See but I get the feeling that in a Pokemon AU, Marinette would already be League Champion. Ladybug could be her Champion persona. Everyone is amazed at how this nameless young woman came outta nowhere and beat the former Champion with a Ledian.

Including Adrien.

Adrien is d a z z l e d by Ladybug. He wants to go on an adventure so bad and of course his overprotective father won’t let him. Gabriel caught him a Purrloin for companionship, but since Adrien has no gym badges Plagg is a little shit who only listens to him half the time.

Mamagreste used to be a bad ass veteran trainer (possibly a former Champion?) who vanished on an adventure trying to find *insert legendary Pokemon here*

so Gabriel now runs Team Akuma, whose goal is to capture the legendary Pokemon that may or may not have killed Mamagreste.

Cinnamon roll Adrien doesn’t know any of that. He just wants to beat Ladybug and then maybe confess his love to her because the boy has no chill.

He probably sneaks out of the mansion while his father is away on “business.” He has no idea how to take care of himself in the wild. Plagg steps up to protect him because wow this human is pathetic but there’s only so much a Purrloin can do against a pissed off Ursaring.

And then Marinette comes to his rescue!

“What the heck are you doing trying to fight an Ursaring with a low level Purrloin???”

She has to follow him around to make sure he won’t get killed. It helps that he’s pretty. And super adorable?? “Marinette, look! I caught a Caterpie!! *sparkly eyes*” G O S H. She’s smitten in like no time. What a precious boy.

Too bad he’s in love with her Champion persona.

Prepare for another GTS Giveaway!

August 20th, 2016

I’ve been playing a lot of Neko Atsume and i’m love with those silly cats. So…i decided to make my very own neko giveaway c: 

Meowth (Kanto)

Female | Hasty | Level 25 | Technician | Held item - Babiri berry

Espeon (Johto)

Female | Timid | Level 43 | Magic Bounce | Held item -  Charti berry

Skitty (Hoenn)

Female | Adamant | Level 23 | Cute charm | Held item - Enigma berry

Glameow (Sinnoh)

Female | Jolly | Level 33 | Limber | Held item - Lansat berry

Purrloin (Unova)

Female | Careful | Level 67 | Prankster | Held item - Pamtre berry

Meowstic (Kalos)

Female | Timid | Level 50 | Infiltrator | Held item - Salac berry

How to get this AWESOME Pokemon?

Deposit a MALE Oddish in the GTS with the message “Oddish-tea” you can find them in Route 6 & Friend Safari (X/Y) and Route 110 & 117 (ORAS). Don’t forget to level lock to avoid getting sniped (being traded someone else instead of me) Only ONE of each pokemon per trainer is allowed. If i see you taking 2 of the same species you’ll get  blacklisted. So please, don’t do that.

This giveaway will run from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (Central Time)

Don’t forget to reblog the giveaway! ~

Too all the people who have a purrloin on the gts for a meloetta or genesect: you are kinda stupid and don’t deserve what you are asking for.

i bought a really cute little box to hold a pokemon card deck and it has a design with cheren and purrloin on it and it has his whole team along the side (with pics of pens, books, and glasses thrown in because hes a nerd) and i love it and now im super motivated to start working on my comic again when i get home from work tonight… please encourage me

purpleandyellowmatsunos  asked:

"I'm home." came Ichimatsu's flat voice. Seems like he just came back from feeding the purrloin, meowth, and other cat pokemon in the alleyways, but he came back much later than usua-...Ah, it seems his aura is much MUCH shittier than normal. It was almost unnatural...

Wartortle was surprisingly really good at beating him in board-games. Karamatsu always thought he was good at this one, but his second Pokemon was effectively and continuously beating his ass, round after round, match after match.

Houndoom was resting her head against Karamatsu’s lap, and Riolu was nearby, switching between sprawling over Houndoom and peering over Wartortle’s shoulder.

When they heard Ichimatsu’s voice, all heads lifted up—and immediately, everyone reacted.

Karamatsu stiffened. Houndoom was immediately on her feet. Wartortle dropped her piece. And Riolu immediately backed up behind his trainer.

“I—Ichimatsu—? A-ah, welcome home, b-buraza…!”

Why was Ichimatsu’s aura like that…?!

i love that cheren and purrloin design because it reminds me so strongly of me and finn because i have come to realize that when i wake up in the morning and go upstairs to the kitchen table to read while i eat, he loves jumping up onto the table and walking across my book and shoving his butt in my face so i cant read