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Diamonds and Big Cats

I have a light and fluffy theory about the Diamonds coming off from researching about them for my last long post. 

There have been a lot of posts, including mine, that point to some sort of relationship between Lion and Pink Diamond. The possibilities vary from Lion’s being a repository of information to Lion’s being a corrupted PD. 

Lion’s bears marked similarities to PD’s hair.

And in Buddy’s Book, Rose had an affinity for lions. We don’t know if they looked exactly as Steven pictured them because from the beginning his renditions of Buddy and the gems were, by his own admission, his imagination. But it’s rather clear that Rose, one of PD’s more important quartzes, had a thing for lions.

It seems the big cat affinity extends to another Diamond as well. The Lunar Sea Spire is heavily connoted as BD’s territory, not only because of the colour scheme but because of its purpose. Bismuth said she built “Spires for thinkers to think in,” and it would make sense that Blue, who handled diplomatic matters, would mange this “haven for gems” as Pearl calls it in Cheeseburger Backpack.

On the walls of the spire pillar, we see this image as the Crystal Gems enter.

The heads of these creatures look like dogs’ or horses’, with their long faces, but the legs and tail look undeniably like a cat’s portrayal. Much like PD’s wild, five-pointed hair, lions had the big manes. For someone like BD, with smoothed down hair and a sleek silhouette, she may have preferred a big cat that suited her aesthetic, like a panther.

Now imagine the Diamonds’ seeing reports of the wildlife on Earth for the first time and falling in love with the big cat family, like giant kittens. YD I’d peg for a tiger-lover and WD probably had dozens of leopards. 

A universal love of cats that spans lightyears. 

Austro-Hungarian gun position in a purpose built cave, 1916.

One of the difficulties in counter-battery efforts on the Italian front was the Austro-Hungarians tendency to make caves for their guns and gun crews to take shelter in after firing. This made Italian efforts to destroy Austrian guns even more difficult, in an already demanding fight.

More than Meets the Eye

SGTs, and the Safe Secure Trailers (SSTs) they tow, are described by the NNSA as “technologically advanced vehicles” that have the capability to safely withstand punishing highway accidents and keep cargo safe in the event of complete immolation of the vehicle. If a SGT comes under attack, unspecified security features in the vehicles give them, according to the NNSA, the capability to “surprise and delay even the most aggressive adversary”. The full range of defensive components in SGTs is unknown, but according to some media reports the vehicles are equipped with autonomous weapons systems and other “high-tech surprises” that allow them to independently engage and repel attackers even if all human crew have been killed or disabled. […] SGTs do not display any unique livery or other markings, and are purpose-built to mirror the appearance of civilian tractor-trailers. (x)


The first (and—until the new one is up and running—the only) purpose-built mosque in Slovene territory was the Log pod Mangartom Mosque, which existed from 1916 to the 1920s.

It was built by the Sunni muslim soldiers from Bosnia and Herzegovina who fought on the Isonzo front (Soška fronta) for Austria-Hungary in WWI. After the war, when the area belonged to Italy, the mosque fell out of use and was demolished. Only 6 photographs remain as proof of its existence {3 of them above}.


The Divinity School is the oldest surviving room purpose-built for the University of Oxford. Theology was taught and examined there for hundreds of years, before being given over to the Bodleian in 1968.

Constructed between 1427 and 1483, one of its best features is its ceiling, which has 455 carved stone bosses! They represent donors to the University.

Do you know you can visit for just a quid as well?