I had a TON of fun at IMATS this past weekend. I did a full lap before buying a single thing plus I met most of my favorite youtube makeup gurus. Except Pursebuzz, I’ve known her since elementary school so it was a reunion :) Check out their videos all of them are so talented (left to right, top to bottom)

TIP: Make-up & Nail polish storage.

So alot of us girls have a bit too much make-up or too much nail lacquers.

For nail polishes, a cheap alternative for storing them is an old shoebox. It fits in nail polish bottles easily & makes it look/access so much easier! Alternatively you can use other forms of storage containers or even those paper-filing small draws, but I prefer shoeboxes, it’s amazing how much you can fit in these :)

Also alot of people tend to store their nail polishes sideways or upside down. It’s not necessarily a ‘big no-no’ but if you leave it that way long enough it can dry out the twist top and make it harder to open. So if you can store your nail polishes upright!

There are so many great ideas online on ways to store nail polish, like using spice racks, self-built nail polish racks for your wall etc. Thats if you like showing them off & have the necessary space for it.

For make-up, I also use shoeboxes haha. I don’t have a vanity & even if I wanted one I don’t have space for it :( sacrificed that for a gym set/corner hehe) anyway, you can store make-up in soo many ways if you have a tall-boy or an easy accessible drawer of some sort you can use pursebuzz’s idea of using old cookie trays or other snack trays that can fit your necessities in drawers! or purchase a make-up tray, especially built for drawers at ikea.

You can also use pencil cups to store eyeliners, mascara etc. CD/DVD racks are also great to store eyeshadow palettes. You can usually find storage things at dollar stores, homeware stores etc. Most are used for either office supplies, kitchenware etc. BUT that doesn’t matter! Just let your imagination run free :)

& the good ol’ sephora inspired long-length vase with sand / vase filling crystals / pebbles etc. to store your brushes upright.

you can also use those paper-filing small drawers for your make-up! The possibilities are endless..

xoxo, jenibie.