushed him off her, storming towards her bedroom. “Fine. You want me to stop ? I’ll stop. I’ll stop talking to you. I will stop defending you every time someone brings up all that you’ve done. I’ll stop everything. Look for me when my best friend returns because
this person, whoever that is right here, is not my friend.”
    “Oh, so we are not friends now, is that it ?” he grabbed her forearm forcing her to turn around. A split second later he heard a crack and she screamed out in pain, her eyes starting to fill with tears. He glanced at his hand noticing how her skin right under his arm had turned purple/blueish and let go off her instantly, his anger dying down in a blink of an eye. Y/N lifted her arm flinching in pain when her fingers lightly touched her skin. Their eyes met and he took a step towards her trying to touch her, but she flinched away for the first time since they had met.
    “Y/N, I –” he took a step towards her but she backed away from him. “I didn’t mean to I, … Please, let me heal you.”
    “No. No !” she shouted, taking another step backwards from him until her back bumped into her bedroom door and she groaned in pain again. “Stay the Hell away from me !”
    “At least let me take you to the hospital.” he pleaded with her. “Or get you some ice.”
Y/N shook her head and walked into her bedroom, slamming the door shut with such a loud bang one of the pictures on the wall fell on the ground.
Kai knelt down to pick it up and gather the broken glass shards and sat by her door looking at their smiley faces. How had this happened ?! Out of everyone he never meant to cause her any pain and now he had not only gotten her upset with him and hurt her emotionally, but had also broken her arm, not realising his strength. He listened to her breathing getting heavier, her heart thumping in her chest and raised his hand, ready to knock on her door when he heard her slip down on the other side, crying.

    “Tell me.” she said softly. “Whatever it is, you can tell me. I am your best friend –”
    “Are you ?” he asked quietly, afraid to look at her. He had spent the night after their fight by her bedroom door and the next morning when he had woken up, she hadn’t been in their apartment. For a few hours he had thought she had actually left him, but then she had come home with her broken arm in a cast and unlike what he had expected, his best friend hadn’t told anyone what had really happened.     “After the way I hurt you, after everything I did –” he took another sip from the bottle in his hands. “You haven’t said a world to me in three days. You haven’t even looked at me –”
    “Friends fight.” she grabbed the bottle from his hands and took a large sip, finishing it. “Damn, what is this ?! It’s stronger than the pain killers my doctor prescribed.”
    “Rum.” he said with a small smile, watching her face scrunch while the alcohol burned down her throat. “It’s a bit too tropical but –”
Y/N left the empty bottle on the coffee table.  "So, why are you covered in blood this time ?“
    “That’s um … that’s not important.” he sat up, patting the spot next to him and she tossed herself on the couch next to him just like always, forgetting about her broken arm and she whinced in pain. A small smile hid in the corners of his mouth. Not only she was talking to him but she acted as her usual self, as if nothing had happened. “May I ?”
Y/N glanced at her arm and then at him, nodding slightly. Kai crushed the cast in two seconds flat, being very careful not to her hurt her again in the process and placed his plams over the large blue/purpleish bruise, muttering a spell. Warmth spread through her arm and a few moments later, the pain was gone and her arm was completely healed.
    “Thank you.” she smiled and he couldn’t help but smile too. He muttered a ‘yeah’ and sighed.
    “I came home about an hour ago and I um … I went to the bathroom to take a shower and clean up all this.” he gestured towards his clothes. “And I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, seeing for the first time how I look with those veins flashing under my eyes and my clothes covered in blood. For a second I thought I saw the Devil looking at me, and then – I realised it was me.”
Kai sighed and rested his back against the couch, wiping his face with his hands. It has been almost half a year since he became a vampire and for the first time he understood why people ran away screaming when he was ‘hunting’ or ‘blowing off steam’ or whatever it was he was doing. Even he wasn’t sure what that was anymore.
    “I have done so many awful things in my life, hurt so many people including my own family, but when I hurt you the other night –” he turned towards her, his voice breaking. “Y/N, I am so sorry for what I did, for everything I said. I never meant to hurt you in any way. I never meant to cause you any pain but in the end that’s exactly what happened and you spent the entire night crying, three days in pain and crying yourself to sleep every night because of what I did. ”
    “It happens.” she smiled for a second.
    “But it shouldn’t have happened. You were right.” he got up, pacing back and forth between the couch and the coffee table. “You were right about all of it. All my life I’ve shut out every feeling, every emotion instead of learning to live with them because it was easier not to feel. My family thought me compassion is weakness. They turned me into this this… This cold, merciless person who refuses to feel a thing and can’t let anything slide or show any kind of mercy, I –” he glanced at his hands, rubbing his fingers trying to get the blood off them. “It scares me to death.”
    “What ?” she brought her knees up to her chest.
    “This !” he raised his bloody hands, showing her both sides. “It scares me what I am capable off. How many people I’ve hurt. Innocent people – ” he looked at his shoes. “I became the monster everyone saw. Maybe I was better off in the Prison World where I couldn’t hurt anyone..”
    “Don’t ever say that okay.” she said softly, smiling at him while taking his hands in hers and he sat down on the coffee table. “You made a mistake and you paid for it. You are not a monster. You are not what they turned you into, you are what you choose to be.”
    “But I am this person.” he rubbed his thumbs on her hands. “Y/N, I killed those people tonight, just because they got in my way. It’s their blood on my hands and I –” he sighed, gazing into her eyes. There was only compassion and understanding, no hint of judgement in them. Not now, not ever. Not even when they had fought the other day and he had hurt her. It was the way she was, with heart big enough for everyone even for the vampire/witch heretic who killed his entire family and put one of her best friends in a sleeping coma. No matter how many times he screwed up she never seemed to give up on him or stop believing there was good in him. Which had been one of the many reasons why he had fallen for her. But he knew there was no way she could feel the same way about him.
    “All my life I’ve been trying to shut out the light, doing everything to snuff it out. There might not be any of it left after all those years but if there is, I want to find it. I want to be a better man. Starting today. I want to find a way make it up to everyone I’ve hurt, for all the bruises and the tears. To love the world like I should. I – I’ll be good for all the times I never could.”
    “You want to know where the light is?” she smiled at him and placed her hand over his heart. “It’s right here. In your heart. It has always been there. All you have to do is just – let that spark burn bright and turn into a fire. And I’ll teach you to be good.” she winked at him for a second, her expression getting serious. “I will always be here for you, no matter what.”
    “You will ?” he asked. Y/N nodded and Kai smiled at her placing his hand over hers on his heart keeping it there. “I want to be a better man… someone who deserves having you in his life. I’ll be good, for you.”
    “Me ?“
    “Yes!” he smiled, his heart about to leap out of his chest and he knew she could feel it too. Her gaze drifted from his eyes to their hands together and back to his eyes and he decided to take a leap.    "You were right. I was acting like the jealous boyfriend because I know there is no way for me to measure up to any of those guys who got near you. I let my fear of losing you to someone else take over because… I am in love with you. I am in love with you and I can’t bear the thought of losing you in any way. You said the light is in here.“ he pressed his palm over hers a little. “But it’s not. It’s right in front of me. You are my light.”
Y/N smiled, feeling her cheeks blush and his heart thumping like crazy under her hand, just like hers. “Kai, I –”
    “You are so special and you deserve someone who is good, compassionate, kind… not someone who caused you and your friends so much suffering. Someone like –”
    “Don’t I get a say in this ?” she interrupted. “Don’t you think if I wanted to be with any of those guys or anyone else for that matter, I would’ve said something.”
    “What?” he asked confused.
    “Neither of those guys could ever measure up to you.” she said softly. “In truth, no one can.”
    “What ?” he asked hopefully.
    “God, you are slow.” she cupped his face in an instant and kissed him, slowly getting on his lap. Kai was surprised at first, but 0.2 seconds later his arms wound around her and he pulled her towards him, feeling her heart thumping in her chest faster than ever. Her hands moved towards the back of his head, playing with his scruff and she pressed her body against his not carying her PJ’s might get blood stains on them. Too soon she pulled away, resting her forehead on his gazing into his eyes. “Kai, I – I am in love with you too.”
    “You are?” he smiled, tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear.
    “Yes !” she smiled. “I love you and I always will, but I mean it when I say this – you have to stop hurting everyone who dares walk or breath in my general direction.”
    “Done.” he said suddenly, “But if they dare kiss you or their hands move somewhere they don’t have the right to be, or hurt you in any way I –”
Y/N stared into his eyes, her lips pressing together. “You will what ?”
    “I’ll go over there and kiss you as if my life depends on it.” he held her tight in his embrace. “And I will try not to hurt them. Unless they are hurting you. I will protect you always.”
    “No one can ever take me away from you.” her lips pressed against his, leaning in to whisper in his ear. “You know, the jealous over protective version of you – so hot, I just – ”
Kai grinned.   “Hey, so… Does you kissing me means I am forgiven?” he asked nervously. “Because I need your forgiveness. I can’t live with the guilt –”
    “Does this –“ she kissed him passionately. ”– answer your question ?“
    “I don’t know –” he pretended to think about it. “It was a bit unclear. Maybe say it a little louder ?”
Y/N slapped him playfully on the shoulder and kissed him as if her life depended on it.


Football part 2|Quarterback!Theoxchubby!reader

So guys, here is part 2, just tell me if you like it.
Part 1: http://james-buns.tumblr.com/post/156681519005/football-quarterbacktheo-x-chubbyreader

 Warnings: a few swear words, the reader thinks bad of herself.

Also tagging @writings-of-a-british-fangirl and @oneshotfolder

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“You have to go” says your best friends while driving.

You sigh, rolling yours eyes.
“No, I’m not a party animal and I’m also socially awkward so I’m not going”.
You turn your body towards the window, looking outside, thinking.
“See you at school”, what does that even mean? Is he gonna just see me and not even wave? Why did I talk to him? I messed up, now I"m stressing my self over him. Dammit

The car stops and you look outside confused.
“Where ar….Oh, no you didn’t!” you scream , looking furiously at your friend.
“Yes I did and now get out of this car or I’ll take you in there my self”.
You don’t answer, crossing your arms and frowning like a child.
“Okay, I know that you are scared, but you can do it because you are one of the best person that I know and I’m sure that Theo would love you even if you’re not the best dressed tonight”
“Hey, fuck off, this is my favourite flannel-you said smoothing the material- okay fine, I’m coming”

You ring the bell at the door and a beautiful Theo shows up, smiling wide at you.
“Hey, you came after all”
Your best friend clears her throat, interrupting the moment.
“I’m Y/N’s best friend and don’t worry I’m going away” she says entering in the house and wiggling her eyebrows at you.
You shake your head, giggling lightly.
“C'mon, let’s go” Theo says grabbing your hand.

“Wow, she really said that? I can’t believe it” says Theo laughing.
“Yeah, she is totally crazy, I swear” you answer smiling .
He wipes a tear away while laughing.
“You are so funny”
“Thank you” you blush like a middle schooler at his word.
‘C'mon Y/N, don’t be a kid, you have to be more seductive, he doesn’t like nerds’ .
“Hey, Theo” says Audrey, fluttering her eyelashes.

Audrey was the typical popular girl, blonde obviously and perfect.
She thought thar every person that wasn’t in her group of friends was a paesant. She was your nemesis.

“Hey, Audrey” says Theo.
“Come with me”
“No, wait I was talking with- Audrey takes his arm dragging him- okay, see you later Y/N”.
You clench your fists, going to grab some punch.
Obvioulsy he goes to the cool girl, he doesn’t like “paesants” like me’.
You frown as you walk away from the drink table holding a blue cup.
Everybody in the room was with somebody, you were the only one alone.
Your heart starts to face as you feel like everybody is watching you.
You start walking to the corner of the room.
“Sorry, I had to talk a little bit with her or she w- Are you okay?” Theo looks at you with worry in his eyes and rests his hand on your arm.
“Yeah I’m fine” you answers smiling.
“Sorry, I had to talk to her she is always in need of attention but she is a nice girl”
“Hm” you hum sarcastically.
“Okay no she is a bitch but don’t tell her anything okay? She would probably kill me.”
You chuckle looking at him.
“So what were we t-”
Theo pushes you aside as a ton of punch lands on him.
You open your eyes wide as you see Audrey with a bowl in his hands.
Theo runs his hands through his wet hair shaking his head.
“Are you okay?” you say softly.
“Yeah, let’s go” he grabs your hand and drags you towards the stairs.

“Thank you for saving my favourite flannel” you whisper, looking away from his bare chest as he puts a new shirt on.
“It’s okay, it’s my duty to save a damsel in distress” he says sitting on the bed.
“So you are my knight in shiny armor, uh?” you crack a small smile looking into his eyes.
He stays silent looking into your eyes with a serious expression.
“What’s wrong? Did I say so-”
You are cutted off by his lips on yours.
His hands hold your face as he presses his lips on yours.
He stops the kiss smiling, sweetly at you.
“You are cute"he says caressing your hair.
“You wanna go downstairs?”
“Nah, let’s stay here”

look, my hopes for the finale are like, bleak. there’s a small part of me that’s hoping that somehow this garbage fire pulls it together at the last moment, but i’m not gonna hold my breath. 

still, i love these two and i’ve really enjoyed being a part of the bamon fandom these last few years (i was late to the party, sadly) i still plan to write for them for the foreseeable future and have so many more stories i want to tell.

in any case, i’d rather send this show off with something happy and something i can control, so i pushed through a ton of writer’s block, stayed up ‘til 4 am, and wrote the next chapter of ‘til eternity. (it’s only like 10 months late) which i will edit and post after the finale airs. 

to all my fellow bamon shippers, it’s been an honor watching/loving/hating this show with you and rooting for this amazing couple that deserved so much more than they got. thank you for all of your hope and insight and your genuine love for these two characters. 



I apologize. Buoyed by our success in bed (and against your living room wall, your kitchen counter and that dreadful sofa), and my return to something approaching full recovery, I took on just a little too much on my return to Washington. This department doesn’t run itself, and if I’d left it much longer, the President would have had to put a new nominee before the Senate.

I think you’re now very clear on my feelings about giving up positions of power.

Still, a few calls and messages isn’t enough. I told myself I’d answer your most pressing question in person, but finding the time has been a victim to the mountains of bureaucracy that plague my days, not to mention your recent spaceship-banishing exploits. I’ve never noticed quite how much you flex when pushing tons of metal until now.

To answer that question though, of course I’m happy, Kara. Giddy. Satisfied. Thrilled and eager for more. Oh God, I want so much more. It takes considerable effort not to summon you at supersonic speed each night when I leave the office for the car, but I’m not sure I can hold out much longer. There’s so much I still need to know, details missing from this exciting narrative that only you can supply.

Did you repair the plaster where I shoved you against the wall? I find myself in meetings distracted by the thought of you in short dungarees and a bandana, a pot of spackle in hand. Did your throat hurt at all from the ways I made you scream? You seemed more surprised than I did, that I drew such a sound from you. Do the sheets always wrap around your hips like that? Your bare back is something a Grecian sculptor would weep to recreate, white cotton bunched around you like a gift I haven’t finished unwrapping.

As luck would have it, I just arranged my next trip back to National City, subject to Secret Service clearance. They weren’t entirely impressed by my impromptu trip a few days ago, so I’m playing by the rules for now. The President also sends her love, we had lunch just a little while ago and she was impressed by your recent victories. Perhaps love is overstating it, but fond wishes were definitely involved.

Hold on to that damn cane just a little longer. When I next see you I want you to snap it in half for me, before we get to anything else. You’re right, Kara. I am feeling much better. I really can’t wait to show you again just how much.

Find enclosed a stock certificate for shares in PepsiCo. With the amount of energy drinks you’ll be getting through, it seemed like a sound investment.

Impatiently yours,

runaway-toons  asked:

Still love your art and find you inspiring!! You are a cool dude my dude!

Thanks dude! I’ve been super busy this past couple weeks helping family move, but I hope to get back to drawing more consistently again soon! :)


(2017, Darren Aronofsky)

If you love your very on-the-nose religious allegories aggressively shoved down your throat for an excruciating two hours, then mother! is the movie for you! Darren Aronofsky’s latest is a big ol’ parable that’s pretty impossible to miss since instead of wrapping its deeper ideas inside of anything resembling a plot of its own he instead throws it right there on the surface with giant sign posts indicating every little thing that anyone needs for even the most basic viewer to “get it”. Of course it’s also just the kind of obnoxiously “ambitious”, “auteur-driven”, “provocative” feature that will ignite a heavily divisive response with its lovers insisting that the detractors somehow “didn’t get it” even though there’s literally nothing else to it. That’s a big part of the problem. Aronofsky just drowns this beast in his giant allegory (which, yes, could also be an interpretation of the creative process, but isn’t that essentially the same thing? And really there’s too much religion here for it not to be that more than anything), leaving no room for anything else.

Certainly not for even the slightest modicum of character development or dimension, as a talented cast led by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem is criminally underserved by a script that treats their characters as props rather than actual people with inner lives who the audience are supposed to care for. And yet as the deliriously, infuriatingly chaotic final act rages on there’s this odd pull that the movie suddenly wants us to have an investment in these people, but it did absolutely zero groundwork to get us to that point. Ultimately it did zero work to establish practically anything. It’s well and good to work an allegory like this into something, but you have to actually have something there in the first place to work it into and Aronofsky missed the boat on that one. Even more than that he missed the concept of having it all actually mean anything on a grander scheme. Sure, it’s all about religion, but for what purpose? Why does this movie exist? Beats me.

Others who bafflingly love the picture can surely glean out their own satisfying answers for that question and more power to them for finding a way to get any measure of satisfaction out of this ugly and irritating masturbatory slice of filth, but try as I might the only reactions I got out of this haphazard display of an egomaniac director stroking his own arrogance were vehemently negative. If I were able to give mother! one compliment it would have been that it’s refreshing to see a studio movie that doesn’t feel the need to push out a ton of exposition in its dialogue, but I can’t even applaud it for that as somehow the exposition overload just comes straight out of the plot and direction that whacks your head open with a sledgehammer and just violently shoves its pathetically blunt grade school meanings directly into your open skull.

Whether it’s the gratuitous violence and debauchery (good luck to Lawrence for actually falling for the director during the making of this), the full-on obnoxious anarchy of a filmmaker given complete control and displaying absolutely none in the final act, or the paper thin characterization and allegory on display throughout this nonsense, mother! is a movie that fails hard early on and somehow only gets worse from there as it stretches on for an agonizing two hours that feels like at least three by the time it mercifully ends with the most predictable, eye-rolling ending of the year. Aronofsky has claimed that this movie is the most similar to Black Swan that he’s made in his career, but the truth is that it more rightly fits alongside the obnoxious aggression, infantile lecturing, and overbearing toxicity of Requiem for a Dream. In that regard, Aronofsky would surely find at least some satisfaction in the fact that I can’t recall the last time a film has made me as angry as this one. You know, the way that a child with not a lot else going on will needlessly attack others in order to get attention.


I'm here to tell all the whiney complainers to shut up about Stitchers season three

There are a lot of people (im not saying theyre on tumblr, but I’ve seen things on other social media sites) who are complaining that season three of Stitchers is all about sex, that its unintelligent and that it sucks.

Let’s review that.

Sex: OK so the sex topic in the show comes from some different places in the season so far. In the stitches, the subjects lately have been pretty sexually active, as many of us have noticed, but the writers aren’t trying to push a ton of sex on us. It’s a diversion for the oxytocin thing, a reason for Kirsten’s hormones to go crazy before we discovered it was because of Cameron. Speaking of Cameron, another sex situation is that Cam and Kirst can’t do anything intimate at all. That may not matter to people, but romantic relationships come from the physical aspect of the relationship in most situations, and plus the fans want to see them together and they can’t be (yet).
I think people are also thinking about Camille and Amanda and how they seem to be taking large steps in their relationship. NONE OF Y'ALL WERE COMPLAINING WHEN CAMILLE AND LINUS WERE DOING IT FOR LIKE HALF OF SEASON ONE, SO CHILL.
If y'all think that Stitchers is too much sex, watch How To Get Away With Murder and see if you can handle that. NOTHING AGAINST HTGAWM, I LOVE THAT SHOW, I’m just making a comparison.

Unintelligent: Its unintelligent?!?! Y'all this show is centered around science. I’m not kidding. They are ALWAYS discussing the science of the stitch tech or even something crazy in their latest case.

It Sucks: If you don’t like it, then stop watching and keep your opinions in your brain and move on. Cry me a river.

OK, rant over. Thanks fam✌

The Definition of Impossible Update #1


*dies of joy*

*resurrects of joy*

I’ve had this book ready to outline for…um…two years. And I’m finally writing it. #bless I’ve been wanting to write this for such a long time, it’s a story that’s so important to me, characters that mean so much to me, but I’ve been busy working on other things that I was prioritizing. But now I finally get to write TDOI. BLESSS. 

This was kind of spontaneous, actually. I knew I was planning on starting this book soon and that it would be my next project, but I hadn’t yet, so today I was like well, what am I waiting for? 

Time: 1:00pm-1:30pm (started the book impromptu before leaving for class), 10:15pm-11:40pm. 

Word Goal: 800 

Words written: 1001 / 1001 (yeeeeeeeee)

Random thing I had to google: PTSD medication, followed by: how long does paroxetine take to start working? (these are things you’d think I’d have researched before writing, but I only decided now that I would have Alice take anti-depressants and you’ll see why in my excerpt)

Music: Burn It Down by Daughter (and all of this album because it is #lit and I am #blessed), Caterpillar by Mountains of the Moon, Pensees by Laguna, Fossa by Daughter, Claude’s Girl by Marika Hackman, Trust by Half Moon Run, The Antagonist by Amarante.

Unedited excerpt of the day:

This is a rewrite, and I wrote draft one in 2013, but my understanding of voice wasn’t as strong back then. I know there will be a bit of a feeling out period to find Alice’s new voice, and I can’t wait to find it since she’s my favourite character. 

(TW: PTSD, mentions of suicide) 

My suitcase is my grandfather’s, wrapped in fading, tearing tweed. Compact, but I could only bring what’s on the list. No phones. No laptops. No electronics at all. No shoes. No matches, lighters, or cigarettes (but I never smoked, no, I like my lungs cold). No keys. No razors. No knives. No sharp objects of any kind. No heavy objects, either. No rope—they are very afraid of us committing suicide. No liquids, chemicals, or syringes. No gum. Many other things I’d never think to bring but was not allowed: no firecrackers, explosives, condoms, weapons, scissors, or makeup. No medication, except with a doctor’s note, that means no ibuprofen, no naproxen, no acetaminophen—how will I kill pain? No vitamins, because we might be lying and they might not be vitamins. I have a doctor’s note, so I am allowed anti-depressants; recently prescribed, paroxetine, but they will run out quickly and I will not be given more. A quick search before I forfeited my phone told me stopping abruptly will cause withdrawal. Perhaps I shouldn’t start taking them at all, but alone in the hallway, I spiral into my mind like the floor falls out from under me, and all I want is chemical security to ward the flashes behind my eyes. Chemical balance. Paroxetine takes six to eight weeks to take full effect, and I will run out by then, and my mind will never find clean, chemical equilibrium.

Not a fan of those parentheses, but other than that, I found this passage kind of neato.

Goals for tomorrow:

My daily word goal is 800. I’m trying for something short and fairly doable since I know I’ll be busy, and I’d rather small daily output and consistency than pushing myself to write a ton in a way I can’t keep up. Normally I write with a 1500 per day goal, but I don’t know how intense my semester will be, and I have lots of writing to do for school. It’s still early in the semester, though, so hopefully I’ll have a fair amount of time to work on this tomorrow. But, I also have to finish up an exercise for my fiction class and I’d like to chip away at my next short story, and work on that consistently as well. 

That’s all for now, folks!


stillthewordgirl  asked:

OK, 4 & 37. In desperate need of some Captain Canary! Thank you.

Here you go dear! 
Takes place at the end of an alternate Destiny, where no one dies at the Oculus but Sara is still forced to deal with the fact she almost lost Snart.

“How long do we have?”
“I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”

               Sara knocked on Leonard’s door, taking several slow breaths in attempt to slow her heart before the door opens with an easy “Come in.” He looks up from his book, watching as she leans against he doorframe.

               “You left these,” she holds up the deck of cards, “Thought you might like them back.”

               “If this is your attempt at an apology, it could use work.” He drawls.

               “Hardly,” She rolls her eyes, “You tried to shoot me, I was justified to be upset.” She walks over to sit at the edge of the bed, feet dangling just slightly above the floor. “But there was something I wanted to say.”

               “And what might that be?” One brow quirks up, looking down at her.

               “Look, I don’t do…relationships…well.” She huffs, turning to study the wall in an effort to escape his focused gaze. “They always end up with me hurt, or worse, me hurting them.” She shakes her head, “When I came back I told myself I would never get into a serious relationship again, just the occasional fling to blow off steam.”

               “Alright,” he drawls, obviously waiting for her to say more.

               Her attention returns to him, “And then I got on this ship and met you, and despite your reputation we clicked. Two damaged people who don’t fit with the heroes.” She worries her bottom lip between her teeth a moment, “And I told myself it was a partnership, that I wouldn’t let that little spark grow into anything more. I wouldn’t have feelings for you, but.”

               “I’m hard to resist,” he’s smirking, and she swats playfully at his knee.

               “Will you let me finish?” He nods, leaning back against the wall as he watches her.

               “Anyway, after what happened today…after I,” her voice wavers, and she just shakes her head. “It reminded me how quickly everything can change, as well as making me realize how much I care about you Crook.” She looks up from her hands, meeting his gaze with more honesty, more vulnerability than he’s ever seen. “I’m willing to give this…whatever this is,” she motions between them, “As shot if you still want to.”

               He’s never really seen her nervous, and he almost forgets she’s a trained killer. He smiles, shifting his body toward her, so close their noses brush. “Are you sure?” the drawl is gone, in its place surprise.

               “Completely,” she tilts her head slightly, eyes darting between his eyes and lips.

               He leans in, closing the gap and pressing his lips to hers in a tentative kiss, quickly becoming deeper as she leans into it in response. When they break apart he stays close, lips brushing hers. “How much time do we have before our next stop?”

               “Why?” she pulls back just enough to see his face more clearly.

               “Because now that I’ve got you,” he pushes hair behind her ear, the smirk returning to his lips. “I have very little interest in letting go”

               She pushes him further ton the bed, and he pulls her gently by the hips to straddle his thighs. “I think I like the sound of that.”

               He leans down, looking at her with something between awe and desire “Good.” This time when he kisses her it’s with all the things he doesn’t know how to say, on hand sliding into her hair as the other remains at her waist.

               When they pull away for breath Sara is grinning at him, then casts a quick glance upward. “Gideon, no one is to interrupt us until we land.”

               “Understood miss Lance.” The A.I. replies, though the two are already to lost in one another again to notice.

Still accepting prompts (x)

In under the wire! Sorry I’m so scatter-brained and am posting two similar vids. I wanted my final #mermay to be really special and after posting the last one, I knew it was lacking and I was disappointed in myself. I had to try to make it great! So after more tweaking, here’s a better-ish version of my #mermaid #animation. I’ll leave the other up for a while if you want to compare. I had a lovely #mermay2017 and hope you all did too! I pushed myself and learned a ton and I am grateful for that! #tombsmcroft #littlemermaid #traditionalanimation #girlsinanimation #borntoanimate #animator #underthesea #art #sparkle #cycle #looped #swimcycle

We’ll Find a Way to Survive

Lardo and graduation. 1.8k, ao3.

Inspired by @jack-manpain-zimmermann‘s post about Lardo graduating. Hope it was okay to do this! 

It’s a Thursday evening and Lardo is sitting with her legs on her desk, a bowl of tomato rice in her lap that’s been in the fridge for at least four days and is starting to taste kinda funky, wrapped in a hoodie even though it’s warm because whatever. It feels comforting to be wrapped up. She has three texts from her mom and two from her dad that she’s been ignoring for three days, even though they’re just sweet updates on life at home.

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I love when a dancer just mesmerizes you in class and you can’t stop watching them

snow day

GENRE → fluff
PAIRING → jae (day6) | reader
WARNINGS → swearing?
A/N → this was requested! this is the first official fic on this blog and i hope you like it because i had no idea what i was writing or doing and ahHhH im really nervous to post this???? #ripmia2k17

It was one of those Winters.

The type that brought with it a certain sort of cold that left you hurriedly searching for another blanket because two weren’t enough, or the one that made you stay in bed all day and put off daily responsibilities to relish in the warmth. The one that made fresh, crisp snow appear on your lawn every day and one that coaxed young children out to play in the cold weather, despite it being minus 1 degrees.

Even though it was nice, a change to the extremely hot Summer months you had experienced earlier on in the year, your body didn’t seem to be adapting to the cold–you were freezing. So, naturally, you had expected to lounge around in your pajamas all weekend and watch movies while drinking boiling-hot tea in an attempt to keep warm.

But you should have known that Jae had other ideas.

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some highlights from the frank iero and the patience concert 7/22, at white eagle hall in jersey city

- i saw Katz @jerseymisery on line and chickened out, promised i’d say hi later
- i did
- it took 10 min just to walk up and kick my anxiety in the face
- they were so nice!!!!!! like holy shit
- they called me their child after i told them my age and i Died
- we talked for a bit and i might have flattered the shit out of them :^) ((what can i say, it was true))
- i was going to give frank art, but :/ (K liked it tho!! i might or might not post it)
- afterwards i was vvvvv awkward rip me
- opening act was gr8, he threw anti trump pins and K gave me one since they had an extra :)))))))
- after the first act we talked a bit more and kinda bragged about myself ((whoops)) ;^;
- i was pushed around a Fuck Ton, K threw themself in meanwhile i had an anxiety attack and ran to the left side where i was touching the stage and was like 5 feet from evan .///.
- that was like 3 songs in my guy
- evan came like really close to us!! AH
- during i’ll let you down i might have screamed my lungs out
- during dear percocet my eardrums probably burst
- when they left i could hear my dad yelling, which kinda caused everyone else to yell :///////
- he did indeed come back and played two more songs, miss me and joyriding, during the latter i might have burst some other kid’s eardrums
- i fuckin loved the whole show tbh
- i said bye to K at the end, and they gave me a hug!!!!!!!!!!! ME ME ANXIOUS BOY
- i got some Merch™
- i left really damn happy. this was a night i’ll never forget. frank was awesome, K, youre a damn awesome human being and not to flatter you more but now im more confident to post maybe art or covers, thanks to everyone (now i have to listen to my parents complain about their ringing ears -__-)