i just want to put this out there, but when i find out that some of my best and closest friends still openly associate with people who have hurt me very badly, especially friends who know the smallest details of the falling out (for lack of a better term) i had with those people…

that hurts almost as much as the initial falling out. it feels like a betrayal. for them to continue being buddy-buddy with someone who caused me so much pain and distress, KNOWING what they did to me?

idk. it feels icky to me.

  • what ppl think adhd is like: even though i get a little over-excited sometimes, life is full of energy and creativity! :)
  • what adhd is really like: it just took me 20 minutes to get milk. to pour milk into a cup. i forgot what i was doing 4 times and had to retrace my steps every time. when i finally poured it i drank the milk walking to my room, set down the cup and thought "oh i forgot to get milk"
The Signs as cute things my cat does

aries: follows me everywhere always
taurus: chins/nibbles my nose
gemini: puts her front paw(s) into my hand to hold hands while we cuddle/sleep
cancer: lays across my arm(s) cos they belong to her
leo: stands on her hind legs to put her front paws on my shoulder to hug me/make me pick her up
virgo: sits/lays on my shoulders like she’s my parrot or scarf
libra: considerately tries to scrape her kibble bits that fell out back towards her bowl
scorpio: rolls over and shows her belly and demands belly rubs
saggitarius: screams at me in the kitchen for conversation purposes cos she loves to talk and be talked to and head bunts me while she does so
capricorn: puts her face into my bosom or arm and just keeps it there
aquarius: goes into the opening behind one of my drawers and goes in it to scratch the binder inside so that I have to open the drawer up and free her like I’m rescuing her
pisces: wedges herself between my legs while I’m sleeping like it’s a nest just for her

Blessing for Herb Gardens

“Moonlit Mother,
Lend me your power.
Help these plants grow
Each and every hour.
Let them rest each night,
Under your watchful eye,
Help them to flourish,
And not to die.”

✨ ~ Sprinkle each plant with blessed water by using a crystal wand or dried herbs for a brush! ~ ✨