Yuki Fukai 深い

This is one of the main characters in my up coming comic.
this is his second version and I have changed him only a little from this one. I thought I post it any way!
The school uniform is Dark blue and white instead of the black and white you see here. made me think of Vampire night lol
but the comic will be in tone paper so it will appear black.
still working on the crest throw.
I’ll be doing character states soon…

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“Fucking magical” and “beautiful perfect dove” were the themes for this work of something. For reasons(?). Went a little nuts with the cool colors. Really dig this guy, as in I dig his stuff, I don’t know him at all, but he’s entertaining and tends to murder me slowly with his work. In a really awesome way.
Mostly based this depiction off of a video where he did a thing n there were black bars on the side because recorded with phone i guess and he was all up in a place at some point in space and time and he did a voice and no doves and flowers were incl uded bu t yo u kn


Everyone check him out, his voice is an intensely frosted action cake and his humor leads to lawsuits: