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This is now available in my Etsy Store and it needs a good home! :)



nbd just delivering some Hogwarts letters…

I started this project a long time ago. I believe that there is a post with the original envelope bag on this blog somewhere. This is a recreation of that. I was hoping to make it sturdier and more uniform. I didn’t quite succeed. The bag is still sort of misshapen and the clasp is out of place. 

All I really need to do is just make a mock up and fool around with it until I get it right. I keep spending a lot of time embroidering all the writing and then assembling it and realizing that if I take it apart it will just be ruined. 

But for now this little cutie will do. I am debating on adding straps. I like the idea that it is a clutch… it is more like an envelope that way.


This bag has been my purse for two years now. It has been on road trips, plane rides, camping, over nighters, hiking, hunting, and festivals.
#What’s in my bag?#
Personal Pouch
Various pens, pencils, markers
Gum and random candy
Work lanyard
Ecigs and accessories
Lip balm
Eyeglass wipes

I have a habit of getting over excited with my fandoms and end up covering my bag in pins. And then I take them all off. But I’m happy with the cat skull patch and fixed that with e6000. It’s not going anywhere.
The key chain was given as a gift and the other is a Hearth Stone so I can recall when I need to. (Lol)

Other than that, I’m a backpack girl for life. Nothing beats a purse better than a backpack Imo.



Yaasss!!! another denim x denim x denim look! Gotta love the Los Angeles Winter weather, some days you get lucky! I really just love this combo because it’s effortless, chic and it just makes sense when my hair is blue. You know ya girl likes to serve up the funky feels and I love to go with a theme, so I went for this mega monochromatic look that is blue af. Papa smurf is jelly…

Skater dress + Denim Jacket. *Easy denim choker DIY: cut the end off of a pair of jeans, size and safety pin + Black pleather accents and the sexiest pair of shades I’ve ever owned + the cutest little pair of rainbow stud earrings

Skater Dress: $12 (H&M)
Denim Jacket: $3 (thrift)
Boots: $35 (F21)
Denim Choker: DIY
Backpack Purse: $4 (thrift)
Shades: $8 (F21)
Rainbow Studs: $1 (Walmart)


✨I bought those two DIY kit this afternoon. When I saw them I just fell in love with them! I simply decorated the pencil case with a piece of the blue and white fabric (I sewed it on because I didn’t have fabric glue ) and then I drew some cute arrows on it with sharpies. The design is very simple but I think it turned out really cute :3 and it was really easy to do :3 you should definitely
try it ! ✨

scullytho  asked:

hey! i'm super excited for a music festival & i wanna look really cute at it. do you have any cool diy stuff i could look into? thanks!

Hey, thanks for sending me the request! It was fun to put together. I hope these are what you’re looking for, if not, then I hope these will get your ideas flowing! 

As always, feel free to send another request again for more tutorials.


DIY Lightsaber Crystals Hair Comb

Let’s start with head accessories! You can go with quartz, amethyst, hematite, jade, turquoise, lapis lazuli, obsidian, etc, etc, etc.

DIY Beaded Wire Cat Ear Headband

For your inner feline sass.

DIY Bunny Ears Scrunchies

If you want to stay cool and tie all your hair back, do so with these cute bunny ear scrunchies!

DIY Temporary High-Octane Highlights

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Even works on dark hair, too!

DIY Wire Ear Cuff

Ear accessories! Add beads, charms, pendants, and/or crystals. Or leave it in its simple metallic elegance.

DIY Antler Necklace

Stylishly modern and have some fun with the colours! Go neon, go pastel, or follow the autumn path laid by the tutorial.

DIY Gemstone Necklace

Wrap up your tumbled stones and bring them to the music festivals with you through this macrame tutorial.

DIY Crochet Top

If you’re savvy with yarn and a crochet hook, whip this cute baby up for a chill summer music festival.

DIY Sunflower Crop Top

A summer staple.

DIY Holographic Skirt

The sun rays will shimmer right off this skirt.

DIY Feather Fringe Bag

Colourful, soft, and beautiful.

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