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☊ Nodes & Karmic Lessons ☋

~The North Node *sign* placement tells you the traits you need to develop or attitudes you need to adopt (South Node tells you the traits you’ve mastered). The North Node’s *house* placement suggests the life areas that you need to explore (South Node tells you the area you’re experienced in). Please note that the nodes are directly opposite each other. Both points link up to show you how you can achieve your soul’s destiny through karmic journeys. If you have planets involved, here’s the post on ASPECTS TO THE NODES.

You need to learn to develop more… // You’ve already developed…

♈ Aries NN - ♎ Libra SN: independence, boldness, assertiveness, activeness, initiative, self-orientation, enthusiasm, self-reliance, courage // considerateness, rationality, flexibility, an ability to diffuse tension, dependency, approachableness, a love for beauty, creativity, fairness

♉ Taurus NN - ♏ Scorpio SN: endurance, steadiness, grounded approaches, calmness, stability, meticulousness, peacefulness // perceptiveness, raw passion, awareness, emotional depth, empathy, idealism, ambition, resilience

♊ Gemini NN - ♐ Sagittarius SN: rationality, logic, intellect, flexibility, verbal proficiency, expressiveness, communicativeness, abstracted appreciation // depth, idealism, love of exploring, philosophical wisdom, inquisitiveness, growth through expansive pursuits

♋ Cancer NN - ♑ Capricorn SN: sensitivity, empathy, nurturing care, emotional wisdom, co-dependency, resilience, warmth, tender expression of love, intuition, vulnerability // pragmatism, grounded wisdom, strength, ambition, efficiency, productiveness, understanding of how to achieve success, self-sufficiency

♌ Leo NN - ♒ Aquarius SN: self-confidence, generosity, enthusiasm, joyfulness, courage, grand theatricality, openness, free expression of love and emotions, passion // logic, detachment, intellect, selflessness, altruism, an ability to think forward, free expression of ideals and beliefs, a preoccupation with humanity, rationality

♍ Virgo NN - ♓ Pisces SN: discrimination, precision, meticulousness, attention to detail, sense of sacrifice through practical actions, pragmatism, observant perception // creativity, peacefulness, kindness, intuition, understanding, psychic perceptiveness, compassion, sense of sacrifice through loving/metaphorical actions, empathy

♎ Libra NN - ♈ Aries SN: considerateness, rationality, flexibility, an ability to diffuse tension, dependency, approachableness, a love for beauty, creativity, fairness // independence, boldness, assertiveness, activeness, initiative, self-orientation, enthusiasm, self-reliance, courage

♏ Scorpio NN - ♉ Taurus SN: perceptiveness, raw passion, awareness, emotional depth, empathy, idealism, ambition, resilience // endurance, steadiness, grounded approaches, calmness, stability, meticulousness, peacefulness

♐ Sagittarius NN - ♊ Gemini SN: depth, idealism, love of exploring, philosophical wisdom, inquisitiveness, growth through expansive pursuits // rationality, logic, intellect, flexibility, verbal proficiency, expressiveness, communicativeness, abstracted appreciation

♑ Capricorn NN - ♋ Cancer SN: pragmatism, grounded wisdom, strength, ambition, efficiency, productiveness, deep understanding of how to achieve success, self-sufficiency // sensitivity, empathy, nurturing care, emotional wisdom, co-dependency, resilience, warmth, tender expression of love, intuition, vulnerability

♒ Aquarius NN - ♌ Leo SN: logic, detachment, intellect, selflessness, altruism, an ability to think forward, free expression of ideals and beliefs, a deep concern for humanity, rationality // self-confidence, generosity, enthusiasm, joyfulness, courage, grand theatricality, openness, free expression of love and emotions, passion

♓ Pisces NN - ♍ Virgo SN: creativity, peacefulness, kindness, intuition, understanding, psychic perceptiveness, compassion, sense of sacrifice through loving/metaphorical actions, empathy // discrimination, precision, meticulousness, attention to detail, sense of sacrifice through practical actions, pragmatism, observant perception


These traits need to develop most in/within….

1st house NN - 7th house SN: … the self and the disposition. // you’re already very focused on your partnerships and relationships with others, and may find yourself quite co-dependent or reliant on others for comfort. friends, partners or lovers may have helped you a lot in the past. you may make relationship issues a big focus in your life because you might feel uncomfortable or incomplete alone. in the past you may have defined yourself through your relationships. the biggest lesson you need to learn in this life is to channel all that energy into yourself, on your own; cultivating an authentic sense of self is vital to your soul’s journey.

2nd house NN - 8th house SN: … the acquisition of resources and your sense of self-worth. // in the past you may have received or relied on the support of others’ finances or resources a lot or had a sizeable inheritance; you have a natural ability to attract financial or emotional assistance from others. you may be private or defensive about this, for it eats away at your self-esteem. regardless, the biggest lesson you need to learn is to establish your own firm set of values, focus more on acquiring resources instead of inheriting or preserving them, to build something for yourself with your resourcefulness and business savvy talents. explore the meaning of money in your life - it’ll help you develop a comfortable, healthy sense of self-worth.

3rd house NN - 9th house SN: … the way you communicate and learn, your ideas. // you’ve already inherited a deep understanding of life and the world’s ways, acquiring much insightful knowledge and perception in the process. you’re a natural philosopher. you might be too caught up in your beliefs or opinions. in the past you may have defined yourself through these beliefs and your life experiences (or lack thereof). you may have sacrificed friendships or intellectual connections with others in pursuit of your own personal truths and exploration of abstracted wisdom. the biggest lesson you need to learn is connecting with and listening to others’ ideas instead of assuming yours are the most enlightened/authentic. cultivate a sense of open-mindedness to others’ beliefs, explore new trails of thought instead of experiences. you need to pursue different lines of thinking for the sole purpose of communicating. express yourself and your ideas but be open to others’ inputs as well - understand that you don’t need to experience something in order to have the right input for it. engage in intellectual debates. looking through a logical, rational lens that aims to simply talk things out will help your soul experience more than you ever thought it could

4th house NN - 10th house SN: … your emotional foundations, domestic life and your inner circle. // you’re already quite keen on following your aspirations and have a good understanding of the public sphere and how it works. ambitious and effortlessly recognisable, you may have an infamous reputation. in the past you may have defined yourself through your achievements. you have a deep need to be publicly honoured, successful or accomplished and may have pursued status and prestige at the expense of your family or inner circle. your biggest lesson in life is to learn to stop being so preoccupied with accomplishments and discipline and focus more on building emotional connections and foundations. don’t underestimate the importance of a warm, hospitable home. cultivate an appreciation for your private, domestic life. learn to develop a deep understanding of your own background and origins, how they’ve shaped you as a person. you may be self-sufficient but you need to pay more attention to the base of and depth behind your emotions. only by reconnecting with the past will your soul’s journey begin

5th house NN - 11th house SN: … the creative expression of the self and what you find entertaining. // you’re already very focused on expressing/bonding through ideals ad causes and probably have a diverse social life or network of friends or potentially a strong sense of community. you have a deep respect for activism and revolutionary efforts and may try to contribute to the state of the world any way you can. in the past you may have defined yourself through humanitarian deeds or ideals. you may be opinionated about these ideals, valuing efforts towards a reformed society and pre-occupying yourself with global issues. the biggest lesson you need to learn is to explore your passions sense of creativity. you need to cultivate a certain degree of… self-involvement, for lack of a better word; self-expression for your own pleasure, engage in more light hearted entertaining activities and interests, stimulate your appetite for love and pleasure instead of getting lost in your causes. connect with children and your sunny, performative side; exploring your leisurely interests and expressing your love generously is the key to reaching karmic fulfilment

6th house NN - 12th house SN: … your health, routines, the way you help others and your jobs. // you’re already incredibly intuitive and focused on your spirituality or connection to higher powers/beliefs. you have a deep understanding of the complex and the unseen.. in the past you may have defined yourself based on your faith. you may have been sacrificial and have enhanced compassionate abilities that caused others to take advantage of your kindness. the biggest lesson you need to learn in life is to discriminate. you need to learn to set boundaries and simply know to say no. you need to stop getting lost in daydreams and focus on more menial tasks, your daily routines, jobs and habits. don’t be neglectful of these things just because they lack the transcendental depth you’ve grown accustomed to. cultivate a stronger sense of health awareness. it is essential for your soul’s journey to learn to focus more on practical day-to-day issues

7th house NN - 1st house SN: … your relationships and your interactions with others. // you’re already very focused on how you can improve yourself or be authentic to yourself and are generally very self-aware. you can in the process be quite oblivious to how helpful others can be in your life and you may reject help from others because you’re used to being more independent. you may be hardened, with an innate strength developed from potentially difficult or violent experiences in the past. the biggest lesson you need to learn in this life is to be more *truly* considerate of and focused on others, to learn to depend and lean on others more. you need to pay more attention to your relationships and cultivate kindness and understanding from them. learn to transfer your strength to others.

8th house NN - 2nd house SN: … your private or intimate relationships and your legacy. // you already have a firm set of values and know what you desire to own or have. you are able to provide security and comfort with ease, and may be prone to hoarding. you have a sensual, self-reliant nature and know the importance of working steadily towards your goals. in the past you may have defined yourself on the basis of what you possess and their value. the biggest lesson you need to learn is to open yourself to other experiences of the world; you need to develop a trust in others so you can transform through your exchanges with them. pay more attention to the deepest corners of your soul, how you utilise power and how you approach intimacy. be more open to assistance and support from others, emotional or financial or otherwise. only by reexamining and regenerating your rigid values will your soul begin to achieve its purpose

9th house NN - 3rd house SN: … your travels, education and personal beliefs. // you’re already quite focused on communicating with others and you’re deeply inquisitive, flexible or curious about your environment. you articulate your ideas with ease and have an intellectual side; you may be so preoccupied with the exchange of ideas that you ignore your own personal beliefs and sense of faith or depth. in the past you may have defined yourself based on these ideas and their expression. your biggest lesson is to learn to develop a solid foundation of your true self, travel and explore the deep or spiritual meaning of life. focus less on scattered ideas and more on philosophy, ask questions that can’t be answered. you need to pursue your own experiences instead of adapting to the ones present in your surroundings. learning to broaden your horizons is vital to your soul’s growth

10th house NN - 4th house SN: … your public image and aspirations. // you have an uncanny ability to create warm, hospitable ‘home’ environments and a deep understanding of familial values and traditions; the importance of a tight-knit community. you’re already very focused on this and may be quite nurturing due to a prominent attachment to your childhood. you may have defined yourself through your family in the past. the biggest lesson you need to learn is to cultivate a sense of responsibility to society rather than your family and understand your role outside of your home. you need to explore your career aspirations, achievements and build a reputation. this is essential to your soul’s destiny.

11th house NN - 5th house SN: … your community and circle of friends. // you’ve mastered the art of creative self-expression and can do it with ease, perhaps through performing or being in the spotlight/centre of attention. you have an ability to entertain and bring joy, you make your talents the focus of your life. you may be prone to gambling, overindulging or taking risks you shouldn’t. the biggest lesson you need to learn to use your creativity for more original, less self-oriented means. learn to serve society instead of yourself. cultivate a sense of community and friendship using your ability to entertain, participate in activism. distribute your creativity to innovative channels, invent something with your vision. develop open-mindedness and learn to love/receive love in novel ways.

12th house NN - 6th house SN: … your solitude and spirituality. // you have self-discipline and an eye for detail almost naturally; you’ve inherited the skill of observance and try to stay quite health-aware. in the past you may have defined yourself through your dedication to menial tasks, your health and your work. you may have sacrificed your spirituality or dreams in pursuit of practicality. you’re a perfectionist and have high standards, and may be preoccupied with work or day-to-day routines. the biggest lesson you need to learn in this life is to look within. pay more attention to what your subconscious is telling you, revel in solitude, practice sacrificial compassion and devotion to religious/spiritual beliefs. connect with your creative side. you need to cultivate some faith in the unseen and trust in the unknown forces, engage with the abstract. you need to let go of your tendency to plan ahead and instead let yourself be guided (by your own hidden and neglected facets). quiet introspection is vital here. the things you deem impractical are vital to self-enrichment and the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose

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wonder woman 2 wishful thinking:

The year is 1973. The Cold War is at its height, and Berlin is infested with spies and mistrust. When a friend of hers is murdered in his home in Germany, Diana Prince heads to East Berlin in order to unravel the mystery behind the death, and finds that not only is there more to the murder than she first thought, but her pursuit of truth has drawn the attention of a shadowy organization that is not interested in being dragged out into the light, and is willing to try to silence her at any cost.

Up to and including sending a ghost story after her.

Right, so now that I have revealed myself to be actual Ladybug trash, time to make this one post that’s been on my mind for a while. If you don’t follow me for Miraculous Ladybug stuff (a.k.a. all my followers) then sorry about this.

So, a big fad throughout the fandom at the moment is giving Miraculouses to the supporting cast, and I am SO BEHIND THIS. It would develop the show beyond the status quo and freshen it up spectacularly across seasons, because if it keeps being a magical girl monster-of-the-week show with wacky antics ad nauseum then I’m going to probably lose interest fairly quickly. Some of the most popular miraculous assignments are Alya receiving the fox miraculous, Nino receiving the turtle miraculous ( @thelastpilot ) and alternatively Lila receiving the real, actual fox miraculous. I’m going to throw my two cents in on what thematically would work with the rest of the show.

First of all, we know three miraculous holders for definite and one for almost definite. Marinette is Ladybug, Adrien is Cat Noir, Master Fu is the unnamed turtle hero and the likelihood is Gabriel is Hawkmoth/Papillon. The thing is, if you look at miraculous holders and their miraculouses, a pattern of character starts emerging.

Let’s start with Marinette.

Marinette is, in short, a clumsy klutz with terrible luck, who normally you wouldn’t trust with giving an ounce of responsibility to – not because she wouldn’t take it seriously, but because she seems totally incompetent. The ladybug miraculous, on the other hand, is the miraculous of luck itself, with the most responsibility of all the miraculouses – and indeed, when Marinette transforms into Ladybug, almost all her clumsiness goes straight out the nearest window and she gains HUGE amounts of responsibility – she’s the one responsible for cleaning up the mess after an Akuma attack. The miraculous is not given to Marinette because she’s the best person for the job – far from it, she acknowledges in the origins episode Alya would be a far better fit. However, what’s important is that she has the capacity to grow into the role of Ladybug – and she well and truly does.

Now, let’s look at Adrien.

Adrien is a rich kid who’s incredibly lucky – he’s had everything fall into his lap from a young age, and has had competence (fencing, multilingualism etc.) drilled into him, at the cost of not being able to loosen up and socialise. His miraculous transforms him into Cat Noir, the poster boy for destruction and bad luck, with a kwami, Plagg, who’s constantly getting himself into the kind of destructive shenanigans you’d expect from Marinette through his own hedonism. See the pattern? Adrien and Marinette both receive the miraculouses that don’t represent them – they represent everything they aren’t – but everything they could be if they developed.

Now let’s look at Master Fu and Gabriel, because they’re a little different, but equally as important.

Master Fu, on the surface, seems like an ideal fit for the turtle in terms of alignment. The turtle in symbolism represents age, wisdom, protection. Master Fu stands for all these things – but Master Fu is a miraculous holder beyond his prime. He is at the end of his development. I have a feeling if we ever saw young Fu, we’d see him as a figure of youthful energy, who just wants to let loose and have fun, possibly even be anti-authoritarian when it comes to adults. This should sound true of another character in the show, and I’ll get back to that.

Gabriel, if everything is hinting at what we think it’s hinting at, however, does not fit the butterfly miraculous at all. The butterfly represents stages of life, and change, moving on, transformation. It’s heavily hinted Gabriel’s wife is dead – at the very least, Hawkmoth/Papillon has Adrien’s mother’s picture in his locket. Hawkmoth/Papillon’s goal now seems to be to attain the miraculouses so he can resurrect his dead wife. He’s not accepting death, and he’s not accepting the creed of his miraculous – he’s rejecting it, twisting it, corrupting it, thus becoming the supervillain who uses his Kwami’s powers against their will.

When a miraculous is granted to an owner, they can choose to learn from it, or reject it. But most importantly, they are granted to people who lack the qualities their miraculouses represent – their character flaws are what the miraculous works to iron out. That being said, let’s look at Lila.

Lila is a compulsive liar. Her Akumatised form is presumably the actual hero that emerges from the fox miraculous – a hero of lies and illusions. This is unhealthy for her – the miraculous isn’t helping her overcome her weaknesses, it’s only accentuating her character flaws. Lila will never grow as a person if she truly becomes Volpina.

So who actually needs secrets, lies and illusions in their life? Well, it’d be someone for whom truth is all-consumingly destructive. Someone whose self-destructive pursuit of the truth puts not only herself, but other people in the line of fire, and whose Akumatised form represents truth at all costs. I’m talking, of course, about Alya.

This is why fox!Alya appeals to me so much – because Alya would be able to learn and grow from the fox miraculous, because it represents traits that she needs to attain. Now, let’s look at the other popular miraculous assignment – turtle!Nino. That thing I mentioned earlier? Here it comes again.

Nino is the epitome of youthful vigour in the show – everything from his style to his DJing to his horribly outdated slang in the English dub (seriously, who the hell is a Totally Radical Dude in the 21st Century!? No-one. No-one is who.) His Akumatised form is Bubbler, a childish clown who tries to exile all adults. If there’s one person in the show who NEEDS the turtle miraculous and its traits of wisdom, age and protection, it’s Nino. This miraculous was MADE for Nino – right down to the outdated slang, providing an added meta bonus to the English dub that Nino becomes a massive allusion to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is why I love fox!Alya and turtle!Nino – because they work thematically with who has already received miraculouses. This begs the question – what happens to Lila?

I’d like to suggest something I think no-one else has thought of. I present, a digression: Peacock!Lila.

Peacocks are about vision, kind-heartedness and integrity – the peacock miraculous represents everything the fox miraculous doesn’t. If Lila became the peacock miraculous hero, she’d learn and develop SO MUCH MORE than if she became Volpina. She’d truly have the redemption and character arc that she needs – she’d learn there are more ways to solve a problem than lies, and that truth can be just as valuable. Likewise, this is why Peacock!Alya would actually be unhealthy for her – because it would only drive her even deeper into her already destructive drive for truth and justice.

This is what I call the Miraculous Character Development Theory. I dunno, it was just a thing that occurred to me.

tl;dr: fox!Alya and turtle!Nino work thematically and so does the rather outlandish peacock!Lila. Sorry this has been a mile long post about a god damn kids’ show. I have… several problems.

So at work I see a lot of PSAs and news coverage on the topic of internet safety when it comes to things like scams, sexual predators, and social media/smartphone addiction but no one ever really talks about the other internet dangers that anyone who’s been on tumblr long enough is well acquainted with.

We’ve already got a lot of millennial and gen z teens and college kids going around doxxing people, making callout posts, harassing people, and calling anything and everything they find disagreeable bigoted, abusive, oppressive, triggering, gaslighting, and whatever else they need it to be to make it an issue of morality where they’re doing what’s good and righteous and everyone else is evil. And these are people who grew up in an era before YouTube and Facebook. Kids today are playing with their parent’s smartphones and tablets while they’re still in diapers and getting their own devices when they’re still learning to spell. We have enough problems with teens and adults who should know better acting like children without throwing literal children into the mix.

Every day I see a new story written by and for middle-aged adults about the need to limit smartphone/social media exposure to make sure that kids don’t become “addicts” who don’t socialize (because online socialization doesn’t count apparently) but the much greater danger presented to kids growing up with this technology goes completely ignored.

Parents need to start having conversations with their kids about internet crusading. They need to teach their kids not to fall for rhetoric that tries to convince them that it’s okay to do certain things in the name of a supposed just cause or that tries to make them feel guilty just for existing or liking something or doing something totally benign that someone else has a completely made-up problem with. They need to be taught that peer pressure isn’t just “smoke this joint or you’re not cool”, it’s “agree with me or you’re a bad person” or “overlook this blatant hypocrisy because the person is funny and talented” or “dismiss anything this person says out of hand because the cool kids told you they were dirty, rotten, lying scum”. They need to be taught healthy constructive ways to channel frustration and feelings of moral indignation, impotent rage, and powerlessness when they encounter things in life they feel are unjust. They need to be taught how to have civil and productive disagreements, make persuasive, unpretentious, and non-presumptuous arguments, and not rely on or fall for appeals to emotion or rationalization by way of faulty logic. Most of all, they need to be taught to value truth and the pursuit of truth over being right, over pride, over social capital, over looking smart, sticking it to someone, getting their way, over good intentions or bad intentions, popularity or unpopularity, immediate gratification, or vindication.

Kids today have more power in the palms of their hands than any generation previous and parents need to teach them both how to wield that power responsibly and to not be pawns of bullies and manipulators.

46 Quotes from David John Tennant ❤️❤️:

1. “I see nothing wrong with having an unhealthy obsession with something.”

2. “If they find what they expect, the physicists will party, if not, the physicists will party anyway, physicists are odd like that.”

3. “The audience is the final cast member.”

4. “I was still just the wee boy frae Paisley.”

5. “When you think about it, many aspects of how we look, the way we act…” [looks in mirror] “Or my insufferable vanity, are determined genetically.”

6. [while nuzzling the fur of Arthur the horse, which he is severely allergic to] “Are you going to be my friend?”

7. “Science is as much the pursuit of beauty as it is the pursuit of truth.”

8. “How long can you keep smiling?”

9. “The Doctor is based on who I would be if I had more confidence and didn’t care so much about what people think.”

10. “It’s time to positively rebellious and rebelliously positive.”

11. “I’m only looking at the twinkle of their soul in the starlight.”

12. “I suppose It’s only boring if you don’t have a washing machine.”

13. “Everything’s scripted! The air molecules are scripted!”

14. “We’re just matter. We can dream of flying across the universe, but what it comes down to is just a hunk of bone… The trouble with a cliché is that it loses its meaning.”

15. “But I wasn’t talking to myself. I was making up stories.”

16. “Everyone everywhere has the right to be happy and free… There are so many of us humans squeezing onto this wee planet and there’s no TARDIS coming to spirit us away. We have to look out for each other.”

17. “If I had to be stuck in a parallel universe with one fandom it would be the Doctor Who fans. I think they’re the cleverest. Quickest wits in the internet.”

18. “Sometimes I’m haunted by it, sometimes I’m enlivened by it, sometimes it weighs me down, and other times it’s like a drug and I can’t wait for the next sniff.”

19. “85.3 percent of actors are down-to-earth and reasonable.”

20. “You have to be careful with Shakespeare, because people tend to know it.”

21. “Some of my earliest memories are of being tucked up in bed while mum or dad read to me.“

22. "I have no real ambitions, just to live and fulfill myself, whatever that means.”

23. [about falling down on set all the time] “I would always get up and keep going, but nobody else would.”

24. “I don’t think anyone that is perceived as a villain sees themself as a villain.”

25. “A perfect idea, I suppose, it fires the imagination in such a particular way. Something to do with the fantastic and the futuristic coming together. The TARDIS is the most extraordinary vehicle you could imagine and it’s wrapped up in a scruffy blue phone box. The Doctor is the most clever, extraordinary being, and yet he is scrappy and anarchic. There is something more identifiable with the geek hero. We have to accept that somethings are sprinkled with fairy dust and we won’t know why.”

26. “If you could isolate the elements that turn something into gold you would be an alchemist, wouldn’t you?”

27. “A long table scattered with scripts, water bottles, and paper name plates stretched the whole length of the room. What felt like hundreds of people milled about expectantly, chatting, checking Blackberries, casting sideways glances as I tried to keep breathing and affect an air of insouciant calm.”

28. “In a suburban house in Paisley, a wee boy was sticky-taping his oft-snapped spectacles back together. He couldn’t remember a time when they hadn’t been augmented with at least one area of peeling sellotape.”

29. “I’ve always seen theatre as my natural mode of being.”

30. “I love you all passionately… And possibly carnally.”

31. “I would get to the point where I was rehearsing what I was going to say next: ‘excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, terribly sorry, but I need to go throw up in the dressing room.’”

32. “I’ve chosen to follow my own spirit.”

33. “Shakespeare’s plots and characters are catnip to actors… It sings to us.”

34. “I’ve been to lots of alien planets. You’d be surprised how many of them look like quarries in Wales.”

35. “There is quite a lot of science in Doctor Who, some accurate science, some of it quite elevated, and some of it that’s completely made up.”

36. “I’m always chasing the script that I need to be worthy of.”

37. “I would wander around, pretending to be all the characters. My parents would tell lots of stories of me wandering around the garden, talking to myself.”

38. “I was the one delivering flowers for people who were in actual relationships with actual human beings.”

39. “He’s cleverer than me, he’s quicker witted than I am, he’s more intelligent than me, he’s a better sword fighter than I am… I like to think I have at least a twinkle of all those qualities.”

40. “It’s difficult to describe your own personality… Happy, mostly, maybe a bit bewildered.”

41. “Suddenly, and quite without warning, there was a rupture in the fabric of space and time.”

42. “I thought that would be a very witty and expedient way to exit the room.”

43. “Other hair products are available.”

44. “I always get worried when adults say children don’t understand the difference between reality and fiction, because they do understand.”

45. “Hopefully I’m not as pathetic as I think I am at four in the morning.”

46. “A dream, while it’s happening, is as real and valid an experience as anything else. Until it stops.”

Pursuit of happiness

You sit there under your tree

You call the Pursuit of Happiness

And you pretend to be on a journey

Clutching your past in your fist

You sit there alone and turn people away

You don’t need any company beside you

You prefer sitting in the shade

Alone alone you continue to do what you do

This is a sad story indeed

And I can figure only one thing

Either you’re lying through your teeth

Or you think you’re saving someone pain

Dream Daddy CRYPTID AU

Jospeh: a demon-possessed youth pastor, of course. Mary knows and begrudgingly accepts that her loving husband shares a body with a malevolent entity. You can catch him dragging his latest kill through the woods, or hosting weekend barbecues and showing you his latest grill maneuvers.

Damien: the local vampire. Not actually old enough to have been alive in the Victorian era, but he certainly appreciates the aesthetic. He enjoys moonlit walks in the cemetery and napping together in a king-size coffin. You assure him that it’s perfectly alright for a century-old cryptid to work in the technology sector.

Brian: a very loyal and friendly werewolf. Beware- if you throw a stick for Maxwell to fetch, there’s a good chance that Brian will also run after it. Loves frisbees, his beautiful daughter, and full moons. You spend the weekends camping with him and Daisy, making sure they remember to come home before the sun rises.

Mat: a siren. Never sings any more, if he can help it. He and his wife used to travel the country bewitching teens with their voices for fun (no one was ever hurt, of course) until they were found out and she was murdered. He hates large crowds, loud noises, and decaf. Sometimes, you can convince him to play for you, and it’s beautiful and haunting. If you listen closely, he hums under his breath.

Hugo: an earth-loving alien. He and his son aren’t new to the planet; they’ve lived in the cul-de-sac for quite some time, but Hugo never gets any less fascinated with human beings. He particularly has a fondness for literature and the sport of wrestling- he’ll talk your ear off with all of the oddball facts he knows about either subject.

Craig: a psychic. He can see ghosts, and they often come to him begging for help. Between keeping up with his kids, coaching a softball team, running a business, and speaking with the dead, the poor guy runs himself into the ground. He never lets it show, though. You hold him in your strong Dad Arms to ward the cold chill away, and you do your best to ignore his extra shadow.

Robert: completely and totally human. Also obsessed with cryptids. He’s convinced that they are out there, he tells Jospeh as he flips another burger, looking dramatically out across the yard to the woods as Joseph adjusts the hot coals with his bare hands. He takes Damien hunting with him, even though his cloak keeps getting caught in the branches, because he has crazy good night vision. He gloats to Brian about the huge canine paw prints he found the other day, as Daisy has a conversation with Maxwell over the practicality of his handkerchief. Mat brews his coffee as Robert goes on and on about the mysterious nationwide phenomenon a few decades back, with kids going crazy after listening to some music- sirens, obviously. Mat shrugs uncomfortably and hands him his drink. He recounts to Hugo the night he almost got abducted, and Hugo tells him to stop being ridiculous, that doesn’t even happen. Robert tells him that just because he reads some books, he doesn’t know everything.

He complains to Craig about how cold his house always is, and how he always feels like he’s being watched, probably because of his relentless pursuit of the truth. Craig eyes something behind him and promises to take care of it.

And you? Well, I don’t know about you, but I want to believe.

INTP vs. INTJ - Comparison

I have often wondered why people are so prone to misidentifying xxxJ and xxxP types at first glance (myself included). This seems to happen the most often with INFPs and INFJs, and INTPs and INTJs. We’ve all encountered that person who believes that they’re an “INFP/INFJ hybrid”. (See: this previous post explaining my pet theory about cognitive function duality.) 

So, this duality got me thinking. If:

1. Fi and Fe are opposites, just as other opposite paired functions (Te/Ti, Se/Si, Ne/Ni) are; 

2. And they exist to approach the same problem from different viewpoints;

3. Then this is why opposite types can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from one another. 

So, the logical next step in the thought process was: how do INTJs and INTPs approach information differently? So, I decided to come up with a metaphor. 

To run with my previously-established theme comparing Ni to a pyramid, INTJs are like a mountain. Over the course of time, sheets of sediment are built up, depositing over top of one another, again and again and again. It takes hundreds of thousands of years for a mountain to form; and Ni is similarly slow out of the gate. Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rocks pile and press over one another to create layer after layer of solid material. Weather grinds down the mountainside - wind, snow, sleet, hail, and rain all work to hone the mountain’s many layers into a peak. 

This is how INTJs work. Their opinions are formed by taking an aggregate of information they’ve perceived over time, and once they have enough pieces of the puzzle to fit together - in other words, once they have enough information - then their brain makes an intuitive leap to the conclusion, and they reach an answer: the peak of their mountain. The summit is the end of their journey, their best guess given all of the complex layers of information that they’ve stored up over time. If the INTJ is like a slowly-forming mountain, and Ni’s conclusion is the peak, then the weather is the INTJ’s internal process of trying to maximize the efficiency of their actions and thought process.

INTPs are the opposite. Where an INTJ will take all of the information already known to reach a conclusion, INTPs will freely discard information that does not balance correctly on their internal scale - this is Ti at work instead of Ni. In this way, if INTJs are builders, then INTPs are more like percolators. INTJs are building up to a conclusion using all of the information in their external world available to them, while INTPs are looking to narrow their conclusion down to one underlying rule or principal based on the evidence that best fits into their internal model. 

An INTP will accumulate information and quickly, gradually, and automatically sift and filter it through many layers of internal logic in order to reach the most likely conclusion. INTPs are the rule, and INTJs are the application.

In this way, INTJs and INTPs - who are both incredibly intellectually curious, love learning, and are absolutely devoted to the pursuit of truth, accuracy, and honesty - are remarkably adept at locating the most logical, rational, and reasonable position in a pile of useless, inefficient, and unnecessary rules. 

In other words: INTJs and INTPs are crossing the same lake, but they’re using two completely different methods to get it done.

The X Files 11x01 Spoilers (Also Titled: Why Female Writers Matter)

“I have an idea,” says Chris Carter. “I’m going to write a strong, female character. She’s smart. She’s well educated. She doesn’t take bullshit. She carries a gun. She runs in heels. Bad ass. But slowly, over time, I’m going to reduce her to nothing more than toy. AN AWESOME IDEA!!!”

Why do bad things happen to Dr. Dana Scully? I kept my mouth shut as Scully increasingly became obsessed with having a kid. Some women really want to be mothers, and some do not. And that is okay, because we are all different people so we have different wants and needs. There’s no shame in wanting one thing or another. It’s all cool. You do you, Dana. You’re awesome. You be an awesome mom in addition to all the other sorts of awesome you are. (But it didn’t end there.)

I kept my mouth shut as Scully was suddenly made barren because of #aliens, figuring some angst is good for a show and that nothing really heightens the stakes for a character like your own body being tampered with as you go about your dangerous journey. Scully suddenly losing the one thing she really wanted (a child) in her pursuit of the truth alongside Mulder honestly felt romantic and heroic: the ultimate sacrifice is your own dream. But it didn’t end there.

Slowly, the X Files started to feel more and more like Scully was nothing more than a uterus. Sometimes her loins are frothing! Sometimes they’re not! Sometimes she’s trying to have a baby! Sometimes she has no hope! Then suddenly she has a baby! Rejoice! But Scully’s character DIDN’T snap back into a bad ass, heel running, door kicking, gun shooting, fact correcting medical doctor-and-special agent. She was STILL nothing more than an incubator. Every plot line slowly started to revolve around her now vacant womb. She has a Jesus baby everybody wants to get their hands on. She has to give the baby up for adoption. Now she’s mourning the loss of the baby.

AND I GET IT: she has a baby. I’m not trying to say when you have a baby you shouldn’t be impacted by it. I’m certainly not trying to say that losing your child means you shouldn’t be impacted by it. But I am saying that Scully is not, and has not, been written as an actual human for SEASONS of this show. Scully’s purpose on this show is not fact-checking Mulder. It’s not solving mysteries. It’s not even doing Mulder’s paperwork. Scully’s purpose is literally to create some kind of alien Jesus and then be nearly strangled to death in a hospital bed.

It’s disappointing to see a character who started off as a strong, smart, educated, professional woman in a man’s world be reduced to nothing more than a womb. The first season of the X Files has not-so-subtle shots of Scully walking through the halls of the FBI surrounded by seas of men. She’s called the Ice Queen, she’s called Mrs. Spooky, yet Scully seems mostly unshaken. She perserveres. She’s put in physical danger by monsters of men and male monsters: she doesn’t quit. She gets up the next day, puts on her shoulder pad pantsuit, and keeps going. Special Agent Dana Scully is both every average woman living in the patriarchy, yet an ideal figure of strength for us to live up to.

Which is why it was honestly, straight up PAINFUL to watch her character slowly be stripped of all of this. What did Scully do in 11x01? She has a medical emergency, gets in a car accident, returns to the hospital, is smothered by a pillow, is strangled on the floor of the hospital, and then, oh yeah, we find out she was raped. That baby that became her character’s sole purpose on the show? It’s not even the guy she loves.

Chris Carter is obviously a misogynist. That’s not really news. From Gillian having to fight from equal pay, to him straight up quitting the AMA yesterday when people started calling him out for never giving Scully a desk, we already knew he is no fan of women. CC doesn’t write Dana Scully to inspire you and me. He writes Dana Scully as a toy because he can. CC thinks, “Scully has ovaries!” He doesn’t think, “Scully also has other things in addition.” What else would a cis female character be, anyway? She’s an incubator, she had the baby, she served the one female purpose, time to lay her up in the hospital and ensure she doesn’t do anything all episode. Let Mulder drive a fancy sports car around. Who cares.

I just can’t help but think, this is WHY you need a woman in the writers’ room. You need someone to say, “Um hey, maybe it’s not cool that Scully constantly has no autonomy over her body or her life? You know when she was barren suddenly? That was kind of not cool. Now we’re going to have her be raped AND lie around all episode? That’s… messy. Maybe she should have a plot line that doesn’t involve the fruit of her loins, just saying.” It’s hard for me to believe that not even one dude saw this script and thought it was problematic, but clearly, I need to stop expecting so much from the human race. Aliens, come and get me. I’m ready for my departure.

In conclusion,

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god apparently we need to get some things straight about this Rose Christo business, because the way that certain parts of tumblr respond to things like this is really poor.

“take what is posted on kiwifarms with a grain of salt” is a good, healthy practice that allows you to verify information.

“everything that is posted on kiwifarms is automatically false/made up/a lie by virtue of being posted on kiwifarms” is stupid as hell.

i don’t like kiwifarms, and i don’t think that should come as a surprise to anybody, but that doesn’t make everybody who posts on KF is wrong about everything. the fact that her brother posted information, which Rose then presumably read and posted about on her (public!) twitter, makes it very likely that he’s telling the truth about this situation.

the world is not divided into “people whose morals align with mine” and “evil, hatemongering liars who never tell the truth.” stop playing into cushy lies that make you feel good inside. stop enabling people’s sob stories in some fucked up attempt to increase the diversity of your world view. stop insisting that truth is in the hands of the person who claims victim status the fastest.

Rose Christo, whatever her intentions or beliefs, is operating on a fact of certain tumblr circles. that fact is that social capital is awarded to people based on aspects of their identities or experiences–people of color, LGBT people, abuse survivors, et cetera are given more of a platform and are more celebrated than others. there are some legitimate reasons for this, but the way that it folds out in these circles often leads to a couple of things:

1. people faking their identities for an extra boost/personal attention/gain of that social capital;
2. people insisting that anybody who claims these identities must be telling the truth, because otherwise you’re upsetting the status quo of giving them an elevated status.

if you say that Rose Christo fabricated any part of her story, then you’re accused a lesbian of color who survived child abuse and the foster care system of lying. that leads to backlash on anyone who doubts the story, whether they’re on tumblr or on kiwifarms. people KNOW this when they claim oppressed identities that they don’t actually have.

(for the record, i’m not saying that all of her story was fabricated. i’m not saying that she never went through abuse, that she isn’t a lesbian, etc. i’m saying that all of these things together, with whichever parts are lies, are protective against criticisms and accusations.)

and if those accusations are specifically coming from somebody from kiwifarms–well, you can just breathe a sigh of relief now. surely somebody from KF is maliciously making up lies. they say “autistic” as an insult and they bully people, so why would any individual member of the forum /ever/ be telling the truth? Rose’s morals are better than [Rose’s brother]’s morals, so we have a clear winner here! no need to delve deeper into the story in any sense, because we can just let social capital via X Identity solve it for us.

like…no. that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works. care more about the pursuit of truth than about picking apart the membership of anyone involved. look at how each person is respectively acting, look at who is providing evidence.

this is getting rambly. also, please don’t come whining to me about defending KF. i do not give a shit about KF. i give a shit about what’s being said there, but i’d care just as much if it was posted on facebook or here or something. this performative “wellllll he’s from kf so hooooow could this be truuuuue?” bullshit is just annoying to me either way.

so I said something about mezato and takenaka having the eccentric shounen detective vibe and guess what

yep its an AU

in which mezato is an independent reporter who’s famous for not knowing what fear or common sense is when it comes to investigation, and takenaka is a telepath trying to stay alive

pointers under the cut

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the purest specimen of truth

this is actually for @leiascully​‘s @xfficchallenges​: the fic you’d never write. normally i don’t write “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” william fics, let alone fics where he’s a teeeeeen! so i did that, but i was also at the science march in d.c. this weekend and obvi i had to fic an au where scully was there so…also, all the signs mentioned herein were actually witnessed irl haha also, the title of scully’s academic paper is based in real science but to my knowledge doesn’t exist…yet.

“What about I was told there’d be pie — but it’s the symbol for pi?”

Scully sighed without looking up at him, though she did admittedly choke back a smile which she wasn’t about to reward him with.

“That is clever,” she said, tapping the capped end of a Sharpie against her temple, “But I was partial to your original idea.”

He chuckled, “At the start of every disaster movie there’s a scientist being ignored?

She does smile then, peering at him overtop her reading glasses, which have slowly but surely become a permanent fixture atop her head over the last few years.

“Well, it’s true!” He bellows, playfully slapping his hand down atop the dining room table, “The Core, Dante’s Peak, The Day After Tomorrow, Twister —  that one we saw in theaters where they did an autopsy on Gwyneth Paltrow — ?”

Contagion,” she said, uncapping a marker with her teeth, “Which was impressively accurate, by the way. Not just the autopsy scene but later, the visual showing the way in which new viruses are formed by the recombination of DNA or RNA from different species of animal hosts?”  

“I’ll take your word for it,” he said, watching her squint intently down at her poster board, outlining the letters with a pathologist’s steady hand. He reached for a Sharpie, his finger grazing the back of her hand as he did. “So,” he said, flicking the cap off with his thumb, “Are you nervous?”

Her hand froze and she visibly stiffened. He immediately regretted bringing it up but as was his wont, he couldn’t help himself. 

“Yes,” she said after an agonizingly long moment of silence.“I still don’t understand why they asked me to speak,” she muttered, refusing to look up at him.

Mulder scoffed, “Scully — you fucking cured Tay-Sachs.”

“No,” she snapped, pointing her Sharpie at him, “I did not cure it. Not yet.

Recombiant Adeno-Associated Virus PHP.B Serotype for Cross-Correctional Enzyme Transfer Across the Blood Brain Barrier in Lipid Storage Disorders,” he recited on a single breath, “Sounds like a cure to me.”

She gave him a warm smile, “You memorized the title of my paper?”

“What can I say, I’m your biggest fan,” he grinned. She blushed, which of course only made him grin harder.

“I wish you’d look over my speech…” she said softly, picking up her marker again and retracing a giant letter S.

“I told you, Scully, they don’t want a speech from Fox Mulder: former FBI agent and profiler turned New York Times best-selling, National Book Award-winning author,” he said, though not unkindly, “They want a speech from former FBI agent, medical doctor, professor, surgeon, American Medical Association award-winning, guest-lecture giving, honorary degree-having, enigmatic, Dr. Dana Katherine Scully. Who also happens to be my best friend, the love of my life, and the mother of my child,” he said, “And a damn fine shot, too.”

“Oh, Mulder…” she tutted, shaking her head. As if on cue, they heard booming footfalls on the stairs and a second later Will skidded into the room, brandishing a poster board.

At 16, he was just about Mulder’s height and just as lanky and would probably be taller than him by the end of the summer; if his propensity for eating a week’s worth of groceries in a weekend was any indication of his basic metabolic rate and robust genetic profile.

Will cleared his throat, feigning seriousness, but his eyes sparkled with his father’s particular brand of indolence, “Brace yourselves for the unremitting sheen of my brilliance.”

Scully snorted. Mulder and Will threw her identical, indignant looks.

“I’m sorry,” she said, putting her hands up in surrender, “You are your father’s son, Will. No doubt about it.”

Mulder nudged her foot with his under the table, “Was there ever really any doubt, Scully?”

She gave him a long look, which did not get passed Will. Not much did. 

“I detect a rather abrupt change in atmosphere,” Will said, licking his finger and holding it in the air as if to sense a gust of wind.

“Son,” Mulder said gravely, not taking his eyes off Scully, “There’s something we have to tell you.”

Scully frowned, but before she could speak she saw the faintest glimmer in Mulder’s eye and relaxed a bit.

“What?” Will said, slumping down in the chair closest to his father, letting his sign drop to the floor.

“William…Uncle Walter …is your real dad,” Mulder said, his mouth twitching around a grin.

“That explains why I find you and Mom so ridiculous,” Will said, rolling his eyes in with such form that it rivaled even his mother’s practiced art.

“No, that’s just ‘cuz you’re an angsty teen,” Mulder said, ruffling his son’s hair. Will blushed at the childishness of the gesture — more so because, even as a young man, he still craved his father’s approval and affection and was relieved to be in receipt of it.

“Let’s see your sign, Will,” Scully said, capping a nearby Sharpie that was teetering precariously over the edge of the dining room table.

Will reached for the posterboard, brandishing it high above his head. With a flourish, he turned it so they could read its words as he proclaimed them.

SCIENTISTS ARE PRO-TESTING!” He bellowed, and while he expected his father to laugh heartily and give him a high-five, neither of them expected that his mother would laugh. Certainly no so hard.

After a minute or two went by, Will and Mulder both eyed Scully with a kind of nervous fascination, wondering if perhaps they would have to sedate her.

“Have you…have you ever seen her like this?” Will said, his voice low.

Mulder didn’t take his eyes off Scully, who had lowered her head onto the table, collapsed like a pop-tent. Her shoulders still shaking and her muffled giggles getting lost against the polished cherrywood.

“Once,” he said slowly, “But she was drugged.”

This only made Scully laugh harder. When she finally lifted her head, her face was a hot shade of blush-pink and sallow with tear stains.

“I appreciate the encouragement, Mom,” Will said, “But there’s no need to stroke my ego that much. It’s a good sign but it’s not that good.”

Scully reached up to wipe her eyes on the sleeve of her faded Quantico sweatshirt — which was older than Will by about a decade. She sighed deeply, then looked at them both through damp eyes and with a warm, almost cherubic smile.

“No, no, it is a good sign, Will. It’s just…” she sighed again, then drew in a long, sobering breath, “After all your father and I have been through, all that we’ve seen, the things that we’ve fought for…” she looked at Mulder, then. “The FBI sent me to your father because of my faith in science. They believed that science and reason would take him down. It didn’t, though. If anything it became an asset to his cause, and somewhere along the line I became — and so did the science I brought with me — the enemy.”

She lowered her eyes to her own sign, which suddenly seemed incapable of capturing everything she wanted — and needed — to say.

“The science helped sometimes,” Mulder said softly, “But you were the real strength, Scully.”

She smiled up at him as he reached across the table to squeeze her hand, “I guess I just find it preposterous that we have to protest this at all,” she said, shrugging slightly, “That the persecution we faced as a result of our pursuit of the truth has somehow become so much bigger than just us, than the X-files.”

“This whole political milieu is a freakin’ X-file,” Will grumbled.

“Nice 10-point vocab word there, dude.” Mulder said, clapping his son on the back.

“What can I say — my dad writes books.” Will shrugged.

Mulder beamed at Scully, who had rested her chin on her hand.

“Mulder,” she said, her voice hoarse from her laughing jag, “You never told me Skinner was a writer.”

“There must be almost 50,000 people out there,” Scully breathed, her nails digging into the skin of Mulder’s left hand. They could hear the roar of the crowd from beyond the stage — or possibly the rain, which was coming down in sheets. Of course, given that it was a crowd of scientists, they were prepared with slickers and umbrellas, upon which many had inscribed: “Science predicted rain today.”

“You’re gonna be great,” he said, kissing the side of her head which was damp with sweat or rain water or both.

“At least you’re not after Bill Nye,” Will offered, “No one wants to follow him.”

Scully groaned and pressed herself into Mulder’s chest.

“That’s true,” Mulder said, rubbing her back, “Plus, if you screw it all up, no one will remember because they’ll just remember Bill Nye and the fact that Thomas Dolby is gonna sing She Blinded Me With Science.”

“Wait, what song is this?” Will said, digging his phone out of his pocket presumably to YouTube it.

“It’s about your mother,” Mulder said, “Especially the lyric: she’s tidied up and I can’t find anything.”

“Mulder, I want a divorce,” Scully said from somewhere under Mulder’s chin.

“We’re not married, Scully.”

She pulled her head back from his coat and looked up at him, “Fox William Mulder, will you marry me?”

“Sure,” he grinned, running his thumb along her chin.

“Ok,” she said, pressing herself back into his chest again. Then, “Mulder—?”

“Yeah, Scully?”

“I want a divorce.”

The gray sky opened up over the undulating crowd.  If anyone looked up, they’d drown.  

“She looks — ” Will said, standing next to his father backstage, watching his mother at the podium.

“Brilliant? Amazing? Powerful? Divine?” Mulder finished.

Will snorted, “I was gonna say scared shitless.

Though her voice was steady and clear, from his vantage point Mulder could see what the audience could not: how Scully was anxiously lifting and lowering her stockinged foot from her sleek high heel, running the front of her toes along the back of her calf.

God, he was proud of her. God, he loved her.

“…to shed light on what has typically been sequestered away to labs and libraries and lecture halls. To put on full display the humanity that has for centuries stoked the fire of scientific inquiry, refined it, rejoiced in its revelations and more often, endured the frustrations of its arcanum.”

She looked up from her notes, then, and not out at the audience — but to her right, to him and to their son. The next words she spoke, he understood, she had not written for the masses, or for history — but for them.

“The truth exists whether we believe it or not. It endures even the most violent scrutiny and ruthless persecution. As we persist in seeking it, may we find solace in knowing that there is no person, no institution, no government, with jurisdiction over it. It can be suppressed, hidden, censored, altered or misappropriated, refuted and denied,” she paused, looking back to her audience who waited on baited breath, “What those who try to manipulate it beyond recognition, who try to eradicate it and replace it with calculated imitations, fail to recognize is that when all of those measures fail – and they will fail — what remains is the purest specimen of truth.”

She looks back at Mulder, then. At their son. And she smiles, “And it is those of us who want to believe such a truth can be revealed to us who will one day find it, and bring it into the light.”