[Here’s everyone’s costumes for the @whiteforesthalloween​ event! And I guess this is the time I reveal Roxxi is a filthy Homestuck. 

  • Roxxi is going as, well, Roxy. She spray dyed her hair. It’ll wash out, right…? She bought the official sweatshirt, but scraped together the rest of the outfit. 
  • Our Braixen has been dressed up as John, complete with a child sized official T-shirt. Prescription-less glasses are storebought. The windsock hood was homemade. Doesn’t really settle with Buddy’s fur well… 
  • Kaera is Rose, naturally! She has a bright orange generic pet sweater, and Roxxi fashioned the little cape herself. A smaller hood was too complex and Roxxi was lazy.
  • This was when Roxxi realized she had blown her budget by this point. She had to just give Sonic a pair of shades and a plastic sword. He’s Dave.
  • Dew, Roxxi couldn’t think of anything fitting and within her new budget of $0.00. So! Dew is going as a ghost! It’s hilarious enough to work.

Also, Roxxi and her Pokemon are giving out candy! These little suckers wrapped in tissue paper are cute and cheap. Luckily Roxxi bought the candy first…

The team is also participating in the White Elephant exchange! Their gift will be revealed later.

Reply to this post for an event ask! Being specific is good, otherwise I’ll probably just ask for candy or try to scare your characters. If your blog isn’t a participating Pokemon ask/daily blog, I won’t send you an ask. Also, I’ll never send Roxxi to you unless you want me to! I know not everyone is comfortable drawing humans.]


this is the way overdue part two of the starter crossbreeds/variations to celebrate the sunmoon release! my reasoning behind these was cats x cats… houndoom being the exception, since this whole thing was requested by (x) and its her fav.
i have extras i want to cross these starters with too, so you might see some strays here and there occasionally

let me know who your favorite is and if youd like to see popplio too!
litten ver.
rowlet ver.
popplio ver.