here are a couple things I want to tell you :

if you’re holding tension, frustration or anxiety in your mind/body whether it be consciously or subconsciously — grab your shoes, a jacket and leave the house for a little walk. take in a fresh breath of air, smile at dogs, let your mind wander and let your negative, disturbing thoughts leave your head.

genuinely compliment your friends or colleagues or acquaintances. compliment on their hair, their face, their work, their talent – just compliment them. it’ll make them feel better and you’ll feel good too!

don’t stress! easy to say but hard to act upon. unfortunately stress is one of the things we encounter too often whether it be in school or at work. but it’s counterproductive. to prevent stress taking over your life, first calm yourself down, brew a cup of tea or coffee, whatever your preference, take out a piece of paper and a pen, start writing out what you have to do. next figure out if you can make a shortcut to one of your task and do them a bit sloppier than you would in the first place because it’s not top priority nor does it count for a lot, start eliminating until you have 5 important tasks. then you rate them from hardest to easiest and start working stress free!

do your work with passion, with a goal in mind! the task will get so much easier, it won’t leave you drained off all energy and you’ll actually enjoy it. always look at the bright side of things even when they’re hard to find.

talk to your friends. talk to them about your worries, anxieties, whatever keeps you up at night. real friends are there for you, they’ll be there through it all and they can lend you help, advice and give you a push to get up again.

—  for those times where you just feel “bleehh” and don’t believe that things will get better, but ultimately, they will get better, so hang in there! (alively-soul)

People have asked me how hard I’ve had to push myself to complete some of my journeys. And to be honest, I don’t know. I’ve done hikes where I was terrified to even begin because people said the trails were hard, because heights scare me, and because people have of died trying to complete them. I have walked so long that I’ve cried. Not for a long time but in 10 second bursts of emotion and exhaustion. I’ve walked so long that the sole of my shoe has separated itself from the boot. But I can’t really tell you how hard I have pushed myself because I haven’t really cracked yet.