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I grew up in a small town in Ontario and I always thought we were the norm in sex ed. Gr2 we had a unit on "appropriate touching" (basically a run down on recognising and reporting sexual abuse) gr5-7 we covered puberty, body changes etc. Gr8 was STIs and sexual health and gr9 was entirely birth control. I thought this was standard cirriculum but your blog is teaching me not so much?? I'm pretty disappointed in Ontario tbh


Love Notes.

I really wanna thank Ms Bry, aka lokiworksthepole for her kind words of awesome this afternoon. I was fretting about a very unusual situation ( hence my post earlier today) and she talked me through it and COMPLETELY understood where I was coming from, without making me feel like I was a total nutball. Thank you for helping me clear the fog of anger and frustration.

I cannot thank you enough for that Bry. You are such levels of lovely and awesome….

Also,a shoutout to the lovely hintsandwhispers, grobaninabowtie and purrprinthom for your lovely comments of affection and positivity.  YOU LADIES RULE.

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I have a seriously disturbing, obsession with H.H Holmes. Its completely wrong, but I think the man was a twisted genius.

I find myself fascinated with his history. Even though he was extremely sick and psychotic, the way he built his castle proves him a genius. Using three different builders so only he knows the complete structure? Wow. 

I don’t blame you, really. :P