this is the way overdue part two of the starter crossbreeds/variations to celebrate the sunmoon release! my reasoning behind these was cats x cats… houndoom being the exception, since this whole thing was requested by (x) and its her fav.
i have extras i want to cross these starters with too, so you might see some strays here and there occasionally

let me know who your favorite is and if youd like to see popplio too!
litten ver.
rowlet ver.
popplio ver.

redacted-metallum  asked:

I want to start raising a ghost or dark-type pokemon. What do you reccomend for a beginner? I've done some reading but I'm not sure which one to begin with since I know they can be difficult

You can always go with the additional evolution typing route. Some Pokémon, such as Rowlet, Litten, Eevee, Pancham, and Snorunt start life as easier to manage types, but gain the ghost/dark typing after evolution. Some trainers enjoy making a rapport with a Pokémon with a more familiar type and easing into the trickier types post-evolution. Since some of them are starters, they are pretty easily trained.

If you want to go to dark/ghosts immediately, I recommend Pumpkaboo (mellow temperment), Phantump (very social), Alolan Meowth (history of tameness), or Purrloin (easy-to-read).

Next in my Pokemon Type Sepcial series, Dark Type Pokemon!

I personally love a lot of Dark Pokemon, a few are my favourites. I really wanted to center this piece around Tyranitar as to me he’s THE Dark Type. I thought a city would be a good atmosphere for the Pokemon and having Yveltal kind of watching/commanding them above the city would be a really cool way to center him as well. 

I’m OPEN for commissions so if you’re interested shoot me a message! 

You can get the print here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/251104804/the-dark-type-rises

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on your fellow cat pokemon?

I kinda feel like.. a kinship to them, like we kinda get each other even if we aren’t like.. similar personality-wise. The old human ladies that really like us are pretty sweet too.


Heya guys, I haven’t done any overwatch stuff today, thought I’d show a little series I’ve been working on as a warmup in the mornings 😹 Pokemon Cats! Idk why haha 💕😅
Oh and I have few slots open for commissions right now, I usually communicate most through insta but I thought I’d mention it here too!! 💕💕