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A neurobiologist studying monogamy wins scholarship from porn site
Natalie Nevarez, a graduate student examining the brain chemistry of monogamy, wins a $25,000 scholarship from the pornography website Pornhub.
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Please read this hilarious article about our awesome friend Natalie:

Nevarez said that she’s thrilled to receive the scholarship from Pornhub, even though she agrees that it’s unusual for a pornography website to help fund her pursuits in academia. But in some ways, she said, it’s fitting.

“I look at animals have sex all day,” Nevarez said. “So many hours of my life. It gets very tedious.”

She and my husband used to work for the same PI, but he wasn’t part of the vole research group, so hearing about their work second-hand has always been incredibly amusing to me. 

Also, as the article describes, Natalie is a badass Latina in STEM with an amazing, supportive family who sacrificed everything for her to reach her potential in academia. Definitely worth the read if you have a few minutes.

Luna Lovegood: INTP [Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling]


Dominant Function, Introverted Thinking, Ti: This function is often misunderstood. It is a very experiential form of logic. It deals in the immediate and is not as exacting as Extroverted Thinking, Te. Ti could be defined as dealing with implied logic, logic that doesn’t need to be written out, but used in the moment. This misunderstanding is why many assume Luna to not be a Thinking Type and leads her to mistyped. Ti is a very intimate and personal function leading ITPs to need to be in harmony with what they work with. They need to use their Ti in the fashion of being one with it. It is part of why Luna being an extreme INTP seems a little out of it in the eyes of her friends. This is why when dealing with mythical creatures others don’t believe in she is so immersed in it. Ti in a dominant form leads ITPs to be completely intertwine with the project they are working on, it isn’t separate from their being but becomes part of that being. This action is what drives Hermione (ESTJ) mad with Luna. “ETJs make a firm split between observer and observed. They set objective goals and will sacrifice their own needs to bring them about. ITPs will do the inverse. They’ll sacrafice objective considerations for the sake of a project or experience that ‘feels right’ to them. The resulting behavior looks impulsive.” [Thomson]. Luna investigates the unknown as Ti is far more open in what it interacts with than Te. She is able to make leaps because it “feels right” and Hermione can’t stand it. Objectively speaking the mythical creatures Luna believes in are just not proven. Hermione’s Te struggles with Luna’s Ti. Just because they are both Thinking Types does not mean they are using the same kind of Thinking. Also, just because Luna’s logic isn’t objective, doesn’t mean she is a Feeling type. Both assumptions misunderstand functions and play into stereotypes.

Ti is a very wholistic function. It doesn’t deal in categorizing thoughts. In education terms it is a very interdisciplinary function. Luna doesn’t seperate her thoughts, but thinks in this wholistic way. She deals in mysterious creatures, but she doesn’t see why this pursuit must be severed from academia and the main stream thinking. She doesn’t see her pursuit as a topic outside of her studies at Hogwarts like Hermione does. Luna combines different ways of thinking into one, she blurs definitions and categorizations. 

Ti has a major moral aspect to it. Ti in ITPs wants morals to encompass every part of a person’s life, not just for the public eye. Her Ti is a major drive for her to be part of Dumbledore’s Army. Every character has a different function that motivates them to join the DA, for Luna it is her Ti. Ti being the wholistic function described above takes the rules and laws and makes exceptions in immediate social situations. Laws and rules don’t apply to everyone and every situation. Although the school rule prohibit Luna from being in the DA (even before the Umbridge changes) Luna sees that these rules can’t work for the actual situation, that there is a moral injustice. It would kill her to not be apart of the DA when she sees so much going wrong. Many see dealing with moral situations as an Fi function, but in fact Ti also deals with moral issues. How they go about these moral issues is different. Ti values harmony in their projects, but also when dealing with moral issues. Ti brings the logical and systematic into the personal, which means “bringing the generality of the Extroverted system into balance with the issues of a real situation” [Thomson]. That is the motivation and way that Luna goes about joining the DA and fighting off Lord Voldemort.  Because of her Ti she can be out of the typical social world. Her loyalties come from her immediate experieinces and who she interacts with firsthand. It is what causes her fierce allegiance to the DA or more to the specifics Harry and his friends. Not only is it moral, but out of her allegiance does she work with the DA.

Auxiliary Function, Extroverted iNtuition, Ne: Luna is attracted to logical possibilities. She is fairly open minded and always looks for the possibilities. Luna uses her Ti first to get a sense of the structure she is dealing with and then she uses Ne to see the impact of these structures on the outside world as it actually exists. This is why Luna can seem in her own world far more often before she becomes good friends with Harry and his friends. She seems to not deal in the actual world in their eyes, but they are only seeing her dominant function. 

Ne often needs to be consciously used by INTPs or else they use it an a very limited capacity to only see logical possibilities in systems. They need to utilize this to see the big picture and the effect they have on others. Luna in the Order of the Phoenix reaches this healthier stage in her ability to help Harry and others in the DA. Her Ne is what causes her to see the big picture of how the media alters perception and how the government is changing. This draws her outside of her Ti-Si obsession with her own project of unknown mythical creatures.

Her use of Ne is what makes her a very healthy INTP by the end of the series. Seeing her place in the big picture makes her feel accountable to others, a responsibility to others. She doesn’t have to calculate her relationships or social interactions. She trusts others and even from the beginning accepts the uncontrollable and lives in the unknown. Her Ne gives her a sense of person to help others.

Tertiary Function, Introverted Sensing, Si: This tertiary function is why INTPs are referred to as “The Scientist” in some circles. This is what drives Luna to work with what she is familiar with. It is why INTPs specialize in certain topics of fields. For Luna it is the pursuit and research of mystical creatures that others even in the Wizarding World don’t believe in. Her father raised her in that world and there the obsession began. Because she is familiar with this topic she feels in control. However, because she is so deep in this function she over relies on her dominant function. A lot of this is before her friendship solidifies with the Potter gang. Before them she let her Extroverted Functions become elusive to her and isolated herself from others. 

Inferior Function, Extroverted Feeling, Fe: Before socializing with Harry and his friends Luna was a social outcast. She didn’t understand the social rituals of those around her and was always left out. Because she wasn’t comfortable with Fe, which functions to help us find our identity in relationships with others, she further isolated herself when people didn’t accept her. However, Harry and his friends help her deal with her extroverted functions more so she develops better as an INTP. With them she finds her identity in her relationships with them. She finds a social circle that she can work in. 

Big Words (Part 5)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Years later, you find yourself in an unexpected reunion

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A/N: Wow! I can’t believe how many people are really enjoying this series. I’m so flattered! A big shoutout to my new friend and fan @burritosofhoran! Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. ^^ As promised, I tagged you in the update, which is actually a great treat because this part is where things finally start getting interesting! So I hope you all enjoy! 

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CALLIPGYIAN – Having well-formed buttocks

It had been quite some time since your college days, around a decade and a half or so, and much had changed over the years. The good news was that you had transformed from reclusive child genius into a fully established and well-respected psychologist specializing in both clinical and forensic psychopathology. In your spare time, you had even managed to earn another doctorate in English Literature, as well as a BA in Sociology.

Not bad for a girl in her mid-twenties, right?

The bad news was that your social life had not flourished as much as your academic career. Sure, your socialization skills had improved a great deal. With support from your loved ones and the social requirements of your career, you had emerged from your shell, at least in public for the most part. But you still held on to some reclusive tendencies, such as the preference of your books over people’s company. Much to your mother’s chagrin, that included limited, if not utterly nonexistent, interactions with the opposite gender.

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