Litten Variations

Can you guess who I’m choosing for my SuMo starter? :x

xMeowth and xShinx are my favorites! It took me awhile to really understand what they were doing with this Pokemon design. I’m of a mind with the people who think this might be a tiger-based pokemon, but the fact that it’s the oils in its fur that are flammable makes me think it’s supposed to be more like a Sphinx-type cat possibly? :3 We’ll find out soon enough!

P.S. I assumed this pokemon will be in the enormous Field egg group like all the other cats.

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Young Couple Marinette & Adrien, with Ledyba and Purrloin

Ace Duo Ladybug & Chat Noir, with their sidekicks Ledian and Liepard

Even with the same Pokemon nobody knows their identities, go figure :P

Action poses and lighting are hard

Check out ferisae’s version of these two, too! (She did it first, but it’s exactly like I pictured, so I wanted to do it too!)