“You turned down a job for an opportunity. ” - @theplutocrat

There truly is nothing like having a #husband who understands the power of walking in #purpose & #obedience and standing in #faith! #BEAM #BeInspired #BEInspiredAsIAMInspired

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#Repost @theatregirl327 “#WWW WonderfulWomenWednesday She is a wife,a vocalist, a poet, an author, a former member of our Armed Services, a motivator, my sister in Christ and an inspiration to women young and old. Nina C. Brewton @baldheadqueen is someone you should socially follow, friend, and encourage the young women in your world to do as well. Proud of her today and every day! *BEAM*”

HUGE thanks to @theatregirl327 aka Adiya aka Diyabakir (according to my former #iDevice)! I give thanks for her life and EVER encouraging spirit!

God will send gentle reminders your way, exactly when you need them… #PurposePact #StayTheCourse #BeInspired #BEAM

A few of the things that I AM:
Minister/Motivational Speaker
Vocalist/Spoken Word Artist
Voice Over Talent
Traditional 9-5: Administrative Specialist

Pay attention and get to know people! KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Whether speaking in front of hundreds or giving an elevator pitch; everything ain’t for everybody.

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I took this shot of @richmondprep today as I was leaving for the day. I can’t express how proud I am of my brother… #BEInspiredAsIAMInspired
#Repost @jonbibbs “Every single time I walk through the doors of this building I am astounded by the incredible grace of God. I continue to learn and grow so much through my assignment as owner and lead administrator of #RichmondPrep.

The most important lesson I’m learning is that God’s purposes, designs and plans are better than even our most crafty schemes. We do our best when we get out of the way, stop resisting and work WITH what he is doing. His glory is the point. Not our goals. Not our dreams. HIS GLORY. I’m humbled by the great lessons he is teaching me. I am indeed SO very grateful. Thanks @baldheadqueen for the photo.” #TeamBibbs #PurposePact #BEAM

#CONFESSION: Years ago I had the opportunity to work (vocally) with a #GrammyAward winning musician/producer and a vocalist who shares the same accolades.

This duo sought to take me under their wing, seeing something in me that I had yet to see in myself. In hindsight, I see how my LACK OF CONFIDENCE has set me back in YEARS of training and experience as a vocalist.

I share this to say that you have EVERYTHING in you to accomplish EVERY PURPOSE you’ve ever felt in your heart. DO NOT allow FEAR or SELF-DOUBT to keep you from your purpose.

Lucky for me, I serve a beautifully gracious God and know that His purposes will come to fruition, even after being “held up” by my natural thinking. #BEAM #BeInspired #MESSAGE #PurposePact

The fact of the matter is, we all have room to improve. In June of 2012, with the help of @benjamin7373, I #selfpublished my first #book #DramasOfABaldHeadQueen

Since then, I have been “shy” about addressing the critiques I received. I’ve just recently found the courage to continue to press my way into excellence.

I’m glad to have a team of people surrounding me who are willing to give & receive the type of correction that it will take to walk in the greatness that lies before us.

I pray the same for you and pray that you learn from your own experiences, as well as mine. #BEAM #WeBeTheLight #BEInspiredAsIAMInspired #PurposePact #WriteRightPubs