Of course, why did I ever think Purple Tinker could ever act like a civilized human being.

Again, she’s taken something meant for a good cause, and because it doesn’t meet her exacting standards, blasted it and made it all about her instead.

She is one of, if not the main reason both social justice types AND trans people are considered cancer on the Internet, and lately, on Tumblr itself as well.

Please, pass this on. Fresh posts are preferred, since like the oversensitive person she is, she placed me on ignore.

She needs to shape up or get the hell off of here so the rest of us actually advocating for trans rights or other good causes aren’t bogged down by her egocentric bullshit.

I feel like people are ignoring the fact that PT is a human being and therefore becomes angry at things, just like us all, especially when BronyCon has been absolutely rotten to her

I also feel like most of you need to lay the fuck off and stop being bungholes. Half the reason you’re all attacking PurpleTinker for disliking religion is because of the unfair prejudice that’s been formed against her.

I don’t agree with Purple Tinker’s views on religion but I also am not going to jump on her and attack her for getting pissed at BronyCon for saying something religious.

I was once wronged by a group of people, so I understand that it’s very easy to become angry at them for something that seems not worth the anger.

For those who don't want to scroll back (you lazy followers)

So, to recap the madcap adventures of tonight’s early-morning madness -

  • PT thinks that since several anti-rape advocates (us) were mean to her, that means she’s justified in hating the entire movement, as well as dismissing other advocates and ignoring their arguments.
  • PT thinks that rape culture is possibly as entrenched/difficult to remove as it is because the anti-rape advocates are total meanies and scare all the otherwise-pleasant rapists away from their arguments
  • Basically, because we were mean, PT has gone right back to dismissing rape/rape culture with the good ol’ tone policing argument
  • One good thing, she’s finally realized that Molestia is no bueno! and it only took multiple days, hundreds of comments and fistfuls of friends telling her to knock it off to accomplish it! woo hoo!
  • Also, after apologizing for doing it the first time mere hours ago, PT is now trying to send Twitter followers after me (again), and brags about ‘taking off the kid gloves’ and encouraging people who don’t like me to come harass my other blogs.
  • Unfortunately for her Laurakbuzz is lovely and makes a lot of good points that PT should listen to, such as taking a week away from Tumblr to gather her thoughts. 
  • Also she chewed me out because I didn’t tag her in something, oh my god you guys this is some serious abuse
  • She made some poor person think that she was a roleplaying blog - unlucky for them, she’s just that bad of an ally
  • Also, yet again, being a victim of abuse means you are indemnified from any wrongdoing forever and hereafter, until Revelation.

Seeya tomorrow!