(WOOSH this one has been laying around for too long, I’m glad to have it finished now!)

From the SWEET-looking project ‘Long Gone Gulchby @purplepeepbits and @snaggle-teeth. I have a lot of hope and love for this project already if you can’t tell. Also, they need your help to make this into a fully animated pilot. DONATE TODAY!


Some more photos from Farewell to the Falls. I got to meet Ariel Hirsch  (  @ariel-is-mabel ), Tara Billinger ( @purplepeepbits) and Scott Jones ( who took the last photo for Disney XD and put it up on their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BIysIZvgNf6/?taken-by=disneyxd ) as well as lots of really cool and sweet people, Hope you guys all had amazing time!

BAM! Something big is coming…..

Meet SNAG and RAWHIDE, the main characters of “Long Gone Gulch!” As well as the launch of our official tumblr! Its shiny and new. Things will be updated and working in time…. Zach and I have a big announcement in early OCTOBER, be sure to mark your calendars! We might give sneak peeks and new info in tiny bits until then but only if this gets enough notes. Spread the word and all will be revealed!