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@nimsaysno ’s cat’s eye got scratched in a fight. This is it after a few weeks medicine. Neuter your cats guys. Also his sink reaction is great. #getkevinaneyepatch #blindcat #purpleeye


@nimsaysno ’s cat’s eye got scratched in a fight. Neuter your cats people. #purpleeye #cat #cats #cateye

Party Look

Step by step, easy to follow directions to create a bold, party look! 

There are a few steps needed to achieve any party look: 1. Flawless and full coverage base, 2. Bold contour, natural blush, minimal yet stated highlight, 3. Bold brows, 4. Statement eyes, 5. Bold yet natural lip 

Keep scrolling for more in depth instructions :) 

1. Primer : Always prime your face when you know you are attending an event where your makeup needs to last through the night. The primer will help hold your makeup, balance skin tones (depending on the type of primer), and make your skin look flawless. *I suggest primer water for anyone with dry skin. A few splashes of the water and your face will look and feel hydrated while helping your foundation glide on with ease.* 
2. Concealer : Conceal any dark circles, blemishes, redness, etc. before and after the foundation. This will ensure that all problem areas are masked. 
3. Foundation : Pick a foundation that works best for your face. I chose lumi foundations because I am so dry, but matte foundations work best for flawless looks if you have oily / combination skin types. 
4. Concealer : Conceal any spots that are still visible over your foundation. Also, conceal the areas where hormones make us naturally red (in between the eyebrows, around the nostrils, sometimes the chin, etc.). 
* Do not powder yet, this step will be later.*
5. Eyebrows : For obtaining flawless, bold eyebrows, I personally believe that Dipbrow Pomades are the way to go, but not all are comfortable with using this type of product. Because of that, use what you are comfortable with so that you will achieve perfect eyebrows and not a hot mess. After you have outlined, filled in, and locked your eyebrows in place; conceal around your eyebrows. This will cover up any imperfections and make your brows extra bold. 
6. Highlight / Contour : Highlight the main areas of your face - middle of forehead, bridge of nose, middle of chin, cupids bow, and triangle area under the eye. Contour - cheek bones, sides of chin, jaw, hair line, sides of the nose, etc. (any areas that you want to change). *This is just a simple overlook of highlighting and contouring. I will be uploading an instruction post in the next few weeks to break it down.* 
7. Powder : Powder your contour areas with bronzer while using your lightest powder for the areas highlighted in the previous step. The whole face should then be powdered. The powder will help the makeup be locked into place to prevent slipping and sliding of the products. 
8. Blush : Pick a shade that you would naturally blush. The focus is on the eyes and lips so don’t overdo the blush to pull away from the focus. 
9. Illuminator : Because I am so dry, I enjoy to look dewy when I can. If you don’t enjoy having shine to your face, skip this step. Place the illuminator in the key areas as mentioned here. Stick to a very glowy, yet natural illuminator. The illuminator will help the face look alive and youthful. 
10. Eyes : *I used a purple eye in the picture above, but any color can be used with these simple instructions.* I first used a smudge pot in a light pink color to lay on my entire eyelid, crease, and browbone (it is also acting as my brow highlight). Next I laid down a transition color (any light color that meshes with the color combo you will be using) in my crease and blended this out. Then I packed on a metallic shade in the middle of the lid and blended this into the corner and out to the crease. Then I started building up the shades in the crease. First go with a light color into the crease (but still darker than the transition shade), then build up the colors until you have reached your darkest color. (Blend in between each color.) Use the same shades on your bottom lash line in order from darkest to lightest, outer corner to inner corner. For the finishing touch, place a pop of silver / metallic color in the corner of your eyes. This will open them up and add highlight. After you have reached your desired color, smokiness, etc. its time to put on lashes. The lashes will help your eyes pop and tie together the whole look. After the lashes have dried, I recommend putting a line of mascara at your lash line. This tip will make the lashes look more natural and blended. 
11. Lips : Line your lips naturally or overdraw them for a dramatic effect. The color should be a deep nude shade, but there are no rules to this. Remember to line the entire lip, not just the edges. Then add a nude lipstick lighter than the lip pencil. Blend this all together to help it mesh. To highlight our lips and make them look plumper, put a dab of your lightest lip gloss or a white concealer onto the middle of your lip and dab out to blend. 
12. Setting Spray : We have likely spent half an hour or more on this look and we do not want the product to just slip off our face on the dace floor. Spray your entire face, generously, with the setting spray of your choice. Fan to dry. 
You now have a locked in flawless face to party in! 

There are a lot of steps to this look, and by the end you will have a lot of products on your face. This isn’t a day to day look, just special occasions. Our faces need to breathe and having full coverage products on our face daily, isn’t the best. This might be a little overwhelming but take this step by step, put the amount of product that you are comfortable with, practice, and breathe! Makeup is for fun, there are no rules. Enjoy! 

Thanks for the read and I’ll be back with another post on Monday, May 11. <3