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Banning destitute refugees in countries to which we contributed in their ruins is not protecting ourselves. In fact, it’s allowing our government to take away our freedom. You may not realize it, but the loss of freedom for some is the loss of freedom for all. The government does not have the privilege to do what Trump wants it to do, and our foundational documents outlining our nation’s existential purpose agree. We’re not protecting ourselves. Trump supporters have played themselves in arguing the pedantic technicality that everything Trump is doing with executive orders is legal. It has a macabre familiarity, and that Christian conservatives think the Bible doesn’t explicitly say this kind of anti-human and anti-universal thinking is wrong over and over is a doozy. But the legitimate amorality of Trump’s promises of bans, walls, torture, and bigotry has nothing to do with the Bible. This kind of purposefully hateful offense to the billion+ peaceful humans who practice Islam is going to create the problem it thinks it can solve. You want the rest of our generation’s lives to be filled with Muslim extremism and terror attacks? This blatant division cutting is how you start.
—  Levi Olson
Fancasting Sevro au Barca

Richard Harmon, who plays John Murphy on the CW channel’s “The 100,” as Sevro au Barca

Harmon as Sevro was the first fancast idea I got when reading Red Rising. Let’s start with the surface qualities. Like John Murphy on “The 100,” Sevro has an abiding love for knives. “He likes his curved knives too much,” Darrow thinks to himself at the Institute of Sevro. “I think he whispers to them.” 

Sevro is undoubtedly one of the most beloved if not the most beloved character in the Red Rising universe. At the very least, it’s exceedingly difficult to find a reader who doesn’t like Sevro. 

He is small, but quick and cunning. He is foul-mouthed and purposefully offensive, but funny. All in all, he is a supremely capable student at the Institute, proving himself time and time again. “You seem to have every gory skill required for this school,” Darrow says at one point. 

Sevro is quite the realist, a necessity for survival in such a cold, cruel world. Yet like so many of the supporting characters, he is a creature of contrasts. 

Though he can be and is brutal as required throughout Red Rising and Golden Son, Sevro loves the kindest of the Mars students at the Institute. His unrequited love for Quinn is wholly believable and endearing, thanks to the nuanced way that Pierce Brown writes their relationship. Quinn is the last of the Mars students to call Sevro by his name rather than by his nickname of “Goblin.”

The scene where Sevro, Darrow, and Roque react to Quinn’s death is a moving experience for all. The actor who plays Sevro will have to not only pull off the hard-edges of his character, but express how the sharp personality is in many ways a cover. 

Sevro’s brusqueness is how he protects himself in a world that murdered his mother, a world where his only worth was to be a sacrifice in the Passage for a highDraft student, a world that if it knew his true parentage would see him as an abomination. Ultimately I believe readers love Sevro not only because he is smart and loyal and voices what the reader is thinking in the most vulgar ways, but because they see him for who he is: an outsider. 

This is why Sevro and Darrow connect so well. They are both intelligent enough to see one another for who they really are, even though they initially do not know the full truth of each other’s identities. “He is ugly in a world where he should be beautiful, and because of his deficiencies, he was chosen to die. He, in many ways, is no better than a Red.”

When you watch Harmon’s performances as John Murphy on “The 100,” you quickly realize that he could actually do it. He could emote all of the contradictions and complexities that make up Sevro. 

“Sevro does not move. Does not speak. His nostrils flare as a breath catches in his chest, a pitiful sob locked tight in the boy who never cries. He goes numb. Ghostlike. And I reach for him, but he pulls away not in anger, but in confusion, as though he was told the future once, and this reality is not what was promised.” 

And as for the extensive mentions we have of Sevro and food throughout the series, well, have no fear–Harmon can manage that quite well, too. 

“Lorn stares at Sevro’s dirty hand. The fingerless glove is covered with mashed potatoes and brown gravy.”

“He grabs a drumstick off the table’s spread and feeds it to Sophocles. Considering, he takes a bite himself, saying something quietly to the fox.”

All hail the Trash Lord, Sevro au Barca!

“Sevro waves from his perch as he examines the trash to see if it isn’t edible.”

As always, let me know what you think! I also considered Ezra Miller or Freddie Fox for Sevro, but Miller feels a bit too high-profile at this point and is physically larger than Harmon, while Fox seems like he’d actually be a good pick for the Jackal. (More on that later haha) 

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Edit to add: Side benefit of casting Richard Harmon is that he seems like an adorkable person. Photographic evidence below:

Calling All Witches and Purveyors of the Occult

Looking for some fellow practitioners to chat with? Interested in asking people of all walks about associations or the right ingredients for a charm? Need some help with that pesky spirit? Can’t find the right spell for a situation? Or perhaps you’re just in want of some company? Then let me talk to you about Witch Chat. 

What is Witch Chat?

Witch Chat is, basically, taking a bunch of witches and people interested in the occult, and putting them together in a chat to form a giant reference archive and pseudo-community. It is a safe place to discuss, ask about, and share experiences with the occult (this word being an umbrella term for anything metaphysical, supernatural, or paranormal that might fall under it). It is strictly a casual group (we are not a study group, working group, coven, etc). The only commitment that you make is choosing to be added to the little drop down menu that says “Participants.” You can stay however long you like, we love company. 

This chat is always open to join and everyone is welcome (however, we will not accept anyone that threatens the safety of our participants, such as known abusers or predators). The only guideline is that an individual must be eighteen years or older to join. If someone lies about their age and is found out, they will be told that they can re-join when they turn eighteen. 


Q: What if I join and I decide that it’s not something I’m interested in?

A: No need to worry, you are free to leave whenever you like. As stated earlier, there is no long term commitment. We have people in our chat that are just testing the waters to see if they would like to stay and that is perfectly fine! You can leave, re-join, whenever you like! 

Q: What if someone makes others uncomfortable or is offensive to others?

A: We do not tolerate any kind of offensive behavior. If someone blatantly and/or purposefully is offensive or makes others uncomfortable, they will be approached privately and asked to explain themselves (if there is no good explanation, then they are given a warning that they will be kicked out of the chat if there is another incident). If they persist with this behavior, then they will be told that they are no longer welcome in Witch Chat, kicked immediately, and will not be allowed back in. This is a safe place, we have no room for people like that. If you need to report that someone is making you uncomfortable, please contact the organizer of the chat (tinyrosemarysparrows).

Q: What about religious talk?

A: We are not a religious chat and ask that any purely religious talk be kept to a minimum. We do understand that practices can be closely linked with religion, however, and encourage anyone to talk freely about their practices. Please understand that this does not mean that individuals can talk about purely religious topics that have absolutely nothing to do with witchcraft or the occult.

Q: What are “occult” topics? 

A: The term as it is used here just refers to anything metaphysical that can be loosely called occult or witchcraft. Divination, spirit keeping, working with entities, spells, charms, curses, herbs, stones and minerals-all of these are just examples of how diverse the term can be interpreted. 

Common Courtesies and Things to Expect Here

Be respectful of others’ practices and the way they do things. For example, diviners who read reversals vs those who do not feel a need to.

This chat will have things like curses discussed and asked about. Please do respect others’ decision to curse and avoid mentioning anything like the Wiccan Rede or talking about why cursing is wrong. If you do not like cursing, then please mute the chat until the topic is over.

If someone mentions an entity they work with, please refrain from talking about how you feel a connection or that they do not know the entity as well as you do. We will not tolerate any form of manipulation or gaslighting.

Please keep swearing and NSFW talk to a minimum. If there is a topic like sex magic or similar, please keep the conversation tasteful.

Please respect others’ different practices. This is a group of diverse witches and not everyone subscribes to the same beliefs.

Please keep everything casual and courteous. This is a safe place to casually talk, not a study group or working group.

I do expect the chat to occasionally go off on tangents that are not related to witchcraft. Please keep these occurrences to a minimum and do not be offended if you are politely asked to take the conversation to a private discussion.

Sometimes, people’s actual names will be on their Skype account. Please do not share names publicly online for any reason unless the person has explicitly stated that they are okay with it. If you do, you will be given a chance to explain yourself. If it was not purely an accident (something that is very very rare to do on accident), you will be kicked from the chat and barred from rejoining.

Do not contact others on any other social media without their consent. Social media refers to anything outside of this Skype chat.

Please avoid dominating the chat (no one person should be constantly controlling the topics).

We do ask that topics pertaining to alcohol in non-occult use be minimal. 

If you would like to join, just send an ask to me (tinyrosemarysparrows) saying so with any concerns you might have! Bring your friends, too! 

Witch Chat has been active since August 11, 2015. Here, you can speak your opinion freely and not worry about any backlash or someone correcting you rudely. As of October 30, 2015, we have 20 participants. 

Remember, you’re only as active as you want to be! 

a supposed adult saying purposefully offensive things and telling people who get rightfully offended “stop censoring my right to freedom of expression” is functionally indistinguishable from a toddler banging a pair of pots together and then crying when their mom takes the pots away

not only are you not actually making any noise worth protecting, you can just go and get the fucking pots again, or whatever

i hate when comedians are like “why does comedy have to be so pc nowadays ugh sjws” like shit dude im sorry that you cant actually be a clever and funny comedian who relies on cheap tactics such as being purposefully offensive and regurgitating stereotypes

I may not understand all the different genders or sexualities or whatever that people are but you can bet your ass im not going to purposefully be offensive to them and if i ever say or do something to you that is offensive then you have my permission to smack me and correct me because its your life and im going to respect that

cultural appropriation

If your argument in defense of cultural appropriation is ‘at the end of the day, some POC think so and so is offensive, and some don’t, so you might as well just do whatever you want,’ you are purposefully being offensive and racist. It’s not like the ‘some don’t’ folks are saying 'you absolutely MUST borrow from my culture or else I am offended.’ They’re saying 'I personally feel neutral about it.’ So you’re literally saying 'at the end of the day, some people are extremely offended by my racist appropriation, and some people are neutral, so you can’t win them all.’ Except you can win them all: if your choice is between offending a lot of people, and offending no one, choosing to offend a lot of POC is a choice you made, and a racist one at that.

People like logicd are the reason why people have a hard time taking anti-SJWs seriously. There’s just too many people who rely on being cunty, purposefully offensive /b/tard edgelords who never matured beyond middle school, and these people are shouting their bullshit so loud it’s drowning out the entirely reasonable people.

glgrdsklechh  asked:

Not to mention Thomas Sanders was trying to make a unoffensive joke and unfortunately hurt people because of stereotypes. However nash grier makes purposefully offensive and hurtful material I.E his removed vine stating that having aids is a gay thing. And he then continues on to use a term i do not like using (starts with F ends in G). Or his top ten things girls should stop doing or whatever its called. And he continues to make homophobic,racist and mysoginistic jokes.

Yes, intent is everything. Sometimes you might end up offending people, through no fault of your own. What makes the difference is how you choose to respond to it.

anonymous asked:

Hi that another anon was attacking you because you reblogged "goatmeats: no offense but purposefully negative people are boring and draining as hell and not nearly as interesting as they think they are(via dream-to-live-and-live-to-dream)"

it still makes no sense that someone came at me for that post i reblogged. clearly they didn’t read it because it specifically says “PURPOSEFULLY negative people”. there’s a difference between someone who’s sad and someone who’s purposefully negative. negative people literally are the most draining types of people and no, that’s not the same as people who are sad. the anon that said “fuck you” to me because i agreed with that post really needs to re-read the post. negative people are super toxic and can have such a bad impact to someone’s life which is why it’s super important to cut those types of people out of your life. i’ve cut so many people from my life, mainly because they didn’t benefit me in a positive way, mentally & emotionally. and because they didn’t support me in any way and didn’t want or don’t wish to see me grow. please, before you think about sending someone anon hate, make sure you read the post you’re gonna have a cry about before pressing that send button because you’ll just end up looking like a right twat.

anonymous asked:

So what is punk to you if its not breaking things and the rules or purposefully trying to be offensive? I don't mean for that to sound snarky, genuinely want to hear your take on it

Standing up for each other, saying no to oppression, not perpetuating punk as a club for white dudes, shit like that. Sounds better to me than getting wasted, saying slurs to sound edgy and tagging shit up.