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A Wish Fulfilled

So, this is a most unexpected but welcome event, and everyone is jazzed to get started. We decided recently to go full throttle on this ‘Stan is gone’ theme - and what I mean by that is Stanley, meaning this blog, is gone. All interactions are currently put on hold unless they pertain to the event. Or I get bored or forget both can happen really.

He’s currently stuck in a limbo of sorts, fading away piece by piece.

But you can reach him.

He will still respond to asks or posts he is tagged in pertaining to this event; only…you may not like what you see. And you may not be able to hear him clearly.

Do what you will


Focus/Prosperity jar. 🔮👌🏽💪🏽😏🤑😍

Felt a little down on my luck in terms of focusing on my work and studies, productivity (which was effecting my income), and it was effecting my love life so I decided to do a spell jar to bind more positive energy to these areas of my life. I also included the intent of this spells towards my sister who’s been having the same trouble.

Ground and cleanse yourself and your area with a relaxing incense and white candles of your choosing.

I chose lavender as the herb/flower to fill my jar with to help with calming me and focus so that I could work and study more efficiently. And crystal quartz as a charge, as it is helpful in all spells.

My spell candles were as follows (note that a lot of people associate different colors with different meanings. There is no wrong way to do this. Pick the colors that you associate with specific meanings.)

•Green for productivity and wealth. 💚
•Purple for focus and calm. 💜
•White for cleansing my spirit, and a boost for focus. 💟
•Pink for healing my relationships that have been effected by my lack of focus. 💞

To do the spell is simple. Focus your intent on the jar while holding your crystal in one hand and candle of choice in the other. State your wishes out loud for each candle and carefully drip the wax on the top of the jar to seal it shut. Do this for each color you chose.

You don’t have to use as many as I did. I have issues lol. It’s all about you!

I forgot to add to keep your jar near you while you work. 🔮👌⚡️✨😌

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Kitten (Part 13)

Note: By the way, suggestions on this story are always welcome.  I’m making it up as I go for the most part, so good ones really help me fill out details.  Even ones that don’t make it into the story get me thinking.

Also, updates are going to slow down for a while.  I’ve been doing nothing but writing for over two weeks now, and I’m getting kind of tired.

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“No!” Keith shouts, pulling out of Lance’s and his supporting hands.  He stumbles backwards and nearly crashes to the ground before Shiro can catch him, “You can’t make me go in there!” Keith yells, struggling to get further away from the healing pod.  Shiro has to let him go before he almost falls again.

“Keith, you’re hurt,” Shiro says, going for calm.  He raises his hands, palms out, to show the younger man he can stop backing away.  No one’s going to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do, not while Shiro is here, “You need to heal.  Just for a bit, at least the bones.”  He can’t take away the time his lover had been held captive anymore than he can take away the memories of his own, but he can at least make the physical pains disappear.  That’s something.  The best start for emotionally healing he can give him.

“No,” Keith shakes his head harshly. Despite Shiro’s attempts to look non-threatening, he continues his retreat, right up until he bumps into Hunk.  The bigger paladin isn’t do anything, just standing there, but Keith whirls on him, breaths coming fast, muscles tensed for flight.  He reminds Shiro of a scared animal.  So keyed up on fear, he can no longer tell what’s is and isn’t a danger to him anymore.

“Keith,” Shiro says softly, calling the younger man’s attention back to himself.  He needs to calm him down before he hurts himself or somebody else in his panic, “It’s alright, baby.  You’re okay.” Words under normal circumstances, Keith would be repeating to him.  What sick irony of the universe that he now had to use them on his lover.  Keith was never supposed to know pain like this.

Keith pretty purple eyes focus in on his own, “Don’t make me,” He whispers, begs, eyes watery with the first signs of upcoming tears.  Shiro would cut off his left arm, if it would stop that look from ever crossing his face again.

“I won’t,” He promises, for anything short of Keith’s life he won’t do anything to him he doesn’t want, “Just come here, we’ll get you some comfy clothes and lots of blankets, and you can just rest for the rest of the night.”  He’d try to convince him to go into the healing pod again tomorrow morning, when Keith was a little less raw from his captivity.  One extra day wouldn’t make too of a large difference in his recovery.

“Promise?” Keith asks in an unsure tone he should never have towards Shiro offering comfort.

“I promise”


There is an unspoken statement that unless, you’re giving direct aid you should stay behind, so he’s a little surprised when Pidge manages to beat out Lance in helping Shiro help Keith walk out of the med lab.  She practically teleports across the room, when it is time to go.

Keith can walk on his own, but he limps like every step is painful.  He doesn’t know which of Kuro’s tortures caused that, which makes him wonder if there are even more videos they have yet to see.  Shiro would just carry him, but he can’t tell how Keith would react.  Every sudden movement seems to send his fear ratcheting back up.

Their little procession arrives at his and Keith’s shared quarters.  The benefits of surrounding him with a familiar setting outweighs the potential problems of sharing space with someone who looks so much like Kuro.  Shiro will just gets a mat from Coran later and sleep on the floor, until Keith is comfortable sharing a bed with him again.

When they ease him onto the mattress, Keith lets out a soft groan of relief.  Shiro fetches him some worn sweatpants and an over sized shirt for him to sleep in, “Do you need help?” He asks.

Keith takes the clothing from him, but doesn’t meet his eyes, “I can do it,” He says quietly. Shiro turns his back and busies himself finding every spare blanket and pillow they have. He tries to ignore the tiny sounds of pain Keith can’t quite seem to stop himself from making.

Later, when his lover is buried deep and safe under all the blanket they own, Shiro presses a light kiss goodnight to his forehead and turns to the only other person in the room, “Pidge, could you stay here?” He doesn’t want Keith to be alone right now, even if he is supposed be sleeping, “I’m going to check in on the others.”  As much as he might want to, he couldn’t keep ignoring the rest of his team.  Everyone was traumatized by the last couple days, and he’d been failing to look after them while stewing in his own misery.

She nods her head, pulling up a chair and her tablet to do some reading.  With one last regretful look, he leaves.

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