Announcing the #naturalbornbabymaker submissions. Are you pregnant or want to be and have the body of a breeder? Submit your body photo for my weekly selection of the best natural born babymaker. Weekly winner will be reblogged with full credit (or anonymously if requested)

This week’s winner is an anonymous submission. Enjoy the curves of this week’s #naturalbornbabymaker

So in the movie Push, there’s a scene where Chris Evans is making out with Camilla Belle and in that scene, he touches her butt. Chris Evans did not want to do that because he wanted direct permission from her to touch her butt and in the commentary, the director, Paul McGugan, called Chris “such a man” for wanting her permission and I think everyone needs to know this story.

Well it was a tough choice this week as there were so many great submissions. However, here is this week’s #naturalbornbabymaker

User didn’t want to be named but we still thank her for her beautiful bump submission. User said she wants to be bred as frequently as possible and I agree she should get pregnant many many times in her life.

Get your submissions in now for a chance at winning next week’s #naturalbornbabymaker

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my wonderful thousands of followers. You keep me motivated to keep posting pictures of beautiful pregnant and breedable women. So today I love you all for sharing in my enthusiasm for admiring the fantastically womanly pregnant form.

Happy valentines from the wolf.