purplexvomitxfluid said: :O Lucky! glad you enjoyed it.
thatwildsilence said: Arrrfggfhbkhjfbn. Jealous. ¬¬”
sexg0ds said: so jealous i hate the world :””’(

Okay sorry I just saw the opportunity to use that lol you guys have to attempt to go next year!!

While I’m here I’ll make one final bit of details about how the gigs went. I was actually alone for everyone from Bring Me to 30 Seconds on Friday because my mate got lost in a mosh pit lol. I was directly facing Panic! which I was so pleased about (btw those fangirls are strong… jheeze!) and I didn’t think I would like Odd Future and Crystal Castles that much but I did they were so good. And everyone else obviously blew me away, Muse’s show was orgasmic to say the least :‘P