Today Get On Down celebrates their re-release of Raekwon‘s opus, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. To most, Rae’s debut is more famously known, not by the album’s title, but as the “Purple Tape”. Seventeen years removed from the original release of the cassette, it’s legacy has grown. As cassettes become harder to find, that purple-tinted tape has become one of the most revered pieces for rap fans and collectors.

Everyone has a story about the tape. Some remember the details of the day they bought it. If you didn’t have it; you had a story about someone else who did. Everyone owned the album, but if you had one of the original purple tapes, it was a calling card to your authenticity as a Hip Hop head. With the help of the good homies over at STRICTLY CASSETTE, we wanted to take a look at the lore of the tape’s release, highlighting each of the different version of the cassette release of this classic album. [Read More…]

Diggin’ Deeper: Five Classic Colored Cassettes (That aren’t The Purple Tape) (via @getondowntweets)

Today we are excited to wrap up our first week of the release of our Only Built 4 Cuban Linx “Purple Tape Cassette Box”. The overwhelming response to the release and the extensive media coverage proves that the Purple Tape is as popular today, as it was seventeen years ago.

To continue to honor the release, we chose to dedicate the latest edition of Diggin’ Deeper, not only to the purple tape, but to spead love to some of the other colorful cassettes. We did our research, dug in the vaults and put together our list, and then looked towards our  brothers over at STRICTLY CASSETTE for some imagery.

All classics in their own right, the following selection is not a “Best of” or a “Top Five”, but five super dope albums that were released on colored cassette. GET YOUR TAPE DECKS READY!