The Sevening
  1. Currently in that stage of working out where you did the thing the first few days in a row and you feel better but your brain is like, “Why don’t I look amazing yet?!?”  Logical me knows that’s not how it goes, but the feeling is still there.
  2. Third day of yoga in a rowwwww.  Beginning to scout out other super gentle routines to try.
  3. I looked at 37 billion purses this weekend and I didn’t like any of them.
  4. Wild minor arm muscle definition appeared??  I know that’s not from two days of yoga.  I haven’t been doing arm stuff?  I haven’t been doing anything except walking before I found that yoga video.  All I can think of is maybe it’s from reading heavier books?
  5. Jerome got an iPod Nano like I have.  Mine is Pepito and his is Señor Pepe.  I want to get one for Mom eventually too.  I wonder what she’ll name it.
  6. I tried out some Headphones That Shall Not Be Named in the Beast Buy and I actually like them and I want them now.  >.>  I do need new headphones, but THOSE were supposed to be out of the question.
  7. This weekend I wore my oversized bows out of the house and I liked it.  I’m almost 30 and I have a giant pink bow over my ponytail.  Deal with it.