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Perfectionist me: *screams internally because the purple washi tape isn’t straight and because of the small gap between the blue tapes*
Lazy me: ehhh that will do. i can’t get it straight or fix that gap *shrugs*.

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Chptr 17 - Pathway to Violence - Prom
Sue Klebold
Chptr 17 - Pathway to Violence - Prom

Saturday, April 17, 1999   6:00 pm

We’d spent that year begging Dylan to get a haircut, to no avail, but I convinced him to tie his hair back into a ponytail with one of my own elastics for the prom. He put his prescription glasses in his pocket and donned a pair of small-framed sunglasses. We thought he looked
very handsome.

Alison, our renter, came over and offered to take a picture of the three of us. In the picture, Dylan is clowning around, hamming it up like a professional model, Zoolander-style. The sharp lines of his formal wear stand in stark contrast to the faded flannel shirts and worn blue jeans Tom and I are wearing. He kept his sunglasses on as he posed with us; he wore dark glasses often during the last weeks of his life. I believe now he was hiding behind them.

Tom had remembered to charge the batteries on our video camera, and he filmed Dylan briefly before Robyn arrived. The conversation between them is stilted; clearly, neither of them is comfortable on camera. But we have looked back on this pre-prom video many times, and shown it to others. It is absolutely stunning how normal Dylan seems.

He and Tom talk lazily about baseball; Dylan mimes his hero, Randy Johnson, pitching in an ill-fitting tuxedo. Tom makes some comment about growing up, and Dylan remarks he’ll never have kids. Tom says he may change his mind, and Dylan says, “I know. I know. Someday I’ll look back at this and say, ‘What was I thinking?!!’ ” It is breathtakingly prophetic. When Tom persists in filming over Dylan’s protests, Dylan pinches small handfuls of snow from a nearby bush, lobbing the miniature snowballs playfully at Tom until the camera stops running. The fondness between them is palpable. It breaks my heart.

Robyn arrived in good time, looking lovely in a deep blue-purple dress. Tom taped Dylan presenting her with her corsage, and smiling down at her as she struggled to pin a rose to his lapel. I made paparazzi jokes and asked them to move so I could get a picture without parked cars in the background. Since Dylan had assured us he and Robyn were just friends, I was a little surprised—and frankly tickled—to see him put his arm around her.

In the last few frames on the tape Tom shot, the two of them smile into the camera. Then, self consciously but sweetly, they both begin to laugh.

Rainy Dayz Remix
Rainy Dayz Remix

Raekwon feat. Ghostface | Rainy Dayz Remix

Let this go on record, but I LOVE this song, and its a travesty that it wasn’t included on the Purple Tape.  I don’t know if its the lyrics, the Ghost and Rae synergy…or that Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes sample…but it all comes together to form this magic.  Audio dopeness.

anonymous asked:

Class a on kids decided to have matching outfits for halloween. They ended up dressing up AS EACH OTHER (ps. Deku dresses like Bakugou)

so i’m gonna make this where they draw sticks or smth to pair up with someone and then they have to dress up as the other person for halloween, no exceptions. bc i can’t see bakugou willingly dress up as midoriya otherwise LMAO

  • Rules:
    • you can’t borrow their clothes; you have to make them 
    • it has to be their hero outfit (*most recent versions as in the manga)
  • Bakugou – Midoriya
    • god this pair. bakugou throws a shitfit at first but then quiets down
    • they look,,, so strange
    • bakugou looks so uncomfortable without grenade blasters
    • midoriya looks like some sort of exotic bird with the spiky hair thing
    • they’re so shocked that they’re both totally silent and contemplating what they did in life to get them here sdfkdsjklfsj
  • Yaoyorozu – Kirishima
    • see regardless of who she gets paired up with yaomomo has this easy bc she can just create their hero costume 
      • she makes kirishima’s costume but with a few alterations so that she can show less skin
      • :)
    • kirishima is so pumped for this. low v-neck? hell yeah he’s gonna look so good. he’s gonna look so yaomomo-y. 
  • Kaminari – Jirou
    • these two are so relieved ngl
    • bc both of their costumes are basically normal clothes with like one or two accessories
      • kaminari rocks the red face paint thing and hell yeah normal clothes and boots.
      • jirou loves the choker it fits her Aesthetic so much. plus a tracksuit? easy to find. bless.
  • Shouji – Mineta
    • the tallest person and the shortest person. what can go wrong
    • shouji crumples up purple construction paper and tapes it to his limbs dslkjfdkasf
    • mineta buys a balloon making kit 
      • he tries to blow up balloons so he can twist them into things that look like arms and legs and stuff and then attach it to himself 
  • Aoyama – Kouda
    • aoyama is in slight distress that there won’t be sparkles but he has to do this!!
      •  to fit in with everyone else i cry
    • kouda is also in slight distress bc sparkles will draw attention to himself 
      • a lot of animals get distracted or scared by bright things so it makes it harder for him to use his quirk
  • Hagakure – Ojiro
    • ojiro is always suffering isn’t he
      • how is he supposed to dress up as an invisible girl literally what the hell
      • he eventually just gives up and wears gardening gloves. that’s her hero costume right
    • hagakure makes a tail out of cardboard and cotton balls and wears a bathrobe
  • Sero – Tsuyu
    • sero uses his tape as a fake frog tongue 
      • he was worried that this’d be offensive at first but tsuyu told him it was totally fine so he went with it
    • he wears binoculars and a green suit
    • tsuyu wears a daft punk-esque mask and uses some materials she found at home to make a costume
      • she looks perfect
  • Iida – Satou
    • satou’s dad is a car mechanic so he just borrows engine parts from there and awkwardly duct tapes them to his legs
      • he also uses aluminum foil and a colander as a costume
    • iida doesn’t really have to do much, he can just get a generic costume
      • but he goes super all out anyway and tries to make it all by himself. pure
  • Uraraka – Ashido
    • ashido is pleased bc uraraka’s costume is pink like her skin
      • she still makes the costume ofc. but the color makes her happy
    • uraraka wears animal print and wonders how ashido can pull this off bc she herself feels weird wearing it klsdfjsdlk
Saturn Nebula Justice Spell

A spell to get justice when you have been wronged.

You Will Need:

✨ Piece of Paper
✨ Black Pen or Marker
✨ Black or Purple Tape
✨ Small bottle or vial that seals
✨ Burn safe dish or bowl
✨ Matches or a ligther
✨ (Optional) Imagery of the Saturn Nebula**

**This is optional for the nebula is always present so you can still harness its energy but for some it helps to have a visualization of it present during a spell


✨ On the piece of paper write down the wrong-doer’s name and how they have wronged you or another

 “(Target’s Name) you have wronged me* and now I seek justice! With the Saturn Nebula as my witness, I call for justice to land on your head! May you face punishment for what you did to me*! I seek justice, with Saturn Nebula’s power I will get justice!” 

*Me may be replaced with the name of another if you feel another has been wronged rather than you

✨ With all of your frustration of the injustice that has gone on, scribble out the target’s name but not their crime/wrong doing

✨ Crumple up the paper and put it into your burn safe dish/bowl and light it on fire carefully. Let it burn to ash

✨ Put the ash into your small vial or bottle and seal it. 

✨ Using your black/purple tape, tape it up so it cannot be reopened (or at least not easily opened)

✨ Place it near a window so that the Saturn Nebula can help infuse it with energy so you can get your justice. If you are unable to do this or would just prefer to, you may place it atop a picture or representation of the nebula instead.

✨ Keep it there until you are brought justice. Once you have been cut away the tape and throw it all away properly to end the spell.

among the reeds, among the rushes

Summary: “I’m just saying,” says Gina, camped on Amy’s couch and painting her nails for the tenth time that week. “Jimmy-boy doesn’t know who he’s up against. Your nerd-smarts, my dazzling good looks, Rosa’s crowbar collection, and also my not-nerd smarts? Dumb-dumb won’t know what hits him.” She sniffs. 

Amy copes, and waits, and holds the hands of her friends.

i dug bits and pieces of this out of an ancient fic that i started writing far before season four aired, a fic which would now be supremely non canon, but when chopped to bits with a carving knife and reassembled with duct tape actually works. it’s still a bit non-canon, bc in canon it’s implied that amy just stays in her own apartment, and, also, that jake’s stuff stays in his apartment, but oh, well. its previous title was “untitled girl gang fic” and honestly …. that’s what it’s mostly about. lady friendships. i know i haven’t written for b99 in AGES so im a bit rusty but hopefully u will enjoy!! finally, dedicated to @elsaclack bc she is too good to me and i lov her

About a week after Jimmy Figgis calls Jake in the bar, Rosa and Gina help Amy move all of her things out of her apartment and into a new one; just a little bit bigger, just a little roomier, a place to start afresh and to put the label of theirs onto – as well as she can, with the other half of that plural being miles and miles away.

It’s not part of the plan, initially. Which is a bit of a ridiculous thing to say, because that makes it sound as though any of this is according to some plan, some list, some organized trajectory that Amy can refer to in times of doubt.

Everything, quite frankly, is in chaos. So Amy moves.

She’s never been particularly good at dealing with the cold. The warm May sun is beating down on the steaming pavement outside, right after an early-morning rain shower, and it’s terribly unfair that she’s stuck in this building, fingertips and toes tingling from the blast of the over-compensating air conditioning. This is one of the many things she’s come to blame on Jimmy Figgis in the past seven days. She has a list; everything from missing boyfriend to burnt toast.

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janecobain  asked:

I think really helped with Sense8 was actually calling Netflix. The petition did raise eyebrows and help get media outlets attention, but I think what got Netflix's attention was the calling. Live chats were fine too I guess but I always had the impression that it was a robot or something, having them hear my voice and how passionate I was seemed like it made a better impact. We also sent flip flops which was a joke from our show, so the Get Down could do something similar like a purple crayon

Got it, so calling is going to be the most effective way to contact them right now. This is the number for anyone who wants to do so:

1-866-579-7172 (and again, this is that code the customer service site recommends using when prompted so they’ll respond faster: 989581

If anyone does call, please let us know how that went, and what to expect and what you’d recommend us to say and do while on the phone.

Now, from my experience with it (and I can post some of the transcript if anyone wants to see it) I still think that Live Chatting is worth doing. There were definitely moments when I felt like I was getting a stock customer service response, but that’s to be expected. That and they weren’t as knowledgeable about how the social media accounts are ran, which again, I sort of expected.

Still, the person I was talking mentioned they were a fan of The Get Down too, and specific things about the cliffhanger they didn’t like and seemed aware of the basics of the situation. They even wished us well with any fan campaigns we try to launch now.

All of that kind of reassured me that it was a real person, but I agree that talking to a person over the phone might have more of an impact, so they can understand through tone of voice how passionate we are about the show and how frustrated we all are have been ignored all this time by their company.

I’m sure that ultimately there’s very little a customer service rep can realistically do, but if enough of us are consistently calling and live chatting about wanting a finale for The Get Down, at least they’ll make note of it.

I also think mailing them an object like Sense 8 fans did with sending them flip-flops is a good idea. I like the idea of purple crayons, especially if we could send them crayon boxes but all purple crayons and taping notes to the back of them, but multiple objects would be good too.

One time this guy (who was a giant asshole) sent some girl a dick pic. Naturally, the picture was immediately printed and photocopied, so for about three days, people at our school going about their day were suddenly interrupted by a shrivelled, purple penis taped randomly around the school.