Hey you guys…

So my (new) tumblr finally turned 1! 

Honestly, there are still times where I want to delete because people havent been too thrilled that I’m back. 

I also felt like I have to prove to people that I’m not a bad person. But then I realized..for what? 

People will always try to create negative energy in different ways.  But like Jackson said dont let the negative energy get to you.. Jackson should be a motivation speaker…lol

But I realized in life people are not going to like you when you have your own opinions and dont follow the norm.

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I havent had this blog for a year yet and I have made it to 1500 followers?! What the heck? How and why Lol.

I never know what to say that is totally heartfelt. So Im going to cut to the chase.

Thanks for following me, reblogging from me, messaging me, and tagging me in stuff. 

To think I was going to stay deleted forever. 

Special shout out to my squad:

@aireyelle @victorinyan and @properandangerous who has to deal with my crazy ass like everyday lmao

I have too many loves/faves this isnt in any order: 

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If I missed anyone Im so sorry. I tried my best to get everyone. Dont hate me. 

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Much love!