Today (13th June 2014) marks my one year tumblrversary. One whole year on tumblr and I can honestly say making a blog was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because I’ve got to meet so many cool people along the way. I just wanted to say thankyou to every single one of my followers and everyone I’ve had the opportunity to talk to, you guys are the best. (I’m gonna stop there because it’s starting to get sappy, sorry haha). So here is an updated forever follow. I’m sure that I’ve probably missed people, so if you’re not on here please don’t be upset because if I follow you it means I like your blog! Enjoy :)


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Hey guys! I just reached 1,000 followers on my blog and I wanted to thank all of you for making this possible! I honestly never thought I would get this far but for some odd reason, I did! You guys make wrestling a lot more fun than it already is! I love you all and again, thank you so much! Keep rockin’ and rollin’ ya’ll!

(Btw, sorry about the editing. The one time I try to do it, I suck at it.)

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If I forgot anybody, I’m sorry!