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Ladynoir for the shuffle song fic!

“It’s boring in the VIP,” Ladybug moaned, giving an annoyed look at the rich socialites that surrounded them. “Can we go back to the main festival yet?”

“I was ready to sneak back out half an hour ago,” Chat Noir told her with a playful pout, “But someone was too busy with Chloé to give her poor cat any attention.”

“So sorry. Next time I’m being dragged around against my will I’ll make sure I don’t neglect you.” Ladybug deadpanned in response.

“That’s all I ask, my Lady.” Chat beamed. “In such lovely company, even a dull purr-ty like this one can be great.”

“Oh?” Ladybug arched an eyebrow under her mask at that, one corner of her mouth tilting upward in an absolutely sinful smirk. “Then in that case, you better work hard to make sure my eyes stay on you, kitty.”

“A worthy challenge with an priceless prize.” Chat purred back grinning in delight when Ladybug giggled.

“A prize now, am I?” the heroine questioned with a grin. “Well you’re up against some pretty tough competition if that’s what you’re after.”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m a tenacious cat.” Chat responded happily, before falling to his knees at Ladybug’s feet, one hand at his heart as the other was held out to her beseechingly.

“What are you doing?” Ladybug asked dryly, ignoring the odd looks they got from the other partygoers. Her partner had done much worse and she didn’t care much what anyone here thought of the two of them, so she couldn’t bring herself to be embarrassed even though she knew it probably looked ridiculous to everyone else.

“Keeping your eyes on me, of course.” Chat answered. “Would my Lady be so kind as to honor her humble cat with a dance?” Ladybug gave a snort at the question, but grinned as she put her hand in Chat’s making his face light up in delight.

“Give it your best shot, Chaton.”

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soulmate au where if you draw on your skin, the other can see

for @matchaball//@mmmatchaball because she loves soulmate AUs so much. 

It starts when she’s six years old and she’s playing dolls up in her room. The word hello scribes itself on her arm, the letters are messy and childish just as if she’s written them herself.  But Marinette knows she doesn’t have a marker in her hand for she is literally holding her doll. The green letters impishly tease her as her heart beats. For a moment, she closes her eyes, screws them so tight she can see little spots dance on the backs of her eyelids. 

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I See You Kitty- Miraculous Ladybug Fic

  This is my first fic I’ve ever posted online and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes and if anyone likes it. Marichat all the way. Possible reveal? I’d love some feedback? Enjoy?

                                                      Chapter 1

          “Someone’s at the door Alya.” Rose shouted from the living room. “Do you need me to get it?”

           “I got it, thanks Rose.” Alya said as she left the kitchen to answer the door. “Oh, hi Chat Noir! I didn’t think you were coming.”

          “Sorry I’m running a little late.” He smiled and looked around at the room full of his classmates. “My Lady sends her apologies that she cannot attend, but she did ask me to give you this.” Chat Noir bowed to Alya in the doorway as he presented Ladybug’s red wrapped present for her to take.

          “Oh, that’s okay. I know you guys have important things to do for Paris so I was expecting either one of you.” Alya smiled as she took the present out his hand and took a step back so he could enter. “Thank you for coming Chat!”

          “Of course. I’m honored that you allowed this alley cat the chance to join in the purr-ty,” he chuckled at his own joke and Marinette groaned. “Annnd this one is from me,” Chat Noir held out a black box to the journalist.

          “You have some serious bow making skills Chat,” Alya laughed as she took in the size of the green bow on top of the present. It was larger than the box itself and pretty elaborate.

          I wonder if he had to resist the urge to play with all of the strands dangling from it, Marinette thought as she smiled to herself.

          Chat stretched an arm behind his head and chuckled. “Yeah, playing with string is a hobby of mine.”

          Alya sat the superheroes presents down on the table with the rest of the gifts and told Chat to make himself at home. He didn’t even get a foot away from her before Nino was at his idol’s side asking him dozens of questions. At least one of us got to show up today. Marinette felt bad that Alya couldn’t have Ladybug at her party, but she knew that she couldn’t miss her bff’s birthday bash or Marinette would never hear the end of it.

          “I can’t believe she sent me a gift. She so did not have to do that.” Alya grabbed a can of Sprite out of the fridge. “I wonder if it will give me another clue as to who she is under the mask.”

         Marinette’s hand shook slightly so she set her piping bag down on the counter beside the birthday cake she had made for Alya before she messed it up. “I can’t believe you’re still trying to figure them out. It’s been three years.”

          “Oh, I have made it my life’s mission girl! Besides,” she dipped her finger in the orange icing and licked it, “you’re still crushing on Adrien three years later.”

          “Th… that’s different.” Marinette felt the blush creep up her neck as Alya stared at her.

         “At least you can finally talk around him like a normal person,” she laughed before hip bumping Marinette. “It sucks that he had a shoot and couldn’t be here today though.”

         “Yeah, we haven’t hung out as a group in a while since we are all so busy with work and school.”

         “I don’t know how you keep up with it all Mari! Your internship at Agreste Designs, fashion and business class and helping your parents at the bakery- I get tired just thinking about it.”

          “Yeah, it gets hard sometimes,” Marinette dried her wet hands off with the pink towel next to the sink, “but I love it. I’ve never been happier!”  

          “Now if only we could get you to start dating a certain handsome blond model. Then everything would be perfect!”

          “Alya,” Marinette squeaked, reaching out to smack her friend as she danced out of the kitchen. She sighed and lit the eighteen candles on the cake before grabbing it and heading towards the living room.

          “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming today. I’m very lucky to have such wonderful friends.”

          “We’re lucky to have you!” Marinette said as she set the cake on the coffee table. Everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to Alya.

          Nino wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. “Make a wish beautiful.” Alya smiled at him before closing her eyes and blowing out the candles in one breath.

          “Aww yeah! Time for cake!” Kim’s booming voice rang out causing everyone to laugh as Marinette cut the cake.

          “I’ll help,” Chat Noir said as he grabbed some plates and forks, passing out slices to everyone.

         “Thanks Chat.”

          “Anything for you Princess,” he winked at her and she had to resist the urge to giggle.

          Stupid tomcat, she thought fondly.

        Everyone ate their cake in a happy silence, the only noise coming from Nino’s speakers that were playing music in the corner.

          “So,” Alya clapped her hands together as Mylene was the last to finish her dessert and smiled mischievously, “who wants to play a game?”

          “What kind of game?” Nathaniel asked nervously, fiddling with the pencil in his hand.

          “Ooh! Like a board game? I just love board games!” Rose sang, already dancing in her seat with happiness.

          “Anything but Candyland. I hate Candyland” Julika said as she turned to look at her girlfriend.

          “I was thinking more along the lines of Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle.”

          “Eep!” Marinette jumped, almost dropping the plates that she was carrying to the sink.

         “I vote for Truth or Dare!” Nino said as he looked at Chat Noir.

         “I will only play if no one asks me any personal questions. I’m not revealing myself tonight, sorry Alya.”

         “It’s okay Chat, I expected that, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.” She smiled, “alright! Nobody gets to ask Chat any questions so that means he has to do all dares.”

         “Challenge accepted!” His green eyes lit up, but Marinette still didn’t like where this was heading. Alya always had an ulterior motive for the things she did and this was no exception.

           At least Adrien isn’t here. Marinette crossed her fingers behind her back as she sat down on the arm of the couch. I have a feeling that I’m going to need all of the luck I can get for the rest of the evening.

           “Birthday girl gets to go first.”

          “Thanks babe,” Alya looked around the room slowly, stopping to grin at Marinette who held her breath. “Alix, truth or dare?”

          “Dare, obviously.” The pink haired girl answered quickly.

         “I dare you to grab your board and run down to the street. Then you have to skate around the block while singing the Dora theme song.”

         “Where did you even come up with that?” Nino laughed as Alix nodded, strapping on her helmet before walking out.

          “You know how much my sisters used to watch that show. They were singing it yesterday and it’s still stuck in my head!” Everyone got up to go look out the window as Alix’s voice drifted through the open window. “I wonder who she will choose next.”

          “DO DO DO DO DO DORA!” They all began laughing.

A Purr-ty Purr-fect Date

You couldn’t wait to see what Suga was going to surprise you with, being to drunk to remember the night you told them about your fantasies was worrying but oddly arousing. When he turned up at the door wearing an oversized black sweater and some black ripped you where a little confused, he looked gentle and cute but he wasn’t acting any particular way. You went along with it, him taking your hand which was then covered by his conveniently large sleeves making his hands appear more like paws. You tried your best to figure out the image he was trying to portray as you walked through the mall to your favourite coffee shop, Yoongi ordered two iced coffee’s and you sat on the couch nearest the window. 

You two chatted for a while, as he kept the gentle image he was showing. You where used to Yoongi being more of a bad boy than a flower boy but you accepted the cutesy nature today. After the coffee Yoongi lead your way passed different shops until you came to the pet store. “Yoongi why are we here? I don’t have any pets” You looked at him confused. “You need to pick a collar for your kitten” He smirked as he winked, grabbing your hand and leading you inside. You received an enthusiastic hello from the girl at the desk, as you made your way to the section for the biggest collars. 

You looked through them all when you came across a silk black collar with a bell in the centre, there was one laying on the shelf to try on your pets and it surprisingly fit Yoongi’s neck so you picked the cute black lead to match then made your way to the cash register. “Awh what’s your little guy like then?” The girl at the desk asked making conversation. “Oh ya know, he’s black and super fluffy and cute” You said as you looked over at Suga who was currently fluffing up and fixing his hair. “Sounds adorable!” she said joyfully, “Yeah he’s pretty cute!” You said smiling, if only she knew who the collar was for. As you walked hand in hand back to the car, you felt a heat burning in your stomach. 

When you got home you told Suga that you where going to change into something a little more comfortable, his reply was short and simply “So am I, meet you in the bedroom?” He said with a cheeky smile. “Alright Yoongi, bedroom in 5 minutes.” You said as you rushed up to your wardrobe then to the bathroom. You changed into your black lace nighty and removed your hair from the bobble it was restricted in. 

When you walked into the bedroom you came to a halt when you saw yoongi in nothing but his black boxers, kneeling with his head down infront of him, on the bed, infant of him, the collar, lead and a pair of fluffy black cat ears to be clipped into his hair. You stood for a second before proceeding to sit infant of him on the bed, you put your hand under his chin and tilted his face up, allowing him to sit up. You took the first cat ear, telling him to lean forward a little. You slid it into his fluffy hair before doing the same with the other one, making sure they where straight. 

You then took the collar, going behind him and placing it round his neck, tightening it so that there was only a slight restriction in his breathing, something about breath play was a massive turn on for you. You then took the lead and clipped it onto the collar, before going back to sitting infront of him. You tugged the lead sharply towards your face, bringing Yoongi’s lips to yours. He cheekily flicked his tongue over your bottom lip, you put one of your hands behind his head and pulled on his hair slighty, he moaned from the tingling sensation. “Are you going to be a good kitty for me?” You asked tilting your head to the side, he nodded giving you a pleading look in his eyes. “Good boy” You spoke again, bringing him into a kiss, you taking over and exploring his mouth. You don’t tend to enjoy being dominant but having a kitty to play with how could you resist. 

You made him lay back on the bed, removing his boxers, before you kissed from neck, to his collar bones, leaving bite marks, you followed all the way down to his abdomen, where you stopped. You took the lead, running the velvet strap over his sensitive member, his eyes closed and his legs began to shake at the sensation, his moans where quiet and sounded more like whimpers, he was yours and he knew that he had no power to stop your teasing. “Whats wrong kitten?” You asked condescendingly. “I wanna taste your milk mummy” He spoke, “Alright kitten, I think I can allow that” You said.

 You kneeled with one leg on either side of his face, his lush plump lips and rosé tongue only millimetres away from your women hood. “Okay kitty, be good” You said ruffling his hair slightly before lowering yourself close enough for his mouth to reach you. He started off with kitten licks, back and forth making sure to tease your clit, your eyes closed, a small moan leaving your lips. before he slid his tongue began to move fast, dipping in and out of you at an ungodly pace, your moans began to get louder and he began to use his teeth to pinch at your clit. You unknowingly began riding his face as his tongue continues to work until you come undone at the work of his mouth, his kitten licks clean up all of your juices (his milk) then you dismount. 

“Such a good boy Kitty” you said as you caress his face, now lets give you a little reward shall we? You said as you climbed over his abdomen, slowly sliding onto his member as you both moan out in pleasure, you go slow at first, teasing him as you trace patterns on his chest with the silk lead, as you get paster he begins to beg “please mummy, I need you” you nod, “I know kitten you do kitten, soon” you said. You began to get faster and faster, you could feel yourself getting closer and the shaking of Yoongi’s legs along with his eyes screwed shut and mouth open showed you he was close too, you got finally reached your high, Yoongi joining in at the same time as you pulled him up by the collar to kiss him. “That was amazing” he spoke out of breath, “I know kitten, you’re such a good boy” You said as you got off of him. 

You began moving up to undo the collar and unclip the lead, when you tried to remove the ears however, Suga pawed you away, “Its not often you get to cuddle a kitten mummy, come into the bed and join me” He said, taking your hand and pulling the soft duvet over you as you fell asleep stroking his soft hair and ears.


Alex Fierro hcs because she’s a national treasure*
  • pansexual and proud
  • collects pin backed buttons. her favorite is one of a blushing cat that says “purr-ty”
  • wants her ears pierced but has a fear of needles
  • really likes it when magnus holds her hand. would rather die than admit it. 
  • doesn’t see the appeal in videogames
  • or sports. except hockey. she loves hockey. and also has never seen an actual ice skating rink in her life
  • celebrity crush is jonathon taylor thomas circa 1998
  • claims she thinks beyonce is overrated but is her biggest fan
  • used to be obsessed w lisa frank and all of her school supplies was covered in bright neon cats
  • doesn’t believe in unicorns. mermaids, however
  • used to pretend to be a mermaid when swimming while she was young. still does, but avoids doing the tail thing to avoid looking weird
  • rly insecure but also confidant as fuck?
  • gryffindor 
  • doesn’t own any stuffed animals, but if she did, they would all be treated fairly and have equal bed privileges
  • lowkey wants to be a mom some day
  • doesnt get how girls do the eyeliner thing
  • does the whole panda/raccoon thing for a few months before giving up on makeup completely 
  • Strong Eyebrows™
  • pro-pineapple on pizza 
  • impulsively cut all of her hair off on one of her “male” days and hated it for the next two weeks until she figured out how to style it properly and fell in love with it. dyed it soon after. is rly happy that it suits her regardless of how she’s presenting and feels Super Cute
  • fav pokemon is wurmple but started w a charmander 
  • art hoe
  • had a diary when she was younger, still embarrassed about it. is worried someone will find it even though she burned it to ashes when she was 14
  • thought magnus was kinda cute, even after the ridiculous haircut
  • hates the smell of eggs

*i haven’t finished HoT yet but i will protect her with everything i have

@kaleiidosccpe his muse is high and this is your fault

“Purr-ty killer moves you’ve got there. Here I thought I was the only one on the prowl tonight.”

Naturally when you saw a civilian actually kicking some serious butt, you had to comment, right? Right. Duh. Plus you know what they say about cats and curiosity, he couldn’t help himself!


Merry Christmas @mirime-kisarrastine , I’m your secret santa for the miraculous secret santa exchange! Here is a soulmate!AU for your enjoyment, I hope you like it.



“It was horrible, Ayla. I can’t believe I said that in front of Adrien. I have never been so embarrassed in my life!” Marinette’s muffled voice sounded as she laid face down on her daybed.

While she hid the blush growing on her cheeks, Alya stifled a grin behind her hands.

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could you please do Marichat nº11 pleasepleaseplease?

11: “I may have accidentally said something and now my whole family kind of thinks we’re dating. Oops.”

(Marichat is my jam.  It got kinda long but I like it so please enjoy :D )

The annual Dupain Family Reunion was a week long event.  Dupains from all over France and the world crowded into Paris, crashing on the couches and floors of the ones who lived there, or splurging on hotel rooms to share.  Marinette’s bedroom floor, in particular, was a pile of sleeping bags and pillows, a dozen or so cousins having decided to camp out with her.

The first night of the affair was dubbed the Fancy Night, which, in all honesty, was a terribly boring name, but no one ever said the Dupains were particularly creative with words.  They had a huge hall rented out, big enough for the hundreds of cousins, where they’d dance and laugh and have a great time well into the night.

At least, that was the theory.

Normally, theory reflected practice, but Marinette was almost eighteen now, and apparently that meant her apparent lack of a boyfriend was appalling.  

“Come on, dear,” Tante Marie crooned.  “There’s got to be someone out there who’s captured your heart.”

Marinette sighed.  She was cornered by six aunts who were trying to wheedle a confession out of her, and a smirking Isla and Phoebe, who were saved from their own torture by Isla’s recent engagement and the fact that Phoebe had been dating someone for the last four years.

Hmm.  Maybe that could work.  Maybe she could pawn the attention off on the fact that Phoebe’s boyfriend still hadn’t proposed and then–she shook off the idea.  That would be mean.

But the probably still remained that there was nothing to reassure her aunts and that they’d brush off the only boy she could think to point out as a silly celebrity crush.

“Well,” she said–lied, really, “there’s not.”

“You’re getting too old, honey,” Tante Helene pointed out.  “When I was your age, I was married and already had a baby on the way.  You’re wasting away.”

“You don’t want to end up an old maid like me,” Tante Elaine assured her.  “You need to find someone soon.”

Marinette sent a pleading look at her cousins, and, thankfully, Isla took the opportunity to step in, handing her glass of wine to Phoebe.

“I can get information out of dear Marinette,” she said, grinning at the aunts.  She folded her hands in front of herself, staring into Marinette’s eyes.  “I’m going to ask you some questions are you’re going to say the first thing that pops into your mind, alright?”

Marinette nodded.  This couldn’t be too bad, right?”

“What’s your favourite colour?”


“How many fingers am I holding up?”


“Do you think I’d look good with a bob?”


“What’s two plus two?”


“What kind of animal is Nemo?”

“Clown fish.”

“Who do you have a crush on?”

“Chat Noir.”

Marinette punctuated her statement with a gasp, her hands coming to her mouth as if she could push the words back in.  Her aunts were sending her sad, knowing smiles, like look at this poor girl with her crush on a superhero, and Isla rested a hand on her shoulder.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that,” Phoebe laughed.  “Our Marinette has high standards.”

“Hey, you realize that anything happening there is basically impossible, right?” Isla said softly.  “You don’t even know him.”

“I do know him,” Marinette grumbled.  What the hell was she doing?  Honestly.  She was digging herself deeper into a whole she wouldn’t be able to get out of.  “We’re friends.  He comes over sometimes and we hang out and eat cookies.”

There was a moment of silence before she was all but pounced on.  She blamed the wine for her inability to keep her mouth shut.

“You should snatch that boy up before someone else does,” Tante Margot instructed.

“Does he look as good up close as he does on the television?” Tante Gertrude wondered.  “That boy is a tasty looking one.”

“Has anything more happened when you’re “hanging out”?” Phoebe asked, making air quotes around the word with her fingers.  “He seems like the kind of guy who’d eat your cookies, if you know what I mean.”

Marinette shoved her cousin away.  “He’s not like that,” she protested.  “He’s really sweet and a huge dork and wouldn’t do anything that I wasn’t comfortable with.”

“Then you’d be comfortable with him–what was it you said, Phoebe, dear?–eating your cookies?” Tante Noele prodded, wiggling her eyebrows.  “I wouldn’t have any problem with it, if I were you.”

“He’s not–he hasn’t–he never eaten my cookies,” Marinette protested with a shudder.  “God, I’m never going to be able to look at a cookie again.  Thanks for that, Phoebe.”

“Anytime.”  Her cousin grinned.  “But seriously, Mar.  How far have you gone with Chat Noir?  I really don’t believe he just comes over for snacks and to hang out.”

“I’m not–we haven’t gone anywhere,” Marinette protested.

Isla stepped forward again, cracking her knuckles.  “I’ve got this, guys,” she said, focusing on Marinette.  “Answer with the first thing that pops into your head.”

Marinette’s eyes popped open and she sent her cousin a pleading look.  “Isla, I’m not–”

“What’s the capital of France?”

She sighed.  “Paris.”

“What’s my Fiancé’s name?”


“Chocolate or Vanilla?”


“How good of a kisser is Chat Noir?”


The rest of the night passed in a blur.  It was just her luck that she had to have been talking to her six most gossipy aunts when she said that, and news spread faster than wildfire.  Her cousins hardly left her alone, begging for details on what it was like dating a superhero, and she’d had to face an awkward conversation with her parents about why she’d keep something like this a secret from them.

And then, to top it all off, Oncle Maurice took the microphone from the DJ and announced her engagement, which meant she had to deny congratulations the rest of the night.

So, needless to say, Marinette was very happy to be back in her room with her cousins at the end of the night.  Sure, they wanted all the juicy details, but at least there was less people to have to talk to.

“Marinette, please tell us how you got together,” Adeline begged, hands clutched together and offering her best puppy dog eyes.

She glanced up at the trapdoor in the roof, letting out a sigh.  “Maybe later,” she offered.  “Just–get ready for bed, okay?”

Her cousins met her request with protests, but Isla just raised an eyebrow.  “So you’ll tell us everything after we’re ready for bed?” she confirmed.

“Yeah,” Marinette sighed, mounting the ladder.  “So I’ll be back in in a bit.  Just, uh, please don’t come up.”

“Where are you going?” Sophie asked, blinking up from the floor.  Her eyes widened and she let out a squeal.  “Is Chat coming?  Is he going to be on your balcony?  Oh, my god, Marinette!  You’re sneaking out to talk to your boyfriend!”

Her high-pitched screech was echoed in a dozen different voices, and suddenly everyone was clamoring to push past Marinette to get up the ladder.

“Wait!” she cried, and her cousins froze, pouting at her.  “Please, just, stay here okay?  He’s not going to come if he thinks you’re all still awake.”

Her statement was met with grumbling.

“We can’t even meet him?” Phoebe whined, lip stuck out in a pout.  “But, Mari, that’s not fair.”

Marinette sighed, running a hand through her hair.  Why was this happening?

“Maybe I can convince him to come down and meet you,” she finally conceded, holding up her hands against the squeals of delight.  “But!  I need to talk to him first.  Alone.  Got it?”

Isla let out a loud giggle, clapping excitedly.  “You know what talking really means, don’t you?” she asked, elbowing Monique in the side.  The younger girl shook her head.  “Marinette, you don’t have to lie.  We know you really want alone time with Chat Noir so you can make out with him.”

Another round of squealing erupted and Marinette sighed.

“Sure,” she agreed, pressing her fingers to her temples.  “But I can’t if you guys keep making so much noise because then he won’t even show up.”

Isla and Phoebe jumped into action, shoving everyone back onto the mountain of pillows and flicking off the lights.  The one by Marinette’s bed was still on, shedding enough light for her to catch the grins and winks.

“You won’t even know we’re here,” Isla assured her, flopping down on top of Valerie. “Go get your man, Mari.”

Chat’s ears twitched as he made his way to Marinette’s balcony.  There was definitely some whispering and shushing going on inside her bedroom, though it was too low for him to make out the actual words.  He sighed, disappointment sweeping over him as he slowed down.  It looked like he wouldn’t be able to visit his princess tonight.

He got closer to her roof, her balcony coming into sight, and, with it, the girl leaning against the railing.  He had to pause, smiling at the gorgeous picture Marinette made.  Her hair was down, falling around her shoulders in loose waves, and she was wearing a pink dress that fluttered around her knees in the slight breeze.

But what was she doing up here?  And why was there whispering in her room when she wasn’t even in there?

Marinette picked him out of the shadows, offering him a breathtaking smile and a nervous wave.  He grinned back making the last couple of jumps onto her balcony, and leaned in close, planting a kiss on the back of her hand.

“You’re looking paws-itively purr-ty tongiht, Princess,” he purred, pulling back to smile at her.

“He’s here!  Chat Noir’s actually here!”


“Did you hear that?  He called her princess!”

“Sophie!  Shhh!”

He raised her eyebrows at Marinette, shooting a glance at the trapdoor.  Marinette sighed, leaning back against the railing and offering a sheepish smile.

“They’re not going to come up,” she assured him.  “Yet, anyway.  They’re giving us some time.”

“Time to do what?” Chat wondered, grinning at the way Marinette’s face turned bright red.

“Make out,” she muttered, so quietly that Chat’s ears barely picked up the words.  His grin grew, and he leaned in closer.

“What was that?” he asked.  “I didn’t quite cat-ch it.”

Marinette rolled her eyes, pushing him away with a finger to his nose.  “We kind of have a bit of a problem.”

His grin dimmed and he lowered his voice.  “What kind of problem?”

“I can’t hear anything.  What are they doing?  Sophie, what do you see?”

“They’re just…standing there?  Really close, but they’re not making out.  They’re just whispering.  It’s probably really romantic whispers, though.”

Marinette sighed, her hands twisting together nervously.  “I may have accidentally said something and now my whole family kind of thinks we’re dating.”  The words came out in a rush and she offered him another sheepish grin.  “Oops.”

He blinked for a moment, before wrapping his arms around her and enticing a squeal from below that was quickly shushed.  “Well, it’s not like you lied to them, Princess,” he pointed out.

“I guess,” Marinette conceded.  “But it wasn’t like I meant to tell my family.  Not until Hawkmoth was gone and you could tell me who you were.”  She sighed again, resting her forehead against his chest.  “And my dad’s entire side of the family knows.  Oncle Maurice even announced it at the dinner tonight.”  She looked up at him through her eyelashes.  “They want you to come to the rest of the reunion.  I do, too.”

Chat grinned, pressing a quick peck to her forehead.  “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”  He tucked a claw under her chin, tilting it upwards.  “Now, we both know your cousins are watching.  Why don’t we give them what they’re waiting for.”

Marinette grinned back, twining her arms around his neck and stretching up to capture his lips with her own.

A squealed “Oh my god!  Guys!  Come look!  They’re kissing!” floated up from below and Chat pulled away, chuckling lightly.  Marinette looked up at him, biting her lip against her smile.

“Well, Chaton,” she said, her fingers trailing through his hair and down his neck.  “Are you ready to meet my family?”

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Miraculous Ladybug/American Dragon Fusion (Part Deux)

(Part one can be found here.)

I wanted to expand more on Adrien in this story so here goes:

  • Adrien Agreste grew up listening to tales of all things magical: pixies, shapeshifting animals, leprechauns and everything in between.
  • However, he was taught that they were creatures meant to be wiped from existence, that they were meant to be captured and slain.
  • He wants to be the best member of the Huntsclan, to please his father. Who happens to be Gabriel Agreste aka the Huntsman.
  • At 15, the Huntsman decides to send him to high school. He doesn’t know why, but he’s not complaining.
  • Adrien ends up sitting next to Nino in class. 
  • He ends up being friends with Marinette, Alya and Nino. Nino was the one who decided to take Adrien underneath his wing as it was clear that the boy had no idea how to fit in.
  • I like to imagine as Huntsboy, he and the American Dragon engage in banter, something almost like the Ladybug/Chat Noir dynamic.
  • “What’s wrong, huh, dragon? Your claws seem to not be on point today.”
  • “Okay, Huntsboy, that was weak. Less talking, more fighting.”
  • Eventually he’ll find out that Mari is the American Dragon and has a crisis for a while.
  • “I’VE BEEN TRYING TO KILL ONE OF MY FEW FRIENDS?!?!” was all he could think about.
  • He starts helping Mari and the gang as discreetly as possible. He and Plagg work together on whatever intel he has on the Huntsclan.
  • This is also the part where Marinette finds out he is a huge nerd.
  • “Your puns just get worse by the day, Adrien. I have no idea what I saw in you.”
  • “Well, I was purr-ty sure you had a crush on me for a while.”
  • “You do know you’re irritating a girl who can burn you to crisp, right?”

p.s. @magical-awesome-kid, I saw your tags on the ot3 in this AU and I raise you this:

  • Imagine the Homecoming episode, where in this scenario, Huntsman finds out that Adrien has been real friendly with the American Dragon.
  • He threatens to take away high school, the possibility of ever seeing his mother, and everything normal in his son’s life.
  • Cue the thing where the Huntsman has all the Aztec skulls and he starts to wish for the destruction of all magical creatures. This is when Adrien interrupts him and changes it to the destruction of all Huntsclan instead.
  • Marinette is horrified and grabs his hand before he starts to float up.
  • “Let me go, Mari. You knew this was going to happen. We have to protect your family and all magical creatures.”
  • “If you weren’t being so selfless and floating upwards to your destruction I would be kicking your ass.”
  • Adrien chuckles and they exchange goodbyes.
  • Marinette gets a brainwave and uses the skulls to wish that Adrien never joined the Huntsclan.
  • The next day, she re-meets Adrien, who is living with his mum who had divorced his dad. She’s excited to get to know him again.
  • But…turns out, he was scouted by a modeling agency, and he’s moving to Paris the next day. He’ll be staying there for the next few years.
  • Mari’s a little sad but happy that Adrien could finally live a Huntsclan-free life.
  • Then, a week later, Nathanael messages her with a pic of Adrien and his dragon mark.
  • “MARI you gotta help me. I think there’s a Huntsperson in my class. He has the birthmark you showed me a while back.”
  • (They do keep in contact outside of Dragon Summits okay. Both of them gets how it feels to have dragon responsibilities.)
  • Marinette smiles at the phone and proceeds to tell Nath that the guy is harmless and about how he wished for the destruction of the Huntsclan.
  • (what happens next is up to you.)
The First Year of Marriage (Olicity Buzz)

So this is the start of a brand new series Olicity Buzz, which is a collection of Olicity fics based on Buzzfeed articles. Crazy idea? Probably. But after a while of not really writing it’s inspired it back in me to bring out the Olicity moments we don’t always get to see.

This collection is brought to you by the wonderful Buzzfeed article:

Just 23 Hilarious Tweets About The First Year Of Marriage

When you don’t recognise your own name anymore

“It’s not working!” she growls out through gritted teeth as she slams her palm against the security system that she had set at her computer desk. It was a very complex combination of her birthday, Oliver’s birthday, the date of That Night in Bali, her initials, and the name of the dog they kept feeding in Positano.

“What isn’t working?” Oliver asks, doubling back from where he was heading towards the salmon ladder.

“The password!” she huffs, slamming her fingers over the keys with a little too much force, only to clench her fists when she’s granted with the password incorrect screen for a third time.

“Are you sure you’re putting it in right?” he asks with a hesitance well warranted with how her head whips with a dangerous force to glare at him. “Sorry.”

He watches as her fingers fly over the keyboard again.


He halted her with a small laugh, only earning another glare from her until he was shaking his head. “You set this up to be automatic with our details, right?”

“Of course, it’s self-updating,” she bites back. “I have better things to do now than-”

“Felicity…it’s your initials.”

She stares at him in confusion.

“Your initials are FMQ now,” he prompts her. “Remember that wonderful honeymoon we just got back from…”

When the honeymoon phase is in full force.

“Felicity, we need to pack,” he groans reluctantly when her lips start another tempting path down his throat. It’s criminal the way she can control him with a mere swipe of her tongue against his pulse, but she knows all too well that’s the perfect way to get what she wants.

Maybe he should have put something in the vows about that because right now, wearing those heels with literally nothing else and sucking on his collarbone is not helping them pack.

Fe-li-ci-ty,” he purrs, dropping the shirt he’s been folding (terrible) for the last fifty-two seconds of her sensual assault. “Our flight leaves in three hours, we really need to–”

“But it’s our honeymoon,” she complains lightly, nipping at the same skin she’s been worshipping from the moment they made it to their hotel suite the previous night.

“Not if we don’t make the flight,” he points out.

“But I want to fool around with my husband and make the flight,” she pouts.

“What was it you said about marriage being about compromise?”

When people assume you have that baby fever.

“I’m on the news.”

She sounds so bored by it. He puts away the last dish, drying his hands on a dishcloth as he moves to the back of the couch and leans over to see her. She’s been lying under the same blanket she’s carried around the house for three days.

The blanket has been many things in those last seventy-two hours of semi-quarantine. It’s been a pillow beneath her head as she’s napped on the bathroom floor between bouts of vomiting. It’s been a cape she’s shrouded herself in as she shuffles into the kitchen in search of more juice. It’s been a source of comfort she’s wrapped herself around when the fever prevents her from lying beneath it. It’s been borderline more of a husband than he’s been the last few days.

Borderline. Not quite. He’s actually been an amazing husband since the Food Poisoning of 2017 started. They’re never eating from that Turkish place again, not with a reaction that almost had him redecorating the bathroom.

“Why are you on the news?” he asks with confusion lacing his tone, leaning his forearms on the back of the couch so he’s closer to her.

“Everyone thinks I’m pregnant.”

One arm slips, he almost punches himself in the face as a result. She’s far more laid back about the event given that a newsreader is animating photos of her of what she might look like heavily pregnant.

“Oh, relax, I’m not,” she assures him with a wave of her hand. “I went to the drug store yesterday and picked up something to settle my stomach and everyone assumes I was buying a pregnancy test.”

When he recovers, he frowns again. “You’ve thrown up twice today. What did you get? It clearly didn’t work.”

“Oh, it wasn’t for that,” she says calmly adjusting her position. “I can’t wait until the gossip mags enhance that photo and see that I was buying diarrhea relief pills.”


When your Mom has baby fever and is not subtle about it.

“Was that my Mom on the phone?” she asks, half-concentrating as she lifts her legs for him to slide his back underneath her.

They’re halfway through their Game of Thrones marathon, and she can’t quite give him her full attention when she’s pretty sure winter is finally coming and when they finally make it to bed she will be as well.

“Yeah,” Oliver replies with a comfortable groan as he regains his previous position, resuming the lazy stroke of her thigh as she presses play and they begin the episode again.

“What did she want this time?” she asks through a wide yawn.

“A grandchild.”

“Ugh,” she huffs, stretching a little and throwing one arm over the back of the couch. “I thought we weren’t trying until after the holidays?”

“Yeah, but we don’t want to tell her that, remember?” he mumbles, before their attention is stolen back to the television once again.


When you just don’t get some traditions.

“It’s staring at me.”

“You’re staring at it.”

This happens three times a week, on average, apart from one week of the month where Felicity takes it upon herself to look into the top section of the freezer several times a day at her ultimate goal.

“It wants me to eat it” she whines, actually - is she really? - stamping her foot a little with an impatient whine.

“You’re not eating it” he insists, calmly sipping his coffee as he waits for breakfast to finish.

She slams the freezer door shut, and she saunters over to the worktop beside him, lingering her fingers over his lower back as she gives him That Look. That damn Look that won him over into a server system in their guest room.

“You know, we could…”

“Felicity, we aren’t eating the cake,” he tells her one final time.

She glances back longingly at the freezer which houses the top tier of their wedding cake. “Then what was even the point of getting married?”

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Scrawl Mates - 3

Part 3

Part 1, 2


Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Adrinette

Words: 1,815

Description:  Adrien has an idea. Whether it’s good or bad is still left to be seen.
Still some more exposition to help set up for later.

Notes: Guess who got some sleep? Guess who also got sick? Guess who’s bored as hell in bed? Meeee!!!

Guess who should be worried about the angst? You.

If only I could see her arms.

The thought will not leave him alone. Adrien can’t sleep, too distracted by the single sentence bouncing around in his head.

He knows he’s never able to see her arms, and the thought haunts him. The drawings that are left on his body are mostly condensed to his arms and his chest. Neither of which he can see when she’s in uniform.

The only time things were different was on the first day when he was first talking to her. But those had been different, they’d gone up his…

Adrien gently reaches up, tracing the drawings he couldn’t see but he knew she was sketching. He follows the path of them with his fingers, and stops just at his collarbone, before proceeding up to where they’d ended the first time.

Just behind his ear.

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anonymous asked:

MariChat - 1. Forehead Kiss

She’s not Ladybug.

The words were repeated like a mantra, a desperate reminder to himself that this black, red-spotted akuma wasn’t his Lady. However, despite the colour-inversed suit, she was unmistakeable, her blue eyes and black pigtails mostly unchanged. Chat Noir knew he had minutes before his excuse failed.

Miss Fortune threw out her yo-yo, and the cat superhero almost didn’t raise his staff in time to deflect it. They’d been at this for the past half hour- she’d kept him on his toes, and he hadn’t even managed to get close to her. He hadn’t used Cataclysm yet- this was a good thing, because if he’d transformed back, he’d be done for. “My Lady!” he called out desperately, trying to call back the Ladybug he knew and loved.

“‘My Lady?’” Miss Fortune’s lips curled into a smile- fake, fake, fake. Chat Noir felt the doubt wrapped around his heart tighten at the cruel imitation of his beloved, and his grip tightened on his staff. “If you’re looking for Ladybug, little kitty, then you’re out of luck. Ladybug is gone. There is only Miss Fortune!”

She attacked again, quick as lightning, and this time Chat Noir couldn’t find the heart to raise his staff to defend himself. He let the akuma attack him, his eyes slipping shut, though a few tears still squeezed past his eyelids, wetting his mask. “My Lady…” he croaked one last time, desperate.

“Fight back!” Miss Fortune snarled, placing a hand at his throat, blue eyes flashing with rage. “Why won’t you fight back?” Her grip tightened, restricting his breathing.

“Because you’ve left me… with nothing… to fight for…” Chat gasped, struggling to get air past his windpipe. His grip slackened, staff falling to the floor. He could hear Plagg screaming at him in his mind, but he didn’t care. Not anymore.

He saw surprise flash in Miss Fortune’s eyes for a moment- then she grinned, releasing him. He fell to the ground, his throat burning as he gasped for the air he never thought he’d miss so much. “It would be far too easy to take your Miraculous here,” she mused aloud, “but where’s the fun in taking something from a willing victim?” She leaned in, and Chat Noir froze, not even bothering to hide his fear. “Instead, I’ll take something… else.”

Chat Noir could not have guessed what would happen next. Miss Fortune’s lips brushed against his, her eyes half-lidded, and it felt like ice in his blood. He couldn’t move a muscle, mesmerized and, worse, paralyzed by this… stranger’s kiss. Was that one of her new powers, or had this always been his reaction to Ladybug’s kisses?

Miss Fortune drew back, a satisfied smirk on those too-familiar lips. “Mm… I think I quite like you like this,” she cooed. “Helpless, weak, completely at my mercy…” She placed two fingers under his chin, forcing his head up. “Such a shame I’ll have to dispose of you eventually.”

Suddenly, Miss Fortune stood up as Hawk Moth’s symbol appeared over her face, and she scowled, taking a few steps back. “In a moment, Hawk Moth,” she snapped, clearly irritated. “I’ve already won- why not play with him a bit?” Her eyes narrowed at whatever her Master was saying. “Ugh, let me do what I want. I’m the only one who has a chance of getting his Miraculous, you’re not in a position to give me orders.”

Hope filled Chat Noir’s heart at the apparent argument. From deep within himself, he found the strength to stand up, picking up his staff. She’s still transformed as Ladybug, it’s just the akuma is changing her, he thought, slowly starting to formulate a plan- one that would not harm his Lady. If I can get her Miraculous out, she’ll be forced to change back! Then, hopefully, she’ll be purified. But how am I meant to do that? She’s stronger than me in every possible way…

“Miss Fortune!” he called out, and his use of the akuma’s name caught her attention.

Miss Fortune offered him a twisted grin. “Finally gotten up, I see. Good, good. That’ll make it all the more fun when I knock you back down!”

Chat Noir hesitated, before steeling his resolve. He had to win this fight- for himself, for Paris, and, most importantly, for his Lady. “I’d like to paw-pose a game,” he informed, managing to slip a pun past his dry lips. “The winner gets my Miraculous.”

The akuma smiled in a mock-playful manner, and he could tell she was considering it. “What is this game?” she questioned. “I’ll win, of course. But since you’re so cute, I’ll humour you.”

Any other night, being called cute by the person in front of him would be a compliment. Tonight, it was an insult, and of the worst kind. Chat tried to not let that bother him. “Kiss me,” he asked quietly, feeling some of his confidence fade. In just a few sentences, Miss Fortune had broken down what little faith he had manage to scrounge up. That was part of her manipulation, he supposed. The true source of her power. Still, he had to see this through to the end. “If I can escape your kiss, I win. If you can keep me trapped there, you win.”

An amused glint entered his love’s twisted gaze. “A kiss?” she purred. “I’m happy to oblige, petit chaton.” She stepped forward, still wearing the corrupted picture of his Lady’s smile. Naturally, Chat Noir had no intention of playing this game. It was all a ploy to get her Miraculous. However, it hurt to lie to her, even with her heart blackened by the akuma.

Once she was within range, he made his move. He saw Miss Fortune’s eyes fill with shock, the second time he’d managed to surprise her during the entirety of the fight. Faced with no resistance, Chat was able to rip out her earrings, and he tried not to grimace at the thought of the pain that probably caused. He moved back several long steps, the Miraculous clutched tightly in his palm.

As he’d predicted, Miss Fortune was surrounded by a flash of pink, the sparkles covering her body for several seconds. When they faded, his heart soared. Marinette stood there- no difference in her appearance. Was she purified? She had to be!

His hopes were quickly dashed as Marinette looked up, and started laughing. The sound was melodious, yet cruel- Miss Fortune’s laugh. “Nice one, kitty cat. You got me. But how are you going to purify my akuma, hm?”

“Use her Miraculous!” a small voice chirruped in his ear. Chat Noir was startled, before quickly realizing who the owner of the voice was. He’d been so focused on Miss Fortune he hadn’t noticed the tiny red kwami appear once he had removed the earrings. “Then you can get her akuma, and purify it!”

Chat nodded, a silent thank you to the ladybug spirit. Suddenly grateful for his decision to pierce his ears, he put the Miraculous in, before hesitating. He didn’t know her name…

“Tikki,” Plagg informed him. “Her name’s Tikki.”

“Thanks, Plagg!” Chat Noir raised a hand to the earrings, Miss Fortune simply watching him with a curious gaze. “Tikki, transform me!”

Immediately, the red kwami was absorbed into the Miraculous, a wave of pink sparkles washing over Chat. When they faded, the black-clad superhero blinked, inspecting himself. Not much had changed on his outfit, aside from the addition of red spots and a yo-yo. He shivered- his colour scheme reminded him far too much of the black, red-spotted costume of Miss Fortune.

“Stealing my powers, are we?” Miss Fortune- or rather, Marinette- had her head bowed, but despite that, Chat knew she was wearing a wicked smirk. “How low, dearest.”

“It’s to save you, my Lady,” the cat hero responded immediately, recognizing the patronizing nickname and internally wincing. Without giving her a chance to respond, he threw the yo-yo up in the air as he’d seen Ladybug do so many times before. “Lucky Charm!”

The lucky item turned out to be a black and red-spotted… “Is this an actual lucky charm?” he asked quietly, looking at the bracelet in his palm. “Now I understand why Ladybug has difficulty coming up with plans…” He looked around, trying to formulate an idea. Much to his surprise, his vision was filled with black and red spots when he looked at Miss Fortune and the bracelet- and then it clicked.

“My akuma’s in this bracelet,” Miss Fortune smirked, raising her left wrist to reveal a bracelet of purple pearls. “What’s your plan? I can’t do anything as a civilian”, so I’ll let you try to play the hero for once.”

Chat Noir bit his lip. “Miss Fortune.” She tilted her curiously, her gaze no less that of a predator’s than when she was transformed. “Do you remember the lucky charm you gave me? It looked purr-ty similar to this?” He held up the trinket in his palm.

“Yes, I do,” Miss Fortune responded, before her eyes sharpened. “I mean, I remember the lucky bracelet Marinette gave you, not me. What’s your point?”

“The bracelet was how you eventually found my identity out, Marinette,” Chat reminded her, determination written in his expression. “We started dating the same day. So it’s a symbol of our love.” He stepped forwards, walking towards Miss Fortune.

“Ours? You mean-” Chat Noir lashed out, gripping the pearl bracelet and easily pulling it apart. The akuma flew out, and the black-clad hero gripped the yo-yo he now had available, catching the black butterfly as he had seen his Lady do so many times before.

A few moments later, he released the now-purified butterfly from the weapon, wishing it well on its journey as Ladybug would have. “Miraculous Ladybug!” he called, throwing the lucky charm into the air, hoping the magical cure would work as normal on his akumatized love.

Much to his relief, the darkness clearly and visibly dissipated off Marinette. “Where… where am I?” she mumbled aloud, displaying the usual amnesia of an akuma victim.

“Marinette!” Chat Noir didn’t think, running over to his Princess and wrapping his arms around her in a tender embrace. “Are you okay?”

“Chat?” Marinette stared at him, confused, before she noticed the red spots on his costume. Her eyes widened as she connected the dots. “No, no. No, this can’t be possible. Chat, are you alright? Did I hurt you?” A few tears slipped from the corners of her eyes, and Chat realized with a jolt that he’d grown used to Miss Fortune’s confidence in the past hour or so. It unnerved him how normal it had become for his Princess to act in such a twisted manner.

“I’m feline at the top of my game,” he assured her quietly, gently wiping away the tears with his thumbs. He pulled her close, lowering his lips to her forehead. He kept them there for several lingering moments, letting his Princess weep. “Nothing you could do to me would eclipse my love for you, anyway.”

Marinette continued to cry, but she was smiling now. “Chat, you dork,” she giggled, unable to help herself despite her tears. “I love you. I wouldn’t want anyone else.”

“I love you too, Princess. I’ll love you until the last breath in my body fades.”

Random Write: You're Purr-ty!

“Tou, you’re so purr-ty!”

Sasuke brought a sigh out of his soul at the excitable girl. Where did this personality come from? He was sitting on the floor trying to get this report done when his daughter decided she wanted to play in his hair.

That was fine, he didn’t mind.

What he did mind was the tiara on his head. She wrapped her arms around him and tried crawling over his back. “Don’t you think so, Tou?”

“Think what?” He lifted his hand from the scroll as she gave up and moved to his lap.

“That you’re purr-ty!” She balanced on his legs to fix the tiara.

It was a gift from the dobe. He was always telling her that she was a princess which only fueled her annoying “crush” on him, as Hinata liked to call it.

“I’m busy,” he replied before she cupped his cheeks. “Hikari.”

“Tou.” She smiled and kissed his nose. “Boop.”

“Go bother your mother.” He told her.

She nodded. “I will if you say you’re purr-ty!”



“Hn,” he grunted.

“Hnnnnn,” she mocked him and shook her head.

This was his life now? Sasuke rubbed his eyes and sighed. Hikari squeaked as her father physically picked her up and sat her beside him. “Don’t move.”

She huffed and rested her head against him. “Am I purr-ty!”

“Yes.” He went back to writing.

“And Kaa-san?”


“And…and the baby?”


“And Tou?”

“Ye-” he paused and shot her a glare. “Hikari.” The girl giggled happily. Sasuke placed the tiara back on her head.

“Gotcha!” She smiled brightly.

Sasuke thumped her forehead. “I suppose.”