Seeking Cat People and Zine Submissions for our FIRST ISSUE!

Our deadline is NOVEMBER 15th.

Love cats and anti-oppression work/politics/actions? Have art that relates to cats, feminism and/or queerness that can be shared in print form?

Our zine aspires to be intersectional and anti-hegemonic and a space for activists, queer/feminist organizers, and folks from the margins to celebrate their politics while celebrating their love of cats. We welcome all forms of art that can be shared in print-form: poetry, collages, art, essays, stories and whatever your cat-person heart desires. We welcome all feminist/queer folks of all genders. <3

We are now seeking submissions for our FIRST issue! Please help us spread the word! We hope to have the first issue of PURRletariat out in the winter of 2015.

Please email purrletariat (at) gmail.com with a scan or file attached of your submission. Please state your name (you can use a pen name) and your preferred gender pronoun along with a brief bio for yourself/yourselves. Please include a picture too- you can submit a picture of you, your cat, or you AND your cat for use on our authors page. Please include your contact information as well. MEOW!

Please take note: we use the term “Cat People” and not “Cat Lady” for many reasons but primarily because we want all folks of all genders to be part of this project- women (AMAB and AFAB), non-binary folks, and men (AFAB and AMAB). Its totally fine to refer to yourself as a “cat lady” or “cat man” but please use “cat people” when referring to people in general. Thanks!