Happy Birthday to one of the best things that has come into my life (of course, you’re a close second to truman burbank) every day that I wake up I am so thankful to know that you are still putting up with me after six and a half years together, six birthdays: my other half, my high school crush that grew into so much more, my bff, the guy I can lay my new jokes on and won’t give me too much crap for being lame, my SNL lover, the adoptive father of our furry child. I’m glad I got to know you for the past six birthdays, cos the 25th one and all those that come next, are going to be amazing(!) since I get to spend them with you! I love you and happy, happy birthday M. Hayes!

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Red Sox rain delay. Hayes eating 24 wings, 6 of each different flavor, at the Pour House…and guess what?! Hayes is buzzed, so he just created a tumblr. You can follow him, I think he just posted one thing, who knows how long it’ll last, (he said “plenty of nudie posts” ..just kidding, he was kidding…maybe): purrrrplehayes

high school sweethearts.

you don’t even know who you are in high school, i still barely know who i am at age 25, but back at age 18 i was lucky enough to find my “soul mate” even though i don’t believe in that term, but whatever it means, Hayes embodies it for me, 7 years later. holy shit, seven years. and to think i was only looking for a summer fling before college, he was/is so much more than that. thanks for putting up with me, man.


April 17th, 2005- April 17th, 2012. It sounds like an end to a life, but it’s not, I hope it’s not! In our high school we had this thing called “spirit week” where the grades would compete against each other in different tasks, sports, competitions, comedy, & I loved it, but Hayes had no school spirit at all, it was crazy that he didn’t skip school that week, cos he was like, this shit is lame. Well I made him a t-shirt (see top photo) for the final day of competition cos I was one of those lame people, but he actually wore it (!), this was before we were “official” and we were testing the water to see if we liked each other; well all his friends were in awe that he showed up to school to partake in something he looked down upon, but now he was even wearing a school spirit shirt?! That’s when I knew he liked me! I love these photos cos you can see how much we’ve changed, or not changed. You can read the captions for simple info.