purpletink  asked:

Sorry for the randomness but I have this obsession with Aaliyah's eyebrows. They're so perfect. Well, she was perfect in everything she did. There's not a single flaw about her. BUT them eyebrows were just PERF! Love this blog btw :)

I agree! Her eyebrows were amazing. I especially loved them around 2000-2001 era. They were on point. I aspire to have mine look like that someday, lol. 

And thank you for the love, it is much appreciated ♥

millyblank  asked:

"exposure" is the lamest excuse for theft. Like, you can't just take shit from a restaurant and then when asked why you stole and ate without paying that you "were only eating it for free so I could tell people how good it is". ><

if you want to know something even funnier, purpletinker broke into me and pinkiepony talking to the person and claimed that me telling a dude he’s being disrespectful for reposting my shit without credit means that “the tumblr hate machine is after him (the reposter)”

ah yes, the infamous tumblr hate machine, aka. artists wanting to actually be respected as creators. how could I have been so blind.