Listen to that purr-meow! 

Video by Indy the Cat


The Exorcist or what? 😂 | Credit here

[Trans] 170905 Rap Monster on Serendipity


Jimin’s Intro has been released.

I’m sure some people have guessed.. I ended up doing the lyric work.

I can’t really sing so I sent over a vaguely done guide but Jimin listened and sang the guide with a lot of passion, making sure he got all the right notes and tune and sent it to me ke ke ke

In our entire album, it took the 2nd/3rd longest to write the lyrics. Just as Jimin would, he sang excellently and I think this friend (Jimin) really pulls off the song better. Although it’s the first time a vocalist friend did the intro, I think the intros have been getting better and better. To Jimin, thang kyu

Our actual game.. The actual album, please look forward to the music from there

Goodnight ^^7

Trans by @bangtoori

This is a quick thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while. There’s something so wonderful and soothing about resting your ear against a cat when they’re purring, and it’s so loud but so comforting? So I thought, what might it be like with a much larger cat, one that gets embarrassed, especially when a usually nervous someone is suddenly confident and teasing.

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