New obsession: Disturbingly Adorable on Etsy (aka Jen and her son, James). These purses come in SO MANY fun prints including the startorial selection shown above. They also make larger purses, tote bags, and zipper pouches. Basically there’s no reason to not carry all your stuff in your star stuff. 

Planet purse

Mercury purse

Venus purse

Mars purse

Jupiter purse

Sun purse

Star print purse

Space purse

- Summer

Boob quotient

Twice in two days have I encountered detractors of Steve’s overburdening the world with the bountiful breasts in his illustrations.  “Too much” you say?  “Too often” perhaps?  Let’s look at some numbers… just for the sake of discussion.  I’ll just look at his Magic work… since that’s all those detractors are likely aware of anyway…

Number of officially published Magic the Gathering illustrations: 73 (including the alternate art Briber’s Purse and some stuff for DotP and MtGTactics)

Number of those that feature humanoids in the art: 58 (79.5% of total)

Number of those that feature females: 40 (54.8% of total)

Number of those with the bust visible: 29 (39.7% of total)

Number of those with the breasts prominent (subjective): 10 (13.7% of total)

Is this data useful?  I have no idea… I just thought I’d take a look at it.



Check out all of Russer’s awesome art through the following links…

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illuminati-triangle ask-downer-dust DeviantArt Instagram

A lot of links, yes, but I don’t want you all to miss out on anything! Just be sure to make note of the dates, too (some of that stuff is a bit old).

Russ, you really gotta get yourself a consistent art tag jfc…

anonymous asked:

What kind of purse//bag do u use? And what's in it when u go out? Thx bb, lov u😘

this little black purse from h&m (i’m saving up to buy a nicer one though lol!), and i always have my sunglasses, lip balm, lipgloss, perfume, my wallet, a little baby hairbrush, hand lotion, a portable charger, typical purse stuff! 

i was tagged by @activitybooks thank u bab xxx

rules: answer the 11 questions the person who tagged you made then tag others and make 11 questions of your own

1. what is your favorite outfit?  

ripped mesh jeans, manics t shirt and my patchy jacket

2. if you could get three items off your amazon wishlist for free what would they be?  Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour Pencils Gift Box x 36 Colours & Brush

Uni-posca PC-1M Paint Marker Pen - Extra Fine Point - Set of 12

Moleskine Watercolour Notebook

3. what’s in your typical everyday bag/purse/backpack? smoking stuff, pencilcase, sketchbook and waterbottle

4. what was your first word?

omg idk i think it was “no” lol

5. what recent toy do you wish was around when you were younger?

idk i dont rly pay attention to toys but i will always love beanie babies but the new ones r shit

6. if you had unlimited money to design your room what would you do to it?

omg it’d look like howl pendragons room

7. are you a hoodie, sweater, or cardigan person?

literally all of them 

8. if you had to pick one person to spend a month with who would it be? you would have no contact with any other person but you would have the supplies you need to live.

omg idk um @ghostofaflea probably 

9. what’s the best book you had to read for school?

um doctor faustus by christopher marlowe ofc ofc ofc

10. you can delete one type of discourse off the face of the earth. which do you pick and why?

idk pointless shit idk i cant think of any

11. how do you take your coffee and/or tea?

i have earl grey tea with milk and 2 sugars 

i tag @molemenrising @ghostofaflea @kafkas-potato @kingadora

here r ur questions, kids!

  1. whats your favourite season?
  2. are you a cat or dog person?
  3. what music do you listen to kind of secretly bc u know its cringe?
  4. what are you excited for next year?
  5. favourite item of clothing?
  6. how have you changed in the last 3 years?
  7. if you had to eat one thing forever what would you chose? 
  8. who do you most want to meet, alive or dead?
  9. what character in a show/book/film etc do you most relate to?
  10. if you could be someone else for a day who would you chose, or what type of person?
  11. what weird shit do you do when youre alone at home?

Ok can we talk about how 99% of the crap in my purse is pretty standard stuff to have in there. Makeup (including way more lipstick than I can possibly wear in a day lol), bag that the makeup goes in, glasses case, wallet, phone charger, meds, lenses cleaner, lotion, Chapstick etc but then there’s also a snickers bar and a fucking cat toy. That I have no recollection of buying.