this is the way overdue part two of the starter crossbreeds/variations to celebrate the sunmoon release! my reasoning behind these was cats x cats… houndoom being the exception, since this whole thing was requested by (x) and its her fav.
i have extras i want to cross these starters with too, so you might see some strays here and there occasionally

let me know who your favorite is and if youd like to see popplio too!
litten ver.
rowlet ver.
popplio ver.

I wanted to do some Pokemon AU.

Now I do have reasons for the ones I chose.
I think Robbie, despite his laziness, is a very caring Pokémon owner. He looks after them very well and loves all of his Pokémon but obviously he denies it (that love will make that shiny eevee a sylveon someday). He’s like,,,, noooo, they’re useful. But secretly he’s like, I luv u and ur precious babus that need love and attention.
I chose -
mimikyu because of the obvious disguise ability.
Purrloin because the word purloin means to steal. (And you know,,, stealing the airship-or trying to-and sportos identity and—- well,,, it was mostly for the colour of the Pokemon tbh ).
An eevee because of all his untapped potential. 👍and it’s a shiny just because it can be.

Sportoflipityflop got a bounsweet because it’s a fruit Pokémon(and because they attract attention with their sweet smell how sporty attracts attention with his flips. And when they run from danger most can’t tell that they in danger are but I thought OuO what if sprot rescued it bacause his crystal alerted him to it. And he kept it as his Pokémon.


Young Couple Marinette & Adrien, with Ledyba and Purrloin

Ace Duo Ladybug & Chat Noir, with their sidekicks Ledian and Liepard

Even with the same Pokemon nobody knows their identities, go figure :P

Action poses and lighting are hard

Check out ferisae’s version of these two, too! (She did it first, but it’s exactly like I pictured, so I wanted to do it too!)

sun-and-moon-hcs  asked:

Could I get headcanons for the Purrloin/Liepard line and the Skitty family? *tosses sweet pokeblocks at you*

*stuffs the blocks in my pockets* Sure thing you can, yo!!!


* They won’t steal from their trainers but they’ll have no problem taking from others. This has sometimes led to people picking fights with their trainer though so the Purrloin tries not to do this so often.

* They’ll use their cute charm on their trainers to try and get more food, attention or gifts. Only sometimes will this work though, for their trainers know all their tricks by now.

* They like to sleep with their trainers on their beds. Sometimes they’ll even crawl underneath the blankets with you for warmth.


* They’re very quiet and have been known to sneak up on their trainers and spook them, especially at night.

* They like to be groomed. Just brushing their fur is enough for them and they’ll start purring. They especially like their head and tail groomed the most.

* They absolutely hate water, they want nothing to do with it unless they’re drinking it. If they get even a bit wet they’ll start hissing at who or whatever got them wet.


* They love small spaces and squeezing themselves into them and they’ll often fall asleep in these spaces. Such spaces include small boxes, drawers, shelves and bowls.

* When they chase their own tails, sometimes they’ll spin in one spot trying to get it. It makes itself dizzy doing this and won’t be able to move for a bit because of this.

* They’ll play with anything and especially loves it when their trainer is playing with them. They get tired quickly though from all the playing and curl itself up and fall asleep right there on the spot.


* They are very passive and are the type of pokemon to just go with the flow. They never stay in one spot for too long and don’t have a permanent sleeping place.

* It absolutely hates dirty places and won’t even go near anywhere it sees is dirty. They like to stay clean and will do anything to keep itself clean.

* They like to take their time doing things. They’d prefer to go at their own pace and don’t want to be rushed at anything. Because of this, they never really have a set schedule for anything, including eating and sleeping.