You do not find your Peace once everything falls into place. Everything falls into place once you find your Peace.
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Do what you love, and you never have to work a day in your life.
People run from work to go out with friends or home to chill – i run from outings and from home to the art studio to paint haha
All day painting. Up all night painting. It’s crazy throwing myself into something so much, sacrificing sleep, friends, expenses, time, & even health for hardly any pay. It’s for something I feel is greater than me, something timeless, emotional, connecting to people I “know” but may never be consciously aware of. If I move 1 person, that’s all I need to make this whole thing worth pouring every drop of myself into each work. Having this passion - It makes me happy, it makes me whole, it gives me purpose, makes me jump out of bed in the morning, makes me wish each day wouldn’t end. Input output, I know all my efforts, love & sacrifice will pay off. Til then, gotta keep going, cause I can’t stop.

Live Your Bliss

When you allow the truth
of your heart guide you,
you will experience a
smorgasbord of
wonderful delights
that will tantalize you
and hypnotize you
into your dreamed destiny.
Do not fear
what others may think.
Others have not
walked your path.
Allow nothing to disturb
your sacred journey.
Instead be true
to yourself
and follow your bliss.
Love knows the way.
You are more than enough.
Be all that you
are created to be.

by Mardy Bryant

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The most difficult thing to do is to follow your own belief, your own heart, your own dream. Because you have to do it alone. Most people don’t understand why you do something you have never done before. Their world is different from yours, and so are their dreams. You can’t explain it, because it comes from inside. They will understand when you have realized your dream.