“Y/N, they’re not going t’ hold onto our lunch reservations forever…” Harry let out a breath as he checked the time on his watch - You two had about twenty minutes to get to the restaurant before they gave your seats up to other customers. 

“Gimme a minute!” You replied, seeing the image of Harry rolling his eyes as he waited for you downstairs. You couldn’t help that you were taking a little longer than usual! After all, this was the first time in weeks that Harry actually had time to go out for lunch, and you wanted to make sure you looked as nice as possible. Now, you were fully aware that Harry wouldn’t mind at all if you stepped out of the house wearing a potato sack - He liked you in just about anything, but you were doing this more so for yourself rather than your boyfriend. Everywhere Harry went, paps followed, so if this was going to be your first appearance with Harry in a while, you were going to make sure you looked your best. 

“Y/N, love, we might as well stay home if yo-” 

“Hold on, I’m here.” You scoffed playfully, padding down the stairs while checking to make sure everything was in your purse. “Alright, let’s go stuff our faces!” There was a moment of silence before Harry spoke up. 

“What is this? What is this??” You raised your brows in confusion, turning around to look over your shoulder before facing Harry once again. 

“What is what?” 

“Your outfit!” Harry gestured to your clothes, making you look down to inspect your outfit. A pair of scuffed-up boots, skinny jeans, and one of Harry’s tops. Harry was used to seeing you wear one of his old band tees, but never one of these fancier, silky ones. The one you were wearing was the black button up with Styles embroidered on the chest pocket. “I’m wearing the blue version of tha’ shirt!” 

“It’s not my fault you have a million copies of the same shirt!” You frowned, unbuttoning one of your buttons. Although, you had to admit - The two of you were certainly matching this afternoon. “Besides, you weren’t complaining about me wearing your shirt after you fucked the living lights outta-” 

“Alright, alright!” Harry cut you off, his cheeks glowing slightly as he let out a small laugh. “I’m jus’ upset cos you look far better in my clothes, and they’re custom made for me!” 


gif isn’t mine!

Plus one

✖ Characters/relationships: Newt Scamander x Reader, Niffler

✖ Genres: Fluff

✖ Summary: After Newt returns from America he can’t seem to find any time to meet you so you decide to take initiative and wait for him in his apartment. [Based on this imagine] @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 2102

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anonymous asked:

For the MSR Drabble challenge 😁: 54, 110, 53 xx

Yeah, so… this ain’t no drabble. I’m sorry. I’ll be better (read: shorter) next time. Thank you so much for the prompt lovely anon!

54. Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash? 110.  You passed out for like an hour. 53. Take off your shirt.

If only Mulder had come with her.

Scully clings to the plate in her hand and fills it up with little homemade snacks. They all look good, she thinks, even if she’s not really hungry. She just needs a moment to herself, away from prying family members she hasn’t seen in years, and the food buffet in the kitchen is the best distraction she can find. And distraction is all she needs.

Because Mulder is not here.

She had asked him (almost begged him) to come with her today to the annual Scully family gathering. Will Bill be there? He had mumbled against her chest, his lips unable to remain still, kissing her, covering everything they could reach. Part of her had wanted to lie; no, no, Bill won’t be there. His mouth on her body, though, it had disarmed her. The other part of her, the one she listened to most days, had reminded her that this was Mulder. The man she loved. She was not going to start lying to him now that they were lovers.

But it doesn’t change anything now: She’s all alone here, plenty of things on her mind, and the looks her family keep throwing her way make it worse. She’s happy, of course she is, to spend time with her brothers – even Charlie made it this year –, her nephews and nieces, her mother. Seeing her cousins, new life partners, taller children – it’s all great, it’s exciting, but…

She just misses Mulder by her side.

Scully really doesn’t know when it started; the feeling must have crept up on her these last few years. Clearly, she can manage her life without him. Except. Something is different today. Something she has not found time to talk about with him (or think about herself, really). She’s late. She’s really late. Logic tells her that it’s a crazy notion; she’s barren, she knows that, and yet. Yet, here she is. Her eyes wander over to her purse. Hidden inside somewhere is a pregnancy test. She bought it on a whim on her way here and now…

If only Mulder were here.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Dana,” one of her cousins apologizes as she bumps into her at the buffet, “Are you all right? You look pale. Here, have a sausage.” It’s one of those small, cocktail sausages that Scully loves so much. Her mother probably bought them for her. Right now the combination of the slightly wrinkly texture and the strong, fatty smell makes her dizzy.

“Uhm, I’m fine,” she croaks, willing her body to relax; her stomach doesn’t listen, though, “Excuse me.” The plate clatters loudly as her fingers let go of it. Scully grabs her purse and sprints to the nearest bathroom. She locks the door, her stomach turning and churning, and throws the purse on the ground. Her knees protest loudly as they come in contact with the cold, hard tiles. There’s no time to think as her stomach lets go of its contents.

Flashbacks from her cancer explode before her eyes unasked. Scully closes them, screws them shut, and refuses to think about that. There’s a pregnancy test in her purse. As unlikely as it is, she thinks rinsing her mouth, she has to try it. Take a pregnancy test. Her hands tremble as she unpacks the small, elongated object. Scully knows too well how they work; she’s wasted many of them during the failed IVF attempts. Her eyes catch her reflection in the mirror. Her cousin was right: she does look pale. Her cheeks are hollow, her eyes exhausted and glassy, and her skin just plain waxy.

If Mulder were here he’d tell her to just take the test. He’d tell her not to worry, she thinks as she opens her zipper, pulls down her pants. He’d assure her that everything, no matter what, would turn out just fine. Mulder is a believer like that. Scully smiles, forgets that she’s peeing on a stick for a moment, and clings to thoughts of Mulder.

Someone knocks on the door, startling Scully. She can’t stay in here for another five minutes. Quickly, she wraps the test up in toilet paper and carefully puts in her purse. She stuffs the boxing into the small trash can, not even thinking about it. She flushes the toilet, washes her hands and checks her face again. When she unlocks the door, she’s looking straight into her mother’s eyes.

“Dana, there you are. Honey, what’s the matter? You’re not sick, are you?” Of course there’s no fooling her mother.

“I’m fine, mom.”

“How about you lie down for a bit?” Gently, her mother pushes her into the direction of one of the bedrooms.  

“I’m fine, really.”

“Just relax a bit,” her mother ignores her, “Our family can be quite exhausting.” She chuckles and Scully can’t do anything but listen to her mother. She sits on the bed, still clinging to her purse, feeling exhausted all of a sudden.

“Don’t worry, honey, I’ll make sure no one bothers you. Get some rest.” Her mother kisses her cheek and Scully feels tears dwell up in her eyes. I might be pregnant, mom. The words, however, get twisted in her tongue. So she simply nods, keeps the tears at bay, and remains still until the door softly clicks shut. The tears fall silently now as Scully lies down, clutching her purse, and quickly, without warning, falls asleep.

Even if she had been awake, behind the closed door she would have not heard her mother exclaim loudly: “Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?”

“Hey you.”  


“Wakey wakey.” Mulder chuckles next to her, his breath tickling her cheek. Mulder? She must be dreaming. Without opening her eyes, her lips curl upwards into a warm smile. A soft caress on her cheek and she sighs. What a wonderful dream, she decides.

“I miss you, Mulder.” She mumbles, caught between sleeping and waking.

“I’m right here. All you need to do is open your eyes.”

“Hmm?” Scully opens one eye, sees a blurry version of what could be Mulder, and opens the second one. “Take off your shirt.” She demands and he does as he’s told. Scully traces the scar on his shoulder, the one she put there, and yes, this is real, she decides. It’s really him.

“Mulder, what are you doing here?” The words feel like lead on her tongue and she swallows. Her mouth is much too dry. Mulder, as if reading her mind, hands her a glass of water.

“I thought you might want me here after all.” There’s a shy smile playing on his face, slightly tinged with shadows of guilt.

“Hm, always. But why? Why now? I don’t even know what time it is.” She sits up in bed with some difficulty as Mulder puts his shirt back on.

“Your mom said you passed out for like an hour.”

“Oh my god.” An hour. The pregnancy test. The purse is pushed aside and she stares at it now. She fell asleep before she could even think about any of it. And now Mulder is here. She must have dreamed him here. He’d probably love to hear her say - even think - these words.

“Are you all right? Your mother said you weren’t feeling well.” Mulder is rubbing her back and suddenly she understands.

“She called you.” She states and Mulder nods carefully.

“She was worried about you and she thought that uhm, maybe I should be here. Is there anything to worry about, Scully?”

“No,” she answers quickly,“ well, maybe.” She admits, biting her lip, feeling like the purse is now staring at her. Daring her to look at the test.

“Scully? You’re really scaring me here.”

“I’m sorry, Mulder, “she puts her hand on his stubbly cheek, “It’s just… I don’t really know how to say this. We’ve never talked about it before and now- I don’t know how to say it.”

“Scully, you can tell me anything. You know that.” She nods without looking at him.

“I wanted you here all day for this,” she reaches for her purse, “So I guess it’s a good thing I fell asleep.” Scully chuckles and immediately quiets when she catches Mulder’s confused look.

“It’s something we haven’t really talked about. Not… not like this anyway,” his face reminds her that she’s not making any sense, “Maybe it’s all a moot point anyway.” She takes a deep breath, reaches into her purse and takes out the toilet paper wrapped bundle. Glancing at it, she offers it to Mulder instead.

“Uhm, thank you?” He picks it apart layer by crumpled up layer. For a moment he stares at the stick then his face lifts up to meet hers. His lips are opened slightly, ready to say something, but there are no words.

“Is that…”

“A pregnancy test.”

“I… Scully, I thought you… I thought. It wasn’t the IVF, I mean that was, uhm… it really wasn’t the IVF, was it?” Mulder still holds the test in both hands, stares at it like it’s made of gold.

“What does it say?” Her voice quivers, she realizes, and she is thankful that this time she’s not alone.

“You don’t know?” Mulder’s eyes give nothing away but his surprise.

“No, I fell asleep before the time was up. What does it say? Do I want to know?”

“Oh, I think you want to know.” He grins, holding up the stick with shaky hands, showing her the impossible.

She’s pregnant.

12x14 Coda: Sales Pitch

because when the MoL said that the hunting community would follow the Winchesters, I literally had to pause the episode to laugh about it.  1k, gen.

Okay, so some guy thinks he can save the world.

Please.  Moira’s been on her fair share of blind dates over the years.  She’s heard this line about a thousand times.  Usually, they’re talking about being a lawyer or an activist or something like that.  Usually, they’re not quite so literal.

But this is a seduction, she no longer doubts that.  The question is, will this guy send her an unsolicited dick pic once this is over?

“So you’re just going to…what?  Wave your magic wand and kiss the monsters goodbye?  Because believe me, I wish it worked like that, but it doesn’t.”

The guy, Mick, she thinks he said his name was, shifts uncomfortably under her gaze.  Maybe he’s not used to people looking at him like he’s naïve.  Which, when you talk like this?  Moira can’t believe he hasn’t gotten this response before.

“You’re not the first hunter we’ve approached.”

Moira rolls her eyes. “Way to make me feel special.”

He dumps another sugar packet in his tea—yes, tea, clearly this guy isn’t pure hunter—and gives it a stir, seemingly without realizing that he’s done it before.

“We’ve convinced Sam Winchester to join up.”

Moira chokes on her coffee. “Excuse me?”

“The one and only.”

Moira scoots her chair back from the table.  She doesn’t need to hear any more of this.

“Where—where are you going?” Mick asks falteringly.

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Home at Last

Fandom: Riverdale

Character/Ship: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warning: Angst

Writer: Cassie

Words: 894

Summary: Cassidy has been missing since the 4th of July, and Jughead has tried to do all he could to find her, but her disappearance has been overshadowed by Jason’s. And one day… she comes home.

Author’s Note: I ship the hell out of Betty and Jughead but oml I was so excited to write this fic.


Originally posted by bvreathe

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There was a son of Aphrodite who believed that fighting monsters didn’t have to be so downright physical, so he invested money in creating a company that made perfume, clothes, and accessories (purses and stuff) made for the ‘demigod in all of us.’

His name was Hubert de Givenchy.

Dangerous Woman- Part 16

A/N: Hey everyone! I am getting ready to go on a trip for the weekend but I wanted to make sure that I posted something before I left…. Just remember that I love you? PLEASE? haha!

Warnings: ANGST- I know I don’t normally do angst in this story but BUCKLE UP. Fluff of course. Swearing.

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down. 

Bucky x Reader 

Part 15/ Masterlist

Originally posted by caps-bucky

You let out a loud, exasperated sigh as you leaned back in your chair. It had been four weeks since Klaue’s capture and you were getting nowhere. He had sang like a canary when face to face with the Black Widow but had no information. He had apparently been given his force of sell soldiers who then turned on him and caught the attention of the Avengers. Klaue had no clue about Rumlow or even who he was, so you were back to square one.

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School Bags

I asked some of the other exchange students in Japan if their school required them to carry certain bags to school. It seems like most private schools have this sort of policy, while most public schools don’t. In any case, I go to a private school, and I have two bags that were given to me to use as my school bags.

Most people carry both bags (like I do), but some people only carry the black one, and a handful of people actually carry more!

My first bag is my backpack. It has removable straps that you can use to make it either strapless, a shoulder bag, or a backpack. Most students either wear it as a backpack, or carry it by the handle at the top without straps. I’ve only ever seen one person use it as a shoulder bag.

The inside of it looks like this:

There is a small pocket on the bag flap that a lot of girls use to put in pictures of their crush, or a small schedule. I have my business card inside:

Here are the contents of my bag:


Textbooks and workbooks

A folder. Japanese folders are different in that they only have one pocket. If I don’t put the folder in my bag with the spine facing down, all of the papers fall out of it.

A photo alum and the copy of my magazine. These are actually really useful because I can show people where I come from without using words.

My second bag:

Since the first bag isn’t all that good for carrying oddly-shaped things, most girls use this bag to carry anything that’s not books or notebooks. I have to carry a little bit more since, unlike my classmates, I have to move from classroom to classroom rather frequently.

This bag is carried on the shoulder with the bag under your armpit. Most girls carry it on their right shoulders, but I found that to be uncomfortable, so I carry it on my left. Since I’ve come here, most of the second years have switched to carrying it on their left shoulders as well.

The school initials.

A little personalization ;)

This holds my train pass. I really want to get one of my own (this is my host sister’s), but they are really expensive! Even small, barely decorated ones are about 1000 yen. One like this would be about 1500 yen.

Swiggity swag, what’s in the bag?

Miscellaneous purse-type stuff!

More books!

More folders!

My regular schedule.

If we have school on Saturday (which I do next week DX), then we get one of these schedules too.

A notebook, my Beauty and the Beast script, and two small notepads.

My new pencil case, which contains all of that stuff on the bottom. Including this:

My name badge! It says “Jeido.”

In a not so bag-related topic, I was using this as my bookmark:

It looks totally fine right? I got it out of a pack of tissues at he train station. Before I got it, I was using a tissue. Surely it was an improvement to that.

But then I started getting weird looks every time I used it. My host brother saw it and said “you’re using this as a book mark?” He seemed to think that it was hilarious. He then explained to me that it’s a list of suicide-prevention hotlines, and I had been using it as a bookmark.

Well, at least it wasn’t a sex hotline. *shrug* XD 

Either way, I bought a new bookmark today that shouldn’t be quite so questionable:

Well, that’s it for now! I think that I’ll make a uniform post soon, once I’ve gotten everything out of the wash.

Patsy and Delia Season 6 Kiss Fic!

What can I say, I’m as upset about Patsy going away as all of you, and to add insult to injury our girls didn’t even get a goodbye kiss - which for those of you keeping score makes Number Of On-Screen Kisses Shared By The Second-Longest Running Couple On The Show = 0

So I wrote a thing. I wrote it quickly and in a heightened emotional state but I wrote it and now I feel a bit better :)

It was @pea-green​‘s idea that I share it with the class so you can all blame her :p

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What’s In My Bag

Thank you @calexasims for tagging me!! <333

  • a pen (staple in my purse bc traveling stuff)
  • lucas’ papaw ointment (my aussie buddy is always sending me care packages <3)
  • random perfume sample 
  • mac lipstick (today’s flavor: twig)
  • random liquid lipstick sample i got a few days ago at sephora
  • glasses
  • matches (got them from a restaurant though i don’t smoke)
  • foundation/mirror
  • hair ties (so. many. hairties. more than 2 in fact)
  • loose change
  • rose quartz ring
  • migraine meds
  • me phone <33333

So yeah that’s basically what I carry around every day + my cards (which I was ofc /not/ putting in the picture lol) also I own like 10 wallets and yet I never carry one so my change + cards are usually all bouncing around in there. 

I’m tagging  @simpeaches @cinemasims @simsy-baby @bridgeportgirl @cat-nerd-sims @churrosims and anyone else who would like to do this :)

anonymous asked:

Where do you buy your second hand purses like YSL and stuff / what second hand stores do you recommend Thank you ☺️

poshmark, vestiaire collective, yoogi’s closet, and bag borrow or steal! also check out ebay- i’d only do it if the person was in the U.S / they were just a regular customer, not a store x

Alex Galchenyuk #3.1

Requested by Anon:  Hi your writing is so great! Thank you so much for your writing! Can you do one about Alex Galchenyuk and he asks his best friend to go to a formal Canadiens event with him. And when he sees her, he’s taken by her beauty and the emotions that follow. So the whole night he’s super touchy and flirty. Which she’s not really use to. And you can take it where ever you want from there. Thank you so much!

*Hiiii!! Thank you so so much too. :* This is something I whipped up real quick. This is actually longer so I’m making it a two-parter so I HOPE you request it because I don’t want to post it if you’re not gonna want to read. Haha Love you. Enjoy!! :**


Word count: 934

Originally posted by priceys

“Stop laughing,” you slapped his arm for the third time, “I will kill you.”

He snorted and covered his mouth with his hand, coughing a little, “sorry, that was the worst thing that could ever happen to you in front of a hundred cameras.”

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I was going down the google rabbit hole looking for Shepherd’s Purse related stuff (I hadn’t really heard of it before it was referenced in Dragon Maid, but it seems to be more popular in Japan and other East Asian countries so *shrug*)

The Japanese name for the plant, Nazuna, had a few other anime characters named after it but all of a sudden:


what the hell is Flower Knight Girl and why didn’t you guys tell me about this???? 

well okay, I’m not really into browser-based RPGs, but anyway

There’s apparently a whole bunch of moe flower girls and their profiles are all really in-depth including Japanese alternate spellings, scientific name & flower meaning. It’s pretty useful!

like here’s just a small fraction of them

Anyway, TL;DR: I can’t believe my new favorite reference site for flower stuff is a wiki for a moe fanservice game.

Words: 3,848
Sam x Reader
Warnings: mentions of blood and disturbing imagery, language

Deliberate cliffhanger this time people! MUAHAHA! This is part of a series! Catch up on the other parts here:
Part 1 - The Wolf On Your Doorstep
Part 2 - The Person in the Pitch
Part 3 - The Blood in the Bathtub

Your name: submit What is this?

The light Sam flicked on revealed a hotel room that looked like a piña colada had thrown up all over it… Everything was pineapple yellow or lime green and the wallpaper was adorned with a pattern that was unmistakably miniature pineapples. Jest mewed and squirmed in your arms as you stepped inside behind Sam, who was carrying your bag for you. Dean slammed the door shut behind the three of you and locked it immediately. The deadbolt clicking into place still sounded ominous despite the absurd décor you were standing in the middle of. You said nothing as you moved farther in and Jest sprang down from your arms, eager to explore.

”We got you the adjoining room,” Sam said, pulling open a door in the middle of the wall. “That way you can have some privacy but we’ll always be close.” He ran his free hand through his long hair, feeling a little awkward, and you managed to give him a small nod. You still felt like you were walking around in a trance after what you had seen at your house… in the bathtub. The deep crimson against the porcelain and the unmistakable shape of slender fingers breaching the surface, creating ripples in the violent red as they floated–You briefly shut your eyes against another flashback and a wave of nausea. It seemed like you hardly had to think of it at all before the horrifying images rushed forward. Just like your nightmares, they were waiting on the periphery.

”…Y/N? Are you alright?” Sam’s voice called you out of the flashback.

You cleared your throat but your voice still came out raspy and a little wilted sounding. “I’m—I’m okay.”

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Clothes Ask
  • Leather Jackets: Which place would you rather visit at night: drive-in theater, neon laser tag, old arcade, or pastel diner?
  • Boyfriend Jeans: Do you prefer to explore old houses or the woods?
  • Trucker Caps: Do you like podcasts or music better?
  • Crop Top: Are you body confident?
  • Vans: What sports have you played?
  • Choker: Strange birthmarks?
  • Bomber Jacket: How do you believe you come off?
  • Sweater: Who would you want to be trapped with during a winter snowstorm?
  • Beanie: Would you consider your hair a mess?
  • Crystal Necklace: Who was your first crush?
  • Plaid Shirt: How do you wear your button ups?
  • Skinny Jeans: What anime and/or book archetype are you?
  • Tank Top: Are you warm or cold more often?
  • Sunglasses: Do you wear glasses, sunglasses, or eye make up?
  • Sundress: What's your formal wear?
  • Knee Socks: How would you dress if you felt like nothing was off limits?
  • Baseball Tee: Do you blush more when embarrassed or complimented?
  • Converse: Do you personalize your stuff (Purses, workspace, folders)?
  • Hair Bands: Anything you've adapted in to your schedule that doesn't need to be there?
#90: You’re Hired To Date Him By Management, But You Actually Hate Each Other | Part 2


You’re Hired To Date Him By Management, But You Actually Hate Each Other | Part 1


Luke was almost at the point of marching through the park he had been directed to by management; the sun streaming into his face in a happy manor, yet Luke was far from happy. He was mad as hell but there was nothing to do about it. It hadn’t taken long for the management to create a date for him and you only two days after the phone call he had received at the party he was at. After the phone call he couldn’t even get himself to party anymore which meant that he went home already before 2am to Calum’s confuse. Though, when he had explained to Cal what was wrong and the other boys afterwards, they had understood it all. Luke looked around in confuse to try to find your small form in the park and when his eyes landed on you standing with your phone, he started to sprint towards you. “You ruined by party.” That was first sentence that came out of Luke’s mouth just as soon as he had approached you. “Excuse me?” You chuckled, crossing your arms and looking up at him. “You know what I’m talking about.” He grumbled, reaching out for you to grab his hand to intertwine your fingers, his cold hand wrapping around your warm one. “In case you haven’t noticed you little piece of Satan, I’m not the one who took this decision to make us date.” “You were the one saying yes to this.” “You were the one fucking every third girl at parties!” Silence felt over the two of you as you looked at each other wide eyed, “I do not fuck every third girl I meet!” Luke defended, rage filling his veins as he started to drag you down the street of the park, just wanting it to be over. “What have you done then since your managers’ think you had changed into the role of a womanizer?” You asked which made Luke look down at you fast with aggressive eyes before he looked up again. “I don’t know okay, I don’t know a shitty thing about what’s going on and it doesn’t make anything better than I am with you!” Luke exclaimed, earning a few stares from other people in the park. “Why are you even this happy?” He asked after some silence, looking down at you confused with furrowed eyebrows. “Because I get the time to enjoy annoying the fuck out of you and see how furious you get each time but can’t do a single thing about it because you have to act like you’re in love with me.” Your smirk grew bigger as Luke’s eyes only went wider, a small growl coming from past his lips, “You’re such a bitch Y/N, I can’t believe your viewers haven’t noticed that big evil part of your personality yet.” He said in disbelief with a quiet voice, shaking his head at you. “I’m not a bitch normally Luke, it’s only you and your company that makes my blood boil like it’s been over the stove for too long.” “That’s only a good thing isn’t it?” He commented back which made you smirk up at him before shrugging your shoulders, Luke sending back an identical smirk. “The faster we get this thing into the media, the faster we will get as far away from each other as possible. I’m saying this from the start, I’m going to be the one who breaks up with you!” “Hell no!” Luke defended, yet he kept on having a happy smile on his face to make sure that nobody noticed something odd about you guys. “I said it first Luke.” You shrugged, chucking up at him and dragging him towards the lake near the park. Luke let out a sigh before letting his other hand run through his quiff. This was going to be long tough weeks and maybe months.  


The sun was streaming bright in the LA centrum of where Calum’s and the boys truck were taking a break from driving miles and miles per hour, going from arena to arena to perform in front of thousand people. “Cal, have you heard that Y/N might be coming today?” Ash asked as he was in the middle of eating breakfast, Cal looking up from his phone with wide eyes. “Please tell me that’s just bullshit.” He warned, but Ash shook his head and just as soon as he did the sound of the tour bus door in the front part opened and inside came you with sunglasses, putting them up in your hair. “How the hell did you even get inside this?” Cal asked with crossed arms, the other boys seeking place in the back area of the bus, not wanting to disturb or interact in the fight that was probably going to start between you and Calum. “Your manager let me in of course, what did you expect?” You answered like of Calum was stupid, placing the bottle with a bow around it that was before in your grip but now on the counter in their kitchen. “What’s that?” Cal asked as he stared over at the vodka, his eyes showing confuse. “Just a little girlfriend gift from me.” You smirked, “You know, since I’m dating an alcoholic now, I thought it might have been appropriate to by him some vodka.” Your smirk only grew bigger as a small growl came from Cal, him moving closer to you now. “Thanks. I appreciate it.” He mumbled, reaching out for the bottle before moving the bow from it and opening the bottle, taking a large sip of it. “Oh, watch out, I don’t think the managers would be excited to see you drink in working time.” “Listen, if I have to act like I’m in a relationship with you for over 2 months now, it’s literally necessary for me to drink my brain out before I can do that and even be near you.” Calum placed the bottle back on the counter before drying his wet vodka covered lips off, letting out a smaller cough. “How come your fans not noticed how big of a fucking retard you are?” You asked, throwing your purse with clothes and stuff towards the couch boot, taking a seat down and watching as Calum sat in front of you. “Because they bring out the good side of me comparing to what other persons do.” “You know, you can just behave like a real man in front of me.” You said as you leaned forward on the table in front of you and Calum, cocking your head as you stared at him. “No thank you.” Calum said back in a more fake polite tone, his smirk never leaving as he leaned his back against the couch, crossing his arms and just as he did, the boys came back into the area where you guys were sitting. “Boys, come meet my new girlfriend, Y/N.” He said in a sarcastic fake tone, making you cross your arms as well as you looked at him with a roll of your eyes, the boys chuckling by both of you guys immature behavior. “This is gonna be one heck of a tour trip.” Ash commented as he took a seat next to Cal, Michael and Luke taking a look at the belvedere vodka you had given Calum. Hell yes it was going to be one hell of a trip. And the boys couldn’t imagine if both you and Calum would be alive in the end and not kill each other.


With a small grumble leaving past his lips, Michael opened the recording door with force and walked inside to get his belongings before leaving with you. ”What the fuck..” Calum mumbled as he looked up from his bass and noticed you in the doorframe waiting with crossed arms, the other boys looking up from being occupied with their instruments, confused stares being directed towards Michael. “Guys I’m going on a date.” Mikey grumbled, grabbing his jacket from the couch where he had been sitting on before, pulling is arms through the sleeves. “With Y/N?” Luke asked confused, sending a small wave towards you which you returned in politeness. Even though you and Michael hated each other, you weren’t on the same term as the other boys. “Managements idea. Don’t ask any further questions.” Michael grumbled through gritted teeth as he was now ready to leave, nodding his head towards the boys in goodbye before the two of you disappeared out of the recording room.


“So do what have caught your eye?” You asked as you looked up from the menu with a smirk, making Michael look up at you with a questionable eyebrow that was lifted, “Why the hell are you trying to be polite?” He mumbled, throwing the menu in front of him and leaned forward on his arms. “Because I take my job very seriously Clifford.” You said in a small growl as you leaned forward as well to copy him. “And we’re in public. People are checking us out. If they see that there’s something odd going on between us instead of love, then the plan your managers have created will fail. And I won’t get my payment.” Michael kept quiet by your words, feeling a lump start to form in his throat. “Are we going to kiss at the end of this date?” He asked with a fake smile and leaned back in his seat to cross his arms. A disgusted look came across your face by the sudden question, your nose scrunching up. “Hell no.” You mumbled, throwing the menu in front of you. “But you know we have to make it serious. Remember it’s only acting.” Michael chuckled, sending a blow aired kiss towards you. “Do you kiss every girl on your first date?” You asked as you cocked your head to look at him which made Michael shrug his shoulders. “We have to give our audience something to die over, don’t we?” He nodded his head towards the paparazzi that was already hiding behind mailboxes and in crowds outside the street of the café, trying their best to get a frame of you guys. “Why did you sudden change attitude all of the sudden?” You asked after the waiter had been by your table to take in your orders. “Because I realized that the faster I get this rumor started and spread to the media, the faster I will get away from this fake relationship and most important, you!” “Feisty.” You commented with a smirk, sending Michael a wink with the eye which made it his turn to make a disgusted face. “I still don’t get why the management wanted me to do this with you.” “And I still don’t get why in the fucking why you had to say yes.” Taking a sip of your drink, you wiggled your eyebrows at Michael. “You need some resistance in life Michael Clifford. And I am gladly here to give you that.” Without another word said, Michael chewed on his bottom lip in thought as he eyed you up and down until the waiter came back with your food, mumbling out a small enjoy and walking away to let you guys eat and finish your date in peace.


“The opportunity of smacking the door right in front of your face is so tempting that I’m having a difficult time to control myself.” Ashton let out a fake giggle by your sudden statement just as soon as you had opened the front door to your apartment when he had ringed on your doorbell. “How mature of you.” He stated, moving past you to walk inside. Instead doing the usual “how to get noticed in public thing” the managers had other plans for you and Ashton. By taking advance of your YouTube community, they thought it would be a brilliant idea for you and Ashton to start out by making some kind of YouTube video of your choice, letting the fans see that you guys were actually communicating with each other. “Now everything is set up with camera and microphones Irwin so let’s get over with this as fast as possible so I can kick you out of my apartment, just the smell of your cologne makes me want to puke.” You mumbled as you guys walked up the stairs towards your bedroom, the two of you walking inside before taking a seat on the two chairs that was placed in front of the camera. “You’re such a tiger today Y/N, what happened to the innocent girl you used to be once.” “I’m still innocent; you just don’t get the chance to experience that.” You mumbled, looking over at Ashton fast before looking over at the camera to turn it on. You stood up from your chair fast to see if it was on the right ankle with the right amount of lights before you sat back down and ready to film. “Ready to do this Irwin?” You asked, watching him as he sat on his phone before looking up at you with a smirk, shrugging his shoulders before placing his phone in his pocket. “I’m not, but I have to.” “Fine then.” You mumbled and looked up at the camera before clapping your hands together to get the audio in sync. “So hello you guys, I’m here with the lovely Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer today!” You announced which made Ashton wave at the camera before letting out a small hi with a giggle. “So, the fans have given us some questions on Twitter.” You announced as you picked up your phone to show Ashton the hashtag that was now trending. The purpose of this video is to see the connection between us like, we have to act all goofy and loving but without acting like a girlfriend slash boyfriend.” “Sounds easy.” Ash mumbled, sitting up more straight for the camera. “So okay I’m just gotta pick one.” You mumbled, scrolling down the app. “Okay, what was your first impression of each other?” You asked out loud which made Ashton answer instantly with, “Her big nose was the first thing I noticed.” You rolled your eyes by his rude comment, looking over at him bored. And that was now the questions went along the first 20 ones you asked, making the whole thing more irritating for you and more entertaining for Ash. “I feel like I’m the best guest star you’ve ever had on your YouTube channel.” Ash smiled before sending you a wink which you could only roll your eyes at again. “I have a feeling that we’re never going to come to an end to this video.” You sighed with a growl as you looked over at Ashton who just seemed to be satisfied, leaning back in the wheelchair and resting his arms behind his head.

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Silca Gel (or Silca Packets) are used in the food industry because they're desiccants - they suck up water from the air. Low moisture in the air means food stays fresh longer, cookies don't stale, and candies don't turn sticky. It's very useful.

Oh ok! I’ve gotten them in things like purses and bags n stuff which always confused me, but I guess it still makes sense to keep those things dry.