old woman yells at clouds about robot lions

this is because the old woman is channeling her inner five year old girl, who says UHM EXCUSE ME?  THE BLUE LION PILOT IS VERY MUCH PRINCESS ALLURA.  

well, it was sven initially but he kind of died, it was sad.


lance?  are you KIDDING me right now this is a fucking affront to decency


this has been a psa


Monaco, Monte Carlo

There is much to love about a country that only costs 2 euros (~Php100) to visit. We took the opportunity to visit Monaco from Nice, which was only a couple of train stops away. We spent the afternoon wandering around the Principality. We climbed up the hill and watched the purple sunset from outside the Prince’s castle. It had a wonderful view of the French Riviera (plus, we also saw a large screen featuring the grand prix!).

We spent the evening at the casino. There are four or five casinos in Monte Carlo, but the main casino has an entrance fee of 10 euros, so we decided not to go in (although one of our friends did to play poker, later in the night). We went into the free entrance casino, found at one of the entrances at the left of Casino de Monte Carlo. I was actually very low on cash, but gambled 10 euros anyway - just to try. I was lucky enough to win 95 euros that night from the slot machine! Definitely one of my high moments in my stay abroad.