purr pressure

Service dragons!

Dragon guides for blind people, complete with a little harness that won’t affect wing movement if they have wings.

Emotional support dragons for people with PTSD or anxiety; they sense an oncoming panic or flashback episode and guide the person to calmness or help them stay grounded if they dissociate / derealize / depersonalize.

Seizure dragons to help people with epilepsy or seizure disorders; they sense a seizure coming on and take care of the person. (What is done would depend on the type of seizure.)

Support dragons for autistic people; they do things like lead the person someplace quiet if they sense sensory overload and they’ll curl around the person for pressure stimulation, purr (vibration / sound) or offer their head or back or tummy for petting as a calming tactile stim.

Service dragons that help people with limited or no hand use; they go fetching things or helping them around the house and assisting them when they’re out and about.

And so on and so on…

Jinyoung (M)

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Jinyoung look down at you as you stubbornly sat there, pouting with your arms folded across your chest. 
“Yah, Jagi..” He cooed, kneeling in front of you; his fingers grazing your thighs. “Why are you being so bratty today babygirl?” 

~ Though you had no real reason to act like such a brat, you decided to do so anyway. All to day you refuse to do basic chores he had given you; you refused to do anything he told you to, just because you wanted to. It was fun pushing his limits, you enjoyed punishments because in the end he’d always give into what you wanted. ~

You stayed silent, shrugging in response to his question as you avoided eye contact with him.
Suddenly he brought his hand up to your face, roughly gripping your lower jaw- forcing you to look at him. “You know how Daddy feel’s about his little girl being a brat don’t you?” He sternly asked as you saw that familiar intimidating dark glint in his eyes. 

Again, you stayed silent- but nodding in response to his question. 
“Not uh.” He lowly growled, tightening his grip on your jaw, “Use your words babygirl.. You wanna act like a big, tough girl, right?” He asked with the slight tilt of his head, “Answer me like one then.” 

“I don’t care..” You softly huffed, grasping his forearm, “Let me go, Jinyoung.” 

Just as you finished stating your request, he practically threw you onto the couch, immediately climbing on top of you. He then released your jaw, shoving your head back into the cushion as he wrapped his fingers around your throat, “You’re really testing me today aren’t you little girl?” He snarled, leaning down closer to you- his face now inches from yours. “Do I have to remind you who you belong to Jagi?” 

A bratty little giggle flowed out of you, “Hmm..” You purred, separating you legs a tad more for him, “Maybe~” 

Jinyoung eyed down at your lower half, a smug grin painted across his handsome face as he peered back up at you. “Oh is that what you want, kitten?” He snickered, using his free hand to slowly travel down to your heated core.
Pushing your skirt up your thick thighs, revealing your pastel colored panties. “So pretty..” He whispered, his fingertips lightly trailed up your soaked panties, “Always so ready for Daddy aren’t you, babygirl?” 

Biting your lower lip, an airy giggle escaped your lips as you nodded, “Of course, Daddy.” Bucking your hips up to meet each gentle soak he made drew out a soft chuckle from him. 
“Do you want me kitten?” He asked in a seductive purr, placing more pressure on your hardening clit. You answered him with a delicate whimper and a shaky nod. 
“What did Daddy tell you before, little one. Use your words.” 

“Yes, Daddy..” You replied in a velvety hum, your whines gradually became louder as he put your panties to the side all while continuing his delicious onslaught. “I want you so badly.”

Biting his lip, he intently watch you melt from the pleasure- Oh how he loved watching you relax; becoming undone beneath him. 
“But kitten..” He replied slowing his pace, “You were being so bad. Why should I reward you for acting like a little brat?” He snarled, pulling his fingers away from your wanting flower. 

Pouting, you whined in protest, “B-But Daddy..” 

“But Daddy..what, princess?” He asked, that pompous grin returning as he tilting his head from side to side.

“I really, really, really want you Daddy..” You whimpered, giving him some of your self proclaimed famous aegyo. 

“Yeah..” He retorted with a snide chuckle, “I can tell..” He teased as he looked at his well coated fingertips, then down to your soaked panties. “But why should I give me little slut what she wants?” He asked again, using different words this time. “Tell me why you deserve to cum, princess, and I just might feel generous enough to let you..” 

okay, hell, @screamingshark and i got talking abt what the most bara hq ship would be and uh,, im so in love with iwabo now

here is mal’s beautiful art bye

They’re a little odd, and maybe a tad untraditional.

Still, they’re perfect in ways Iwaizumi doesn’t bother explaining.

He’s grown incredibly fond of him- him – his lover, who wakes up at the asscrack of dawn, and constantly spills ketchup on his white pants, and always forgets to put his dishes in the dishwasher.

Still, Bokuto is incredibly precious, and Iwaizumi is willing to throw a punch or two, just for him.

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Halloween party

You loved Halloween and your friend was throwing a party, You loved to dress up J on the other hand was boring and wouldn’t dress up with you. Typical girl taking forever to get ready you had to make sure your costume was on point “kitten hurry up” J huffs getting fed up of waiting, you make your way down the stairs stopping at the bottom step your choice of costume was a dead cheerleader a short skirt but not 2 short you were to classy for that and a low cut cheer leading top and some pom poms. “what do you think puddin?” J stands up and holds his hand out “oh come do daddy” you giggle taking hold of J’s hand and he spins you around “beautiful” J grins and leads you to the car, You both pull up at the club your friend is holding the party at and he helps you out of the car.. you both enter the club and you quickly looking for your friend “oh there she is” you say to J, J gives you a nod “i’ll get some drinks” J says while pointing to the bar so you go and talk to Y/F/N “hey bitch!” your friend shouts while wrapping her arms around you you hug her back “so did you bring your man!” Y/F/N says while string her drink. “oh yeah j is over there getting drinks” you turn around to point but stop in your tracks as you see a girl chatting to J which was fine until she opened his already half opened shirt to look at his tattoos “oh hell no!” you hand Y/F/N your bag and storm over to the girl “excuse me” you say politely trying not to make a scene the girl looks at you and says “what do you want bitch” while rubbing her hand over j’s shoulder. “get your slutty hands off my man before i rip those cheap extensions out of your head” you say while getting in this girls face causing J to cackle at how feisty you were getting, The girl stands there looking at you and J wraps his arm around you “You heard the lady” J grins.. the girl scoffs and storms off. Your friend walks over and hi fives you before getting another drink, J wraps his hands around the back of your neck trailing kisses across your jaw bone “i like it when you get feisty kitten” you shy away with a grin “wait until we get home and you can get feisty with daddy” j purrs softly putting pressure on your throat. 

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