I conducted a past, present, and future angel reading as well as a general Tarot reading for one of my followers as they requested.


The angels see you as a child of God and love you unconditionally. They ask that you love and see yourself in the same way. Don’t beat yourself up for your past mistakes, we all make them! We all are beautiful children of God.

Originally, in your past, you may have fought with yourself. Maybe had low-self esteem or couldn’t get past that one mistake you made. But since then you have taken the angels kind words to heart and have learned from your mistakes, to forgive and forget, and to ultimately love yourself as you are.


The angels remind you to make sure that you find time to fit in some r&r. You may think that it is money which makes the world go ‘round, yet that isn’t the only thing that matters. Be sure to take some time to rest and “play.” Do something you enjoy. You’ll feel rejuvenated afterward which will help you better focus on what you need to get done.


The heavens are trying their best to communicate with you during this time. Perhaps you’ve asked for some guidance, they are trying to get your attention. Maybe a butterfly or bird flew past you. What were you thinking about? They could play the same song several times in a day, week for you. What message does it have for you? They might put something in your path that you can’t ignore. Pay attention to the sights and sounds. Everything around you are signs. You just need to listen and receive their message. What does your heart tell you they are trying to say? They just ask you to please take notice of these signs.

Romantic Life:
Ace of Cups

This card is great in terms of your love life. If you are currently in a relationship is going well and will greatly improve! On the other hand if you are single you won’t be for long.A new relationship is just around the corner.

Three of Pentacles

This card in regards to finances is positive. It may mean that you will be rewarded for your efforts, that is though assuming you’ve done your fair share. It doesn’t represent windfalls. It reflects fairness, that you have put effort and quality time into your work and are now gaining that. So remain positive and keep doing what you’re doing. Give it your all because the rewards will soon come. Things are beginning to look up for you.

Health and Happiness:
Ten of Swords 

You might be going through a period where your health isn’t as good as you would like. Focus on what you can do to better your health situation. Do consider alternative healing methods, but be sure to do research on those methods and practitioners that you are getting the proper help.

Four of Cups 

At this time you may not be in love with your job. But look on the bright side, in this economy at least you have one. But if you are absolutely miserable, remember that we are never truly stuck in a situation. Do what is best and right for you.