paoranoisu  asked:

The signs shopping?

Aries - Food. Clothes. Toilet paper. Done.

Taurus - Raw tomatoes or canned? *spends another hour standing there*

Gemini - Window shopping.

Cancer - Purrtyy~ I’mma get this because it’s so purrtty~.

Leo - I need this, and this, and that. I don’t need that but whatever, just put it in the cart.

Virgo - I have A List. I made A List. Let’s follow The List.

Libra - I have coupons! Let’s use coupons!

Scorpio - You may think I’m shopping but I’m actually spying on my ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in aisle 3. Haha. Kidding…haha.

Sagittarius - I’ll wait in the car. If you’re not back in ten minutes I can’t guarantee me and the car will still be here.

Capricorn - Sees the word SALE from a mile away.

Aquarius - What is that? It’s so weird and the price is ridiculous. I have to have it.

Pisces - Basic necessities only..ooh, this came with a mug. Ohmygosh! It glows in the dark! *giddy*