She Was His Mother

She pulled herself into a languid coil to rest after a long day of patrolling the coast and tending to the city’s broods.  Even though her own brood had grown and left the water to experience life in space, she found tending the young and keeping them from harm oddly fulfilling; even if it came off as weird to the others.

Massive lavender eyes closed as she buried her face into her shimmery, keeled scales and pulled her flat, striped tail into her dark cave.  Freezing water rushed past even with her slow movement and as she swung the end around the waves obeyed.  Her cave was suddenly bathed in purplelight as her eyes shot open as her tail hit a boiling current.

A powerful shimmy of her body and her gigantic form shot out of the cave and breached the surface.  A crimson glow peeked over the horizon, akin to the arrival of dawn on any other planet.  On the eternally cold and inky planet of Akopos, the scorching water and approaching flames made her heart leap straight out of her gaping mouth.  The broods!

Diving back beneath the waves, she slithered through the heating current towards the coast.  The rumble of rolling clouds seemed to follow her billowing wake.  Swarms of tiny broodlings rose from their hiding places as she approached and waves crashed over the sandy shore.  Fangs bared, she rose above the surface and found her mark, a sole Gavailian, a hunter from the look of his pike.  She slammed her tail around him.  “You.  Get your ship, take as many as you can,” she commanded, even speaking low her volume rivaled the coming thunder.  “They must get off-planet.  Some must survive.”

Nu’i cowered surrounded by the ivory coils, only barely taking in what she hissed.  He was only out for a stroll to catch a few Roa babes and cool off from the excessively searing day.  “What’re… what?” he said, peering between his claws up at her.  Was this the same…?

Just as quickly as he was surrounded, she pulled her tail back under and swept a wave onto the coast.  As the steaming water receded, the sand was covered with hundreds of wiggling tentacles and sharp-fanged maws.  She sighed, the blazing fog burning her lungs as the boiling currents below cooked her scales.  Another wave from her tail left the sands dotted with stillness.  She snarled at the puny scaled mortal below her.  “Take them, now!”

A salute of his short limb and Nu’i gathered as many of the hissing, breathing bodies he could.  Other Gavailians, dressed in their habits, appeared from the treeline, beckoned by one of their deity’s call. 

Hundreds, she could only save hundreds.  Bubbles broke the surface of the ocean and she slid back beneath the waves for what she hoped would be the safety of the depths.


mysterious Window by Lina Södergren