witch!au headcanons

I’m too busy to draw right now but I freaking love @catnippackets‘ witch au and I wanted to add some of my own hcs, so here goes:

  • cat headcanons!
    • Lance’s cat is a sleek Russian Blue. He’s affectionate and caring, but has a tendency to knock over Lance’s (mostly) empty jars and supplies. Lance has restorted to getting plastic jars after Blue knocked over glass ones.
    • Keith’s cat, a ginger with auburn fur, is quiet and introverted. (She’ll sometimes wander off on her own. Keith doesn’t worry though, cause she always finds her way back) However, she secretly likes being pet by Keith and especially loves being scratched behind the ears. Red is so slim that sometimes the others worry about whether Keith is feeding her enough (he is, but she just is naturally skinny).
    • Hunk also has a ginger, but she has light orange fur. She’s super affectionate, and loves being pet by everyone. (She meows and purrs a lot) Plus, she adores cuddles. Hunk’s cat likes eating, but she will only eat good-quality foods (Poor Hunk’s always spending money on good cat food for her). She doesn’t help much with Hunk’s rituals, and prefers to sit by him quietly while he performs spells and such.
    • Pidge’s cat is a tabby cat with emerald green eyes. Their cat is intelligent and likes to help out Pidge if they’re ever stuck on something. However, he’s kind of smug and will sometimes refuse to help unless Pidge gives him a treat. He meows when he wants food and always breaks Pidge’s circle right after it’s casted.
    • Finally, Shiro has a Bombay cat. She has smooth, jet black fur and slanted golden eyes. She’s calm and wise, and her mews are soft and quiet. Shiro’s cat is extremely loyal, and loves helping Shiro when it comes to spells and rituals. 
    • Bonus! Allura and Coran don’t own cats, but they have the mice. The mice love helping out with Allura and Coran, and help them get supplies whenever they need it. 
  • I sent this on anon already but Lance is the type of witch that just dumps something in a bowl of salt and calls it cleansing.
  • Hunk LOVES wearing necklaces and amulets and has like, several drawers of them
    • no seriously he could start a business with the amount of amulets and necklaces and charms he has
  • Keith likes incorporating fire into his practice, but the first time ended with scorching his hair. Lance laughed about it for days so Keith burnt five pages of his grimoire
  • Hunk’s grimoire is super neat and organized but Pidge’s is like…. chicken scratch. So Pidge trades herbal remedies in exchange for Hunk making his grimoire prettier :>
  • Lance likes practicing weather magic sometimes but doesn’t do it much now cause he once created a massive snowstorm in the middle of summer by accident
  • KLANCE HEADCANON!! Once Keith passed out from performing a spell that required loads of energy, and from then on Lance gave him a charm with a sigil drawn on it for energy and tries to lend his energy to Keith if he ever needs it for heavy-energy spells.

Okay, that’s it for now, haha. I mainly wanted to finish the cat headcanons but I thought of more




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As Crazy As Me

Sorry, I didn’t feel like writing smut

Words: 1,099

Pairing: Joker (Jared Leto) x Reader

Warning: Torture (at the end)

“You’re quite complex,” A familiar voice says behind me, pausing to purr in my ear. “(Y/N) Wayne.”

I lock the jewels I’ve stolen earlier that night in a secret box. “How’d you find me,” I turn around quickly to face him, “Joker.”

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anonymous asked:

Every time two of my friends join our skype calls they purr/growl like Leto does when he enters a scene for some reason.

every time he did the growl i just

azraeltree replied to your post “I want to talk to you but I’m shy and scared and I feel you wouldn’t…”

*pat pat* you are the most fearsome of scarves <3

// *purrs loudly and wraps myself around you*

i literally have proof and actual images of me being a scarf with trombxnes, soo

What if Yixing laid his head on your shoulder, his cheek pressing against your arm as he began to softly purr. You two stayed like this for twenty minutes only Yixing’s purrs filled the silence. After awhile he lays down resting his head on your lap then handed you a brush. As you gently ran the brush through his hair he played with the hem of your dress as his purring commenced. 

The sounds of drawers frantically being open and closed and chests locked shut could be heard as Riaki quickly tried to put away all her belongings in a safe place.

“Great powers that be, Tux! What possessed you to invite Magatsu of all people to come have lunch here?” she asked, her voice hinting at irritation more than actual anger.

“I just thought since you’ve been hunting with him so much that you were getting along nicely with him, nya. It’s about time you found some new hunting partners, since Xethran and Morgan haven’t come to Bherna. Ah, but we did meet Maiti, didn’t we, Morgan’s relative?”

Riaki sighed, resting her hands on top of a chest lid. “Yes, but I haven’t seen her since Low Rank. I don’t even know if she’s hunting at the Wycademy Hub anymore…”

“Ah yes… such a shame. But that’s why I thought this would be a great op-purr-tunity for you to get to know someone new! I mean, we’ve seen his Arena performances since Dundorma, but this will be the first time that we’ve actually sat down and got to know each other, nya?” asked Tux as he continued to prepare a large seafood dinner, complete with rice and assortment of vegetables.

Riaki frowned a bit. “What’s to know about him? He’s a big Arena star who’s pompous and likes to wave around his ‘trip-stick’ a bit too much. Oh, and he’s a mooch.”

“Still sour about those play tickets, nya?” Tux questioned her, his ears flicking a bit as he glanced back at her.

Riaki turned to look at Tux with a big pout. “At least the play was decent, for what time I could actually pay attention when that blowhard wasn’t blabbing on about his ideas for bringing theatre to the arena!”

“Oh, it’s not like the tickets were that expensive. Let’s just enjoy each other’s company and have fun, nya?” he asked, going about setting the table.

Riaki only stayed silent, standing up to look at herself in a mirror to make sure that she at least looked presentable. A black top with elbow-length sleeves and matching pants and boots. It was good enough, for a meeting that wasn’t particularly formal.

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What if the reason Nesta's ears weren't described was not cause they were rounded but because they were cat ears and she also grows a tail and the Inner Circle tease her about them until they get themselves into a dangerous situation and the only thing that stops them from being killed are her cat senses and they rarely tease her after that. Also imagine all the ways cassian could mess with her and she could mess with him

I’m sorry but the first thing that came to my mind was when Hermione fucked up the polyjuice potion and turned into a cat.

BUT MOVING ON FROM MY HP NERDINESS i just imagine Nesta agressively trying not to purr and Cassian agressively trying to make her purr in any way he can think off. NESTA ARCHERON LYING ON THE FLOOR FOR TUMMY SCRATCHES AND CASSIAN THE ARMY COMMANDER INVESTING INTO WOOL YARN AND LASER POINTERS(are laser pointers even possible in the acotar world?we just don’t know). 


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*strokes the back of his neck*

It feels like waking up from a dream and finding himself on another dream, still pressed against her, adamant from the deep sleep. Jayce leaves out a moan and purrs softly, demanding for more attention.

From now on the right pic will be my icon. The little ‘cat’ is kind of my oc I guess? I’ve been drawing him for a while now and I just wanted to give a personal touch to my blog because I kind of missed that (and i wanted to be call like the others *cries in the corner*). He doesn’t really have a name, I call him Purrtato cat, or Purr for short. He’s a potato with a cathead (???) even tho he looks more like a peanut if you see how I draw his body lmao. Yeah, okay, not that it matters but just wanted to let you guys know haha. Have a nice day/night! <3

(I added Blooky because I love him)

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Imagine ichi with a half cat!s/o, i bet he'd be having a lot of fun just playing and petting their s/o, and would be a blushing mess if his s/o said something like "nyaa~ pet me more ichi~ i like how the way your hands touch me" (that sounded so wrong-)

Ohh my goodness, okay, so yeah he’d probably be flustered if they said something like that, for sure. Tbh the time I could see him getting really flustered with the half cat s/o is when they’re sleepin and like giving a low purr and lookin cute he’d just be like asgdghdhf