pursuit of health and happiness

typical-atheist-scumbag  asked:

you don't find radical feminism or modern feminism in general to be insulting to women? Think about it, according to feminism women have never had any power it and never will as long as men exist. That's not insulting?

it’s not insulting to acknowledge and fight against an oppressive and restrictive reality, and to advocate for changes to that reality. 

it would be insulting to pretend that women have no institutional or interpersonal restrictions to our safety, health, and our pursuit of happiness, that any issues women do encounter exist as a result of our own personal failings. to insinuate that would be deeply, deeply insulting.

i’m pretty sure you’re not sending me this message in good faith or out of any desire for mutually respectful discussion, so tread carefully if you expect any more answers out of me. 

So what if you’re alone right now. Embrace it. Go get coffee alone. Shop alone. Drive alone. Watch movies alone. Get to know yourself. Nothing bad can come from riding whatever wave to self improvement you’re blessed with in the moment.

Make your dreams a priority.
Make your mental health a priority.
Make your relationships a priority.
Make your happiness a priority.
Make yourself a priority.


You’ve come a lot farther than you often think. You’re doing so great! :))

to recover and become a better YOU, you need to surround yourself with positivity

Sometimes you just need to focus on you and that’s okay.

i know times may seem bad right now. bad days happen, that’s part of life. but even so, you must keep going. you’re worth it in every sense of that statement. dont give up yet. amazing things are headed your way. please be patient :))

Have the courage to walk away from situations that reduce your happiness and make yourself a priority.